Ah! Universe! How you make me chuckle so much!

So, I just posted a few short films, and one of them – The Black Hole – when I checked my post to see if it was working properly, as in did I do things right or mess up as is often the case when dealing with fiddly things such as links, met me with a black screen and a message telling me that the video did not exist.

I fixed the problem. My links were old and needed updating.

However… I did burst into an inner chuckle belly dance because of the three videos it was the one about a Black Hole which didn’t exist!

And considering that last night I was watching a video of an interview with Michael Talbot talking about The Holographic Universe…

Okay, it’s only funny to me…

But you know, share everything on your blog and maybe those who need to find it will find it and…

Someone else out there will see the chuckle I saw in this incident and joke of the universe… and chuckle with me.

It’s all a hologram anyway, or is it? And… no… if I start with the questions, they may never stop and I have too many in a queue as it is!


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