Movie Watch… at least a few of the ones I remember watching this week.

Thought I'd share a few of the films I've watched this week (as in the past few days or maybe more, time is elusive) in case you're looking for something to see. Most were viewed via Netflix as the Lovefilm app has a sound problem for me which is mysterious and can't be fixed due... Continue Reading →

Feet first…

Just a silly yet intriguing little tidbit I found on Pinterest... via the fascinating Curiosities. I'm sure there must be more choice than this, seems a bit limited, but... Here are my feet... all gussied up for their close-up. FootShy by MoonVooDoo They seem to be Roman soles. So is my nose. Does this mean... Continue Reading →

Too Tired to Blog… yet doing it anyway.

The other day I made some infinitesimal progress in the agonisingly slow process of sorting out the mess my father left behind when he died. It should have been a happy pause and cause for a minor celebration of a tiny victory, but all I could see was the pile of mess still waiting to... Continue Reading →

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