Because I need a chuckle: Bizarro comics!

Bizarro Blog! by Dan Piraro Funny! I feel this way about so very much... Chuckles! Some people just don't want you to change, because if you change... they might have to and they may not want to. This we are all connected thing sometimes is an obstacle... seriously! And not so seriously!

Lovers of Hate – Film review of sorts and thoughts

Lovers of Hate - film poster I just saw this film and loved it! I watch a lot of film and TV. Judge me for it. Or don't. Whatever. I find many answers to my existential angst, my questions, those I ask openly and those that rumble below the surface by doing what I do...... Continue Reading →

Soundtrack of my Mind – Italian punk (not punk) Rettore - Lamette OH! Remember those alien headbands with the boingy balls!?! So useful! And so fashionable! I have nothing to say today... SHOCK! Horror! Relief... PHEW! 'Cause yesterday I said too much, but what I said was like a system flush in Augean stables style! I've just finished doing some stuff which had... Continue Reading →

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