Moon With a Moustache… on the edge of a Full Moon

OrangeMoon by MoonVooDoo

OrangeMoon by MoonVooDoo

I took this photo last night. The Moon really was that colour and it was wearing a cloud as a moustache.

I’ve been trying to capture the Moon for a while, but it keeps eluding me… perhaps because my natal Moon is in the 12th house of evasive maneuvres. I do not like to be captured either, especially where my emotions and feelings are concerned.

The Daily Prompt for today had the words – On The Edge. I did not read beyond that as those words conjured up many thoughts and images before my inner eye.

The Moon last night was on the edge of being full. I feel on the edge of a revelation. Small hints keeps tantalising me with… something intangible yet potent, but what?

I’ve been on edge for a while now. But on the edge of what?

Everything has felt dark, depressing, crushing. I’m used to periods when I feel this way, I know where they lead, but only if I allow myself to fall into the abyss. If I try to avoid it, then the agony of being on edge persists. If I fall in, I am engulfed by existential darkness and become the abyss. At some point, I reemerge and drift up and out feeling renewed, having shed some heavy weight, an old skin no longer needed. Then life goes on and I become infused with a sense of lightness, slowly forgetting all the darkness and heaviness which came before.

The full Moon is something I may not actually see as the sky is cloudy. How often it is this way when there is a sight in the sky I would like to behold. Yet its effects will still be felt.

This particular full Moon is in Aquarius, conjunct transiting Neptune, opposing Leo and the luminaries playing there, the Sun and Mercury. And the question it poses, and quest which it asks us to undertake is connected to the Self versus the Group, Us versus Them, Personal Ego and Consciousness versus Collective Ego and Consciousness, issues of self worth versus issues about our place in society… Who are we as an individual and what is our contribution to others, to the world?

In some ways these are complicated ideas to tackle. From the moment we are born we are adrift in projections of those who have dreams and plans for us, of who we are to them, of who they want us to be and become, yet we also have our own vision of ourselves, who we are, who we think we are, and who we would like to be.

We want to be loved by others, yet we also want to love ourselves, sometimes the two things work together, and sometimes they don’t. We often lose ourselves when we try to belong, to be loved, yet sometimes to belong we are told we must stand out from the crowd, that others will only love us if we love ourselves, but when we stand out from the crowd we are told we must conform, that the love we have for ourselves is separating us from others, they need us to change who we are so they can love us too, but if we change will we still love ourselves.

Can a compromise be reached, a halfway point which will spread the love around in equal measure, some for us for personal use, and some for others for whatever use they need for it?

It can be very confusing to navigate through so many mixed messages, especially if our compass malfunctions, which often leads us to the edge.


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