Internet Treasures: Casey McCauley – Do What I Want

Casey McCauley – Do What I Want (original)

My computer is in turtle mode… not sure who or what the hare is… so this post may not actually post itself.

Love this song! It hits all the right chords! A natal Pluto & Uranus in the 1st anthem.

May well be a prompt to those trying to figure out what life and the current astrological transits want from them… I don’t know. But you do!

Just go with it… ‘it’ being whatever is in you urging you to do stuff. Not your mind telling you what you should do… but that other part… the one which connects to your core and kind of knows even when you argue with it.

That something inside which is trying to get out… time for it to get some air perhaps.

I have no idea what I’m saying… my brain is mush… the world is in a rush… but the rest of me says hush… just go with it.