What Strangeness is this… ’tis Friendship!

BabyBuns by MoonVooDoo

BabyBuns by MoonVooDoo

I’m a mess. Sort of. I do stuff. I tend to do things back to front most of the time. I learn as I do. Don’t read instructions. Not until after I’ve tried doing it without instructions. Mainly because I don’t have a personal reference point to understand the instructions until I’ve tried doing something without them and realised that I need to read them. Something like that.

But there really is no instruction manual for friendship. There is however plenty of advice about such a thing. Ways to tell the difference between a real friend and a seemingly real yet not so real friend… that sort of thing. There is perhaps a bit too much advice on the matter of friendship and some of it… well, who are these people handing out the advice? And what mood were they in when they gave the advice?

In a hurt and angry mood we tend to give very different advice from when we are in a jovial and loving mood. It’s trust no one versus see the good in everyone.

Anyway, I never listen to advice. No. I listen. I just don’t tend to take it. I want to find out for myself if it is true for me or not. Something like that.

The other day I mentioned briefly in a post that I was having a problem with pingback. I tried one of the Daily Post’s Daily Prompts and didn’t see a link to my post in the comment section. Part of me cared, part of me shrugged. I was experimenting… whatever happens happens.

I knew that the problem was probably caused by some setting on my blog, but I did not feel like trying to figure out what that was. At the moment my blog is serving a purpose, it’s keeping me sane… ish. It’s my therapist, confidant and friend. And it is reaping many rewards in the changing how I view myself and my life department. 2013 is a doozy of a year for me. My RL is demanding that I pay attention to detail, really boring details, but worth paying attention to. I’m exhausted from the effort. So when I blog, when I am on the internet engaging in social media, that’s my relaxing time, even when I rant, ranting helps me to relax and get some perspective… which is very needed and very useful. However it is not my not paying attention to details time… at least not technical details.

A friend read my post. A friend who like me is having a doozy of a 2013. A friend who I love very much and with whom I share much, but from whom I don’t expect anything more than just friendly friendship, which is a lot and very valuable to me. This friend solved my pingback problem. This friend is truly a friend. Because they didn’t have to solve my problem, but they did and they did it with such ease and… I am deeply touched by such a simple gesture which holds so much within the details of it that I feel a bit overwhelmed.

She may regret what she did. I’m pingbacking her blog.

Perhaps I should read an instruction manual on friendship because I’m not sure if I’m doing it right.

Thank you, Anna. BabyBuns photo is for you. I took it this morning. Those two cute fluffy things were nomming grass and playing in my garden and… they made me think of our friendship.

Please check out her blog – Cosmos Wonderland. And her most recent post – Daily Prompt: Back to the Future. A beautiful blog created and maintained by a very beautiful soul.


  1. Ursula, you touch the depths of my soul and you get me…. and this deeply touches me. This is rare and I know it. I treasure our friendship. What a wild year this has been and you and I have shared eons, it seems, in such a short time span. My humble appreciation. Thank you for being my friend in the truest sense, as well as the pingback (LOL), and the BabyBuns photo (I happen to love bunnies). Blessings and Shine On! 🙂


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