“strange” you might seem, yet behind your mask dwells a gentle, questioning soul.

Mogwai from the movie Gremlins The title of this post comes from an @ I received on Twitter from @CGAyling because... because... because... because... of the worderful (typo intended) things he does! He took up a challenge I threw down on Twitter, the results can be found here: I came across time for you... Those... Continue Reading →

What Do You Want? A Trip Down Memory Lane with Pluto… retrograde and transiting the 4th House… I guess we won’t be skipping.

What do you want? is one of those questions which I ask in my mind so often that it could be considered a mantra. It serves several different purposes and means various things to me. Some of these are superficial, yet they are not trivial because they are the outer manifestations of the inner conundrums... Continue Reading →

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