Freaky Friday… what? Only Friday gets to be freaky!?!

I’m stretching the parameters of this daily prompt  – Freaky Friday.

Frankly this entire year has been freaky and it isn’t over yet… and I haven’t seen the film of the same name, but whatever, it’s not an original idea.

We all have a moment, perhaps several, in our lives of the grass being greener… of looking at someone else and thinking that they are living the life we want and we are not. Certain aspects of our modern life… pointing an invisible finger at you, media, and you, trends, and you… whatever you are which makes us not like ourselves as we are and our lives as they are, makes us feel inadequate, not quite good enough, not living up to our potential, not making our dreams a reality.

You know what… sometimes dreams are just meant to be dreams. They inspire us, they are the ideal… not meant to be real. But still… we wonder, and our wondering makes us insecure, it causes us to doubt… and doubt causes so much dissatisfaction with ourselves, our lives… and with others, whether we know them or not.


We all secretly suspect that we could live someone else’s life better than they are doing… and some of us, me for instance, suspect someone else would handle our life better than we are doing. I’ll never know for sure, because I’m stuck in my life and no one else can swap with me. Or vice versa. Perhaps it is for the best. Knowing me… I’ve overestimated what I can do. I’ve definitely overestimated the capabilities of others… that gets me every time! Damn! You’d think I’d learn this lesson at some point before I die.

I had a conversation along these lines today… the spur of the conversation was… someone else would be better suited to my life, and I would be better suited to someone else’s life, not necessarily the same person, so a simple switch might not solve this dilemma… it might require several switches. And it won’t end happily ever after. Happily ever after is dull… and a dream from which we always wake up rather groggily, slightly cranky, and only coffee or some other stimulant will snap us out of being haunted by it for the rest of the day and our lives… and the day, our lives, must go on.

Anyway… freaky… you want freaky?

I got a slightly sweet… as in complimenting the pic of my feet which I posted earlier his week by saying they were pretty… and slightly creepy… as in we all know some people have foot fetishes and if you don’t have a foot fetish then a foot fetish seems creepy mainly because a lot of us only remember we have feet when they hurt or stink… message from Anonymous on tumblr asking for some more pics of my feet.

I guess Anonymous thought the first message might have been… misinterpreted depending on how it was read, so a second message followed, explaining that – I’m working on an art project and I need a woman foot model. And if I couldn’t provide more pics of my feet, particularly of the soles, could I – post other art of women’s feet for reference? Thanks.

Feet are awesome, they do all sorts of things like carry the rest of the body from A to B. They put up with the contraptions known as shoes which we force them to wear and the pain which this often causes them… and yet they still stick around. Perhaps because they can’t always get away.

I wasn’t really sure what to do about Anonymous’ request. I’m not very good at such things… such as doing what people ask me to do. I sometimes try, but it always ends up… messy.

Perhaps if you really want feet, Anonymous… a quick search on deviantart will get you what you need. Or an image search on Google. I’d like to help… but… stuff.

Speaking of deviantart… I’ve been neglecting my own account – MoonVooDoo – so today I added some new pics to my account… and I got a message on deviantart from someone who asked me if I would like to… give them some pics of my legs in the style which they need for… some project or something… I don’t know. More stuff.

Body parts seem to be trending… or more precisely requests from strangers for photos of body parts, especially feet and legs, seems to be trending. Not sure what to make of it. Other than the fact that I am worth more in body parts and organ donations than I am as a whole being.

Maybe we can’t swap lives, but perhaps we can do the next best thing and swap body parts… via photos of course, what did you think I meant?

The world is a little bit topsy turvy… as always.


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