If You Go Chasing Rabbits…

Jefferson Airplane – White Rabbit

Do you wish you were special, unique, extraordinary. Do you long to discover a hidden ability which no one else has, will have, or could ever have. To be the possessor of a mutant superpower, like the X-Men. To be cursed with a gift like Midas. To be a sorcerer and cast spells of inexorable power. To be psychic and see all, know all, predict all. To be a genii who can turn wishes into reality or to meet one who will grant you three wishes. Do you know what those three wishes are or are you still deliberating.

Do you wish to have a talent so astounding that everyone gasps with envious delight. A genius of incomparable intelligence. Perhaps you long to heal all ills, resurrect the dead, and feed the hungry. Do you want world peace or just peace in your world. Or do you want to be so utterly devastatingly beautiful that no one can resist your charms.

Maybe you just want to do everything right, to never make a mistake.

Or possibly, all you want is to be noticed and thought of as special without having to prove that you are. To be loved without having to earn it. That’s not asking for much is it?

Specialness is not as hard as it seems to acquire. We are all special in our own way. We have magical powers, but we don’t always recognise them. We have great abilities we often ignore and underestimate. We have beauty, intelligence, talent, and a million other desirable things within us, but we often miss them because we are more focused on what we think we don’t have to see what we do. We compare ourselves to others, and feel as though we lack that extra something which would elevate us from ordinary to extraordinary.

And we are also all ordinary in our own way. This is not such a bad thing. Being special is wonderful, but it can also be a burden. There are those who wish for the burden of specialness to be lifted from their shoulders every day and night of their lives. ‘Oh why do I have to be different, I never asked for this, why can’t I be like other people, why can’t I be normal!’.

Some of the people who make the wish to be normal truly desire for it to be made into a reality. Their specialness is a source of intense suffering for them. They feel like freaks in a Freakshow, forced by nature or circumstances to be so utterly unusual that others point at them, whisper things about them, mock them, and laugh at their pain. Or, worse still, others pity them, avert their eyes, cross to the other side of the street to avoid them, and shudder in fear, thanking whatever omnipotent power they believe in that they do not have to be like that or live that life.

Others would be mortified if their wish to be normal came true. Their wish is not a wish at all, but a very twisted way of acknowledging and advertising how special they are, how unique, and not like others. They are proud of their freakishness. They identify so strongly with it that if they lost it they would lose their identity.

May you get what you want and want what you get.

Be careful of what you wish for.

Be sure you truly want whatever it is you are asking for before you put enough power of intent into your wish to make it come true. Make sure to dot your ‘i’s and cross your ‘t’s. Wishes need to be very specific, like a contract drawn up by a very meticulous lawyer, or you may end up with what you wanted plus a whole load of things you never wanted but invited into to your life with your wish.

A very macabre example of the perils of wishing without being specific is Stephen King’s ‘Thinner’.

So you wish to be special?

Then your wish is granted.

How do you feel. Different or exactly the same as before. It might take a bit of time for you to feel the effects of your specialness. You see, the spell only works if you believe in it. The eyes of the beholder – you – need to be attuned to the particular frequency of your unique ability. If you can’t see it, it is because you can’t see it, not because it is not there. It’s there. Look again. From another angle. Stand on your head and cross your eyes. Can you see it now.

Well, maybe you are not quite ready to see yourself as special, perhaps you’re frightened. That’s a natural reaction. Our personal power can be very awesome, not just to others, but to ourselves. It takes time to learn how to handle it. Practice. And a few, or many, mistakes along the way. When you are ready, then it will reveal itself to you in all its glory.

Specialness can be shy. Be gentle with it. Coax it out of yourself. Still can’t see it. If you need a little help with seeing it, then ask a freak, if you are blessed and lucky enough to know one. Freaks can see what others can’t, because they have broken free from the cage of the illusion of normal. Their eyes are witnesses to the numinous beauty of the obvious, and the dark delirium of the not so obvious.

If you have embraced your specialness, your unique power, and inner super freak, what is your particular ability?