Let’s Play a Game… Name a film which defines you then write a post about it.

I'll start the ball rolling... High Plains Drifter... I saw this film when I was a child. I knew in that moment that I had found my film. It spoke to me, to who I was, to my life, my soul, my psyche, in ways that nothing else ever had... and in some ways... ever... Continue Reading →


I've been watching a TV series called White Collar. It's quite good. It does what it is meant to do, entertain. But it is flawed, as most things are and sometimes the flaws make something seemingly perfect better, more appealing. Or more revealing. Just before I watched a couple of the episodes, there was an... Continue Reading →

If You Go Chasing Rabbits…

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ejKUJu9xct4 Jefferson Airplane - White Rabbit Do you wish you were special, unique, extraordinary. Do you long to discover a hidden ability which no one else has, will have, or could ever have. To be the possessor of a mutant superpower, like the X-Men. To be cursed with a gift like Midas. To be a... Continue Reading →

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