Soundtrack of my Mind: The Power of Love

This song popped into my head, dredged up from my 80’s memory files, this morning when I was feeling Saturnine. This song was released during the last time Saturn transited Scorpio.

The Power of Love – Frankie goes to Hollywood

Takes me back a few eons. Really found Relax by Frankie Goes to Hollywood anything but relaxing, but that was mainly because it was played too often when it came out. There are just so many times you can hear the same song over and over before it drives you nuts. Or at least that’s the effect repetition has on my mind.

An alternate version of the song which I found while searching YouTube…

Gabrielle Aplin – The Power of Love

Nice contrast between the two… goes to show, the same words spoken or sung by different voices have a different meaning and feel to them. We infuse words with our essence and they carry us with them as they glide on airwaves.


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