Internet Treasures: High Existence

think-while-its still legal

Think while it’s still legal via High Existence

I’m a… dot dot dot indeed! I’m many things, some of them real, some of them imagined, some of the real stuff is imagined, some of the imagined stuff is real.

I’m… you know… human.

I love to argue. Debate. Discuss. Brainstorm. Storm my brain. Storm the brain of others. Explore. Discover. Seek. Question. Answer. Answer again. Question some more. Reach some sort of version of that thing called understanding. Question the veracity of that… and so on.

I don’t play dirty when I argue. Unless I do. I don’t. I do sometimes.

I can laugh at myself and my perversions of mind play. Thank whoever I am supposed to thank… myself?… that I can laugh at myself.

Anyway… I love this website/blog – High Existence. Brilliant source of… a bit of everything and other stuff.

Their mission is to:

Provide a medium for freethinking individuals to connect & discuss

Compel you to follow your bliss & make a life, not a career

Explore all aspects of the human condition

Question anything & everything that is considered ‘normal’

Promote the general spread of happiness and love


So much to argue with that my argument muscles get a good workout.

Also quite a good place if you’re seeking some inspiration for whatever you need it for. Are you interested in finding some like-minded people or improving something or other… check it out, maybe you’ll find someone or something there which hits a spot. It’s up to you what that spot is!

Love this website/blog/community/hive mind/whatever! Check it out!