Back to Black

When I posted this challenge my reasons for it were connected to my need to explore the human psyche, mine and those of others, for in what others reveal about themselves we often find ourselves too… or ways to ourselves… and in revealing ourselves to others we offer them a way to find themselves… if they choose to do so.
Knowing yourself… knowing others… the two are intrinsically linked and very valuable.
Thank you, Anna, for taking up the challenge and doing it so stylishly, so inventively, and being strong and brave enough to share your vulnerability… being openly vulnerable is a sign of great strength and a powerful expression of self.


2 thoughts on “Back to Black

  1. Thank you again, truly and very deeply ❤

    Do not rush yourself, for yourself is a dish best served when it is ready to be served. Only then is it as delicious as you are!

    Not sure where that bit above came from… but I know you get me 😉 Best wishes on your journey through life and many blessings to you too, beautiful soul!


  2. I replied commented over at my blog to your reblog comment and wanted to have my response here as well. You are a wonderful strong woman, Ursula, and bring light up from the depths. Blessings to you, my friend. ~Anna

    My comment:

    Ursula… thank you, for your depth and challenge and being you. It is not easy being openly vulnerable. It is similar to taking bitter medicine yet feeling cleansed and better afterward… and that is the best analogy I can think of right now. I agree and resonate with what you said…. very valuable and more so than I had thought. I’ll keep at the revealing a little here and there… baby steps for me. It takes awhile to clear the clogged throat… Again, I thank you, deeply. ❤


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