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"When I challenge people... there is usually an abundance of silence afterwards." - @UrsusAbstrusus No, I'm not having a pop at you, just stating a fact of my life... I scare people, especially when I am trying not to do so.

Photography Challenge: Self Portrait with a Twist

If you want to skip my blah blah and go straight to the challenge, just scroll to the bottom of the post to the words - CHALLENGE BELOW! The other day I came across this - Would You Recognise Yourself with a Completely Symmetrical Face? - I thought the idea was absolutely brilliant and decided... Continue Reading →

Back to Black

When I posted this challenge my reasons for it were connected to my need to explore the human psyche, mine and those of others, for in what others reveal about themselves we often find ourselves too... or ways to ourselves... and in revealing ourselves to others we offer them a way to find themselves... if... Continue Reading →

Weekly Writing Challenge: Lost in Words

Photo by Michelle Weber via The Daily Post Write a post based on this image, they said, and so many people did... and so I was clothed in words, accessorised with projections, thought about, dreamed about, fantasised about and... yes, I inspired fingers to write about me, but no one knows me... I am lost... Continue Reading →

A Very Biased View on Violence, Video Games and Being Human

I read a comment the other day which was attached to an article about a murder. The impression I had of the person commenting was that they thought they were very intelligent, savvy about the world and its workings. There was a hint of tired superiority in their attitude, as though they tutted so much... Continue Reading →

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