See in Darkness

Alchemy by Will Wilson “Fly without wings; Dream with open eyes; See in darkness.” - Dejan Stojanovic   I love this painting because it speaks to me of things past, memories and all which they hold within them. I love these words because they speak to me of things to come... if one is bold... Continue Reading →

Soundtrack of my Mind: The Power of Love

This song popped into my head, dredged up from my 80's memory files, this morning when I was feeling Saturnine. This song was released during the last time Saturn transited Scorpio. The Power of Love - Frankie goes to Hollywood Takes me back a few eons. Really found Relax by Frankie Goes to Hollywood... Continue Reading →

The Curse of the Claw – thoughts on the Saturn in Scorpio transit

Please be aware, this is an introspective post, as in I'm just going to let my thoughts flow freely and see where they lead me. This may be very long and tedious to anyone other than myself. You have been warned. I could edit out the dross, but then there would be nothing left of... Continue Reading →

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