Lovers of Hate – Film review of sorts and thoughts


Lovers of Hate – film poster

I just saw this film and loved it! I watch a lot of film and TV. Judge me for it. Or don’t. Whatever.

I find many answers to my existential angst, my questions, those I ask openly and those that rumble below the surface by doing what I do… and not doing what I don’t do.

I saw a quote recently which expressed what I feel… it was something about finding yourself in everything and the pieces of you which you find cut you… I lost the quote almost as soon as I found it because it wasn’t what I was looking for at the time, but it was right for today, but today I can’t find it. Typical! That’s life!

When I can find it again, if I ever do… something or other.

I saw this film the other night. It’s similar to Mumblecore. An independent film which… sort of happens, yet nothing really happens. Kind of like life. I love this genre, and at the same time, I sort of feel a bit… perplexed by it. Kind of like life.

There are only three main protagonists. The one who steals the film is… an asshole. He reminded me of myself in some ways. Yes, I can be very much of an asshole. That’s… being human. Why do we want to be… no, never mind. I know. No one wants to be an asshole, and yet, there is freedom within such a thing. Just got to find it.

Love. There are times when I have to admit that I think love is overrated. I also sometimes think that it is an illusion. An abstract concept which has become so important that it overrides common sense and logic. And yet, I love… so…

Sometimes I think we’re so enamoured of happy endings, of closure, of everything being explained, of everything being wrapped up, packaged and tied with pretty bows, that we lose sight of the fact that packages tied up with pretty bows generally tend to disappoint once they are opened.

Order has a certain satisfaction… but disorder, chaos… is kind of nice too, sometimes, it opens up life to things which well… might disappoint disappointment.

I now quite a few people who think that they are paragons of love, yet to me these people really are paragons of hate. It’s all a matter of perspective. Kind of like life…