Freaky Friday… what? Only Friday gets to be freaky!?!

I'm stretching the parameters of this daily promptĀ  - Freaky Friday. Frankly this entire year has been freaky and it isn't over yet... and I haven't seen the film of the same name, but whatever, it's not an original idea. We all have a moment, perhaps several, in our lives of the grass being greener...... Continue Reading →

What Makes You Attractive/Unattractive To Others?

I was reading an amusing article on Jezebel - How To Chase Men Away... Using Science! - which was a rant by a woman fed up with reading articles claiming to have found the ultimate secret formula for how a woman can be irresistibly attractive to men... at the least to the men whom she... Continue Reading →

What Makes You Think You’re Outspoken?

Outspoken is an odd descriptive word for stating one's opinions out loud. If you think about it actually could mean that you get out spoken, that no matter what you say someone else has more words than you, speaks louder than you do, and your words get drowned out. In a way it is very... Continue Reading →

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