Ah! Universe! How you make me chuckle so much!

So, I just posted a few short films, and one of them - The Black Hole - when I checked my post to see if it was working properly, as in did I do things right or mess up as is often the case when dealing with fiddly things such as links, met me with... Continue Reading →

Internet Treasures: Future Shorts – Short Film Network

Following on the theme for today of the Full Moon... one of my favourite short films about being human: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JxvIzXI4_LY Wolves by Rafael Sommerhalder via Future Shorts' Youtube channel I absolutely love film. Yet my attention span is at times shorter than the span of a feature length movie, whether I think it is brilliant... Continue Reading →

Moon With a Moustache… on the edge of a Full Moon

OrangeMoon by MoonVooDoo I took this photo last night. The Moon really was that colour and it was wearing a cloud as a moustache. I've been trying to capture the Moon for a while, but it keeps eluding me... perhaps because my natal Moon is in the 12th house of evasive maneuvres. I do not... Continue Reading →

Weekly Photo Challenge: Dragonfly Says Hi!

DragonflySaysHi by MoonVooDoo This week's Daily Post Photo Challenge asked us to share a photo which represents being carefree... here is mine. I don't know if the dragonfly feels carefree, but it looks like it does, it's waving and saying hi in a genuinely happy to see me kind of manner. I know, I'm anthropomorphising,... Continue Reading →

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