Suck It and See

Daily Prompt: Origin Story

Why did you start your blog? Is that still why you blog, or has your site gone in a different direction than you’d planned?

The first and last time I tried one of these daily prompts my pingback didn’t show up on the daily prompt page. So I just figured that it was the universe telling me… this thing is not for you.

I like to experiment. I see something. I am curious. Sometimes I crinkle my nose in distaste, saying to myself, that’s not for me. Sometimes my eyes pop out and every atom of my being screams that it is for me. I try something. I will try things which I think are not for me as often as I do things which I think are for me.

Suck it and see – something my great grandmother used to say when people didn’t want to try something which they had never tasted. Perhaps your first impression will be proved correct and sometimes… something else.

So I experiment. Test my boundaries. And find out what is me and what is not me by a process of cack-handed elimination.

Why did you start your blog?

I blog because I can. It’s free and I am very grateful that it is.

I blog because someone told me to try it, so I did. And loved it. Tumblr was my first blog. The tumblr which I have now is my second incarnation, the first was killed in a tragic I can’t do this like this anymore accident. WP was my second blog. The WP I have now is my second WP, the first was lost in the vortex created by the accident which killed my first tumblr. Don’t ask me about Blogger. Yes, I tried it. Told you. I experiment. I have no Blogger blog.

Is that still why you blog, or has your site gone in a different direction than you’d planned?

My blog… blogs… share a symbiotic relationship with me. They change as I do. They change because as I blog, as I post stories of my life, expressions of myself, memories, my astrology, my psychology, my emotions… and… well all of me in bits and pieces… I change. What I post changes how I see what I post. How I experience what I express and live and have lived. Once my perspective changes, so do I.

I am not the person who started these blogs. I am different, yet… it is all still me. Just a different me. That’s me. I was nicknamed ‘Differente’ (the ‘e’ at the end is there for a reason and is pronounced) as a child. It was an annoying nickname, but a true one. A very accurate description. I molt versions of myself as I become more myself. Something like that. I am still me… only more me.

So… my blogs go where I go.

My old blogs died because they were not flexible enough to change with me… the new ones have been created with the knowledge that I change, sometimes slowly, often rapidly… they need to change with me. So they do.

That’s my answer… if this pingback doesn’t work, then I’m done with this, this particular experiment not my blog, time to move on to something else. Suck it and see… then suck something else and see.


  1. well, i started mine for therapy. But I seem to have found a community of people who interest me, and I enjoy reading yours, and other peoples blogs for the interesting and individual thoughts they share. It does not seem o matter if it is one line or six or 1000. They are equally valuable.


    • Thank you Sarah 😀 I agree, blogging is excellent therapy. Do you ever reread your early posts? I find it’s quite eye-opening to do that. Very true about the interesting people who populate the blogging community, I think it is a wonderful way of exploring other cultures, other places, other lives, other minds, and it shows all that exists behind all the faces in the world. I often look at the people I see when I walk down a street and wonder if I’ve visited their blogs or if I’m following them on Twitter, it changes how I relate to the world around me. I love your blog, you have a very visual style of writing which brings to life what you write about, and it is very natural so the images you conjure up when you write flow easily into being.


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