Howling at the Moon


There are just some days when I want to run out into the woods and howl at the moon, full moon, half moon, dark moon, who cares what phase it’s in. Why should I wait until it is full to be able to howl at it, I’m not a werewolf bound by fictional rules, I’m a person in touch with their primal nature, who knows that there are times when it feels good to howl. To let the inner wildness out. Because sometimes that’s what it needs.

If you keep it in, it can drive you insane. It festers. Paces in frustrated circles. Gnaws at your insides. Claws at your heart. Begs you with painful, piercing yelps to rip the straps of your socially acceptable straightjacket apart, tear the restraints of good behaviour loose, knock the walls of your dutiful padded cell down, and run free.

I don’t want to harm anyone else in the process, unless they get in the way and try to stop me, then I might knock them over, but I won’t trample them underfoot, bite their grabby hands, or scratch their soft and delicate skin. I’m not out for blood. I just need some time on my own to do my own thing without feeling like I’m being observed by beady little judgmental eyes. I want to speak my secrets to the mistress of the night without greedy big ears listening to my words so that they can mishear them, and then repeat what they misheard and misunderstood to others in a gossip-laden frenzy.

I want to dance without being told I don’t know how, and have no rhythm. I want to sing without being told to shut up because I’m disturbing the dead. I want to roll on wet grass, and stain my clothes green. Smash some glass, and stamp on the shards. Light a fire, and stick my hand in the flames to absorb the warmth. I’ll tidy up after myself later, maybe, but right now I just want to make a wonderful, and hugely satisfying mess.

Give me space to express my innermost nature, and I’ll return the favour. I don’t want to trespass on your territory, so don’t trespass on mine. I’ve marked mine well, use your nose and you’ll smell my scent, and know where the boundaries lie.

Once I’ve released the howling, gotten it out of my system, then I’ll feel relaxed, calm, and ready to play nicely with others again.

Anyway, that’s my day, how’s yours?


2 thoughts on “Howling at the Moon

  1. I certainly understand your feelings – today, I am feeling quit calm, relaxed, at peace, my inner soul is balanced. However, I must confess it took me a couple rants, screaming meemees tears, self searching and then just let it go, to get here. I think that took a couple of weeks. You are totally right, don’t hold it it, let it out, shake it out, but at some point, you have to say….okay …that is enough for now….smile, and refocus….otherwise, if you are like me, you have no energy left 🙂


    1. I tend to detach from my feelings, reasoning things away, doing a lot of shrugging and saying whatever as I shrug, and just coast along on mind power. It’s only when I am too tired to think that I realise I have some feelings that need an outlet. I’m just rather knackered at the moment. It’s an August mood. It’ll pass. TY 😀


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