Weekly Photo Challenge: Dragonfly Says Hi!

DragonflySaysHi by MoonVooDoo

DragonflySaysHi by MoonVooDoo

This week’s Daily Post Photo Challenge asked us to share a photo which represents being carefree… here is mine.

I don’t know if the dragonfly feels carefree, but it looks like it does, it’s waving and saying hi in a genuinely happy to see me kind of manner. I know, I’m anthropomorphising, but who says that we’re always wrong when we do that?

To me being carefree is when I forget about myself and all that entails, and get caught up in a moment. Sometimes that moment is very fleeting and sometimes it last for a lovely while. It’s when I’m totally present in the now, without a thought for the the past or future. Just being without thinking about being and whether I am doing it right or wrong or something else.

When I took this photo I was having a carefree moment. I was caught up in capturing this beautiful dragonfly, and as I focused upon it I was absorbed by its agility, its delicate design, and every detail which my eye could see magnified by the Macro lens. My thoughts and feelings were at peace, silenced by nature. My senses tingling with delight at sharing a wonderful moment with a fascinating being.

Then the moment passed. The dragonfly flew off to hunt. The Sun went behind a cloud. And I went inside to review my photos. That’s when being carefree flew away too. It comes and it goes… because carefree is carefree.


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