Internet Treasures: Future Shorts – Short Film Network

Following on the theme for today of the Full Moon… one of my favourite short films about being human:

Wolves by Rafael Sommerhalder via Future Shorts’ Youtube channel

I absolutely love film. Yet my attention span is at times shorter than the span of a feature length movie, whether I think it is brilliant or not.

Short films are like long ones only more intense, often ending seconds before you are ready for it to end leaving you hungry for more…

And Future Shorts has so much more that days, even weeks, maybe more, can pass before you realise you’ve been abducted very willingly into the world of so many very talented visual artists, directors, writers, and all those other people who make films for us and whom we often don’t know about because… we don’t read the credits. Sorry, I don’t read the credits, I’m sure everyone else does.

Future Shorts on Youtube

Future Shorts website

A couple of my other favourite short films featured on Future Shorts are:

Jojo in the Stars by Marc Craste


The Black Hole by Phil and Olly


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