Folie a Deux

So the Daily Prompt wants me to cast the movie of my life, does it?

I am a film afficionada. I have seen countless films in a plethora of genres, many of which I like, some I love, a small handful I would watch more than once (I have a fairly photographic memory, so seeing a film more than once is rare for me to do, but I do on occasion), and quite a few fall into the category of – How do I get those hours back so I can use them to watch something else?

And of course most film buffs at some point imagine their own life as a film and search their mind to decide which actor to cast in the leading role of themselves. A good scriptwriter is needed, and choosing the director most capable of undertaking such a monumental task is also a must. Still, all the other details, and cast and crew members, which are very important to getting the film of one’s life just right, pale in comparison to the most vital element of finding the perfect thespian to play your part. The lead. If you have yourself in the lead, which most of us do.

I’ve cast the movie of my life at different times of my life. I’ve changed, my life has changed, and so the movie and my choices have changed too.

I’d probably base the film around my life with my partner. When we met it was, above all else, the meeting of two very active, similar minds colliding and and creating a perfect electrical storm. We spent much of the first flush of getting to know each other just talking and talking and talking, sharing ideas, introducing each other to new concepts, and exploring the 3D universe we invented together with our united intellectual and imaginative faculties.

Our favourite activity together is brainstorming, discussing ideas, theorising, analysing, designing hypothetical scenarios and figuring things out. Neither of us has any plans of acting out most of the wild scenarios which we create together… we enjoy doing things together in our minds, and think them through so thoroughly sometimes that we feel we’ve done them.

This often hampers real life excursions, because if we think them out before doing them, we generally end up not doing them because we feel as though we’ve done it already. Sometimes though, one of us jumps up at the end of a long conversation and says – Okay, let’s do it! And the other one dithers, unsure of whether it is a wise idea. I mean it was great as a hypothetical action, but the reality of it is probably a bit… less… well, there are external factors to take into account, other people for instance who won’t behave in the way we need them to, you know… free will and all that! We’ve analysed this tendency to think so much we end up not doing things and have solved the problem. If there is something we really want to do physically and not just mentally, then we do it and think about it afterwards.

My recent forays into casting the role of myself in the film version of my life has often led to arguments with my partner who doesn’t agree with my choice of actress. I tend to go for slightly off the wall actresses, he, although he likes crazy birds like me, is more mainstream when it comes to casting my role in the film of his life story. I can’t remember who he suggested for me, probably someone like Julianne Moore, as we both love The Big Lebowski… and I would cast Jeff Bridges in the role of my partner. He’s The Dude! He quite likes that, but probably would not choose Jeff for himself. I can’t recall who he picked most recently, it might have been… what’s his name… Doctor Who guy before the Scottish one, but not the new Scottish one from The Thick of It, the other one who does those annoying Virgin adverts. Ah yes! What’s his name is Christopher…. wait… running around on the tip of my tongue… Eccleston. Is that who I’m thinking of?

You’ve probably noticed that my ability to recall actors is not… and trying to remember them when I need to cast a film usually ends up with my mind going completely blank.


In the role of myself, my first casting pick would be Amanda Plummer. We don’t look alike, a bit maybe, not sure… her hair is always a mess, so is mine… anyway… her style of acting reminds me very much of how I think other people perceive me, and also of how I feel inside sometimes, even though I may appear to be… not sure if I do… very reserved and cool on the outside. I also like the actress from The Flight of the Conchords… very quirky. But Amanda Plummer has been my fave choice for me for a while. I’m loyal… sort of… to my choices.

This clip from Pulp Fiction, which goes with this post, makes me chuckle because it is very reminiscent of the sorts of conversations which I have with my partner.

Please note: This clip contains swearing the threat of violence, and crazy people doing and saying crazy things. But you already know that since it is from Pulp Fiction.

Pumpkin and Honey Bunny – Pulp Fiction

My partner introduced me to the work of Quentin Tarantino and I love his style! I’m a fan of the film genres of which he is also a fan, and which influence his films. I also adore his dialogues, that’s how my mind works, it never shuts up and has to analyse everything, often to death, and it goes off on very tangential tangents.

Quite a few people think Tarantino is too gratuitously violent in his work, but I disagree, the violence is never gratuitous, it serves to express something which is deeply philosophical and intensely human. There are many films I would rate as being far more gratuitously violent, even though they would probably not be considered violent at all. Quentin Tarantino films never inspire me with the need to be violent, whereas romantic comedy/dramas do, I don’t watch them very often, but when I do… usually I just want to kill myself for having watched the damn thing!

So… That’s a wrap! Or is it rap?