Haunted by Indigo

Indigo by MoonVooDoo

When I was in my late teens the New Age movement was… trending. So was Self Help. They sort of went together and sort of didn’t. I enjoyed the New Age. It was very silly, not as weird or as enlightened as it wished to be, yet very intriguing and sometimes insightful.

I tried a bit of everything… and don’t worry, I’m not planning on sharing most of that with you, because… Yawn! And some of it, in retrospect, is quite embarrassing.

At the time I was in search of myself, to find purpose and meaning… and figure out who I was. Mostly I figured out who I wasn’t, which helped in a back to front way.

I remember reading about something or some people called Indigo Children. I determined, due to having been born outside the dates allocated at the time, that I was not an Indigo Child… and that was the end of my interest in that. There was far too much to explore to distract myself with things that were not seemingly relevant to me.

The Indigo Children were hailed as… I suppose the super heroes and heroins of our time, children who would save the world from itself… or at least from humans. It sounded very glamorous, and very burdensome. But it was not about me… it was about someone else. So I moved on.

Recently I keep being reminded of the Indigo Children. It started when I saw a pin on Pinterest. I loved the image and was about to repin it when my eyes read the blurb underneath the image and saw that it linked to a website about Indigo Children. I smiled, thought, oh, is that still a thing, and then I moved on. But the Indigo Children did not move on from me.

As I surfed during next week after that, I kept ending up on sites which referenced the Indigo Children.

I was exploring some sites which had writing about Narcissism, and found an article linking Indigo Children and the rise in society of Narcissism. It was a tenuous link between the two… but hey, the author of the piece had reasons for it.

People who have suffered at the wrong end of a Narcissist… well, Narcissists are very adept at inspiring all kinds of obsessive rage in their victims due to the victim feeling frustrated at dealing with someone who doesn’t seem aware that others exist, have needs, feelings or anything else.

I was wandering through astrological sites, as I often do looking for new information, and ended up on an article about the Uranus/Neptune conjunction in the 80’s and how this coincided with the birth of the Indigo Children.

I eventually gave in to the prompts from the universe to revisit something which I had never really visited the first time around. I found this site – Indigo Life Center – and this post – Are You An Indigo Adult? – which were very interesting. As much as I mentally ticked ‘Yes’ on most of the Indigo Adult Characteristics, therefore in theory diagnosing myself as an Indigo Adult (funnily enough I had never considered that Indigo Children could grow up)… I do not and never have considered myself an Indigo. I like the colour… I just don’t want to belong to it.

Indigo Children are named thus because of the colour of their auric field. I had three photos taken way back when at New Age Fairs of my aura. Two came out predominantly orange, the third was a rainbow, almost perfectly resembling the chakra system, and I had little white dots emerging from my third eye. I guess it was a different sort of camera. I’ve never actually been able to see my aura… even though I get migraines which can cause a sufferer to see auras around everything.

Anyway… once again I moved on from the Indigo Children. Even if I was one… then what? Nothing, just continue on the same as usual, right? Yet… the Indigo Children still would not move on from me.

This morning as I sipped my coffee and did some idle breakfast surfing before getting down to some serious stuff, I checked my favourite oracle – Sabian Symbol Oracle – to see if it stirred any ideas in my mind. There before my eyes were the words Indigo Children. I think it was the degree of Cancer 22… not sure now… I was stunned and annoyed at once. WTF!?! Why are the Indigo Children haunting me!?! What do they want from me and how do I make them go away?

Usually when something keeps recurring like this I figure there is a message in it of some sort. My subconscious mind uses all sorts of strange things to converse with my conscious mind… some, like this, are a bit abstruse. But I do think it is connected to a revelation that keeps tantalising me. It is not a big reveal… it is something very small and subtle… something to do with embracing simplicity of being, of not chasing after unicorns and rainbows and magic powers, but of seeing that all the magic needed in life is already here within in a very simple and less glamorous form. Something like that… I don’t know.

So, do you have any strange synchronicities which keep turning up in your life? Do you know what they mean, if they mean anything at all?

And to top it all off… this song is now stuck in my head, it has been since this morning and I have lost count of how many times it has played on repeat:

Moloko – Indigo


5 thoughts on “Haunted by Indigo

  1. Hey, I have been seeing similar kinds of patterns in my life, to the point that strangers have walked up to me, started a convo, and asked me if i’ve heard of indigo children and told me that they could feel my energy and could sense that I was one. I often feel others energy around me so I can relate to the concept of “vibes”. However I recently discovered I have Narcissist/Co-Dependent parents and there seems to clearly be a link between indigo/ADD/ADHD and having Narc Parents. Some people online seem to think that us indigos are just portraying narcissistic behavior by believing indigos are a real thing, and I have considered this a possibility. However, this doesn’t seem to explain the fact that alot of indigos have a range of psychic abilities. I believe that great growth can only come out of great adversity, and growing up with a narcissist parent and being deprived of empathy had an effect to push alot of us to become highly intuitive and empathic people.


    1. Thank you for sharing 🙂

      I like the way you’ve looked at the subject from different perspectives, explored the optional possibilities all of which are interesting and viable, and kept it open.

      The indigo children concept, like other similar concepts, becomes what we make of it, and what we make of it reflects who we are and may help us to get to know ourselves better. When we’re attracted to a concept of this kind it is more about what we discover through it. It may be the path which leads us to answers for our questions.

      Some descriptions of the characteristics of indigo children are close to those of narcissists, and the concept would definitely appeal to narcissists, but that doesn’t mean that everyone who relates to the indigo children characteristics is a narcissist.

      I think that certain types of psychic ability could be survival instincts which have been triggered by abuse in childhood. If you grow up with abusive parents then you learn to be hypervigilant, monitor the environment, the status of others, are tuned into the feelings, thoughts and moods of those around you, and you notice small details which other people may overlook. The extra sensory perception is stimulated by a need to stay safe.

      If you have a narcissistic parent then part of staying safe comes from catering to the narcissist’s psyche – so you become very sensitive to their moods. They tend to transmit their moods rather loudly even when they’re silent. Narcissists actively encourage their children to ‘psychically’ tune into them – they expect you to know what they’re feeling and thinking, to pick up on all the subtle hints and cues they’re giving off. So growing up with a narcissistic parent means you become highly intuitive as your senses are constantly monitoring others – sometimes it causes you to come across as psychic because you seem to know more about them than they do, but it’s mostly down to being a keen observer. Everyone emits vibes, but not everyone is aware of the vibes they’re emitting.

      Have you looked at your astrological chart, I’m guessing you may have a strongly placed Neptune.


  2. I like to explore these ideas myself, and 2 increasing synchronicities in my life are rainbows as well as Indigo Children. I am clear why rainbows keep returning to my energy field, but I’m not quite sure about the Indigo Child thing yet, not because I want to suppress it, but rather have taken a swipe it to the side approach for now. Thanks for these websites.


    1. I still keep seeing references to them, and I still haven’t sussed out why! I like your approach, I must admit I use it for quite a few things which perplex me, and I do like to solve puzzles with passionate obsession. Sometimes things have to be pushed to the side until they are ready to be understood.


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