Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus… on a Woodland Butterfly

WoodlandBrown by MoonVooDoo

Focus… often eludes me.

My partner is a professional photographer who gave me one of his old cameras and said… well, I can’t remember what he said, but the gist of it was why don’t you explore your creativity and see what happens. He likes to challenge and inspire me, he seems to think I can do stuff, especially when I think I can’t.

Then he tried to explain depth of field and aperture to me… it reached grounds for divorce levels… but he realised that I do things the way I do them, usually back to front and upside down, and he loves me for my topsy turvy ways even when it drives him insane, perhaps because it drives him insane.

Losing focus for a minute…

This photograph was one I was going to use for The Daily Post’s Daily Prompt: Secret of Success, as an image representing Effort… and subsequent success.

There are woods close to my house. Very unkempt. Humans rarely set foot in them. Nature is left to do what nature does when humans aren’t interfering. There are plenty of creatures who live in these woods, and you can hear them in the dead of night making very strange sounds.

I don’t venture into the woods too often. I don’t like to disturb nature. But the other day I went in to see what I could see, and I transformed from being a small human in a big world into a galumphing giant in a small enclosed world within a world. Every step I took sounded like a stampeding herd of elephants. The woods were so quiet and I was so loud. Nature hid from me.

Then I saw this butterfly basking in a spot of Sun filtering through the tree canopy. It was very peaceful. I knelt down to take a photography, clumsily lost my balance, bumped against the log it was on… it flew off. Then it returned when I stopped thrashing around and gave me another chance.

It was only on closer inspection of the photograph that I thought… perhaps this is a good example of focus. For me anyway. I do use manual focus more often than automatic as it makes me more aware of what I am seeking to capture, but I am still a mess when it comes to aperture and depth of field… I need to apply more effort and eventually, perhaps, I shall achieve success… of whatever sort will come to me.

As with the butterfly, who saw my effort, realised I was not a threat, just a trying human trying to do stuff… and it rewarded me with a moment of success.

This has always been one of my favoutrite quotes:

“In battle or business, whatever the game, In law or in love, it is ever the same; In the struggle for power, or the scramble for pelf, Let this be your motto – Rely on yourself! For, whether the prize be a ribbon or throne, The victor is he who can go it alone!” –  John Godfrey Saxe

It is nice to think we focused on a goal and achieved it on our own, but… truth is… we always need help from others to be successful, and sometimes those others are butterflies.


  1. The nice thing about exploring and practicing with digital photography is that you don’t have to spend money on film and developing and can easily get rid of “errors” and things you don’t like. Enjoy! It’s so much fun.



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