This is what you get for having Virgo Rising


VirgoRising by MoonVooDoo

And… plop! Transiting Mercury just dropped into my 1st house. The transiting Sun is following, but still lagging behind speedy Mercury… still in the 12th, messing with my dreaming mojo.


I have Virgo rising.

Don’t look at me and think I’m virginal and all that… Virgin, my ass!

Mind you… no… natal 12th house Moon in Virgo… not sharing such things with you! Wasn’t interesting anyway. You’re not missing a thing!

Truth? Lie? Obfuscation?


12thHouseMoon by MoonVooDoo

I’m really finding other people annoying at the moment. Details, people! How many times do I have to repeat myself and answer the same question which you keep asking me as though you haven’t already asked it, and I haven’t already answered it?

I get it, you’re not listening… so why ask me anything if you’re not going to listen to the answer? Is this some pay attention to me game of yours?

I’m paying attention to you, close attention, and I have observed that you are not paying attention to details.

Let me introduce you to one of my games… the I’m fed up with you not listening so I’m going to give you a dose of my Virgo side game.

Did I mention that I had Pluto in Virgo? Did I mention that my Pluto in Virgo was in my 1st house? I know I did, but you probably weren’t listening then either.

Well, I warned you… several times… but you don’t care about details, perhaps you’ll care about the consequences of not caring about details or listening to the answers to the questions you so carelessly ask over and over again.

Yes. I’m in a difficult mood. I’m in a Moon mood. I’m in a Virgo Moon mood. I’m in a Virgo mood.

Virgo is often a very misunderstood sign… perhaps it chooses to be misunderstood because if people understood it… hmmm… they would probably wish that they had stuck with misunderstanding it.

Still waters run very deep, they suck you in, analyse the life out of you, then spit you out. You’ve been Virgoed. Next!


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