You are an ERROR…

I took a random personality test today. I used to do these things quite often when I was trying to figure out who I was… or something like that… then I realised what a load of BS they are because they rely on you being truthful in your answers and truth is subjective.

Still… when idle do something silly. Sometimes something silly can be quite revealing, especially when you are being careless about it. I got bored after question one… the sliding scale type of answer is just a dot and you click wherever you click. No, I wasn’t taking this as seriously as perhaps it hoped that I would… or maybe it tricked me!

I took this test – The MOTIV Personality System – linked via this page – Personality Tests – on this site – Similar Minds.

Yes, I clicked on the first one. Lazy and idle. As were most of my answers.

This was my result:


It is fairly apt. Allegedly. That’s all I’m saying without a lawyer present. Although… better not slag off lawyers.

And this:


Whatever that means. Allegedly.

And it told me that I was an ERROROTWV. All I saw was the word ERROR. That sums me up perfectly. Maybe this test does know me!

I used to long to be understood… these days I prefer not to be understood. I changed my mind. I wonder if it will change again.

The results… Ah… whatever! It’s only based on what I told it… and I’m not telling it who I really am. Or am I?