What Planet Dominates You?

Freddie_Mercury_by_skullFreddie Mercury by ~skull

As you may be able to tell from the image above… Mercury is the dominant planet of my natal chart. And it explains a lot about me. I am very Mercurial – subject to sudden or unpredictable changes of mood or mind. I could blame that trait on other planetary placements and aspects, but why bother when I can blame Mercury!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… even if repetition causes massive eye-rolling in me, mostly when others repeat themselves, because I give myself semi carte blanche for behaviour which annoys me in others but is cute when I do it… astrology gives awesome excuses for things which other systems don’t, and since quite a few people are frightened of astrology, astrological references send them running for cover and makes them forget they had demanded an explanation from you for why you did or said something or other.

I’m still a complete astrology novice, but I do quite well with what I do, much of which is intuitive, at least where reading my chart… or more to the point, using astrology to figure myself out… is concerned.

The chart dominant flummoxed me for a while. WTF is it? How do I figure it out for my chart? And what does it mean? Is it astrological S&M?

What is a dominant planet?

I was trying to find a link to a really good description of what a dominant planet is, and how it works… I got bored after clicking on a few search results which led me to too much blah blah and not enough info. Precise info!

Apparently those with Mercury dominant can get easily distracted and bored.

Anyway, here’s my take on it.

It basically is your go-to energy and planet. Your default position. Your headquarters (I would say that, being dominated by Mercury means my head is the head). It influences how the energies in your chart organise themselves or disorganise themselves.

If say you’re a Leo but don’t feel your Leo self is anything like all the descriptions which you’ve read and heard about the sign, perhaps your dominant planet may explain to you why this is the case. You may have a dominant Saturn which contains your Leo roar and thus you may feel more like a Capricorn than a Leo.

The dominant planet is the boss of all the other planets whether they like it or not, or agreed to such a hierarchy.

Yup, when you figure out your dominant you can also find the hierarchy of planetary influences in your chart. Not sure if that is a good thing or not, but it adds dimension to working with your chart.

Mars is the second in command in my chart. Bet it really pisses my Mars off!


Kratos_lived_until_today__by_njayGod of War by *njay




How do you figure out your dominant?

The easy way of doing it is to look at your rising sign – mine is Virgo – check the ruling planet of that sign – for Virgo it is Mercury – and voila! However… it is not always voila! or that simple. Mostly it is. I think. I haven’t done any research, so maybe it is.

The difficult and more detailed way of doing it, the way which also gives you the planetary hierarchy of your chart, plus loads of other stuff which is beyond my astrological capability at the moment, is as follows:

Start here –> go to Astrodienst. Then click on My Astro in the menu up top. If you don’t have a registered user profile with them, which is free, and you don’t want to create one, just use the Guest User. Input your birth data. Now you have a natal chart and can browse through all the Free Horoscope options they have to get to know your chart, and perhaps yourself, better.

One of my favourites, mainly because I keep forgetting what all the symbols and squiggles which represent aspects mean, is the Astro Click Portrait.

I also like the Personal Daily Horoscope… although I don’t check it daily, and usually when I do it is for a retrospective look rather than a forward one. To see if what happened or what I felt goes with a a transit affecting my chart.

For the dominant planet of your chart, a bit of working with fiddly things is needed:

On the Free Horoscopes page scroll down to the bottom (you can do this in the side bar too) and click on Extended Chart Selection. Don’t panic! Okay, panic, then when it’s over… See at the top, just above all the confusing bits and pieces and choices, it says – Methods: Circular charts | Special charts | Ephemeris | Pullen/Astrolog – click on Pullen/Astrolog – then where it says – Please select the type of chart you want: click the bar next to it and scroll to the last option – Simple chart delineation by Walter Pullen – click on click here to show chart.

(No, I don’t think you’re a moron, I’m basing my instructions on the way I like to have them when doing such things – ergo I’m the moron, not you! Just because I have Mercury dominant does not mean I’m intelligent, it just means that I think I’m smart… very different!)

Once you have the chart, which is really just loads and loads of words saying stuff about your chart, scroll… keep scrolling… no, no, don’t get caught up in all the data… not yet… and… oops, you scrolled past it… back up a bit… no too far… down a bit… and….The pic below is what you are looking for, perhaps I should have said this and posted this screen grab sooner (yes, it’s my chart info):

dominant planet info

(Poor little Pluto whom I love so much is a middle man, as is bossy Uranus. Something has to balance their energy out in my chart, I’m crazy enough as it is having them in my 1st house, thank [insert – appropriate person or thing or swear word to thank – here] they’re not dominating my chart too!)

Look under Total Rank for the percentage and position – #1 is your dominant, the rest is hierarchy.And in the screen shot above you can see that you can also find which sign is dominant in your chart, in the graph under the dominant planet one – mine is Scorpio. Sting! That should make my Mars feel better!

What you do with all the other information of which you now have an abundance is up to you! Have fun!

ps. A couple of links to give you a general feel for what your dominant planet means – Few personality traits by certain dominant planets in a chart (weird site) – and – Astrology: meaning of the planets (this link goes to Astrotheme and they have a blurb on Dominants – Planetary Dominants in Astrology)

*This post was inspired by the palaver I went through trying to get this info. Hope it helps.


  1. hi..me again!! just wanted to add something more…just in case you are interested. 6-01-1996, 13.40 p.m

    Sun 15°26′ Capricorn
    Moon 22°08′ Cancer
    Mercury 4°08′ Aquarius
    Venus 19°22′ Aquarius
    Mars 28°27′ Capricorn
    Jupiter 0°43′ Capricorn
    Saturn 19°47′ Pisces
    Uranus 29°40′ Capricorn
    Neptune 24°53′ Capricorn
    Pluto 2°08′ Sagittarius
    Chiron 13°52′ Libra
    Ceres 24°04′ Scorpio
    Pallas 29°34′ Libra
    Juno 27°23′ Capricorn
    Vesta 4°33′ Scorpio
    Node 22°29′ Я Libra
    Lilith 13°34′ Cancer
    Fortune 28°54′ Scorpio
    AS 22°12′ Taurus
    MC 1°03′ Aquarius

    Planets in Houses*
    Sun House 9
    Moon House 3
    Mercury House 10
    Venus House 10
    Mars House 9
    Jupiter House 8
    Saturn House 11
    Uranus House 10
    Neptune House 9
    Pluto House 7
    Chiron House 6
    Ceres House 7
    Pallas House 6
    Juno House 9
    Vesta House 6
    Node House 6
    Lilith House 3
    Fortune House 7

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      • :p ;p how do you define eccentricity???? And do you perhaps have other links i could use to further understand my charts? Finally isn’t curious how many planets are either at the first or the last degrees of the signs they reside?


        • Mostly eccentricity is defined by observing something and thinking it is weird, but is it really weird or does it just appear that way to the observer? Things that seem normal to one person may be considered eccentric by others because something else is normal for them.

          There was a story awhile ago on some documentary about the eccentricity of humans about a man who lived in a big mansion with his donkey, the donkey had free run of the house, ate at the dinner table and stuff like that. For this man the donkey was his friend. People thought he was eccentric for doing this, but it made him happy and was normal for him. He may have thought everyone else was eccentric for living alone when they could have a donkey sharing their home with them. I think this man also tried to build a tunnel from his basement all the way to town, which could be considered eccentric, however – many cities have underground tunnels with trains in them which many people use to get from one place to another.

          Some of the things which we consider normal today would freak our ancestors out, and they’d think we were all eccentric weirdos.

          It’s a very subjective matter… speaking of which…

          There’s a theory in astrology about the zero degree and the 29th degree, plus a bunch of other particular degrees in each sign. It goes something like – The early degree shows the beginning of a new phase while the late degree shows the ending, wrapping that phase up to prepare for the move into the next sign. It’s considered a powerful point as the energy of the sign is intensified.

          Here’s a write up from a site which collects loads of astro info – http://www.cafeastrology.com/criticaldegrees.html

          I tend to use astro.com as my base when I’m exploring my chart, then research online for more until I find what I’m looking for.

          There are some really good astrology forums which are great for discovering new things and getting different perspectives. They often discuss aspects and other details which are harder to find on astrology websites and blogs.

          I like using – http://www.astrotheme.com/ – for comparing my placements with those of celebrities, it can give a different perspective on your chart by looking at someone else’s with similar placements or positions.

          My favourite book for info on houses is – The Twelve Houses by Howard Sasportas

          I like following these astro blogs:





          This is an intriguing site, I use it for added info on aspects:


          It really depends on what you’re looking for and how you want to approach understanding your chart as there are many different types of astrology. For instance esoteric astrology is very intriguing.


          and then there’s this (which is slightly eccentric astrology):


          Just pick something you want to know more about, pop it in the search bar and see where you end up, let yourself be your guide 😀


          • indeed,,,the term is very subjective…but should we let someone do something just because it pleases him? well small things perhaps…but if someone is experimenting with something mildly edging…like fireworks, should we let them…..there is a high chance that he could get seriously harmed since he is not a professional…..i have heard and read a bit about the esoteric theories and those of the degrees…but i wanted your opinion on the matter as it seems that you know quite a lot about astrology..something i respect and admire…did it help you to realise more about yourself ad your role in this world? 🙂


              • Thank you very much 🙂

                Here’s a site I enjoy – http://tarotsmith.com/ – I love the artwork on the cards on this site, they’re just so beautiful and different. I sometimes do a one card reading when I’m trying to find out what’s going on inside of me. I’m not a fan of tarot because I get annoyed with my readings which can lead to some interesting self-observations.

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            • That is a conundrum in life, whether to intervene or not when you can see someone is about to make a mistake.

              In my case – I don’t like to tell people how to live their lives because I have no idea how they should do that. I’m still working out how I should live mine, and I don’t like it when others try to tell me how to live my life.

              However, if I’m about to do something stupid and someone sees it, then I appreciate the information shared. What I do afterwards is up to me. So if I see someone about to make a mistake (or at least something I think is a mistake), I’ll give them my opinion, after that it’s up to them.

              Things which are a mistake for me sometimes aren’t mistakes for others too, and vice versa.

              Or maybe the reason you’re there to see their mistake is because you’re supposed to stop them or help them out. Or a million other variations on a theme.

              Depends very much on the individual situation.

              My father once yelled ‘STOP!’ when I was in the middle of the street, because he thought I wasn’t crossing the road safely. I had been until he intervened. His yelling stop made me stop which almost got me hit by a car. Had he kept quiet I would have been safely across long before the car drove by. I did wonder for awhile afterwards if he had deliberately tried to get me killed 😉

              I love exploring alternatives, going off on wild tangents, and absorbing information along the way. Esoteric philosophies are fascinating. Thelema is an interesting one to explore, it fits in with the should you intervene or not puzzle.

              Esoteric astrology gives an intriguing way of viewing the chart, off the beaten path. It can get quite strange, especially if you go off into the whole ‘rays’ thing which I’ve never been able to get my head around.

              I’m not really sure if it has been helpful or not in helping me to understand myself and figure out my role in the world, as my mind is a sieve, it only keeps what strikes me as relevant and throws out the rest to make space for new stuff to come in. Sometimes I return to where I’ve once been because now what wasn’t relevant before seems to be relevant.

              I really love reading up on the mythological side of the planets and signs, as mythology is an allegorical summation of life and being human, and can tap into the layers of consciousness which speak in images and in mysteries.

              Everything which touches my mind starts an inner dialogue, and it’s those conversations which really bring insight, not the subjects, philosophies, astrology, etc. It’s about what it stirs within. 🙂

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      • I’m very new to this.

        I born in 27.2.1999, which means my zodiac sign is Pisces.

        But according to this:
        Planet: Position Aspects Total Rank Percent
        Sun: 66.0 ( 1) + 11.3 ( 8) = 77.3 ( 4) / 11.2%
        Moon: 50.0 ( 3) + 28.5 ( 5) = 78.5 ( 2) / 11.4%
        Mercury: 47.0 ( 4) + 5.5 (10) = 52.5 ( 9) / 7.6%
        Venus: 37.5 ( 9) + 22.6 ( 6) = 60.1 ( 7) / 8.7%
        Mars: 45.0 ( 5) + 28.7 ( 4) = 73.7 ( 5) / 10.7%
        Jupiter: 38.5 ( 8) + 31.0 ( 3) = 69.5 ( 6) / 10.1%
        Saturn: 60.0 ( 2) + 18.0 ( 7) = 78.0 ( 3) / 11.4%
        Uranus: 40.0 ( 7) + 7.0 ( 9) = 47.0 (10) / 6.8%
        Neptune: 45.0 ( 6) + 35.4 ( 1) = 80.4 ( 1) / 11.7%
        Pluto: 25.0 (10) + 31.4 ( 2) = 56.4 ( 8) / 8.2%
        Chiron: 7.0 (11) + 0.0 (11) = 7.0 (11) / 1.0%
        Node: 7.0 (12) + 0.0 (12) = 7.0 (12) / 1.0%
        Total: 468.0 + 219.4 = 687.4 / 100.0%

        Sign: Power Rank Percent – Element Power Percent
        Aries: 105.9 ( 1) / 15.4% – Fire: 234.0 / 34.0%
        Taurus: 28.6 ( 8) / 4.2% – Earth: 127.4 / 18.5%
        Gemini: 15.9 (12) / 2.3% – Air: 134.8 / 19.6%
        Cancer: 21.6 (10) / 3.1% – Water: 191.1 / 27.8%
        Leo: 71.7 ( 6) / 10.4%
        Virgo: 23.9 ( 9) / 3.5% – Mode Power Percent
        Libra: 16.5 (11) / 2.4% – Cardinal: 219.0 / 31.9%
        Scorpio: 77.7 ( 4) / 11.3% – Fixed: 280.4 / 40.8%
        Sagittarius: 56.4 ( 7) / 8.2% – Mutuable: 188.1 / 27.4%
        Capricorn: 74.9 ( 5) / 10.9%
        Aquarius: 102.4 ( 2) / 14.9%
        Pisces: 91.9 ( 3) / 13.4%
        Total: 687.4 / 100.0%

        Aries is dominating, and pisces is only 3rd. My question is, does aries dominating here replaces pisces that was based on when I was born?

        Also, what it means to have Neptune dominant and Pisces (which Neptune dominates it) as my zodiac sign?

        Also I’m confused. Since pisces is water element, but the list shows that the fire element dominates, then which element is mine? That means I’m both Fire and Water? But It’s good to have Fire or water, they’re my favorite elements, both Air and Ground elements are, meh. Just boring. (Yeah, I base It from that cartoon show called “Avatar the legend of Aang.”)

        And Sun is on pisces, this basicaly symbolises my zodiac sign?

        Also, I like going to Pool or sea to swim in the water, It’s basicaly pisces as my zodiac sign that makes me like to go to the sea or pool and swim on the water?

        Yeah, too many questions…!!!11! (Annoying, I know right?)

        There is also year based zodiac, where each year is a a mythical creature, I born in 1999 year, my dad saying It’s the year of the “Cat”, but when I look into wikipedia (They say that the year based zodiac is chinese.), it shows that the year 1999 is the year of Rabbit, so wait, what my dad said is wrong? It’s not the year of the cat, but the year of the rabbit? Or my dad doesen’t talk about the chinese zodiac? I’m very confused.

        So, what do can tell any info about having Pisces sign and the Cat (Yeah, they oppose each other.).

        Having dominant planet give an great Idea… XDDD

        Now on online games I’m going to make my nickname as “Neptunian”.😄

        Sorry for bad english.


        • Thank you for sharing 🙂

          I once had a dream in which I spoke fluent Russian, actually I sang in Russian during the dream, it was a musical dream… unfortunately I woke up and found that I couldn’t do that. I’m only sharing that because you called yourself Captain Russia and mentioned Neptune… that’s the kind of thing ruled by Neptune 😉

          Your dominant planet is Neptune.

          Your dominant sign is Aries.

          The dominants don’t replace anything in your chart, they add another layer to reading the natal chart. Dominants are figured out by calculating what’s going on in your whole chart and simply show what planet and sign are emphasised through placements, houses, angles, aspects, etc. They show a strong influence in your overall chart, but this strong influence does not erase anything else which is already there, it adds another dimension.

          This site – https://skywriter.wordpress.com/2011/08/03/how-to-identify-your-alpha-dog-planet/ – gives an idea of how dominants are figured out (although it uses a slightly different system from the Pullen one and calls it Alpha Dog planet) and explains a bit about how a dominant affects your chart as a whole.

          With Aries dominant you’ll have the qualities of Aries running through you adding to the qualities you already have of your Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, etc. You’ve probably noticed those qualities but maybe have assigned them to something else in your chart – to have Aries dominant you most likely have planets in Aries, maybe Aries rising or on one of the other main chart angles – the IC, MC or DSC, the 1st house might be emphasised, or you have a strong Mars placement.

          Here’s a quick overview of Aries dominant:

          “Aries-Dominant: Arian blood runs through your veins! You have that enthusiasm, frankness, courage, and fastness which usually make you so likeable in spite of your somewhat rough, naive, or violent side. As a bonus, Aries’ gushing fire always gives you the impetus to make a fresh start, should you stumble or undergo life hardship!” – via http://astroasteria.com/post/130569706473/interpreting-sign-dominants

          So you’re still very much a Pisces Sun. You’re a Pisces Sun with dominant Aries. All that applies to Pisces Sun still applies to you, but it may be shaped differently due to having a dominant Aires. This could mean you’re more active and make more definitive decisions than the typical Pisces who tends to waver and delay making decisions. Dominant Aries adds Aries oomph to your Pisces Sun and to the rest of your chart but ti doesn’t take anything away.

          And since you have Neptune dominant (which is the ruling planet of Pisces) this means the qualities of Neptune/Pisces are strong in your chart too, as well as Aries.

          This is an overview of Neptune dominant:

          “Neptune-Dominant (Neptunian): With Neptune as one of your three dominant planets, you are a secretive and ambiguous person, often confused or unclear about your own motivations! Indeed, you are endowed with unlimited imagination and inspiration, as well as with an extreme sensibility that may turn you into a psychic or a clairvoyant. On the other hand, your impressionability is such that you may have difficulties in separating what is concrete and solid from illusions or dreams. A mystic, a visionary or a poet, you daydream, like any Neptunian, and you see what few people only can see, all of this being shrouded in aesthetic mists when you are fired with enthusiasm. A boundless, infinity-loving person like you is inevitably likely to be more vulnerable and easily hurt because of your acute perception of events. In such cases, you are hit full in the face, and you may sink into gloomy daydreams and dark melancholy. That said, this mysterious aura definitely gives you an indefinable charm in the eyes of your close friends who are often fascinated by your unique ability to feel and to see what ordinary people can never see!” – via http://astroasteria.com/post/130406610695/interpreting-planetary-dominants

          Having Fire as the strongest element simply means you have a lot of the element of Fire in your chart and the qualities of that element will be strong. Since it’s the dominant element you could call it ‘your element’ if you need to locate an element to own as yours. The element of Water is your Sun sign and your dominant planet’s element – so you could also call Water ‘your element’. You could also choose the element represented by your rising sign/Asc as your element as the rising sign is how we approach the world and how the world sees our initial approach. But it’s worth remembering that all beings have all elements within them, and even if one element is ‘missing’ from a chart it’s not actually ‘missing’.

          Enjoying going to the pool and swimming could reflect your Pisces Sun, or your Neptune dominant, or it could show Aries dominant’s passion for action blended with Neptune dominant and Pisces Sun – swimming is action, it is sport, it isn’t just about the water. Or it could simply be something that you love doing.

          The thing about reading a natal chart is that it has many layers, levels, avenues of exploration, lots of connections through aspects, placements, houses and rulerships, and hundreds of subtleties. There are a myriad ways of reading and interpreting each position, and each position is influenced by everything it touches. It’s like trying to pin down a person to one specific thing… one specific thing is made up of other things.

          You like swimming. That’s a specific thing, but the reason why you like swimming are probably multiple. It could be escape, nostalgia, energising, freedom, fun, something someone you love introduced you to and thus it represents love, the love of that person for you, your love for them, intimacy, something which you excel at and thus it represents skill. And the list goes on…

          What your father told you about being born in the year of the Cat – there isn’t a year of the Cat in Chinese astrology (the only cat in the Chinese/Japanese zodiac is the Tiger). However there is a Year of the Cat in Vietnamese astrology – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cat_(zodiac) – the Cat in Vietnamese astrology replaces the Rabbit in Chinese/Japanese Astrology. So, you’re both a Rabbit and a Cat. And your dad wasn’t wrong. I kind of like his version of astrology, he was following an instinct rather than sticking to a format, and I’m guessing something about you made him think you were more Cat than Rabbit.

          If you’re into alternative zodiacs there are some interesting ones out there, Egyptian, Celtic, etc. Like this – http://www.tarot.com/astrology/celtic-signs

          For as long as there are humans in this place there will be systems trying to help us to classify ourselves.

          I’d go with NeptunArian as a gaming name, that way both your dominants get to play – both dominants’ styles are useful in gameplay 😉 I’m playing Skyrim atm… I’m playing like a typical Mercury dominant and often forget wtf the mission is;)


  2. First…you definitely can’t be even a little moronic and work out this site…I practically had to have a degree in Computer Science, Physics and Astronomy to navigate it. But after following your very helpful directions, I got this:

    Planet: Position Aspects Total Rank Percent
    Sun: 67.5 ( 3) + 22.3 ( 4) = 89.8 ( 1) / 13.1%
    Moon: 35.0 ( 6) + 10.8 ( 9) = 45.8 ( 8) / 6.7%
    Mercury: 68.5 ( 2) + 13.5 ( 8) = 82.0 ( 3) / 11.9%
    Venus: 70.0 ( 1) + 1.5 (10) = 71.5 ( 4) / 10.4%
    Mars: 45.0 ( 5) + 17.9 ( 6) = 62.9 ( 6) / 9.1%
    Jupiter: 22.5 (10) + 21.1 ( 5) = 43.6 (10) / 6.3%
    Saturn: 10.0 (12) + 39.1 ( 2) = 49.1 ( 7) / 7.1%
    Uranus: 23.5 ( 9) + 40.0 ( 1) = 63.5 ( 5) / 9.2%
    Neptune: 28.5 ( 7) + 16.7 ( 7) = 45.2 ( 9) / 6.6%
    Pluto: 48.5 ( 4) + 36.8 ( 3) = 85.3 ( 2) / 12.4%
    Chiron: 27.0 ( 8) + 0.0 (11) = 27.0 (11) / 3.9%
    Node: 22.0 (11) + 0.0 (12) = 22.0 (12) / 3.2%
    Total: 468.0 + 219.7 = 687.7 / 100.0%

    Sign: Power Rank Percent – Element Power Percent
    Aries: 34.0 (11) / 4.9% – Fire: 145.8 / 21.2%
    Taurus: 63.6 ( 5) / 9.2% – Earth: 191.6 / 27.9%
    Gemini: 64.0 ( 4) / 9.3% – Air: 159.7 / 23.2%
    Cancer: 34.7 (10) / 5.0% – Water: 190.6 / 27.7%
    Leo: 72.1 ( 3) / 10.5%
    Virgo: 114.6 ( 1) / 16.7% – Mode Power Percent
    Libra: 48.8 ( 7) / 7.1% – Cardinal: 130.9 / 19.0%
    Scorpio: 96.1 ( 2) / 14.0% – Fixed: 278.6 / 40.5%
    Sagittarius: 39.7 ( 9) / 5.8% – Mutuable: 278.2 / 40.5%
    Capricorn: 13.4 (12) / 1.9%
    Aquarius: 46.9 ( 8) / 6.8%
    Pisces: 59.9 ( 6) / 8.7%
    Total: 687.7 / 100.0%

    My Sun is in Virgo, Moon (Rising) Sagittarius, and, if I am not mistaken, my strongest planet is Pluto, followed closely by Mercury…correct?
    From what I can decipher with my limited knowledge, and without spoiling it with someone else’s assessment, I am a pretty strong Virgoan character, with a decent sense of humor, a bent for philosophic thought.

    Since I do not know much about the planetary aspects of Pluto, I plucked this:

    Pluto in Virgo and 2nd House: This person’s destiny, and capacity to transform
    the self and the outer world is analytical, critical, modest, helpful, and
    works toward perfection. (I sound like a benign Borg!)

    Most often this manifests in the area of life
    dealing with self image, self worth, and material security. It is easy for
    them to express this part of themself. (I have to resist the urge to correct the grammatical error here…does that make me a maniacal
    Virgo?) 🙂

    My parents, in all their hippy helpfulness, had my chart done when I was very young. Most of my previous knowledge comes from that experience, as well as continually hearing about “what a Virgo” I was, in a sort of apologetic and slightly sarcastic manner. So I was not super fond of astrology for most of my life, only recently really seeing how it can be a helpful tool for self-study and understanding. Thanks for sharing the site, it is the most comprehensive I’ve come across.


    • I’m a very visual person, so I tried another chart version. Since I cannot attach here, I will post at my site https://ronninoyce.wordpress.com/ in the section for Personal Narrative. This might be risking various comments from Astrology fans, charlatans or practitioners, but I don’t get that many views, so not too concerned. Your comments, if you are interested in seeing it, are always welcome. 🙂


      • WOW! That’s quite a chart! You have what is known as a Grand Cross (the red square with the X in it). That’s a BIG thing in astrology, basically it’s packed with tension (squares and oppositions) that once understood can have a powerful impact on the chart owners’ life – as in major transformations due to challenges and the learning curves of them. Just when you think you’re out, they pull you back in for another round. It’s a personally powerful chart requiring a harnessing of strong energies – which your strong Virgo is in a perfect position to do.

        I wouldn’t worry too much about comments, on astrology posts you’re most likely to get people who are interested in the same thing as you (based on search terms), probably because they have a similar placement, and it can be a very pleasant and insightful interaction. I’ve learned a lot from what others share through comments, it’s a lovely part of blogging and sharing.

        Have you explored transits? It’s worth a look as there are a few which may be hitting your natal positions and lighting things up. For instance you mentioned your Pluto in Virgo in the 2nd (in another comment), as you’re of the Pluto/Uranus conjunct in Virgo generation (meaning your Pluto in Virgo is meshed with Uranus in Virgo energy) those placements are going to be hit by transiting Jupiter and Neptune, as well as transiting Saturn. You might find yourself revisiting old stories and getting a completely new view of them, one which may release you and open up a new path. Something like that.

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        • I was wondering why the chart looked so interesting…and I can attest to repeated swings and tests in my life, things always changing, my learning curve growing exponentially. I will look into this transiting of planets you speak of and try to find out more.

          I am usually not afraid to share personal information (I am a blogger after all), and as you said, the whole point is to get reactions and input from others’ comments…I was just wondering if an astrological chart posted on my own site wasn’t a bit too intimate…I guess I still have a general distrust (maybe too strong a word) of astrological insights, based on my previous experiences with them over the years. But if anyone else does deign to comment, I will welcome their view. Thanks for the response! 🙂 0><0


          • I looked into a Natal chart with transits and took a snip. I have no freakin’ idea what to make of it. I went ahead and registered, but haven’t seen anything new to explain transits. If you are interested in looking at it, I put it in my last chart post. If not, I plan on doing more exploring when I am not as wiped out physically and mentally as I feel today…my chart looks as tangled as I feel! 🙂


            • Transits are very interesting, but a bit tricky to understand. On astro.com there are two ways of getting to know them better – The Short Report Forecast in the Free Horoscopes which gives you a quick overview of the major transits to your chart (mind you Robert Hand’s interpretations can be a bit grim, I have his book and some of what he says makes me just want to give up, and are best read with detachment – then check other views of that transit out online for a more balanced approach), and the Personal Daily Horoscope which gives you the recent transit info (albeit in Free mode it only elaborates on a random one, except on Thursdays).

              One of my fav sites for more info on transits is – http://rubyslipper.ca/ruby-slipper-astrology/2012/05/general-guide-for-interpreting-transits-to-your-chart – she is an excellent astrologer and she charts transits on her blog, her interpretations deal with the transits themselves not how they affect you personally, but she does offer her view of how it could affect your chart.

              There are quite a few really good online astrologers who write posts about transits, you might find – http://www.oxfordastrologer.com/ – worth a read as she has a similar chart to yours (Leo rising and quite a few other similar placements).

              Have fun with it, and see where it goes 🙂

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    • Thank you for sharing 🙂

      Your dominant planet is the Sun, Pluto is 2nd in rank, then Mercury. There is only a small difference between the percentage of those three, so you might have multiple dominants. I did come across an explanation somewhere concerning multiple dominants, but I’ve lost the link (probably due to tidying up my bookmarks – my Pluto in Virgo has a delete everything form of tidying which can be rather annoying.

      And your dominant signs are Virgo and Scorpio. Virgo is leaps and bounds ahead.

      I think Virgo is an awesome sign (but then I do have Virgo rising with Moon and Pluto in the sign 😉 ). It is a rather misunderstood sign in astrology as it is a reserved and private sign (one astrologer called it mysterious which I think is spot on), so it tends to get heavily stereotyped with people basing their view of it on the superficial rather than on the beautiful depths.

      Mostly though, if people can’t handle your Virgo, that’s because they can’t handle being observed keenly. Virgos are one of those signs that can often see the subtle details that others are often trying to hide or from which they are trying to hide, deny, pretend isn’t there, which other signs find disconcerting and… we know how people tend to behave when they’re feeling uncomfortable because you’ve seen a little bit too much of what lies behind their social persona, who they’re trying to be rather than who they actually are. It’s quite interesting to explore what sign is judging yours – have you ever done your parents’ charts, it might clarify their attitude to your Sun sign.

      I have come across a couple of writings about Virgo which explore its mythological meaning, and probe deeper than the surface. The Maiden who usually represents Virgo is connected to the Crone, Hekate, and the three stages of feminine energy. It’s a fascinating myth and concept.

      Also when exploring any sign you also need to understand the sign which opposes it on the zodiac wheel as each sign contains its opposite hidden within. Pisces will play a big part in your experience of your Virgo energy.

      It’s interesting to use astrology to get to know ourselves and others better… sometimes it can give insight and sometimes it definitely smells of BS 😉

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      • Thanks for clarifying this…I didn’t think of the Sun as being one of my planets, as I was thinking too literally. There were some spot on observations in the site’s notes about each house, but the one about my need for material wealth and a need to be successful was a bit surprising, as I actually like to stay in the background, and although I wish I could be more comfortable, I certainly don’t crave wealth to the degree I read about. As it is, I’ve always struggled with poverty, though I spend money carefully and as responsibly as possible (almost to the point of thriftiness). The most realistic note I read was that I do seek understanding, and I agree that I have a tendency to notice people not being “real”, which makes it difficult for me to form lasting friendships. I have a difficult time reading people sometimes though, they are rarely what they seem, and I can come off as critical or too analytical around them.

        I do not have my parents charts’ to hand, but I can tell you that they were both strong water signs: My father a Pisces, and my Mom was an Aquarius. They both loved me intensely, but tended to focus on my more negative personality traits, sometimes calling me a “little old lady”, which left me confused and at times self-conscious about interacting with adults. Hence, I get along best with children and animals. My Dad and I still communicate, on a philosophical and intellectual level, but emotional subjects become difficult between us. My Mom was loving and altruistic, a free spirit and artistic, but could be distant. We had much in common creatively, but rarely had a meaningful conversation…not either of our faults, just how we were. She passed away when I was almost 30. I was their first child, and the only female. So yeah, I could see how their relationship to me could be colored by astrological differences.

        Thanks for your insights…I didn’t notice at first how long ago you started this topic, and I appreciate that you are still willing to revisit it and share your thoughts. 🙂


        • One of the things I like about exploring the birth chart is what emerges when you work with it. The thoughts and feelings which it stirs as you read up on placements and aspects. I’ve learned a lot about myself just by arguing with interpretations, and I argue with those on a regular basis (the arguing thing is actually an aspect – Mars square Mercury in particular – in my chart, and is my main method of learning 😉 ).

          The interpretations which astrology gives of placements, aspects, houses, etc, is a starting point. For the most part what you get from reading them is generalised, can be rather vague, and isn’t individualised – you sort of have to merge different interpretations to get a better feel for it, for what you’re exploring. There are different approaches which come from the diverse types of astrology, and sometimes one type works better than another.

          You have a lot going on in your chart’s 2nd house, and there is also plenty of interaction between your 2nd house and other houses (due to the Grand Cross) – aspects alter things because they combine matters, merge energies and issues. Your natal Chiron and Saturn in your 8th house oppose planets in your 2nd, therefore 8th house issues, and the issues of Saturn and Chiron, will play a part in your experience of the 2nd house. So a typical view of the 2nd house is not going to work for you – especially not with Uranus there. Your personal values, attitude towards possessions, money, and priorities will be very individual, may go against the mainstream, be considered radical in some way, and you will go through deeply personal experiences connected to them. If you experience ‘restrictions’ in the matters of the 2nd house – that’s more than likely caused by Saturn, and those restrictions will create a chain reaction – more than likely they will cause a crisis which will lead to a transformation. With Pluto there – your personal values will undergo changes, often through a traumatic and transformative experience.

          Your parents being a Pisces (the opposing sign of Virgo) and an Aquarius would have had a difficult time understanding your Virgo self. Both of those signs tend to gloss over details and rather like to float in the ether, pursuing dreams and ideas, preferring the ideal to the real, whereas Virgo needs to understand details and prefers to have its feet planted on the ground, getting stuck into what is real. Your ‘little old lady’ nickname would have been their way of expressing the influence of your grounded self on their floaty selves. Your Scorpio side would have wanted to dig deep, into emotions, roots, what lies beneath, and Virgo likes doing that too, that would have been strange to your parents. You have Mars and Neptune in your 4th house, which represents Family, so issues buried or ignored which caused confusion would be an issue, even in a loving and lovely family environment. Did you ever get the feeling when you were a child that you were the adult and your parents were the children?

          Keep exploring, and use your intuition when reading interpretations, let yourself create your own version of each placement and aspect, etc. It’s all part of getting to know yourself, and you do that naturally 🙂

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  3. Planet: Position Aspects Total Rank Percent
    Sun: 72.5 ( 2) + 10.7 ( 8) = 83.2 ( 2) / 13.0%
    Moon: 58.5 ( 3) + 5.6 (10) = 64.1 ( 5) / 10.0%
    Mercury: 35.0 ( 7) + 17.6 ( 4) = 52.6 ( 8) / 8.2%
    Venus: 43.5 ( 5) + 9.3 ( 9) = 52.8 ( 7) / 8.2%
    Mars: 35.0 ( 8) + 20.2 ( 3) = 55.2 ( 6) / 8.6%
    Jupiter: 27.0 ( 9) + 17.3 ( 6) = 44.3 (10) / 6.9%
    Saturn: 20.0 (10) + 24.6 ( 2) = 44.6 ( 9) / 7.0%
    Uranus: 75.0 ( 1) + 17.3 ( 5) = 92.3 ( 1) / 14.4%
    Neptune: 42.5 ( 6) + 28.8 ( 1) = 71.3 ( 3) / 11.1%
    Pluto: 55.0 ( 4) + 12.7 ( 7) = 67.7 ( 4) / 10.5%
    Chiron: 7.0 (11) + 0.0 (11) = 7.0 (11) / 1.1%
    Node: 7.0 (12) + 0.0 (12) = 7.0 (12) / 1.1%
    Total: 478.0 + 164.0 = 642.0 / 100.0%

    Sign: Power Rank Percent – Element Power Percent
    Aries: 29.7 (10) / 4.6% – Fire: 122.9 / 19.1%
    Taurus: 31.4 ( 9) / 4.9% – Earth: 57.9 / 9.0%
    Gemini: 34.8 ( 7) / 5.4% – Air: 231.5 / 36.1%
    Cancer: 83.9 ( 3) / 13.1% – Water: 229.7 / 35.8%
    Leo: 47.9 ( 5) / 7.5%
    Virgo: 11.1 (12) / 1.7% – Mode Power Percent
    Libra: 33.5 ( 8) / 5.2% – Cardinal: 162.5 / 25.3%
    Scorpio: 53.8 ( 4) / 8.4% – Fixed: 296.2 / 46.1%
    Sagittarius: 45.3 ( 6) / 7.1% – Mutuable: 183.2 / 28.5%
    Capricorn: 15.5 (11) / 2.4%
    Aquarius: 163.2 ( 1) / 25.4%
    Pisces: 92.0 ( 2) / 14.3%
    Total: 642.0 / 100.0%

    Wow, even though my Sun, Mercury AND Venus are all in Capricorn and I undoubtedly relate to many of the Capricorn traits, I’m primarily Aquarius? I don’t understand how my Earth can be so weak as well, as my moon is in Taurus. The only air sign I have is a Libra ascendant, with outer planets (Uranus and Neptune) being Aquarius.

    Astrology is extremely confusing and complex ;-;. I don’t think this reading is very accurate in my case though, as I relate more to Earthy signs than Air or water.

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    • Thank you for sharing 🙂

      Yup, astrology can be very confusing and fiddly with all of its details… I sometimes give up and just go with whatever feels right for me. I use astrology to get to know myself better and to help me explain things about myself to myself… so arguing with an interpretation is actually a good way of doing that 😉

      Remember that most interpretations and such are created by people who are coming from their own perspective and are influenced by their own chart, so it’s never going to be unbiased or accurate for us individually.

      I found using the Pullen method was fun and insightful, it was pretty spot on for me, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to work for everyone. It’s worth trying it out but the real dominant of your chart is you. If it doesn’t feel right, then it’s probably not.

      There are a couple of slightly different methods, and there is also a theory about multiple dominants – I didn’t bother with that because my mind blew a fuse.

      This one is a manual method – https://skywriter.wordpress.com/2011/08/03/how-to-identify-your-alpha-dog-planet/ – the way the ‘alpha dog’ in your chart is figured out is similar to the Pullen method using aspects and rulerships and such. It’s a bit tedious to do but only if you’re as impatient as I am 😉

      Astrotheme also have a dominant method, but I think they charge for it. They have quite a bit of info about dominants on their site.

      The most basic method used for the dominant planet is using the ruling planet of the Ascendant. The Pullen method does factor the Asc in as the chart angles are important, but it’s not a given that the Asc ruler will be the dominant – in my case it is – Virgo rising with Mercury dominant.

      Do you have Pisces rising?

      It’s kind of interesting that you have Neptune as your dominant planet, with Aquarius as your dominant sign, and the words which you used to describe astrology are both ones which go well with those dominants – Neptune is often associated with confusion and Aquarius is associated with complexity.

      Have you ever visited – http://www.oxfordastrologer.com/ – she writes some great profiles showing a natal chart being lived. Her perspective on astrology really helped me to understand working with my chart, seeing my personal astro in my words, actions and daily life. It’s a rather intuitive and earthy approach to astrology which makes you your own astrologer. Your Cappy side might like it, I know my Cappy side does.

      A Taurus Moon would make you very earthy (beautifully so) and would inspire you to feel most at home with your feet firmly planted on the ground (preferably without shoes or socks, just bare skin against earth).

      Cappy sun, merc and venus… that is very earthy.

      So, yup, your dominant results do seem a bit confusing, although you do have Saturn ranked in second place.

      I’m hazarding a guess that the positions of your houses, and the planets in the houses (plus rulerships), are figuring strongly in how the dominants were worked out.

      My Scorpio dominant is due to rulerships and house positions.

      I think one of the most complex parts of astrology is bringing it all together, as most interpretations slice things into pieces and that can make it hard to work with. Sometimes it makes sense and sometimes it’s nonsense.

      Trust yourself!


        • I’m not an astrologer just an enthusiast of the subject, so I can’t do readings and interpret aspects. I can simply look at your results for the dominants and then point you in the direction of a way to find out a bit more. It’s still quite difficult to get info on dominants online, the best info comes from Astrology forums. 🙂


  4. Planet: Position Aspects Total Rank Percent
    Sun: 48.5 ( 3) + 7.4 ( 9) = 55.9 ( 4) / 9.3%
    Moon: 38.5 ( 5) + 7.2 (10) = 45.7 ( 8) / 7.6%
    Mercury: 60.0 ( 1) + 19.7 ( 4) = 79.7 ( 1) / 13.3%
    Venus: 32.5 ( 8) + 17.9 ( 6) = 50.4 ( 7) / 8.4%
    Mars: 10.0 (12) + 24.4 ( 2) = 34.4 (10) / 5.7%
    Jupiter: 25.0 ( 9) + 18.6 ( 5) = 43.6 ( 9) / 7.3%
    Saturn: 43.5 ( 4) + 26.7 ( 1) = 70.2 ( 2) / 11.7%
    Uranus: 38.5 ( 6) + 16.8 ( 7) = 55.3 ( 6) / 9.2%
    Neptune: 35.0 ( 7) + 20.6 ( 3) = 55.6 ( 5) / 9.3%
    Pluto: 57.5 ( 2) + 12.2 ( 8) = 69.7 ( 3) / 11.6%
    Chiron: 17.0 (11) + 0.0 (11) = 17.0 (12) / 2.8%
    Node: 22.0 (10) + 0.0 (12) = 22.0 (11) / 3.7%
    Total: 428.0 + 171.4 = 599.4 / 100.0%

    Sign: Power Rank Percent – Element Power Percent
    Aries: 9.4 (12) / 1.6% – Fire: 79.4 / 13.2%
    Taurus: 59.0 ( 5) / 9.8% – Earth: 157.3 / 26.2%
    Gemini: 55.8 ( 7) / 9.3% – Air: 179.1 / 29.9%
    Cancer: 62.9 ( 4) / 10.5% – Water: 183.7 / 30.6%
    Leo: 58.2 ( 6) / 9.7%
    Virgo: 25.1 (10) / 4.2% – Mode Power Percent
    Libra: 32.3 ( 9) / 5.4% – Cardinal: 177.7 / 29.7%
    Scorpio: 77.9 ( 2) / 13.0% – Fixed: 286.0 / 47.7%
    Sagittarius: 11.8 (11) / 2.0% – Mutuable: 135.6 / 22.6%
    Capricorn: 73.2 ( 3) / 12.2%
    Aquarius: 91.0 ( 1) / 15.2%
    Pisces: 42.9 ( 8) / 7.2%
    Total: 599.4 / 100.0%

    I’m very intrigued by astrology but I’m still kind of confused by this information in terms of how to read it. Any assistance would be very helpful!


    • Thank you for sharing 🙂

      When I first came across the concept of dominants there wasn’t that much information about how to figure them out and there wasn’t that much about where to go with it once you’d figured your dominants out. There still doesn’t seem to be a lot of info (at least online) about dominants, and I always end up in the same places like astrotheme. They have interpretations on their celebrity charts for the dominants in those charts, and so finding a celebrity who has similar dominants and reading up what is written about those can be helpful.

      You can search their celebrity chart database using dominants from this page – http://www.astrotheme.com/celebrities/dominant_planets_statistics.php

      In your chart you have Mercury as your dominant planet and Aquarius as your dominant sign.

      What the dominant basically shows is the strongest influence in your chart – the Pullen method uses your whole chart, the aspects, placements, positions, angles, etc to figure out your dominant.

      There are other methods, one of which simply uses the ruling planet of your rising sign, another method is the Alpha Dog which you can find out about here – https://skywriter.wordpress.com/2011/08/03/how-to-identify-your-alpha-dog-planet/ – it’s worth reading as the info applies to dominants whatever method you use.

      The dominant is the part of your chart which kind of ties everything else together, a ringmaster or leader of the team.

      This is a good write up on having Mercury dominant – http://www.astroinsight.com/articles/mercury.html

      For Aquarius dominant, this is from astrotheme:

      “Aquarius is one of the most important signs in your natal chart: it endows your personality – at least one of its facets – with originality, to the point of eccentricity, in spite of a sometimes distant and humane side. Likeable and impassive at the same time, you are a paradoxical man, very hard to define because the two planets Uranus and Saturn blend their qualities to create the so complicated and endearing sign that inspires your character. Saturn’s seriousness and impassivity is added to Uranus’ rebellion, talent, individualism, charisma, extravagance, and unpredictability! One of your main characteristics is that you never open up on a personal basis, but you tend to do so easily in public. You are actually quite strange. Sexy and charming in public, despite your nice and sociable character, you could frustrate many of your admirers in private because of your impossibility to show deep and warm affection, emotions, tears… But appearance and reality are two different things anyway – you are a kind of a genius, or you have at least a tremendous charm with this sign. You have many friends and an active social life. If you are detached in your love life – only in this aspect, since the rest of chart will confirm it or not – this is no big deal!”

      The dominant is the dominant part of your personality, character, self. If you take a personality test, it’s the part that gets the highest percentage of all your traits and ways of being. In fact it would be kind of fun to compare your dominant results with your MBTI results, and any other personality test you might enjoy taking 🙂

      Have fun exploring it, seeking answers to your questions, keep in mind that it’s you and you’ll know it when you see it.


  5. I don’t know much about this, but was intrigued, so I followed your instructions (which were easy to follow BTW and made the process so much easier) and found my dominant is Neptune. Pluto is second and the sun is third. Mercury (which seems to be a dominant dominant planet ((pops up so often as a first)) ) came in 7th. The descriptions of that planet are eerie in regard to this chart; and I can see a lot of reasons for the influence it’s exerted over my life. FASCINATING!! Thank you ! 🙂


    • It’s an intriguing subject to explore, and really you don’t need to know that much about it, it’s basically another way of looking at yourself and so all you need is to know yourself, and be open to looking at yourself from a different angle. I find the astrological angle can be helpful, especially when I can’t explain something in the usual ways. 🙂

      Neptune is a wonderful planet to have as a dominant. I think like with all of the outer planets (Neptune, Uranus and Pluto), it takes some getting used to and improves with the experience of age. It’s a bit like trying to pour an ocean into a glass.


  6. Your post has been so helpful. I have found astro.com to be a little difficult to navigate, but then again I’ve only been using it for a week. Haha. So – I am a Libra rising with Aquarius sun and Aries moon! My dominant sign according to the list on astro.com is Aquarius! Yay! My dominant planet is the Moon, followed by Venus. I am surprised that it is the Moon, as I wouldn’t have expected that as I have no planets in Cancer. Though I will say, I am quite a sensitive and emotional person, and found that the three major signs listed above didn’t encompass those traits. I suppose the moon does; so now I have an increased faith in the art of Astrology 🙂 Thank you for your post, darling. I love how lively your style of writing is. I’m going to read through your entire blog now, I actually just found this page through a google search. Blessed be!


    • Thank you very much 🙂

      It can be a bit puzzling to figure out how a dominant is worked out. I once read an article about how to do it manually and it melted my brain because the calculations require understanding the math of astrology.

      This is a method which is similar to dominants, and it explains a bit about how such things are figured out – https://skywriter.wordpress.com/2010/07/08/how-strong-is-your-moon-here%E2%80%99s-the-score/ – it’s the Moon one so it might give you pointers on how come your dominant is the Moon. Aspects to your Moon may be why it is dominant, and its influence would move along those aspect lines to the other planets infusing them with its qualities.

      It’s a fascinating subject to explore because it can open up new ways of seeing and understanding yourself.

      Occasionally I decide it’s all bunk, but that attitude is in my chart too 😉


      • My goodness, I can only imagine all of the calculations involved! Yay for astro.com to do it for us, I am also not mathematical 🙂

        This makes a lot more sense to me now. My moon, which sits in the seventh house, has many aspects all over my chart. I had thought that there must be some (or a lot of) significance to it. Thank you for the link, I do indeed consider myself a lunar type, and now I can have my natal chart validate that!

        Astrology is so fun and intriguing. I’m reading through the other comments here, and it is so interesting to see what other people are learning about their charts.


        • The Moon is a wonderful planet to have as a dominant, and each aspect it makes adds a flavour to its lunar shine 🙂

          Since the Moon is dominant, the transits of the Moon to your chart are worth checking out, but it’s fast-moving so the effects can be subtle, less subtle are transits to your natal Moon, especially Saturn ones because a Saturn/Moon interaction can be a powerful focus for emotional evaluation.

          There is another interesting way to view a natal chart, and that is through its shape – http://www.astrotheme.com/files/planetary-patterns.php – each shape has a different way of dealing with the combined influences of the planets and energies in the chart. I find astrotheme particularly fun and insightful to use because you can search their database using astrological criteria for charts similar to yours and it can offer a different perspective as you can see how someone else expresses aspects, dominants and other chart likenesses.


  7. Thank you for this blog It was quite helpful! This is what I got for mine. I am learning the calculations at the moment, I have been earning Renaissance Astrology to begin with because there seems to be an external element that is not merely natal, but also practical and horary that have more to do with the environment than our psychology. It is quite an adventure when I look at the difference of old astrology to now and I love your blog.

    Planet: Position Aspects Total Rank Percent
    Sun: 60.0 ( 2) + 2.7 ( 9) = 62.7 ( 3) / 11.5%
    Moon: 55.0 ( 3) + 7.7 ( 6) = 62.7 ( 2) / 11.5%
    Mercury: 68.5 ( 1) + 14.6 ( 3) = 83.1 ( 1) / 15.3%
    Venus: 35.0 ( 6) + 2.9 ( 8) = 37.9 ( 7) / 7.0%
    Mars: 28.5 ( 9) + 5.3 ( 7) = 33.8 ( 8) / 6.2%
    Jupiter: 50.0 ( 4) + 11.5 ( 5) = 61.5 ( 4) / 11.3%
    Saturn: 31.0 ( 7) + 1.4 (10) = 32.4 ( 9) / 6.0%
    Uranus: 15.0 (11) + 12.4 ( 4) = 27.4 (10) / 5.0%
    Neptune: 30.0 ( 8) + 23.2 ( 1) = 53.2 ( 6) / 9.8%
    Pluto: 43.5 ( 5) + 16.5 ( 2) = 60.0 ( 5) / 11.0%
    Chiron: 22.0 (10) + 0.0 (11) = 22.0 (11) / 4.0%
    Node: 7.0 (12) + 0.0 (12) = 7.0 (12) / 1.3%
    Total: 445.5 + 98.2 = 543.7 / 100.0%

    Sign: Power Rank Percent – Element Power Percent
    Aries: 25.2 (11) / 4.6% – Fire: 91.3 / 16.8%
    Taurus: 38.9 ( 8) / 7.2% – Earth: 130.4 / 24.0%
    Gemini: 52.3 ( 4) / 9.6% – Air: 121.8 / 22.4%
    Cancer: 41.3 ( 6) / 7.6% – Water: 200.3 / 36.8%
    Leo: 24.3 (12) / 4.5%
    Virgo: 29.9 (10) / 5.5% – Mode Power Percent
    Libra: 39.3 ( 7) / 7.2% – Cardinal: 167.4 / 30.8%
    Scorpio: 100.0 ( 1) / 18.4% – Fixed: 193.4 / 35.6%
    Sagittarius: 41.8 ( 5) / 7.7% – Mutuable: 183.0 / 33.6%
    Capricorn: 61.5 ( 2) / 11.3%
    Aquarius: 30.2 ( 9) / 5.6%
    Pisces: 59.0 ( 3) / 10.8%
    Total: 543.7 / 100.0%


    • Thank you for sharing 🙂

      The earlier versions of astrology are very interesting to explore. They do seem to be more focused on prediction, and the ones I’ve read seem to predict danger, disaster and misfortune more often than not.

      Your dominant Mercury loves to explore, research and discover as much as possible about everything, and your Scorpio Dominant seeks to see what is hidden, what makes things tick, what lies at the deepest depths.

      Have fun on your adventure 😀


  8. My Date of birth – 23rd august 1982 – @ 8:55AM
    Place Machilipatnam, India

    My Dominant planet b Pullen is Mars. My sign is Virgo and is ruled by Mercury.

    Please tell me difference between Dominant from Ruling planet.

    And mostly, please confirm which of them should be given more important and worshiped.

    thank you


    • Thank you for sharing 🙂

      It seems that you’re using a Vedic/sidereal system.

      While the Pullen chart on astro.com which I used in this post to determine the dominant can adjust to the sidereal system based on input, I’m not sure if the results are helpful if you’re using a Vedic/sidereal system.

      I don’t use the vedic system and haven’t explored it other than in a cursory manner.

      Vedic astrology has variations which Western astrology doesn’t incorporate, even though the rulerships of planets and signs seem to be the same.

      I’m not the person to ask about what should be ‘worshiped’ as I don’t think anyone or anything should be worshiped, and importance varies according to what is important to you.

      Mars is your dominant planet based on the Pullen chart, which calculates many factors within the natal astrology chart.

      Mercury’s dominance is based on using the ruling planet of the sign of your ASC. Some systems use the ruling planet of the rising sign as the dominant.

      A ruling planet is the planet which has been determined to rule a sign, and a dominant planet is the planet which is most active in a natal chart based on many factors.

      A search online of your query will get you results answering the basics. Whether these also apply when using the sidereal/Vedic system is something I don’t know.


  9. Planet: Position Aspects Total Rank Percent
    Sun: 55.0 ( 3) + 4.3 ( 9) = 59.3 ( 5) / 9.3%
    Moon: 30.0 ( 8) + 13.6 ( 7) = 43.6 ( 8) / 6.9%
    Mercury: 56.0 ( 2) + 10.5 ( 8) = 66.5 ( 3) / 10.5%
    Venus: 35.0 ( 6) + 38.9 ( 1) = 73.9 ( 2) / 11.6%
    Mars: 33.5 ( 7) + 18.7 ( 4) = 52.2 ( 6) / 8.2%
    Jupiter: 45.0 ( 4) + 19.4 ( 3) = 64.4 ( 4) / 10.1%
    Saturn: 38.5 ( 5) + 3.1 (10) = 41.6 ( 9) / 6.6%
    Uranus: 10.0 (12) + 19.4 ( 2) = 29.4 (10) / 4.6%
    Neptune: 30.0 ( 9) + 14.0 ( 6) = 44.0 ( 7) / 6.9%
    Pluto: 96.0 ( 1) + 14.9 ( 5) = 110.9 ( 1) / 17.5%
    Chiron: 22.0 (11) + 0.0 (11) = 22.0 (12) / 3.5%
    Node: 27.0 (10) + 0.0 (12) = 27.0 (11) / 4.3%
    Total: 478.0 + 156.7 = 634.7 / 100.0%

    Sign: Power Rank Percent – Element Power Percent
    Aries: 42.1 ( 8) / 6.6% – Fire: 152.0 / 23.9%
    Taurus: 34.9 ( 9) / 5.5% – Earth: 147.7 / 23.3%
    Gemini: 62.8 ( 3) / 9.9% – Air: 111.9 / 17.6%
    Cancer: 20.2 (12) / 3.2% – Water: 223.1 / 35.2%
    Leo: 67.0 ( 2) / 10.6%
    Virgo: 52.4 ( 6) / 8.3% – Mode Power Percent
    Libra: 25.5 (10) / 4.0% – Cardinal: 148.2 / 23.4%
    Scorpio: 142.0 ( 1) / 22.4% – Fixed: 267.6 / 42.2%
    Sagittarius: 42.9 ( 7) / 6.8% – Mutuable: 218.9 / 34.5%
    Capricorn: 60.5 ( 5) / 9.5%
    Aquarius: 23.7 (11) / 3.7%
    Pisces: 60.8 ( 4) / 9.6%
    Total: 634.7 / 100.0%

    I swear I made a post and it disappeared lol, anyway here’s my chart again* my dob is ( 3rd August 1994 ) btw

    Cool blog, me like 🙂

    Thank you!!


      • The stuff in that article is on point and I can relate to it completely, I need to set a few rules for myself for reference. Explains the intensity of everything, oh well!


      • Just realised that my birth time was way off got my documents from the hospital today, it now shows:

        Planet: Position Aspects Total Rank Percent
        Sun: 55.0 ( 2) + 4.2 ( 9) = 59.2 ( 4) / 10.3%
        Moon: 30.0 ( 7) + 11.9 ( 7) = 41.9 ( 8) / 7.3%
        Mercury: 46.0 ( 5) + 10.0 ( 8) = 56.0 ( 5) / 9.7%
        Venus: 47.5 ( 4) + 36.8 ( 1) = 84.3 ( 1) / 14.6%
        Mars: 30.0 ( 8) + 15.4 ( 4) = 45.4 ( 7) / 7.9%
        Jupiter: 50.0 ( 3) + 20.2 ( 2) = 70.2 ( 3) / 12.2%
        Saturn: 25.0 ( 9) + 3.2 (10) = 28.1 (10) / 4.9%
        Uranus: 18.5 (11) + 19.1 ( 3) = 37.6 ( 9) / 6.5%
        Neptune: 35.0 ( 6) + 13.8 ( 6) = 48.8 ( 6) / 8.5%
        Pluto: 62.0 ( 1) + 14.7 ( 5) = 76.7 ( 2) / 13.3%
        Chiron: 7.0 (12) + 0.0 (11) = 7.0 (12) / 1.2%
        Node: 22.0 (10) + 0.0 (12) = 22.0 (11) / 3.8%
        Total: 428.0 + 149.3 = 577.3 / 100.0%

        Sign: Power Rank Percent – Element Power Percent
        Aries: 22.1 (11) / 3.8% – Fire: 125.2 / 21.7%
        Taurus: 33.6 (10) / 5.8% – Earth: 138.7 / 24.0%
        Gemini: 56.2 ( 4) / 9.7% – Air: 138.4 / 24.0%
        Cancer: 11.3 (12) / 2.0% – Water: 175.0 / 30.3%
        Leo: 67.1 ( 2) / 11.6%
        Virgo: 48.3 ( 5) / 8.4% – Mode Power Percent
        Libra: 40.4 ( 8) / 7.0% – Cardinal: 130.7 / 22.6%
        Scorpio: 123.0 ( 1) / 21.3% – Fixed: 265.4 / 46.0%
        Sagittarius: 36.0 ( 9) / 6.2% – Mutuable: 181.2 / 31.4%
        Capricorn: 56.8 ( 3) / 9.8%
        Aquarius: 41.8 ( 6) / 7.2%
        Pisces: 40.7 ( 7) / 7.0%
        Total: 577.3 / 100.0%

        Is there a major difference to before?


  10. Planet: Position Aspects Total Rank Percent
    Sun: 33.5 ( 6) + 23.3 ( 4) = 56.8 ( 5) / 8.9%
    Moon: 50.0 ( 3) + 1.8 ( 9) = 51.8 ( 7) / 8.1%
    Mercury: 20.0 (10) + 7.0 ( 7) = 27.1 (10) / 4.2%
    Venus: 38.5 ( 5) + 7.5 ( 6) = 46.0 ( 8) / 7.2%
    Mars: 27.5 ( 7) + 7.0 ( 8) = 34.5 ( 9) / 5.4%
    Jupiter: 25.0 ( 8) + 29.3 ( 3) = 54.3 ( 6) / 8.5%
    Saturn: 121.0 ( 1) + 10.1 ( 5) = 131.1 ( 1) / 20.5%
    Uranus: 25.0 ( 9) + 40.0 ( 1) = 65.0 ( 4) / 10.2%
    Neptune: 48.5 ( 4) + 38.7 ( 2) = 87.2 ( 2) / 13.7%
    Pluto: 65.0 ( 2) + 0.4 (10) = 65.4 ( 3) / 10.2%
    Chiron: 12.0 (11) + 0.0 (11) = 12.0 (11) / 1.9%
    Node: 7.0 (12) + 0.0 (12) = 7.0 (12) / 1.1%
    Total: 473.0 + 165.2 = 638.2 / 100.0%

    Sign: Power Rank Percent – Element Power Percent
    Aries: 47.5 ( 6) / 7.4% – Fire: 127.7 / 20.0%
    Taurus: 9.5 (11) / 1.5% – Earth: 209.4 / 32.8%
    Gemini: 7.5 (12) / 1.2% – Air: 136.8 / 21.4%
    Cancer: 17.2 ( 9) / 2.7% – Water: 164.3 / 25.7%
    Leo: 20.7 ( 8) / 3.2%
    Virgo: 29.6 ( 7) / 4.6% – Mode Power Percent
    Libra: 15.2 (10) / 2.4% – Cardinal: 250.2 / 39.2%
    Scorpio: 63.6 ( 4) / 10.0% – Fixed: 207.9 / 32.6%
    Sagittarius: 59.6 ( 5) / 9.3% – Mutuable: 180.1 / 28.2%
    Capricorn: 170.3 ( 1) / 26.7%
    Aquarius: 114.2 ( 2) / 17.9%
    Pisces: 83.4 ( 3) / 13.1%
    Total: 638.2 / 100.0%

    I’m fairly new to astronomy
    can you tell me things about my chart anything really
    it will be much appreciated


    • Thank you for sharing 🙂

      One of the best ways to get to know your chart if you’re just beginning is to use a tool like Astro.com’s free Astro Click Portrait. This will help you get to know your placements, houses and aspects. The interpretations which that program uses are by two good astrologers.

      Once you get familiar with your chart there are lots of great astrology blogs and forums online which share loads of information. Depends really on what you want to know and focus upon.

      If you’d rather have have someone else introduce you to how to read your chart, you could get a reading from a professional astrologer. Astro.com offers paid for readings – I don’t know what they’re like as I’ve never tried it out. There are a few good astrologers whose blogs I like who do readings (and who share a lot of info for free):



      http://www.elsaelsa.com/product-category/astrology-reports/ – this blog has a very good forum and you can ask questions there.

      The dominant is the strongest astrological influence in your chart. In your case your dominant planet is Saturn and your dominant sign is Capricorn. And they are strongly dominant according to the percentages.

      Saturn is the ruling planet of Capricorn – so your dominant sign and planet are on the same page astrologically. Both Saturn and Capricorn, when you look them up and read info on them tend to be rather misunderstood and you may find a lot of dire information about them. People tend to focus on the negative rather than the positive of both Capricorn and Saturn – probably because they tend to test people’s mettle.

      The next thing to do is to look at where Capricorn is in your chart, the house placement of the sign. This is the area where you will feel its influence most intensely and where it will be most at home. Look at the planets in the sign, and what they are aspecting and the kind of aspects they are making with the rest of your chart.

      If it sounds complicated, it’s because it is, but for someone with Saturn and Capricorn dominant – complicated is something which you know how to deal with and you persevere until you master it and make it simple.

      With those dominants you’re a diamond in the rough. Everything you do and experience polishes the diamond 🙂


      • thank you so much of replying its very nice of you to take the time and reply to everyone’s comments.

        maybe I shouldn’t have said “fairly new” I’ve been reading about astrology for two years now but I feel that there is still so much I don’t know.

        I’m so glad to FINALLY find someone online answering questions, please understand my need to ask further questions lol, I hope you’ll answer.

        I have read my chart and know my placement but I would love your input if its ok, just thoughts or general info.

        I have sun, moon, ascendant, Uranus, Neptune and N. Node in Capricorn
        while mars, Venus and mercury are in Sagittarius
        Saturn is in Aquarius

        does it explain a loner personality?
        does it indicate a lack of success in early life?
        does having Saturn as a dominant sign make ones life harder than others, in terms of not given anything even the smallest of things, everything must be worked hard for?

        lol I have so many questions but I should stop there

        thank you for this post and giving people opportunity to understand their charts more.


        • Thank you 🙂

          One of the things to keep in mind when using astrology is that it is an interactive tool. Your own input and perspective is a major part of reading a chart and interpreting placements. Most placements have alternative ways in which they can be experienced, and it very much depends on you as to how you experience them. The answers you get very much depend on the questions you’re asking, what you’re focused upon, what’s on your mind, what issues are the ones which matter the most to you when you read your chart.

          Having an emphasis on Capricorn and Saturn can explain a loner personality, lack of success in early life, and having to work hard, as those experiences are associated with the sign and the planet, however those experiences are also an intrinsic part of being human and many people who don’t have strong Capricorn/Saturn may also be loners who don’t succeed early on in life and who feel that they have to work harder than others. Most people tend to think that others have it easier than they do because we experience ourselves from the inside out while only experience others from the outside looking in. It’s a bit like the story of The Little Match Girl.

          Having Mars, Venus and Mercury in Sagittarius could be interpreted as placements which denote someone who enjoys socialising, who loves traveling, exploring, and interacting with as many people in as many places as possible. All that Sag extroverted energy could also be seen as a go-getter who always lands on their feet and has opportunities fall into their lap.

          Where’s your Jupiter?

          It’s worth noting that you have Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn, both of these planets will change the typical Capricorn energy in different ways. Neptune in Capricorn has the ability to turn dreams into reality (which is hard work and would benefit from the discipline and focus which the dominant Cap/Sat brings). Uranus in Capricorn may work similarly to Saturn in Aquarius, and might decide to apply itself to changing the world in a new and unusual manner.

          Each planet you have in Capricorn brings a shift in the energy, adds variety and flavour, and aspects between the placements will alter how the energy flows and the inner conversations go.

          There are also transits to explore – they can change how we experience our chart, shift our focus and accentuate parts. Pluto is transiting Capricorn right now, Uranus is in Aries squaring off with anything in Capricorn, and Saturn has just begun its journey through Sagittarius. You may find that how you experience being yourself may undergo a transformation. Perhaps you’ll find things falling into place where they once seemed to be out of place.


          • ”Most people tend to think that others have it easier than they do because we experience ourselves from the inside out while only experience others from the outside looking in”…love it so true.

            Jupiter is in Virgo and Pluto in Scorpio.

            on your last note I’ve been feeling a beginning of a change since march, a new perspective or having priorities, like I’m seeing things more clearly and having an idea of what I should do and where to start. its a much needed long-awaited change so I hope you’re right.

            happy to hear from you anupturnedsoul


            • I know that this reply is a month old by now, but I wanted to chime in to echo what was said by the author, for anyone who may still be reading. I have a Sagittarius stellium – Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury and Ascendant are all in Sag. Upon first sight, it would seem as if I’m supposed to be super extroverted, high energy, wise, and physically active.

              However – I also have a 12th house stellium (dun dunnnnnn..) which lends a heavy dose of Pisces and Neptune to my emotional landscape. It’s true that I have very basic, surface Sag qualities (optimism, friendliness, exuberance), but inside I am a lot different, as I am quite introverted, process things internally, and cannot tolerate extended periods of socializing. Even though Jupiter (luck and good fortune) is my dominant planet – my heavy 12th house and a few challenging Saturn placements (Sun square Saturn, Merc Square Saturn, Saturn in Virgo) make me have to work VERY hard to achieve any personal growth, and overcome even small obstacles. I also am a very late bloomer/slow learner, which are not very Sagittarian traits either.

              Just lending a voice to mention how it is so interesting to take a deeper past the planets and signs, and use their placements and aspects to see our snowflake patterns!


              • Thank you for sharing 🙂

                I have my natal Moon in the 12th, with the 12th house ruler, Neptune, heavily aspected and aspecting pretty much everything. It’s a strange house to figure out because it’s elusive, a keeper of hidden things which are sometimes only seen when you’re not looking at them directly or which express themselves indirectly.

                I also have Saturn square Sun – ugh! The ego is always being questioned, thwarted, disciplined, and being yourself is a constant challenge as knowing who yourself is is an issue (particularly with an emphasised Piscean theme). But it gets better/easier to deal with, more appreciated, with age (as all things Saturn tend to do).

                The natal chart tends to make more sense when we have more life experience to bring to our interpretation of it – it’s a bit like understanding the instructions for building a shelving unit only after we’ve built it without understanding the instructions making all sorts of mistakes along the way.

                Transits often bring out what is latent, highlight what has been hidden, introverted, internalised, which now needs to be brought into the open, extroverted, externalised.

                Your voice deepens as you speak more with your heart, the heart of experiencing life. ❤


                • I feel very comfortable and familiar with my 12th house stuff, which may (or may not) come as a surprise, as I have my Sun, Mars, Mercury and Neptune there. Trying to pinpoint/analyze the 12th house vs. feeling it and or seeing it in abstract ways, will be confusing. For me, there’s not to understand, beyond it being the house of the hidden and unconscious. Beyond life and beyond death…maybe even beyond the afterlife!

                  12th house people/ Piscean people get kind of a bad rap for being anguished and suffering, just the same as Saturn/Capricorn gets a bad rap for being a buzzkill. But I am first and foremost a quintuple Sagittarius, so my focus is on the rewards and not the downfalls. 😉

                  It’s true…..I’m not nearly as even keel or refined as my double Libra/Leo boyfriend. I have strong emotions which need to be somehow channeled lest I go kablooey, and he does not, But I’m convinced that can happen with a non 12th house/ fire deficient person too, for different reasons.

                  So, since my Sun is square Saturn – is that different from vice-versa?
                  I definitely have identity issues, always wondering if I am truly a good person/how to evolve (Sag truth-seeking/analyzing), how badly blind and ignorant I am to my own faults (Saturn Virgo raiding the 12th house), and wondering if how other people see me is more accurate than my own perception of myself (Pisces self-doubt and sensitivity.)
                  I’ve always related Sun squares to the paternal side of one’s life.

                  Thanks for your awesome replies, I’m hooked now and binge-reading through your blog (like a good indulgent Sagittarian/Pisces.) 🙂


                  • Thank you very much 🙂

                    I love the relationship which you have with your chart, there’s a wonderful sense of communication between all the varied parts of you, perhaps that’s partly due to Mercury in the 12th uniting the collective consciousness within in discussion.

                    One of my favourite books on astrology is The Twelve Houses by Howard Sasportas. I bought it to learn more about the houses, but it also gives insight into the planets, signs, and how they interact, what sort of dialogue they open up or close off depending on what’s going on with them due to aspects and transits. For Jupiter/Sagittarius in the 12th it says – “in the 12th, the truth is found within the self, on the level of the unconscious mind.”

                    I would say that Saturn in Virgo squaring your Merc and Sun is actually a helpful aspect as it brings analysis to that which your stellium stirs up, It brings discipline to the inner wilderness, not to suppress it but to tame the wild enough for the wild to find a way to express itself in a way which aids both self and other (Virgo’s focus is on providing a service, but what that service is may take time to figure out). So the ‘quest’ which your Sagittarian self is on in the 12th, the questions you ask, the journeys you take, the hidden which you find within will find a practical application through Saturn in Virgo in the area/house which it is in.

                    For instance, your identity issues, everyone has those even those who seem as though they don’t – our identity is one of the great mysteries, and those with a strong 12th house bring that out into the open which can make things uncomfortable for those who are trying to keep that hidden, thus those with an emphasis on Pisces/Neptune/12th house get a bad rap not necessarily for who they are but how who they are affects others and their ideas and feelings about who they are.

                    Saturn square Sun (imo, when looking at the natal chart Saturn square Sun and Sun square Saturn are the same, except one is Saturn’s perspective and the other is the Sun’s perspective on the dynamic) brings a lot of self doubt with it – that’s its purpose, to make the ego flexible by questioning it and getting it to question itself. The things which other ego’s can rely on for self-esteem, self-image, etc, can’t be relied upon. The ego isn’t reliable, Saturn square Sun shows how fragile ego is, something deeper, stronger than the ego must be found within and brought out and shared – so that your struggles help others who are struggling – with a Dominant Jupiter you have the innate ability to find optimism in the darkest and hidden places, and by exploring those places you become fearless (you learn to work with fear) about exploring them and pass that confidence onto others.

                    You’ve got an awesome chart. In some ways the biggest unexplored territory is the realm of the 12th and Sagittarius loves to go where others haven’t been, it’s a pioneering energy 🙂


                    • Thank you so much for your unique and articulate insight! I’ve actually been told my chart is pretty unfortunate (seriously) because of the stellium extremes/elemental imbalance, hard Saturn aspects, and 12th house stigma. My Saturn and Jupiter are also in the 8th house. I’m not too sure what all that means yet but 8th house because….8th House! 😦

                      I even had an astrologer ask me once…. “Where is your Moon? Maybe it’s in a nice place to help all your other doomy stuff?” To which I reply “My Moon is in the 1st house” to their increasingly furrowed brow.

                      On the flipside, if I did have a smattering of things in the 3rd/4th/5th/6th house, I’m not so convinced I’d be better off…!

                      Interesting what you say about ego, I have always had a big lack of it which is another 12th house thing. I agree with you totally that it is a blessing and a curse because we don’t really know how to project and skim surfaces? But also we have trouble operating in the day-to-day ego world, so we can be seen as either too intense or the opposite…maybe too naive?

                      I’ve read you a bit by now and see you’re a Capricorn! I will admit that’s been a challenging sign for me, since it’s the opposite of my expansive nature. I have a love/hate thing with Saturn. But it’s not downright triggering (that one goes to Leo women), and I really appreciate being able to learn and understand more about Capricorn and Saturn perspectives.

                      Thank you again!


                    • Your story of what the astrologer said to you is one of the reasons I read my own chart. There are some really good astrologers out there, but there are also a lot of not so good ones who don’t really consider how what they say about your chart affects you as a person. I’ve seen a few rants by astrologers about the sort of astrologers who tell their clients that they’re doomed and such because of a placement, an aspect or a transit. It’s considered very bad practice to do that. It’s a bit of a throwback to the way the ancients used astrology where everything seemed to predict some sort of calamity or bad luck.

                      One of the things I like about astrology is that everything has a positive and a negative expression, everything has a benefit and a challenge to it, sometimes the hardest aspects or placements are the most beneficial bescause they require that we work consciously with them. They’re a bit like having to climb a mountain to get the view from the top.

                      Besides our natal chart is just a snapshot of the skies at the time of our birth, since that moment everything has been moving – which is why a lot of people use a Progressed chart as well as the natal chart as that shows where you are now compared to where you started.

                      Some people prefer the Vedic system to the Western one – this can change your chart significantly. I prefer the Western one, suits me better. The Vedic one turns me into a Sagittarius, and I’m definitely a Capricorn (as much as sometimes I’ve wished that I wasn’t).

                      At the end of the day someone somewhere made all of this up, and we’re still making it up (like with the asteroids), adding more and more bits and pieces to the narrative, and maybe how those who write the interpretations for others to use as a guide don’t see a placement as it isl but they see it how their natal chart sees it.

                      For instance many astrologers write the usual stuff about Capricorns (which often sounds like they’ve copied and pasted it from an astrology textbook), which is often boring to read. Perhaps it’s boring because they find Capricorn to be a boring sign. Best write up on Capricorn which I’ve ever read was written by an astrologer who is a Capricorn, Steven Forrest. So he has personal experience of the sign and a vested interest in writing something more interesting 😉

                      The Gauquelins studied the 12th house quite a bit (mainly Mars in the 12th), their story and views on astrology is worth exploring.

                      And if you haven’t already, you might find Esoteric astrology to be an intriguing study. It’s a bit weird sometimes, but it can give a new spin on your chart and interpreting it.

                      The 8th house like the 12th tends to mystify and scare people a little bit because it requires digging deeper, going below the surface. I think it’s Elsa, the astrologer-blogger of – http://www.elsaelsa.com/ – who has a busy 8th house in her chart and writes about it quite a bit – http://www.elsaelsa.com/astrology/8th-house-recovery-vs-resolution-post-trauma/. She’s got a very interesting style, it can be a bit full on sometimes but it’s always thought-provoking. The comments and forum are great to read too.

                      Ultimately it’s up to you to write the story of your own chart because you’re living it. Others can tell you how they think your chart plays out, but they’re seeing things from the perspective of their own charts being lived.

                      Have you ever checked out the charts of celebs on Astrotheme, you can search their database by placements and do multiple placement searches. It’s an interesting way to get an idea of your own chart through someone else who has similar placements. 🙂


                    • Thank you once again! Your replies are like getting treats or presents in the mail! I have not heard of anything that you mentioned, besides Vedic which I have not looked into much. I will definitely be spending time devouring the gorgeous resources and insights you’ve imparted.
                      It is refreshing to find someone not only astrologically like-minded, but also objective and thoughtful in their thoughts and conclusions.

                      Good day and happy life to you!


  11. So it all makes sense now…I am a Cancer/Leo cusp (Cancer side…July 19) and I am ruled by my Moon. However, guess what my moon is…that’s right…Leo. Mercury is in Leo too. I often find that I have a flair for the dramatic, am a good communicator, public speaker and presenter, a control freak, and fiery….all Leo traits. I usually don’t get weepy and cry like most Cancers either, although I can get emotional at times (a trait of both signs).


    • Thank you for sharing 🙂

      Yes, finding out the dominant can help to understand your chart and yourself better. It’s a very interesting side to astrology to explore.


  12. I came across this thread and noticed that it would be quite helpful in determining the power and strength of certain planets. Aquarius in my chart is extremely strong according to this. However, I’ve always felt like a Scorpio for some reason. Probably because of my 8th House moon opposite Pluto exact.

    Planet: Position Aspects Total Rank Percent
    Sun: 63.5 ( 2) + 30.9 ( 5) = 94.4 ( 3) / 12.9%
    Moon: 50.0 ( 4) + 27.2 ( 7) = 77.2 ( 5) / 10.6%
    Mercury: 57.5 ( 3) + 38.5 ( 2) = 96.0 ( 2) / 13.1%
    Venus: 33.5 ( 8) + 10.0 ( 9) = 43.5 ( 8) / 6.0%
    Mars: 35.0 ( 7) + 32.5 ( 3) = 67.5 ( 6) / 9.2%
    Jupiter: 38.5 ( 6) + 1.5 (10) = 40.0 ( 9) / 5.5%
    Saturn: 13.5 (11) + 21.7 ( 8) = 35.2 (10) / 4.8%
    Uranus: 80.0 ( 1) + 28.2 ( 6) = 108.2 ( 1) / 14.8%
    Neptune: 20.0 (10) + 39.6 ( 1) = 59.6 ( 7) / 8.2%
    Pluto: 47.5 ( 5) + 32.4 ( 4) = 79.9 ( 4) / 10.9%
    Chiron: 7.0 (12) + 0.0 (11) = 7.0 (12) / 1.0%
    Node: 22.0 ( 9) + 0.0 (12) = 22.0 (11) / 3.0%
    Total: 468.0 + 262.7 = 730.7 / 100.0%

    Sign: Power Rank Percent – Element Power Percent
    Aries: 33.4 ( 8) / 4.6% – Fire: 124.2 / 17.0%
    Taurus: 27.1 (10) / 3.7% – Earth: 68.8 / 9.4%
    Gemini: 91.1 ( 2) / 12.5% – Air: 322.8 / 44.2%
    Cancer: 77.1 ( 4) / 10.6% – Water: 214.9 / 29.4%
    Leo: 43.6 ( 7) / 6.0%
    Virgo: 27.3 ( 9) / 3.7% – Mode Power Percent
    Libra: 12.1 (12) / 1.7% – Cardinal: 136.9 / 18.7%
    Scorpio: 80.3 ( 3) / 11.0% – Fixed: 370.7 / 50.7%
    Sagittarius: 47.2 ( 6) / 6.5% – Mutuable: 223.0 / 30.5%
    Capricorn: 14.3 (11) / 2.0%
    Aquarius: 219.6 ( 1) / 30.1%
    Pisces: 57.4 ( 5) / 7.9%
    Total: 730.7 / 100.0%


    • Thank you for sharing 🙂

      House placements make a big difference to dominants. Where your dominant planet and sign are located give you an idea of where the focus of that dominant energy will be, and the aspects which show where that energy flows and what shape it takes.

      You have Uranus as your dominant planet – Uranus is an intense planet, partly because it is an outer planet and the outer planets are this huge universal energy trying to squeeze itself into a human being, like an ocean trying to fit into a glass.

      This is worth a read since your dominants are Uranus and Aquarius – http://sasstrology.com/2016/03/how-to-know-if-youre-a-uranus-person.html – Aquarius tends to be considered a bit flaky in astrology but the sign is actually not flaky at all – the flakiness is a superficial appearance. When you’re deep in thought other people may perceive you as being away with the fairies because all they see is what you’re showing on the surface – they can’t see that you’re deep internal sea diving.

      What are the things which you associate with Scorpio which make you think you’re more of a Scorpio – you may find that those traits are ones which also fit into the Uranian type. However it could also be due to having Moon in 8th, and how your 8th house and Scorpio placements – including Pluto as its ruling planet – affect the rest of your chart. It can be tricky tying all the parts of the chart together to see the whole.

      When in doubt – trust your self-knowledge. Remember that most interpretations are written by people who also have charts and their perspective is influenced by their own charts, their dominants and so on 🙂


      • hey guys i just wanna let you guys know that this is definitely the best way to pin point a persons demeanor, i think nobody really is one dimensional in the sense that one sign or planet is the only influence in a person but a mix of maybe the first 3-5 planets and signs with the most influence unless that sign or planet is very prominent. i posted my chart a few months ago and ive been coming back to this subject of describing the persona via the power of signs and planets in a persons chart and ill definitely say this is the best method although id highly recommend everyone get the new version of astrolog and mess with the settings itself for example i think a person can get the most “natural” “organic” and “truest” representation if you dont have chiron or the north node in the chart while the program runs its calculations. however if anyone here knows just how influential chiron or the north node are as oppose to the bigger most ancient known planets please correct me or give me more information on this as Im still questioning this myself. also on top of aspects and where your signs and planets are placed in the houses definitely explains how and why you express yourself the way you do but does anyone have any insight into this or another angle i have yet to explore?


        • Thank you for sharing 🙂

          Chiron and North Node tend to be used in astrology to get an idea of the challenges to be faced, lessons to be learned, issues which we may encounter and have, wounds which need healing, which we may incur or cause, and healing ability, karma past and present (esp for the nodes), comfort zones and uncomfortable areas, etc, so I think your concept that perhaps the dominants should be calculated without them is quite sound as they’re more about the path of life than persona – although they can affect how a persona develops and are part of the evolution of the psyche and person.

          In my own chart Chiron and NN are ranked at the bottom of the dominant chart and therefore they don’t have much influence where dominance is concerned. However in the natal chart itself both of them are involved in hard aspects to quite a few planets – and exploring Chiron and NN has helped me to understand my chart and myself, my life and experiences, better. How I approach NN and Chiron reflects my dominants.

          If Chiron and NN aspect the dominants, or are in the dominant sign, their influence should be considered.

          Also if Chiron or NN are ranked high in dominance when they are included in calculating dominants, then this needs to be considered as relevant to the persona.

          It’s quite difficult to find info on Chiron and NN which covers all bases and answers all questions. I think since the nodes are hypothetical points and Chiron is still relatively new, there is a certain challenge in understanding them and their influence. Perhaps that’s their purpose – to encourage us to seek to find our own answers rather than rely on the answers which others have found.

          Love your thinking and exploring!


          • wow definitely. i get where youre coming from i might just find a balance between both calculations of using the dominants with chiron and NN and the “ancient” planets by themselves.

            also what you said about chiron and NN aspecting other signs and planets is definitely important and i think the program in astro.com is in default to not take into account any aspects chrion and NN have but you can select them before astro.com makes the calculations just check the “aspect lines to all”, this is just something im finding out myself it made a difference in dominants but not an extreme difference but yeah its just a little secret for any readers out there and for you yourself if you havent done so yourself, although i think its set to not include the aspects because of the same thing we were talking about only having the ancient planets and signs having influence in the chart i dont know too much about this really but its something to have in mind when using the technology

            also what is your point of view on planets being in between 2 houses and if im not mistaken the houses start and end counter clockwise right so lets say a planet placed in the begining of the 3rd house will most likely affect the 3rd house only or also the second house as oppose to having a planet placed at the end of the 2nd house and affecting only the 3rd house entirely or the 2nd house as well? in simpler terms how should we interpret planets being in between houses? lol

            also do you guys know of any other minor object things like chiron and NN that are important and should be taking account into a natal chart reading and why? i know some people use the part of fortune or the lilith and stuff. id greatly appreciate and open to any ideas you guys have on this thanks


            • From what I’ve gathered about planets which are on cusps and therefore caught between two houses – you can either read it in both houses as it will affect both just as transits do when they cross over a cusp, with the house they’re leaving experiencing a slightly different effect from the house which they’re entering, or you can go with the house which the planet is in by degree (if the planet’s degree is the same as the cusp degree then I’d go with it affecting both sides).

              Different astrologers have different opinions about this. Some use very strict orbs in their calculations.

              You could try playing around with the different types of chart systems as that may change the location of the planets in houses. I use Placidus on mine as the default chart seems to suit me more than the others, but that system is sometimes considered not an accurate one. Some people prefer the Vedic chart. A friend of mine swore by the Draconic chart as being a chart for her soul (my draconic chart is almost exactly the same as my regular chart, but hers was very different).

              So keep experimenting as you are doing until you find what works for you for the purpose you need for it to do.

              As for asteroids, hypotheticals and other minor objects. Some astrologers don’t use these at all and pooh-pooh them. Others use them a lot and find them to be useful in expanding upon the info which the main planets bring into focus. The minor factors seem to be viewed as having more bearing when aspecting the main planets.

              This astrologer, whose work I enjoy reading as she is often spot on for me, uses asteroids – https://juliedemboski.com/

              Another astrologer, Eric Francis of Planet Waves, whose work I enjoy reading has written many in depth articles about asteroids, when he writes about Chiron he often discusses the other centaurs as being intrinsic to understanding Chiron. I particularly liked his write up about Eris – http://www.planetwaves.net/smallworlds/free/eris.html

              This is an interesting read and overview about the minor placements – http://www.leahwhitehorse.com/asteroids/

              There are also many different approaches to astrology. Esoteric astrology is intriguing and can sometimes be very weird. It really depends on what you’re looking for in your chart. What are the questions you’re asking, what are you seeking in the way of answers, what’s driving your exploration of the subject. At the end of the day your chart is simply a way to get to know yourself better and confirms to you what you already know about yourself, helps you to access what you already know if it is latent and maybe challenges what you know prompting you to delve deeper into the ocean of you.

              Don’t worry too much about what you may be missing, that which is important will always make itself known.


              • yeah i definitely get you, i think the energies overlap like you said but maybe a little less for the house its leaving.
                how would you interpret my sun 28 degrees in libra first house if the 1st house starts at 2 degrees libra and the 2nd house starts at 29 degrees libra should the sun be influencing both houses with a little less of a 1st house influence, or a 1st house influence only, or both a 1st and 2nd house influence equally. i ask because i was told that for personal planets like the sun and moon its more set in stone as oppose to other planets that move much faster and arent as personal like venus and mercury

                i agree about the asteroids being taking into account only if they aspect major planets in your chart.
                im sure chiron and the north node seem to be a common factor in many different astrologers chart readings though as they do reveal our sense of purpose and motives which is no surprise many chart readings include these.

                yeah i definitely agree ive been looking into esoteric astrology as well and its useful at describing the motives behind why we act the way we do kinda like chiron and NN descriptions in a chart but for signs and planets if that makes sense? lol

                can i contact you personally for a reading of my chart id greatly appreciate it?


                • I’m not an astrologer, just an enthusiast of the subject, so I don’t do readings, thank you for asking 🙂

                  This is an interesting article about cusps – http://www.aquariuspapers.com/astrology/2011/07/how-to-interpret-planets-on-house-cusps.html

                  With astrology you start with what you want to know, research it, check to see what the experts are saying and then compare what they’ve said with your personal experience of yourself. Your natal chart is a mirror of you – so use yourself to integrate what you learn about astrology.

                  If I was you I’d explore both the interpretation of the Sun in the 1st and 2nd, find out about both positions, take what is relevant to you from what you read about both, while keeping in mind that it is placed in the 1st – where it is is where it is. It’s in the 1st, if it was supposed to be in the 2nd then it would be there (that’s the approach I use). The 29th degree is often seen as a threshold between two experiences. It’s where what has been learned in one sign must be integrated before moving on to the next lesson and sign which starts at the 0 degree.

                  This is an article about that – http://rubyslipper.ca/ruby-slipper-astrology/2013/03/mars-at-29-degrees-pisces-and-the-new-moon – by a good astrologer who offers readings.

                  It’s a bit like standing on the threshold of your home, you’re inside your home but the door is open and you can see the outside, you can step over the threshold and go outside with just one step, but you’re still inside. In that position both the inside and outside affect you and are being affected by your presence. There’s a reason why you haven’t crossed the threshold yet.

                  You might find this amusing – http://www.tarot.com/astrology/libra-scorpio-cusp – it’s a theory which people who have their Sun close to the cusp have developed as they often feel that their Sun sign doesn’t quite describe them.

                  This is also worth a read – https://astrolibrary.org/read/

                  The important thing to remember when using astrology is:

                  1 – the interpretations are written by other people, are often generalised in a one size fits all manner, and will be influenced by their own personal astro. An Aries writing about Libra is going perceive Libra differently from a Libra writing about Libra.

                  2 – the natal chart is you, but it’s also not you. It’s a snapshot of the universe at the moment you were born. From the moment you were born all the planets kept moving – so at some point, if you haven’t explored it already, you might want to check out ‘progressions’ and your progressed chart.

                  3 – it’s a philosophy, an abstract concept, it changes as you change.

                  4 – have fun with it 🙂

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                  • its cool i understand 🙂

                    yeah definitely you have to find the middlepoint or common ground because theres a lot of astrologers out there

                    i never thought about that 29th degree integration with the next sign analogy it makes sense since we are talking about energies going in and out of signs with different characteristics that ultimately blend with eachother

                    personally i relate to the 1st house placement more than the 2nd house for the fact that i think of myself as a man child in a way 🙂 i dont know if its my libra ascendant or the fact that the sun is one of my dominant planets along with the moon and venus also

                    yeah definitely everything sort of blends with each other

                    whats your theory on progressed charts i never looked into it is it safe to say that my progressed chart for right now is how i am as of now and not my natal chart since you could say that i “evolved” since my natal chart snap shot? im just taking a wild guess but whats your opinion on this?


                    • Progressed charts are interesting. I’m still not sure what to make of them or how to approach them, other than to see them as a reflection of life experience and perhaps where our life experience is taking us – both the ideal and the not so ideal. The theory versus the actual reality.

                      This site has a whole section on progressed planetary placements and their meaning under the transits and progressions section – http://www.dkfoundation.co.uk/dkfoundation/Articles1.htm

                      Based on my progressed chart, for instance, my Sun is now in Pisces. Am I a Pisces? No, but my Capricorn Sun’s focus is less on all things Capricorn-related in some ways and more on things Pisces-related. Yet in some ways I’m more of a Capricorn Sun now than I was before – perhaps that’s due to the transit of Pluto in Capricorn.

                      I think astrology is well-suited to wild guesses, theories, and conjectures… those things help us to discover ourselves and life. 🙂


                    • wow i guess thats where im taking my astrological journey next it really does make sense though and thanks again for the very helpful advice and information 🙂


    • Wow, I can so relate to the comment about Saturn contaning my Leo roar! Having just had a look at my chart, Saturn is really dominant but the sun is not too far behind… and then to look at the dominant signs its Capricorn and Leo practically with the same percentages… and then Aquarius… its no wonder people see me as such a contradiction at times! Usually known to be responsible and orderly (people always tend to guess I am a Capricorn) but underneath all that the complete opposite… sometimes just takes a while to show itself depending on who im with… so accurate! 🙂 . I do have Airy tendencies also however… can be aloof at times especially with new people, so I can see where the air dominance fits in, especially with a Libra rising and Moon! Thanks a lot for sharing this article!

      Planet: Position Aspects Total Rank Percent
      Sun: 78.5 ( 2) + 17.9 ( 6) = 96.4 ( 2) / 14.1%
      Moon: 45.0 ( 5) + 24.2 ( 5) = 69.2 ( 4) / 10.1%
      Mercury: 48.5 ( 4) + 32.5 ( 3) = 81.0 ( 3) / 11.8%
      Venus: 62.5 ( 3) + 4.1 ( 9) = 66.6 ( 5) / 9.7%
      Mars: 30.0 ( 7) + 1.0 (10) = 31.0 ( 9) / 4.5%
      Jupiter: 13.5 (11) + 12.3 ( 8) = 25.8 (10) / 3.8%
      Saturn: 88.5 ( 1) + 36.5 ( 1) = 125.0 ( 1) / 18.3%
      Uranus: 20.0 (10) + 32.5 ( 4) = 52.5 ( 7) / 7.7%
      Neptune: 22.5 ( 8) + 34.5 ( 2) = 57.0 ( 6) / 8.3%
      Pluto: 35.0 ( 6) + 16.3 ( 7) = 51.3 ( 8) / 7.5%
      Chiron: 22.0 ( 9) + 0.0 (11) = 22.0 (11) / 3.2%
      Node: 7.0 (12) + 0.0 (12) = 7.0 (12) / 1.0%
      Total: 473.0 + 211.7 = 684.6 / 100.0%

      Sign: Power Rank Percent – Element Power Percent
      Aries: 8.5 (12) / 1.2% – Fire: 156.3 / 22.8%
      Taurus: 24.3 (10) / 3.6% – Earth: 186.2 / 27.2%
      Gemini: 62.0 ( 4) / 9.1% – Air: 208.0 / 30.4%
      Cancer: 44.8 ( 7) / 6.5% – Water: 134.2 / 19.6%
      Leo: 136.3 ( 1) / 19.9%
      Virgo: 27.4 ( 9) / 4.0% – Mode Power Percent
      Libra: 46.9 ( 6) / 6.8% – Cardinal: 234.7 / 34.3%
      Scorpio: 48.1 ( 5) / 7.0% – Fixed: 307.8 / 45.0%
      Sagittarius: 11.4 (11) / 1.7% – Mutuable: 142.2 / 20.8%
      Capricorn: 134.5 ( 2) / 19.6%
      Aquarius: 99.1 ( 3) / 14.5%
      Pisces: 41.3 ( 8) / 6.0%
      Total: 684.6 / 100.0%


      • Thank you for sharing 🙂

        Saturn like Capricorn is often misunderstood, seen as a bit of a killjoy… especially if Leo or the Sun is throwing the party. It’s actually an intriguing mix which requires mastery and mastering (which is the kind of challenge a dominant Leo/Capricorn Saturn/Sun dominant is well up for).

        I find exploring the mythology connected to astrology can be both fun (Leo/Sun pursuits) and useful (Capricorn/Saturn pursuits). Knowledge is power – which your combo of dominants would all appreciate. The astrological side is enhanced by the mythological side – and I reckon that your dominants work well with the story of King Midas, as basically those dominants give you the Midas Touch but you need to understand the responsibility of having such a gift.

        It’s kind of interesting that Saturn is connected to Saturnalia which is anything but a restrictive experience. It’s an intriguing connection just like Capricorn’s connection to the Devil.

        There’s a wild side to even the prudish and prim. 😉

        Your Libra Moon and rising is the perfect diplomat to balance the versus of your Cap/Leo and Saturn/Sun. But your Libra placements may be feeling a bit under pressure from the recent and rather intense transits of Pluto and Uranus. Your Capricorn placements will be digging deeper into their own structure which may be causing earthquakes elsewhere.

        It sounds as though you have a wonderful mix with you as the alchemist of the mix – will it explode, implode, set fire to everything or fizzle out as too much earth is applied, or will a beautiful new element be discovered!


  13. Hello, thank you for your great explanation, it was really easy to follow your instructions.
    Since I’m not that expert when it comes to astrology, I’d like to ask you how you’d describe the following natal chart (I’m Libra Sun, Virgo Moon, Cancer Rising, Scorpio Mercury, Sagittarius Venus, Cancer Mars, Libra Jupiter, Aquarius Saturn, Capricorn Uranus, Capricorn Neptune, Scorpio Pluto, Aires Midheaven):

    Planet: Position Aspects Total Rank Percent
    Sun: 58.5 ( 2) + 0.5 (10) = 59.0 ( 4) / 11.3%
    Moon: 65.0 ( 1) + 6.5 ( 7) = 71.5 ( 1) / 13.7%
    Mercury: 53.5 ( 4) + 16.8 ( 3) = 70.3 ( 2) / 13.4%
    Venus: 48.5 ( 5) + 21.2 ( 1) = 69.8 ( 3) / 13.3%
    Mars: 25.0 ( 7) + 21.0 ( 2) = 46.0 ( 7) / 8.8%
    Jupiter: 18.5 ( 8) + 6.1 ( 8) = 24.6 (10) / 4.7%
    Saturn: 55.0 ( 3) + 1.4 ( 9) = 56.4 ( 5) / 10.8%
    Uranus: 15.0 ( 9) + 12.8 ( 6) = 27.8 ( 9) / 5.3%
    Neptune: 15.0 (10) + 15.8 ( 4) = 30.8 ( 8) / 5.9%
    Pluto: 35.0 ( 6) + 13.6 ( 5) = 48.6 ( 6) / 9.3%
    Chiron: 7.0 (12) + 0.0 (11) = 7.0 (12) / 1.3%
    Node: 12.0 (11) + 0.0 (12) = 12.0 (11) / 2.3%
    Total: 408.0 + 115.7 = 523.7 / 100.0%

    Sign: Power Rank Percent – Element Power Percent
    Aries: 12.5 (12) / 2.4% – Fire: 109.7 / 21.0%
    Taurus: 15.6 (11) / 3.0% – Earth: 112.6 / 21.5%
    Gemini: 43.5 ( 7) / 8.3% – Air: 153.2 / 29.3%
    Cancer: 50.2 ( 5) / 9.6% – Water: 148.2 / 28.3%
    Leo: 57.3 ( 4) / 10.9%
    Virgo: 57.8 ( 3) / 11.0% – Mode Power Percent
    Libra: 64.4 ( 2) / 12.3% – Cardinal: 166.3 / 31.7%
    Scorpio: 71.0 ( 1) / 13.5% – Fixed: 189.1 / 36.1%
    Sagittarius: 40.0 ( 8) / 7.6% – Mutuable: 168.4 / 32.1%
    Capricorn: 39.2 ( 9) / 7.5%
    Aquarius: 45.2 ( 6) / 8.6%
    Pisces: 27.1 (10) / 5.2%
    Total: 523.7 / 100.0%

    I’m really curious about a sort of interpretation, since I think that some aspects collide with each other.
    Plus, I’m quite worried about Pluto being in the 5th house, I read somewhere that it’s a dangerous placement, but I also think that some of my other planets could “sweeten” its influence on me.
    Thank you in advance for your attention and have a nice day!

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    • Hi, and thank you for sharing 🙂

      The concept of ‘danger’ tends to get given to Pluto often because the influence of Pluto is one which scares people. Pluto tends to demand transformation, by placement and transit in whatever area it is in, and of whichever planet it is aspecting. Transformation often involves destruction, a death, an ending, before it can create, rebuild, give birth, begin. Because of Pluto’s association with Scorpio, it can be intense in its effect, and gets associated with a lot of the symbols of Scorpio (8th house symbolism).

      I’ve never heard of Pluto being dangerous in the 5th. In fact it’s transiting my 5th house, atm, and I was relieved when it crossed the cusp because it was a real pain in the 4th. So far its influence in the 5th has been rather good, and it’s conjuncting my Sun, which can be a bit devastating for the ego, but I have Pluto/Sun natally so a devasted ego is normal for me, and I have Saturn, the other planet that tends to get a bad rep, aspecting my Sun natally so… I’m used to that kind of challenge.

      For more info on Pluto I’d recommend reading – Pluto, the evolutionary journey of the soul by Jeff Green – he’s the expert on Pluto, and that book covers natal placements and transits.

      You may also find this link worth digging into – https://www.scribd.com/doc/31151867/2204105-Pluto-Sign-House-Aspect – it has excerpts from various astrologers’ interpretations of Pluto.

      “Individuals who have Pluto in the Fifth House have been learning the evolutionary lesson of creative self-actualisation. The Fifth House is naturally a fire-oriented archetype. As such, these people will feel as though they have a special destiny to fulfil, just as those with Pluto in the First House do.Individuals with Pluto in the First House needed to maintain freedom and independence in order to discover their specialness through experiences they felt instinctively drawn into. They were in a condition of perpetual discovery on a moment to moment basis. Individuals with Pluto in the Fifth House have needed, and will need, to actualise this special destiny. They will need to establish and project this creative purpose upon the environment. This creative purpose is no longer a matter of discovery, but is already formed, in the Fifth House Pluto – it is inherent and complete. As a result, these individuals will deeply sense this special purpose in the depths of their Souls. The evolutionary desire and need has been, and will be, to fulfil this purpose from within. On this basis, these individuals have also been learning to take charge of their lives, and to seize destiny and shape it out of the strength of their wills. In other words, these people have needed to direct their own plays.” Jeff Green Pluto in the 5th

      If you want to ‘sweeten’ Pluto’s effect on you – don’t fear Pluto. Work with it, be willing to face its challenges, be ready to embrace the changes it brings. Be aware that Pluto is an outer planet – all outer planets are universal energy, a force to be reckoned with, and when channeled through humans it’s like trying to fit an ocean into a cup. It can take a long time (it moves slowly so you have to move slowly with it) to understand this type of planet and what it means for you personally because it’s not a personal planet.

      Your ruling planet is your Moon – Virgo Moon likes to analyse how it feels, distance itself from its own emotions, is very sensitive and can understand the inner workings of a feeling, emotion… has a tendency to over-analyse and forgets to just feel the emotion and go with it.

      When your Dominant is the Moon – emotional nature and nurture will be a dominant issue. Keep an eye on what the transiting Moon is up to, this will affect emotional fluctuations. Also keep an eye on transits to the Moon, especially Saturn/Moon – as this transit requires emotional reavaluation.

      Mercury is close in percentage to your Moon, so it could be considered a joint-dominant. Scorpio Mercury/Virgo Moon – you like to dig deep, know what makes things tick, want to understand what is going on behind the scenes and under surfaces.

      Your Dominant sign is Scorpio – which explains your focus on Pluto, both as the ruling planet of the sign and because you’re of the generation born with Pluto in Scorpio – very intense placement! If your natal Pluto is conjunct your Mercury – your mind is a ‘dangerous’ place but only because its a shark who is at home in deep dark water. Anyone who lies to you or tries to hide something from you is going to get eaten (that includes yourself). You may find yourself obsessed by dark thoughts – use these creatively, find a creative outlet for them. Pluto in the 5th is a creative powerhouse, if your Mercury is also in the 5th – that’s a powerfully creative combo.

      If you want interpretations for aspects and placements, use the free Astro Click Portrait on astro.com. It’s a useful guide to getting to know the relationships between all the parts of your chart (although some of the interpretations are a bit heavy and negative, so always search the internet for a second opinion if something bothers you, scares you or doesn’t feel right).

      This is also a good astrology blog to follow (she does chart readings) – http://rubyslipper.ca/ruby-slipper-astrology/

      And this blog is always interesting (writes quite a bit about Scorpio/Pluto) and has a good forum – http://www.elsaelsa.com/

      You’ve got a really interesting combo going on in your chart, keep exploring and asking questions – be prepared for surprising answers!

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      • Your interpretation is on point, especially when it comes to deep and dark thoughts (and I’m really working hard on this matter)!
        I was worried about the position of Pluto because some sites say that a person who has Pluto in the 5th house could have obsessive tendencies (sex, gambling, drugs and alcohol and being abusive) and should avoid making children, that’s actually a rude and somehow scary assumption to be honest.
        Thank you again for your time and for having enlightened me! It has been a nice reading and made me understand more things about my natal chart!


  14. hello, how are you doing?
    I’m back with another question now that I learned how to read the houses in my chart lol

    i have sun moon and ascendant (and another 3 planets) all placed in the 12th house.

    the more i get into my chart the more unpleasant i find it lol, are my placments common? whats your opinions on them? is there a positive side to the 12th house placements (like in Saturn) or is it just plain bad luck?

    thank you

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    • Hi 🙂

      I’ve just been having an interesting discussion about the 12th house and what it means to have a stellium (several planets) there (check out Ruby V’s comments on this post).

      All placements, houses, aspects, etc, in astrology have both positive and negative sides to them as part of a whole. It’s not dissimilar to the Yin/Yang symbol.

      So Saturn and the 12th house are as unlucky as they are lucky – in other words it’s not ‘just plain bad luck’ it can also be ‘just plain good luck’.

      The ‘lucky’ side of Saturn requires working with the challenges the planet brings – you’re rewarded for perseverance, kind of like getting a degree after years of studying, getting a promotion after years of hard work, getting to your destination after a long journey.

      The ‘lucky’ side of the 12th house requires being willing to dive deeper into understanding life, the life within you and within others, facing what is hidden within, fears, issues, secrets. Finding the ‘hidden enemy’ and making friends with them (the hidden enemy is often the issues we have which we ignore, avoid, blame someone else for having, unconscious motivations and impulses, etc). Accepting responsibility for our ‘karma’, for the consequences of actions, for our ‘past lives’ – the past lives we’ve lived in this one life.

      The 12th house offers many gifts, but to receive them you need to understand them, you need to get to know yourself well. We often don’t notice the blessings which the 12th house bestows on us because they’re subtle, elusive, always there so we take them for granted because they’re not in our face. Natural artistic ability, strong intuition, compassion, empathy, a connection to all living beings, to planet Earth, to the universe, universal consciousness, etc, are all gifts which can be found within the 12th.

      It’s a place which bridges the gap between self and other, which represents the collective as well as the personal, it’s where the whole chart meets as it comes at the end of the journey through the chart.

      “House of Subconscious
      The Twelfth House is commonly referred to as the House of the Unconscious. The unconscious state can help engender our successes, as well as assist us in coping with our failures. Success vs. failure: do we consciously confront our lives or subconsciously sweep things under the proverbial rug? This house might more aptly be called the House of Reckoning, since it is in the Twelfth that we review what we have been (and done) and decide where we go from there. Along with these unconscious musings, we also deliberate on strengths and weaknesses that are hidden from public view.” – excerpt via http://www.astrology.com/article/houses-twelfth.html

      In some ways the 12th house is what you make of it and what you make of it shapes what you make of yourself. So if you see it as ‘bad luck’ then you may end up fulfilling that prophecy as our ‘dreams (which include nightmares)’ can come true in the 12th if we believe them.

      It’s a fascinating house, much of it is unknown (as it also represents the unknown, the mysterious, the beyond intellectual understanding and knowledge), and is only known by exploring it yourself. Each person experiences the ocean differently – no one else can tell us what the ocean means to us. Kind of like no one else can tell us who we are because they aren’t us – only we are us 🙂

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    • Hi @msayf, I swear to god, I think we have mostly the same placements in chart. As per what you’ve said in your previous comments, I too have sun, ascendant, Uranus, Neptune and N. Node in Capricorn except my moon is in Scorpio. My mars and mercury falls in Sagittarius as well but my Venus is in Scorpio. My Saturn in Aquarius, Pluto in Scorpio and Jupiter in Virgo too… Here is my chart: http://imgur.com/orwgcES


  15. Dude even I have a mercury dominant…the element dominance is of air and the sign that’s dominant is cancer… I just wanted to confirm that if astrodienst is right about my birth placements cause I have more signs in water than in air…thanks a lot


  16. Planet: Position Aspects Total Rank Percent
    Sun: 50.0 ( 5) + 9.9 (11) = 59.9 ( 6) / 8.2%
    Moon: 30.0 ( 7) + 15.0 ( 9) = 45.0 ( 9) / 6.1%
    Mercury: 43.5 ( 6) + 30.1 ( 4) = 73.6 ( 5) / 10.0%
    Venus: 61.0 ( 2) + 21.4 ( 8) = 82.4 ( 3) / 11.2%
    Mars: 15.0 (11) + 22.8 ( 7) = 37.8 (10) / 5.1%
    Jupiter: 28.5 ( 8) + 26.6 ( 5) = 55.1 ( 7) / 7.5%
    Saturn: 58.5 ( 3) + 23.3 ( 6) = 81.8 ( 4) / 11.1%
    Uranus: 57.5 ( 4) + 33.1 ( 2) = 90.6 ( 2) / 12.3%
    Neptune: 20.0 (10) + 33.2 ( 1) = 53.2 ( 8) / 7.3%
    Pluto: 70.0 ( 1) + 31.6 ( 3) = 101.6 ( 1) / 13.8%
    Chiron: 22.0 ( 9) + 9.5 (12) = 31.5 (11) / 4.3%
    Node: 7.0 (12) + 14.4 (10) = 21.4 (12) / 2.9%
    Total: 463.0 + 270.9 = 733.9 / 100.0%

    Sign: Power Rank Percent – Element Power Percent
    Aries: 31.2 ( 9) / 4.3% – Fire: 105.3 / 14.3%
    Taurus: 21.3 (12) / 2.9% – Earth: 178.8 / 24.4%
    Gemini: 58.4 ( 5) / 8.0% – Air: 285.5 / 38.9%
    Cancer: 29.1 (10) / 4.0% – Water: 164.3 / 22.4%
    Leo: 50.2 ( 8) / 6.8%
    Virgo: 52.6 ( 7) / 7.2% – Mode Power Percent
    Libra: 109.4 ( 2) / 14.9% – Cardinal: 274.5 / 37.4%
    Scorpio: 81.7 ( 4) / 11.1% – Fixed: 270.9 / 36.9%
    Sagittarius: 23.9 (11) / 3.3% – Mutuable: 188.5 / 25.7%
    Capricorn: 104.8 ( 3) / 14.3%
    Aquarius: 117.7 ( 1) / 16.0%
    Pisces: 53.6 ( 6) / 7.3%
    Total: 733.9 / 100.0%

    Thanks for sharing. 😀
    So looks like my strongest planetary aspect is Pluto followed by Uranus, Venus, Saturn


    • Thank you for sharing 🙂

      Pluto is a powerful dominant to have and it’s quite a ways in the lead of Uranus (which is a radical lieutenant to the dominant) – the combo of Pluto and Uranus packs an independent personality punch. Add your dominant sign, Aquarius, to that and freedom of self is going to be high on your agenda and no one better try to control you or tame you.

      Much depends upon where Pluto and Aquarius is located in your chart – because the dominants seems to emphasise their location, and the issues/concepts/realm of the houses they’re in.

      I was recently reading about the possible effects of Pluto’s transit in Aquarius – when that happens you’ll be ahead of the game and in your element. What you’re doing now may be something pioneering which will come into its own at that time.

      It sounds as though you have a natural ability to merge the depths and the heights.

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      • I like Pluto haha :D.

        Pluto is located in my 1st House which is ruled by Scorpio, which is therefore my Ascendant, I also have my Nessus in the 1st House.
        Aquarius is in the 4th along with Saturn, which is kinda limiting the Aquarius. Funny tho my parents are both Aquarian.
        Also have a 12th house stellium like msayf in the comment bellow, but I think it’s ok. 🙂

        Sometimes things are just to random to be random. When you call things happen randomly, German has good way to put it when using Random = Zufall -> it’s more like it’s falling for you.

        Yes, I think I’m giving my all to do that.

        How long have you been into Astrology? Have you also read into other Astrology, Vedic, Chinese, Mayans?


        • Oh and here I also don’t mind to share part of my chart aspects,
          Sun 24°18′ Virgo
          Moon 9°24′ Libra
          Mercury 9°25′ Libra
          Venus 24°38′ Leo
          Mars 23°22′ Libra
          Jupiter 18°23′ Libra
          Saturn 24°58′ Я Aquarius
          Uranus 18°16′ Я Capricorn
          Neptune 18°25′ Я Capricorn
          Pluto 23°17′ Scorpio
          Chiron 1°46′ Virgo
          Ceres 5°50′ Я Taurus
          Pallas 26°26′ Я Aquarius
          Juno 20°20′ Virgo
          Vesta 0°21′ Я Pisces
          Node 5°46′ Я Sagittarius
          Lilith 29°34′ Я Pisces
          Fortune 18°47′ Scorpio
          AS 3°41′ Scorpio
          MC 10°28′ Leo

          Sun House 11
          Moon House 11
          Mercury House 11
          Venus House 10
          Mars House 12
          Jupiter House 12
          Saturn House 4
          Uranus House 3
          Neptune House 3
          Pluto House 1
          Chiron House 10
          Ceres House 7
          Pallas House 4
          Juno House 11
          Vesta House 4
          Node House 2
          Lilith House 5
          Fortune House 1

          House 1 3°41′ Scorpio
          House 2 2°09′ Sagittarius
          House 3 5°02′ Capricorn
          House 4 10°28′ Aquarius
          House 5 13°32′ Pisces
          House 6 11°13′ Aries
          House 7 3°41′ Taurus
          House 8 2°09′ Gemini
          House 9 5°02′ Cancer
          House 10 10°28′ Leo
          House 11 13°32′ Virgo
          House 12 11°13′ Libra

          What are yours? just being curios. 😀


          • Thank you for sharing 🙂

            What an intriguing chart and combination! It’s interesting to note that although you have Sun in Virgo, you have so much in Libra – it’s almost as though your chart is crossing a threshold from one sign into the next, preparing the way forward while reviewing the path taken thus far.

            There’s a lot going on in the in the houses which represent the ‘self’ and those which represent ‘beyond the self’ – all your Libra will help with the balance between those (and may do so by swinging to extremes as it often does – sometimes it’s all about the self and sometimes the self is lost in everything that is beyond the self).

            A very philosophical chart – which sort of explains the Hermeticism interest (based on your blog name).

            Have you read up on Gauquelin’s studies about Mars in the 12th – http://www.theoryofastrology.com/gauquelin/mars_effect.htm

            My chart is here – https://anupturnedsoul.files.wordpress.com/2015/06/natal-chart-transits-june-2015.png

            So what do you make of your chart?


            • Oh damn, I wrote so much but somehow it crashed haha. Ok then on it again.

              Yes definitely, creates some tension sometimes :D, I especially did with my Sun Aquarian parents both are, which is not only because of the stars and planets.

              Do you know the story behind those three signs?
              Santos Bonnacci – Know Thyself is an 8 hour Youtube video. Is really interesting.

              Not only Hermitiscm is like about all things I don’t know it’s probably also because I’m having the Sagittarius North Node in the 2nd House a part of my Journey here. Just got my hands on an old German book about Alchemy. But I just know little about Alchemy at the moment, but things are going that way. The Kabbalah or the Chakra System is also very interesting stuff.

              Yes, I just read up on the studies, thanks to you. I started a Japanese martial art 3 year ago and I’m loving it it’s great to know how to move and use the body of ours correctly, Bioenergetics is also interesting. How the body influences the mind and vice versa. Just like written in the Hermetic principles. Also that oneself is why things happen the way they are, because we wish for, and work for that wish. People are not taught correctly what’s it like to really think and devote one.

              Well, I’m still on my way to figure that out. But for now, couldn’t have gotten any better chart for the current time of being. Sometimes it’s definitely hard but I’m on it and eventhough I procrastinate I’ll get back on my path and keep on pursuing. We’re also being pushed back sometimes, by events happen. I think we ourself want us to do something of purpose and that’s what people are striving for, some get distracted, some get the chance maybe miss it and some manage do it. But at least we enjoy the moment, what’s definitely not easy sometimes. 😀

              And yeah the funny thing is having Virgo Sun most of my planets in Libra, while having and Scorpio Ascendant, striving for something Leo like, i don’t know if you get that one.

              What do you make of yours? Another Virgo Rising :P, got some friends who are.
              You having Mars and Neptune in Scorpio does that make you more decisive? Because Neptune rules Picses and it’s working more like a fog isn’t it? But with Mars there it should be easier?


              • Like you I also love to explore as many alternative approaches to a subject as there are, find different perspectives and investigate how perspective affects experience and reality. For me that is partly due to having Mars in Scorpio in the 3rd which always wants to know what lies beneath/hidden/what makes something or someone tick, but it’s also connected to having Mercury in Aquarius in the 5th (with Uranus/Jupiter aspecting it) which wants to understand everything and everyone and finds doing that fun/creative.

                I truly enjoyed reading up on Hermeticism, it’s a very intriguing philosophy and the history of it is fascinating. Alchemy I found a bit too complicated but a beautiful art form. Awhile ago I came across the work of Z’ev ben Shimon Halevi who is a Kabalah teacher and he did quite a bit about astrology and kabalah which I found interesting even though I was very confused by the whole kabalah system (it’s a bit too intricate even for all of my Virgo).

                Being decisive is not something I would associate with myself. You’re right about Neptune in the 3rd making things foggy sometimes but the same process which creates the fog also allows for penetration of mysteries because you get to know the atoms that make up fogginess (everything has a flip side, every challenge has a benefit, sometimes to get the benefit you have to go through the difficulties which it brings as they hone the being that we are).

                It usually takes me ages to make a decision, some of this is due to having to see the issue from as many angles as possible and calculate the consequences which may come from each possible decision, which can make ever making a decision difficult for both positive and negative and in-between reasons. However once I do make a decision I tend to stick by it (unless I think sticking by it is foolish) and good luck to anyone who tries to change my mind about it because I have probably already considered any argument they may offer as a reason for me to change my mind 😉

                For my mind to focus I usually need to get angry (Mars square Mercury – when Mars gets angry it makes my Mercury stop wandering all over the place and pay attention to one thing).

                This is an interesting site – http://www.astroinquiry.com/ – the guy who writes it can be a tad pretentious but his take on astrology is different. He’s a fan of Gurdjieff (who was a fascinating character and mind).

                I love the mythology behind astrology – I was passionate about mythology long before I got into astrology and the myth of it ties into archetypes. Great way to look at the planets and chart as it gives more depth to the story and placements/aspects/etc.

                When I first drew up my natal chart I got my time of birth wrong and for many years I used the wrong chart, but then one day I realised my mistake and I think that mistake was meant to be as was not finding out about it until I found it. 🙂


        • I like Pluto too (as I’m also a Pluto in the 1st person, except I’m the Pluto in Virgo generation – the underworld is about analysing details) 🙂

          I got into astrology when I was a teen thanks to a boyfriend. He was an Aquarius who told me his sign was better than mine – saying that sort of thing to a Capricorn is going to get them to explore your statement by acquiring knowledge. I bought the book he was using – Linda Goodman’s Sun signs (the astro bible of that time) – and read it from cover to cover, and decided that none of the signs were ‘better’ than the others just different.

          I have delved into other types of astrology. I particularly like Esoteric Astrology. This site is intriguing – http://www.dkfoundation.co.uk/dkfoundation/Articles1.htm

          Transiting Saturn is in my 4th at the moment – I quite like it there. It’s always challenging wherever it is because it makes us aware of the structures upon which we build ourselves and our lives (and also those of others). My natal Saturn is in Aries (8th house) and is in its fall – so Zufall is wonderfully apt 🙂

          I think anything in the 12th is whatever we make of it because it’s the house where consciousness needs to be explored beyond its usual parameters. I have my Moon in the 12th – and one of the things I’ve learned from it being there is that emotions aren’t always what they seem, and nurturing sometimes comes from unusual places (like not receiving nurturing) Moon in 12th also = the ‘mother’ is the hidden enemy.

          It’s a fascinating subject, opens up a whole gamut of philosophical, psychological and other types of abstract journeys.

          What about you? How did you get into Astrology? I’m guessing you’ve read other types of astrology (hence the question you asked), which is the one that speaks to you the most and why? What are you searching for? Are you looking for an alchemical recipe?


          • Pluto in Scorpio generation was about regneration and transformation wasn’t it? And it’s said to be the strongest aspect with Pluto as Scorpios ruler but who knows. I also have a good friend who got a Stellium in Scorpion incuding Pluto, speaking of intense. 😀 When Pluto reaches my 4th house things going to be crazy, lets see. 😀

            Haha funny thing, I got into Astrology because of the Mother(Sun Aquarius) of my first girlfriend, she’s doing Psychological Astrology for years, when we broke up I tried to understand things and got into all these different topics, that was last year around September. It was really intense, haha.

            I read many sites, watched many videos online, that how I gained most of the stuff. Also met a salesman who is selling fruits and vegetables and stuff, he told me to get into kabbalah and stuff. I had some help from him when I needed some advice. His Chinese sign was snake that I know we talked about it.

            Yes definitely what ever we make of it. I think we have to realize and analyse the 12th house more consciously, once we’ve done that it gets easier.
            Oh is it my moon is almost in the 12 house. Saturn in the 4 th and Aquarius, can mean something like I’m going to grow up in a broken family, which comes true in my case. Saturn kinda limits the freedom loving Aquarius.

            haha yeah.

            They all are nice. I do not really prefer any, I think the more you read about the more similiarities you see, which are supporting aspects or not and then you have to see for yourself, by really getting to know the person and stuff. But you never really know, you only know to the extent the other person knows. I’ve also been watching Alan Watts and other spiritual teacher so to say haha. He said it like this: You can never know yourself, it’s like fire cannot burn itself or sword cannot cut itself.
            It’s because we’re so many things. Seen and unseen.

            Hm well I’m searching for what am I searching.
            Would be glad to get into somehow and to learn more about. One is going the wet path through life.

            It’s so funny to see how most things are just mirrows. But yeah now I wrote quite a bit. 😀 enjoy.


            • Btw, I love the gravatar which you’re using now, absolutely love the position of the hand, how it frames the eye, and how the framed eye is looking just slightly off to the side. It also has the head tilt of a deep thinker. Great expression. Lovely shot! The photos we choose to represent us tell us a lot about ourselves.

              Growing up in a broken family means in a certain way that you have to make your own family – your roots require that you tend to them, to the earth and nutrients for your tree to evolve rather than rely on others (like your parents) to do that for you. Saturn in the 4th can make family life feel restrictive but that restriction is a spur to understand and to simplify – Saturn wants the simplicity of authenticity, it always asks – what do you really need. Saturn always makes us rely on ourselves in the area which it works in.

              Having your Pluto in Scorpio in the 1st with Scorpio rising is an embodiment of intensity (and may also be an embodiment of your generation’s intensity especially as your 11th house has Sun/Moon/Merc in it, your self is linked with the self of humanity. You may be destined to lead a group or represent it. The group will be relevant to the self) – but what is that intensity focused upon? Figuring out what your particular experience of Pluto is – is part of the challenge of Pluto in the 1st. Is it about regeneration, transformation, journeying into the Underworld, destruction, creation. Power is always a big issue when it comes to Pluto – the right and wrong use of power will be a theme in your life (and relationships as it opps the 7th).

              This is a wonderful collection of everything about Pluto – https://www.scribd.com/doc/31151867/2204105-Pluto-Sign-House-Aspect

              Your Neptune in Capricorn means you have the opportunity to materialise your dreams (and nightmares), but it’s retrograde so the materialising takes place within and what happens within affects what happens outside (hence perhaps your interest in Hermeticism/alchemy). Nep in Cap is conjunct Uranus is Cap – so your dreams may seem unusual, radical, and will be seeking some form of freedom from ‘the norm’.

              Perhaps all the Libra in your chart is there to help balance all the power your natal chart gives you – relationships will always be a source of information for you, and will always reflect your relationship with yourself. The mirror theme will be a constant. Your Virgo Sun will help you to analyse it all.

              The way you write and express yourself expresses your chart – can you see your placements speaking through you?


  17. Planet: Position Aspects Total Rank Percent
    Sun: 55.0 ( 3) + 7.3 ( 7) = 62.3 ( 3) / 11.3%
    Moon: 55.0 ( 4) + 6.4 ( 8) = 61.4 ( 4) / 11.1%
    Mercury: 28.5 ( 9) + 15.0 ( 2) = 43.5 ( 8) / 7.9%
    Venus: 66.0 ( 2) + 7.4 ( 6) = 73.4 ( 2) / 13.3%
    Mars: 20.0 (10) + 3.6 (10) = 23.6 (11) / 4.3%
    Jupiter: 35.0 ( 6) + 13.4 ( 3) = 48.4 ( 6) / 8.8%
    Saturn: 35.0 ( 7) + 9.1 ( 5) = 44.1 ( 7) / 8.0%
    Uranus: 68.5 ( 1) + 6.4 ( 9) = 74.9 ( 1) / 13.6%
    Neptune: 42.5 ( 5) + 15.8 ( 1) = 58.3 ( 5) / 10.5%
    Pluto: 13.5 (11) + 10.2 ( 4) = 23.7 (10) / 4.3%
    Chiron: 7.0 (12) + 0.0 (11) = 7.0 (12) / 1.3%
    Node: 32.0 ( 8) + 0.0 (12) = 32.0 ( 9) / 5.8%
    Total: 458.0 + 94.6 = 552.6 / 100.0%

    Sign: Power Rank Percent – Element Power Percent
    Aries: 21.9 (11) / 3.4% – Fire: 146.3 / 22.4%
    Taurus: 70.6 ( 5) / 10.8% – Earth: 135.9 / 20.8%
    Gemini: 26.6 ( 9) / 4.1% – Air: 180.2 / 27.6%
    Cancer: 78.8 ( 4) / 12.1% – Water: 191.0 / 29.2%
    Leo: 98.1 ( 2) / 15.0%
    Virgo: 31.8 ( 7) / 4.9% – Mode Power Percent
    Libra: 11.7 (12) / 1.8% – Cardinal: 146.0 / 22.3%
    Scorpio: 84.4 ( 3) / 12.9% – Fixed: 395.0 / 60.4%
    Sagittarius: 26.3 (10) / 4.0% – Mutuable: 112.4 / 17.2%
    Capricorn: 33.5 ( 6) / 5.1%
    Aquarius: 141.8 ( 1) / 21.7%
    Pisces: 27.8 ( 8) / 4.2%
    Total: 653.4 / 100.0%

    Hi i have just found your article and it was most useful! Thank you so much! I am new to astrology and I am rather confused by all the houses and cusps etc. Do you have any good articles or authors to recommend? And how would you interpret my chart? Is it okayish or dark


    • Thank you for sharing 🙂

      My favourite book about Houses/cusps/etc is – The Twelve Houses by Howard Sasportas.

      I also like these astro blogs:



      http://www.elsaelsa.com/ – this one has a great forum and community.

      Using the Astro Click Portrait on Astrodienst (astro.com) is also helpful, it’s free and interactive. and they have a section on the website which has information about the diverse aspects of chart reading. This is a good series of articles on there to read, the author is great at explaining things simply and precisely – http://www.astro.com/astrology/in_gerhardt_e.htm

      When approaching your natal chart it’s worth remembering that it’s a bit like the concept of Yin Yang, it’s a whole which has both positive and negative and the positive can be negative, the negative can be positive – so it is both light and dark, and many shades in between light and dark.

      Your dominant planet is Uranus with Venus close in percentage, therefore Venus might be considered a co-dominant. That’s a great combo and dominant. Aquarius is your dominant sign. Just going by those – your chart seems pretty awesome. Vibrant, fun, freedom-loving.

      Asking if your chart is okayish or dark makes me wonder if perhaps you’re going through a tough time, and maybe that tough time is what spurred your interest in astrology? The impression I get from your chart is that you’ll always bounce back from any difficulties which you encounter in life – tough times are challenges which will help you find you strengths and make you more independent and personally powerful. If your heart gets broken it will grow bigger and stronger and its love will be deeper and wiser.

      It’s worth checking out transits when facing a challenge in life, because transits trigger certain parts of our chart. If you feel like you’re going through a ‘dark’ phase it may be connected to Pluto or Saturn, and sometimes Mars (especially recently due to Mars’ transit of Scorpio – but it’s almost done with that). Ruby Slipper astrology (one of the links above) is great at explaining transits and their effects.

      Have fun exploring astrology and remember that no one else can tell you who you are – only you can do that. So what you read is just a guideline, what you do with what you read is up to you 🙂


      • Hey.. Can i please get help with mine
        Planet: Position Aspects Total Rank Percent
        Sun: 30.0 ( 7) + 25.2 ( 2) = 55.2 ( 6) / 8.5%
        Moon: 60.0 ( 3) + 10.9 ( 9) = 70.9 ( 2) / 10.9%
        Mercury: 71.0 ( 1) + 16.2 ( 6) = 87.2 ( 1) / 13.4%
        Venus: 38.5 ( 4) + 5.0 (12) = 43.5 ( 7) / 6.7%
        Mars: 20.0 (12) + 20.8 ( 5) = 40.8 (10) / 6.3%
        Jupiter: 35.0 ( 5) + 22.5 ( 3) = 57.5 ( 5) / 8.9%
        Saturn: 25.0 (10) + 13.4 ( 8) = 38.4 (12) / 5.9%
        Uranus: 61.0 ( 2) + 7.6 (11) = 68.6 ( 3) / 10.6%
        Neptune: 28.5 ( 9) + 15.0 ( 7) = 43.5 ( 8) / 6.7%
        Pluto: 30.0 ( 8) + 9.0 (10) = 39.0 (11) / 6.0%
        Chiron: 22.0 (11) + 21.3 ( 4) = 43.3 ( 9) / 6.7%
        Node: 32.0 ( 6) + 28.8 ( 1) = 60.8 ( 4) / 9.4%
        Total: 453.0 + 195.4 = 648.4 / 100.0%

        Sign: Power Rank Percent – Element Power Percent
        Aries: 26.1 (11) / 4.0% – Fire: 92.2 / 14.2%
        Taurus: 16.4 (12) / 2.5% – Earth: 137.5 / 21.2%
        Gemini: 79.7 ( 3) / 12.3% – Air: 226.8 / 35.0%
        Cancer: 69.8 ( 5) / 10.8% – Water: 191.9 / 29.6%
        Leo: 26.7 (10) / 4.1%
        Virgo: 93.6 ( 2) / 14.4% – Mode Power Percent
        Libra: 28.8 ( 8) / 4.4% – Cardinal: 152.2 / 23.5%
        Scorpio: 46.8 ( 6) / 7.2% – Fixed: 208.2 / 32.1%
        Sagittarius: 39.4 ( 7) / 6.1% – Mutuable: 288.1 / 44.4%
        Capricorn: 27.5 ( 9) / 4.2%
        Aquarius: 118.3 ( 1) / 18.2%
        Pisces: 75.3 ( 4) / 11.6%
        Total: 648.4 / 100.0%


        • Thank you for sharing 🙂

          Your dominant sign is Aquarius

          a quick overview of that:

          “Aquarius-Dominant: Aquarius is one of the most important signs in your natal chart: it endows your personality – at least one of its facets – with originality, to the point of eccentricity, in spite of a sometimes distant and humane side. Likeable and impassive at the same time, you are a paradoxical man, very hard to define because the two planets Uranus and Saturn blend their qualities to create the so complicated and endearing sign that inspires your character. Saturn’s seriousness and impassivity is added to Uranus’ rebellion, talent, individualism, charisma, extravagance, and unpredictability! One of your main characteristics is that you never open up on a personal basis, but you tend to do so easily in public. You are actually quite strange. Sexy and charming in public, despite your nice and sociable character, you could frustrate many of your admirers in private because of your impossibility to show deep and warm affection, emotions, tears… But appearance and reality are two different things anyway – you are a kind of a genius, or you have at least a tremendous charm with this sign. You have many friends and an active social life. If you are detached in your love life – only in this aspect, since the rest of chart will confirm it or not – this is no big deal!” – via http://astroasteria.com/post/130569706473/interpreting-sign-dominants

          Your dominant planet is Mercury

          an overview of that:

          “Mercury-Dominant (Mercurian): With Mercury among your dominant planets, you are certainly cerebral, nervous, swift, curious, quick-witted, and you love to communicate. Your psychological pattern is intellectual, all the more so since Mercury is important, with its whole set of assets but also of weaknesses, obviously. Your sensitivity, emotions, and heart’s impulses give precedence to thinking, which can lead people to believe that you are a playful and witty but heartless person, intellectualizing situations and juggling with words and numbers whilst ignoring human aspects of things. Of course, it is said that cats always land on their feet – this is your Mercurian strength and your trump card! Your weakness lies in your nervousness, and you may miss your goal because of your “over-intellectualization” that may be detrimental to other kind of energies such as instinct, spontaneity, heart, sensitivity, etc.” – via http://astroasteria.com/post/130406610695/interpreting-planetary-dominants


  18. Planet: Position Aspects Total Rank Percent
    Sun: 38.5 ( 7) + 3.9 ( 9) = 42.4 ( 9) / 6.8%
    Moon: 78.5 ( 1) + 11.6 ( 5) = 90.1 ( 1) / 14.5%
    Mercury: 60.0 ( 3) + 10.9 ( 7) = 70.9 ( 4) / 11.4%
    Venus: 40.0 ( 6) + 10.4 ( 8) = 50.4 ( 8) / 8.1%
    Mars: 50.0 ( 4) + 24.6 ( 1) = 74.6 ( 3) / 12.0%
    Jupiter: 10.0 (12) + 1.3 (10) = 11.3 (12) / 1.8%
    Saturn: 67.0 ( 2) + 11.6 ( 6) = 78.6 ( 2) / 12.6%
    Uranus: 42.5 ( 5) + 15.6 ( 4) = 58.0 ( 5) / 9.3%
    Neptune: 35.0 ( 8) + 19.3 ( 3) = 54.3 ( 6) / 8.7%
    Pluto: 30.0 ( 9) + 22.1 ( 2) = 52.1 ( 7) / 8.4%
    Chiron: 22.0 (10) + 0.0 (11) = 22.0 (10) / 3.5%
    Node: 17.0 (11) + 0.0 (12) = 17.0 (11) / 2.7%
    Total: 490.5 + 131.3 = 621.8 / 100.0%

    Sign: Power Rank Percent – Element Power Percent
    Aries: 35.7 ( 8) / 5.7% – Fire: 80.1 / 12.9%
    Taurus: 21.0 (11) / 3.4% – Earth: 169.2 / 27.2%
    Gemini: 31.3 (10) / 5.0% – Air: 208.8 / 33.6%
    Cancer: 80.9 ( 3) / 13.0% – Water: 163.7 / 26.3%
    Leo: 41.3 ( 7) / 6.6%
    Virgo: 65.6 ( 4) / 10.6% – Mode Power Percent
    Libra: 44.4 ( 6) / 7.1% – Cardinal: 243.5 / 39.2%
    Scorpio: 51.0 ( 5) / 8.2% – Fixed: 246.3 / 39.6%
    Sagittarius: 3.1 (12) / 0.5% – Mutuable: 131.9 / 21.2%
    Capricorn: 82.6 ( 2) / 13.3%
    Aquarius: 133.1 ( 1) / 21.4%
    Pisces: 31.9 ( 9) / 5.1%
    Total: 621.8 / 100.0%

    Hey it is interesting to know what is dominant, my fixed and cardinal mode are almost the same in dominance… and not my sun sign Virgo is dominant but my moon sign Aquarius followed by Capricorn and Cancer 🙂


    • Thank you for sharing 🙂

      It is indeed interesting to explore the natal chart through dominants, it can sometimes explain why we may not always feel that our Sun sign describes us, and it can help to understand why certain transits affect us more than others. With a dominant Mars – keep an eye on the transits of MArs as you may find that they stimulate your natal Mars, shifting how your passionate nature moves.

      Another system worth checking out is chart shapes – http://www.astrotheme.com/files/planetary-patterns.php


  19. Hello! I have been studying astrology for almost two years now but I am quite curious to get your interpretation on my planet(s) and sign(s) dominant and I am quite weird as I consider any planets/signs over 10% to be ‘dominating’ as I can feel that those planets/signs are more significant to me than others. I can provide more information if needed. 🙂

    My natal chart look like this… Cancer ascendant/rising, both Sun and Mercury in Taurus and 11th, Venus in Gemini and 12th, both Moon and Mars in Aries and 10th, all three Jupiter, Pluto, and NN in Scorpio and 5th, Saturn in Pisces and 9th, both Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn and 7th, and finally… Last but not least… Chiron in Virgo and 3rd.

    My four highest % for planets are Mars (14.1%), Moon (12%), Venus (11.2%), and Neptune (10.8%)… Although my fifth is in Mercury which is sitting at 9.9%.

    My five highest % for signs are Capricorn (16.1%), Aries (14.6%), Scorpio (11.3%), Taurus (10.3%), and Pisces (10.2%)… My sixth one is in Aquarius which sit at 8.7%.

    My dominant modality is in Cardinal although Fixed are in middle ground and I don’t have much of Mutable. My dominant element are in Earth although all four elements are almost tied, Earth coming in 28.9%, Water at 24.7%, Air at 23.5%, and Fire at 22.8%.

    I am looking forward to hear from you! 🙂


    • Thank you for sharing 🙂

      One of the great things about astrology is that it is flexible in the way you can use it, and using it in a way which suits you can actually make it work better for you.

      Astrologers provide guidelines, interpretations to work with, methods from which to start, you can stick with those rigidly, flexibly, or wander off the beaten track – some of the astrology which we use these days came from an astrologer going off the beaten track. If you think about it astrologers have been changing the way astrology is used from the get go, and there’s no reason why a person using astrology to get to know themselves better shouldn’t do it – after all it is about finding out more about yourself and one way you do that is by observing how you use the tool which helps you to get to know yourself.

      There are different approaches to the concept of dominants and one of those uses multiple dominants or co-dominants. I used to have a link to a page which explained co-dominants (and how to figure them out manually) but I lost it after I tidied up my bookmarks (I did it Pluto in the 1st/Mars in Scorpio in the 3rd style which means I deleted them all to start again from scratch) and haven’t been able to find it again online.

      So if using co-dominants works for you that’s the way to do it, especially since your top ranked dominants are Mars and Capricorn – both of those underline the need to do things your own way, and since your Mars is in the sign of Aries – independent action is your lifeblood. Moon in Aries – you love your independence and are nurtured by doing things your way.

      Being ‘quite weird’ is an excellent way to be, and goes well with your dominant Capricorn (Capricorn is an eccentric sign) and as you have Uranus and Neptune, both of which embrace the weird, in Cap you have a natural ability to materialise dreams, maybe doing so in a radical way using a new method or improving an old method by infusing it with personal inspiration.

      Whatever you do for yourself will affect others (7th house) – so your method of approaching the dominants may help others who are using astrology, however with Chiron in Virgo in the 3rd you may find that others will challenge what you think, your methods, and that may cause self-doubt but that is both the wound and the cure – your self-doubt will make you go into the details more and that will reveal more about the subject and method, refining your knowledge and making it simpler for others to understand – you have the makings of a nurturing genius.

      That’s my take on what you’ve shared of your chart (please note that I have Merc trine Uranus and everything I think and say is loopy 😉 ).

      Have fun with astrology and follow your instincts!


      • Ooh I see! Thank you for your insights! I really enjoyed reading your thoughts regarding on what I said. 🙂

        As for the top being Mars and Capricorn.. I can see that being me and as for both Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn and 7th… I do notice that sometime what I do tend to influence/affect others as well!

        And haha, you have Mercury trine Uranus? That’s awesome mainly because I have that aspect too! (tight orb as well as its only one degree different) and my Mercury is also trine Neptune as well. (While both my Uranus conjunct my Neptune by 3 degree apart and my Uranus is conjunct my 8th house cusp as well).


  20. My 3 dominant planets: Saturn, Pluto and Neptune. This was really interesting.. I’m actually new to astrology and didn’t know how much significance dominant planets have. I also have Sun, Uranus, Neptune Stellium in the 12th house.

    Planet: Position Aspects Total Rank Percent
    Sun: 33.5 ( 5) + 7.7 ( 6) = 41.2 ( 7) / 7.3%
    Moon: 45.0 ( 4) + 3.9 (10) = 48.9 ( 5) / 8.6%
    Mercury: 20.0 ( 9) + 10.6 ( 4) = 30.6 ( 9) / 5.4%
    Venus: 28.5 ( 6) + 4.1 ( 9) = 32.6 ( 8) / 5.8%
    Mars: 25.0 ( 7) + 5.3 ( 7) = 30.3 (10) / 5.3%
    Jupiter: 20.0 (10) + 25.1 ( 2) = 45.1 ( 6) / 8.0%
    Saturn: 116.0 ( 1) + 9.8 ( 5) = 125.8 ( 1) / 22.2%
    Uranus: 25.0 ( 8) + 25.3 ( 1) = 50.3 ( 4) / 8.9%
    Neptune: 53.5 ( 3) + 17.4 ( 3) = 70.9 ( 3) / 12.5%
    Pluto: 67.5 ( 2) + 4.2 ( 8) = 71.7 ( 2) / 12.7%
    Chiron: 12.0 (11) + 0.0 (11) = 12.0 (11) / 2.1%
    Node: 7.0 (12) + 0.0 (12) = 7.0 (12) / 1.2%
    Total: 453.0 + 113.3 = 566.3 / 100.0%
    Sign: Power Rank Percent ‐ Element Power Percent
    Aries: 34.3 ( 6) / 6.1% ‐ Fire: 88.2 / 15.6%
    Taurus: 6.7 (12) / 1.2% ‐ Earth: 162.8 / 28.7%

    Gemini: 8.4 (11) / 1.5% ‐ Air: 126.7 / 22.4%
    Cancer: 16.4 ( 8) / 2.9% ‐ Water: 188.5 / 33.3%
    Leo: 16.3 ( 9) / 2.9%
    Virgo: 26.4 ( 7) / 4.7% ‐ Mode Power Percent
    Libra: 11.5 (10) / 2.0% ‐ Cardinal: 191.8 / 33.9%
    Scorpio: 98.7 ( 3) / 17.4% ‐ Fixed: 228.6 / 40.4%
    Sagittarius: 37.6 ( 5) / 6.6% ‐ Mutuable: 145.9 / 25.8%
    Capricorn: 129.7 ( 1) / 22.9%
    Aquarius: 106.9 ( 2) / 18.9%
    Pisces: 73.5 ( 4) / 13.0%
    Total: 566.3 / 100.0%


    • Thank you for sharing 🙂

      When you’re first starting out in astrology it helps to keep things simple because there is so much to learn and understand. It took me ages before I got around to working with Houses, then Transits, and even longer to get to the concept of dominants.

      One of the things I found intriguing about dominants is that they tend to confirm what we already know about ourselves, but perhaps we hadn’t noticed just how much that part of us dominated the rest of us.

      For instance I’ve always known that I tended to rely most upon my mind (Mercury dominant) and that I love to dig deep and penetrate the surface (Scorpio dominant) especially of thought. Knowing that those are my dominants confirms and gives focus.

      Astrology is a wonderful tool for self-exploration, enjoy the journey 😀


      • So my dominant planet is Venus (in Virgo) 16.9%, and my second dominant is Pluto (in Scorpio) 12.4%. Which means my dominant signs are Virgo and Scorpio. Just to give some extra background, here’s the rest of my info. My ascendant is in Leo. Sun and Venus are in Virgo (2nd House), Moon and Saturn are in Pisces (8th House) all of which opposes each other. Mars and Pluto are in Scorpio, mars in my 3rd house and Pluto in my 4th house. So it seems that water and earth are my ruling elements which makes sense but water is a little higher than earth which also makes sense because I’m very sensitive and intuitive, but my feelings are usually kept from the outside world and people have to get to know me before I allow them to see my emotions or before I express my emotions to them. When it comes to love, if I don’t intuitively feel that someone will reciprocate my feelings then I usually don’t say anything at all to them about those feelings. Could you tell me what that dynamic with Virgo and Scorpio indicates though? And the planets Venus and Pluto as well?
        Thanks so much!!
        Planet: Position Aspects Total Rank Percent
        Sun: 50.0 ( 4) + 26.1 ( 5) = 76.0 ( 3) / 11.5%
        Moon: 35.0 ( 6) + 33.1 ( 3) = 68.1 ( 4) / 10.3%
        Mercury: 67.0 ( 2) + 0.6 (10) = 67.6 ( 5) / 10.3%
        Venus: 67.0 ( 3) + 44.7 ( 1) = 111.7 ( 1) / 16.9%
        Mars: 30.0 ( 7) + 5.7 ( 8) = 35.7 ( 9) / 5.4%
        Jupiter: 45.0 ( 5) + 4.4 ( 9) = 49.4 ( 8) / 7.5%
        Saturn: 20.0 ( 9) + 44.3 ( 2) = 64.3 ( 6) / 9.8%
        Uranus: 15.0 (10) + 19.0 ( 6) = 34.0 (10) / 5.2%
        Neptune: 27.5 ( 8) + 29.0 ( 4) = 56.5 ( 7) / 8.6%
        Pluto: 72.5 ( 1) + 9.4 ( 7) = 81.9 ( 2) / 12.4%
        Chiron: 7.0 (11) + 0.0 (11) = 7.0 (11) / 1.1%
        Node: 7.0 (12) + 0.0 (12) = 7.0 (12) / 1.1%
        Total: 443.0 + 216.2 = 659.2 / 100.0%

        Sign: Power Rank Percent – Element Power Percent
        Aries: 12.7 (12) / 1.9% – Fire: 68.8 / 10.4%
        Taurus: 63.0 ( 4) / 9.6% – Earth: 230.4 / 35.0%
        Gemini: 41.2 ( 8) / 6.3% – Air: 127.0 / 19.3%
        Cancer: 45.7 ( 7) / 6.9% – Water: 233.0 / 35.3%
        Leo: 20.8 (11) / 3.2%
        Virgo: 112.6 ( 1) / 17.1% – Mode Power Percent
        Libra: 61.3 ( 5) / 9.3% – Cardinal: 174.5 / 26.5%
        Scorpio: 105.4 ( 2) / 16.0% – Fixed: 213.7 / 32.4%
        Sagittarius: 35.3 ( 9) / 5.4% – Mutuable: 271.1 / 41.1%
        Capricorn: 54.8 ( 6) / 8.3%
        Aquarius: 24.4 (10) / 3.7%
        Pisces: 82.0 ( 3) / 12.4%
        Total: 659.2 / 100.0%


        • Thank you for sharing 🙂

          Virgo likes to analyse (can get very picky about it, but if the pickiness is kept in check that analysand side of it is really useful). Your Virgo side will give you great logical processing of information abilities – but you have to watch out for getting bogged down in detail and being overly perfectionsitic.

          Scorpio likes to dig and dig deep (similar to Virgo’s analysis but more probing), it loves to investigate, especially what is hidden, secret, taboo. You will have almost ‘magical’ powers of insight into people, situations, problems and things – Mars in Scorpio is very instinctive and quite arrogant (sometimes the arrogance is a bonus so don’t write it off but keep an eye on it so it doesn’t get too big-headed and squash other people and their views). Your ‘magic’ comes from picking up what often goes unnoticed – body language, micro-expressions, sensory info, etc.

          Virgo + Scorpio = in depth analysis seeking truth, a great detective of life or a picky probing snoop who just wants to know what their neighbour is doing behind closed doors. Someone who knows themselves inside out, understands what they know, uses it wisely or someone who avoids knowing themselves by focusing on others, finding what’s wrong with everyone else and distracting themselves with the problems of others.

          All signs, planets, placements, aspects, positions, etc, can go either way – negative/positive – they’re neutral until we tip them one way or another.

          Venus + Pluto = need for intense experience of love/beauty/pleasure. Transformation through love/beauty/pleasure. Pluto needs to transform – Venus needs pleasure.

          You’ve got an awesome chart with powerful dominants – what you do with that is up to you, and with Mars in Scorpio (which I also have) you need to figure out your own path because doing a path chosen for you by anyone else is not going to do it for you. That includes someone else telling you what your astro means.

          Worth exploring is Astrotheme’s ( http://www.astrotheme.com/ ) database – you can search by criteria, positions, aspects, and find ‘celebs’ with similar placements/dominants, etc – it can be quite intriguing to see how someone else with a similar chart to yours has dealt with that chart.

          The Venus/Pluto theme will demand intensity in ‘love’ and will get intensity in ‘love’ – you will be transformed by the things and people you love.

          Virgo/Scorpio – if something is superficial and shallow it will repel you, if it goes deep you will dive into it with pleasure but you also may dissect it until there is nothing left of it which might be something you enjoy doing.

          Check your chart for more detailed info – for Venus look at the placement of Taurus and Libra, and the house Venus is in too, plus aspects to other signs/planets. Ditto with Pluto – since Scorpio resides in your 3rd house (like mine) your mind and communication style will be influenced by the sign (Mars in the 3rd can make you seem aggressive to others when you express yourself, but you may think you’re not being aggressive at all or enough). Pluto in the 4th is tricky as the 4th house is home/family/roots – digging deep there is prone to causing family history to change.

          With dominant Pluto I’d recommend checking out the writing on Pluto of Jeff Green – extracts of his work on Pluto and the work of others can be found here – https://www.scribd.com/doc/31151867/2204105-Pluto-Sign-House-Aspect

          Have fun exploring – what gives you pleasure transforms you 🙂


  21. Hi!!! U really are awesome…I have been wondering all about my dominant planets but got nothing… But after reading your article I got much more info.
    My top planets are: Neptune 17.2% Saturn: 13.2% and Uranus 12.8%
    I have Aries ascendant and Pisces sun sign… But my dominant signs are Capricorn 22.6% and Pisces 21.5%
    soo am really confused with all this??? How do these values define as a person??
    I hope u understood what m tryna say…hehe…sorry for all d trouble 🙂


    • Hi, thank you for sharing 🙂

      The Pullen method for figuring out your chart dominant uses your whole chart, houses, aspects, etc, to work out which sign and planet dominates. There are other methods – a simpler one uses your ascendant sign and its ruling planet which sometimes turns out to be the same as the Pullen method (but not in your case).

      Donna Cunningham created an Alpha Dog planet system, which is similar to the dominant planet. This is what she says about Neptune being your strongest planet – https://skywriter.wordpress.com/2010/03/28/how-strong-is-your-neptune-here%E2%80%99s-the-score/ – this article shows you how a dominant/alpha planet is figured out manually.

      Astrology can be confusing – confusion is a Neptune experience, it’s often an asset because what confuses inspires you to research it to bring clarity to the confusion, so with Neptune dominant when you find yourself confused it activates your desire to know more. And Capricorn dominant sees knowledge as power.

      Your dominants don’t define you as a person – you do that. Astrology doesn’t tell you who you are, it helps you understand who you are – sometimes by leaving you with questions about what an aspect or placement means for you.

      I have often learned more about who I am while arguing with an interpretation (but I do have Mars square Mercury which does love to argue, and figures things out by debating).

      When using astrology, reading up on it, checking out interpretations and such, you need to remember that what you read is a guideline, somewhere to start exploring – but ultimately who you are is something only you can define for yourself. You’re unique.

      A good way to understand your dominants and see how they work for you is to read up on those signs/planets – be sure to go outside of the usual astro blurbs and read the myth behind the sign/planet too as that’s interesting. Neptune is the king/god of the ocean – so with Neptune dominant you too have a bit of king/god of the ocean about you – but only you know how that plays out for you.

      One way to understand the dominants is to look at what dominates for you – what do you love to do, what are your passions, your favourite pastimes, what themes play out in your life, what grabs your attention more than anything else, what are your dreams (a big focus of Neptune), your ambitions, your hopes and desires? What’s your favourite colour, fictional character, and so on. Usually the dominants will reflect what’s already strong for you and confirm what you already know, giving you another way to know more about what you already know. 🙂


  22. hi!!! this article really helped me but m left with soo many confusion…I am a Piscean with an Aries ascendant…But according to this app. I have Capricorn 22.6% and Pisces 21.5% so that means I have Capricorn characters..
    Likewise my highest planets are Neptune 17.2%
    Saturn 13.2% and
    Uranus 12.8%
    Can you help me to know the overall impacts of these planets??? thanks 🙂


    • You’re still very much a Pisces Sun with an Aries ascendant, having Capricorn as your dominant sign doesn’t change that. Your dominant sign doesn’t replace your Sun sign or your rising sign, it simply adds Capricorn flavour to your Pisces Sun/Aries rising. It doesn’t define your character, it’s part of your character as you already know it. Knowing your dominant simply gives you an astrological perspective on who you already are, another way of looking at yourself, your chart, in the astrological mirror. So you may find that aspects of your character which you assigned to your Sun, Ascendant or other placement, are now explained by Capricorn dominant.

      For Capricorn to be dominant there have to be placements in your natal chart which emphasise it.

      The best way to understand the influence of these planets is to research and read up on them.

      Capricorn/Saturn tend to give structure to a chart and an individual. For a Pisces Sun this could mean that you have the extra oomph needed to make your dreams become a reality.

      Neptune/Pisces gives imagination to a chart and an individual. I’m guessing that you are of the Neptune in Capricorn generation which means you have the ability to manifest/materialise dreams, make what you imagine become real.

      If you also have Uranus in Capricorn – freedom comes through creating the right structure for you to express your own unique spark (Aries rising loves to initiate independent paths to take).

      Bottom line – keep being yourself. When interpreting your chart remember it reflects who you already are, so the impact is simply to confirm what’s already there and not to tell you that who you are isn’t who you are 🙂


      • Having third house stellium on Capricorn, it’s second dominant in my chart, but I never feel like Capr at all, those planets on the third house are retrograde, maybe thats why
        I’m more like my rising sign than my sun sign


        • Thank you for sharing 🙂

          You might find this article of interest – http://astrodynamics.net/ascendant-defining-ourselves/ – it discusses the difference between the Sun sign and the Rising sign.

          Sometimes when a sign is emphasised its effect may not be obvious, meaning you won’t necessarily notice stereotypical Capricorn behaviour and traits in yourself, its effect may simply be to give you more stability, focus and determination, and you may assign its effect to other placements and signs because there are many similarities between signs.

          Capricorn’s effect and influence is similar to that of its ruling planet, Saturn. With second dominant Capricorn, it’s worth checking out what Saturn is up to in your chart. It’s also worth seeing how Capricorn and your dominant sign blend together.


          • Hello

            When you say a satirn dominant needs more structure in their lives in order to succeed, can you please explain more on how to lead a life of structure. I have another question also its about the capricorn being half goat half fish, some astrologers say it represents the highs and lows in which capricorns can go “highest mountains deepest seas”, others however believe that the sign has traits of earth and water signs, that it why capricorns can be very complicated. What do you personally think? Do you believe the tail represent an emotional part of the caps that is very similar to that of pisces? I read a third explanation that said caps in the beginning of theor lives have it hard with alot of emotional baggage so they spend this first stage swimming to the shore after dealing with their “water lives” then after they m become wiser from all the lessons they have learned and after they have a stronger character and will and objective they start climbing. I thought it was very interesting. Thank you


            • One of the fun parts of astrology and exploring our charts is what we make of our charts. By investigating our natal chart we discover more about ourselves – the way we choose to investigate it reveals a lot to us about ourselves.

              So – What do you think Capricorn is and means? Describe it and you’ll reveal yourself in your description. The same applies to the concept of structure – what do you think ‘structure’ means? WHat does Saturn mean for you?

              The views of others can help us with our own view but ultimately we have to find our own vision for ourselves and for our astrology.

              If you’re interested in Saturn in the chart then research it – there are many roads of research to take, one of the more interesting ones is reading up of the mythology of the planet or sign.

              Personally I like the version of Capricorn which is a goat who can’t swim and a fish who can’t climb – that expresses something for me about the quirky nature of Capricorn, the challenges of a Saturn rulership, and of life, of being human, and the human urge to find a deeper meaning in everything when there may be nothing more to something than what is there 😉


  23. Heya there! I just wanted to share after reading that article (it was really nice, btw.) One thing I’m simply confused about, is cancer being my dominant sign, becasue I only have it in Jupiter and my NN. Well…that and I’ve always felt a weird connection to the 12th house, and even though my sun in libra is in the 1st house, I have leo in the 12th (as well as Venus in Virgo). Does that mean anything? Or am I just being a little crazy? Wait…I’m already crazy, so I guess it’s more of am I being crazier than usual? 😛

    Planet: Position Aspects Total Rank Percent
    Sun: 60.0 ( 4) + 11.2 ( 8) = 71.2 ( 4) / 10.7%
    Moon: 67.0 ( 2) + 16.0 ( 5) = 83.0 ( 1) / 12.4%
    Mercury: 65.0 ( 3) + 7.4 (10) = 72.4 ( 3) / 10.9%
    Venus: 40.0 ( 6) + 6.5 (11) = 46.5 ( 9) / 7.0%
    Mars: 45.0 ( 5) + 14.6 ( 7) = 59.6 ( 5) / 8.9%
    Jupiter: 71.0 ( 1) + 3.9 (12) = 74.9 ( 2) / 11.2%
    Saturn: 23.5 ( 8) + 21.2 ( 3) = 44.7 (10) / 6.7%
    Uranus: 35.0 ( 7) + 17.7 ( 4) = 52.7 ( 8) / 7.9%
    Neptune: 20.0 (11) + 8.6 ( 9) = 28.6 (11) / 4.3%
    Pluto: 10.0 (12) + 15.0 ( 6) = 25.0 (12) / 3.7%
    Chiron: 22.0 ( 9) + 31.7 ( 2) = 53.7 ( 7) / 8.0%
    Node: 22.0 (10) + 32.7 ( 1) = 54.7 ( 6) / 8.2%
    Total: 480.5 + 186.6 = 667.1 / 100.0%

    Sign: Power Rank Percent – Element Power Percent
    Aries: 30.0 ( 9) / 4.5% – Fire: 147.6 / 22.1%
    Taurus: 23.7 (11) / 3.5% – Earth: 150.2 / 22.5%
    Gemini: 42.0 ( 8) / 6.3% – Air: 181.2 / 27.2%
    Cancer: 123.5 ( 1) / 18.5% – Water: 188.0 / 28.2%
    Leo: 24.6 (10) / 3.7%
    Virgo: 43.4 ( 7) / 6.5% – Mode Power Percent
    Libra: 69.5 ( 5) / 10.4% – Cardinal: 306.1 / 45.9%
    Scorpio: 18.5 (12) / 2.8% – Fixed: 136.5 / 20.5%
    Sagittarius: 93.1 ( 2) / 14.0% – Mutuable: 224.5 / 33.7%
    Capricorn: 83.1 ( 3) / 12.5%
    Aquarius: 69.8 ( 4) / 10.5%
    Pisces: 46.0 ( 6) / 6.9%
    Total: 667.1 / 100.0%


    • Thank you for sharing 🙂

      Being a little crazy is useful and pretty normal when you’re human. Crazier than usual tends to be something which fluctuates 😉

      I have no idea why Cancer is your dominant sign but since you have the Moon as your dominant planet that would emphasise Cancer as the Moon is its ruling planet.

      The 12th house is connected to Pisces.

      The 4th house is connected to Cancer – so if you have a stellium there (even if Cancer isn’t on the cusp) that might make the sign dominant.

      For more info on how dominants are worked out you might find this helpful, it’s not about Pullen’s dominant system it’s about a different system but it’s similar enough to show how such things are worked out – https://skywriter.wordpress.com/2011/08/03/how-to-identify-your-alpha-dog-planet/


      • Ohhh….That makes a lot of sense! I never got it, but now I think I do! Thank you so many muches! And I’m so glad someone sees the benefits of craziness! 🙂

        I don’t know if Chiron’s included in a stellium, but if it is, I think it goes with my Moon and Mars in the 4th house, along with my pluto which is like 3-4 degrees from the 4th house cusp, but I’m not too sure how close it has to be to be considered “in” that house, (Ah, the troubles of Sag in Pluto generation, too searchy aka nosy for their own good).

        Oh, and the whole 12th house thing, I just found out (or remembered) that I have a Pisces descendant, after finding out my first high school friend is in fact a Pisces! Isn’t that something!?

        But really, thanks for your great advice This astrology is just so interesting ever since I started a few months ago, and I simply want to know more and more! It’s like that interesting concept you just want to keep learning about until you can’t anymore, right?


  24. Hi, thank you so much for this info!

    Could you possibly comment on this for me? I’m new to astrology, so a bit confused. How does being an Aries relate to the below? Best wishes!

    Planet: Position Aspects Total Rank Percent
    Sun: 50.0 ( 4) + 26.9 ( 4) = 76.9 ( 3) / 11.8%
    Moon: 33.5 ( 6) + 30.4 ( 2) = 63.9 ( 4) / 9.8%
    Mercury: 23.5 ( 8) + 9.8 ( 8) = 33.3 (10) / 5.1%
    Venus: 77.5 ( 2) + 14.1 ( 7) = 91.6 ( 2) / 14.1%
    Mars: 35.0 ( 5) + 7.3 ( 9) = 42.3 ( 9) / 6.5%
    Jupiter: 20.0 ( 9) + 24.7 ( 5) = 44.7 ( 8) / 6.9%
    Saturn: 83.5 ( 1) + 28.2 ( 3) = 111.7 ( 1) / 17.1%
    Uranus: 15.0 (11) + 32.2 ( 1) = 47.2 ( 7) / 7.2%
    Neptune: 33.5 ( 7) + 19.8 ( 6) = 53.3 ( 6) / 8.2%
    Pluto: 57.5 ( 3) + 5.5 (10) = 63.0 ( 5) / 9.7%
    Chiron: 17.0 (10) + 0.0 (11) = 17.0 (11) / 2.6%
    Node: 7.0 (12) + 0.0 (12) = 7.0 (12) / 1.1%
    Total: 453.0 + 198.8 = 651.8 / 100.0%

    Sign: Power Rank Percent – Element Power Percent
    Aries: 79.9 ( 2) / 12.3% – Fire: 153.3 / 23.5%
    Taurus: 79.2 ( 3) / 12.2% – Earth: 165.8 / 25.4%
    Gemini: 45.4 ( 9) / 7.0% – Air: 189.7 / 29.1%
    Cancer: 27.4 (10) / 4.2% – Water: 143.0 / 21.9%
    Leo: 48.2 ( 8) / 7.4%
    Virgo: 11.8 (12) / 1.8% – Mode Power Percent
    Libra: 60.6 ( 6) / 9.3% – Cardinal: 242.7 / 37.2%
    Scorpio: 65.0 ( 5) / 10.0% – Fixed: 276.1 / 42.4%
    Sagittarius: 25.2 (11) / 3.9% – Mutuable: 132.9 / 20.4%
    Capricorn: 74.9 ( 4) / 11.5%
    Aquarius: 83.8 ( 1) / 12.9%
    Pisces: 50.6 ( 7) / 7.8%
    Total: 651.8 / 100.0%


    • Thank you for sharing 🙂

      The dominant planet and sign are figured out by assessing the whole natal chart, so it incorporates your Aries sun, finding the sign and planet which is most emphasised in your whole chart. It factors in house placements, rulerships, aspects, angles, etc.

      Your chart is a reflection of you as you are – so you’re still you as you are and have always been. Nothing has changed you simply have a new way of looking at yourself and your chart.

      If your dominant sign isn’t the same as your sun sign this does not override your sun sign, it simply means that the dominant sign’s traits are a part of how you are and how your sun sign expresses itself – in your case, with Aquarius being your dominant sign, Aquarian traits will be a part of your Aries self. In fact you may have assigned to Aries what is actually Aquarius’ influence as they share similarities. Both love independence and freedom, both signs want to do what they want to do, but Aquarius might make your Aries independent streak more quirky in how it expresses itself (you might pride yourself on being eccentric, different, weird and ), more adamant to pursue freedom, and you may want to free others (Aquarius gives a humanitarian bent) while freeing yourself.

      Your dominant planet is Saturn – which will focus your energy and give structure to your Aries sun. You might be a bit serious in your approach to life, but it’ll always pay off, it’ll tame your Aquarius and Aries energy and channel it.

      For an overview of Aquarius dominant – http://astroasteria.com/post/130569706473/interpreting-sign-dominants

      For an overview of Saturn dominant – http://astroasteria.com/post/130406610695/interpreting-planetary-dominants


  25. Hello, I had dominant sign/planet in scorpio/pluto.. very shocking, because my sun is in taurus, but I believe this opposite signs made someone complete 😉
    Thanks for sharing


  26. Hi, My dominant planets are venus (16.6%) followed by saturn (16.0%) and then sun (14.5). Can you let me know how to predict the outcome. I read many articles but m new so cannot understand much. does it mean struggle in relationships or wealth accumulation. Does it restrict wealth? This i very important to know. The financial security and success in business. My dob is 27/04/1989.


    • Thank you for sharing 🙂

      For relationships you need to look at the 1st and 7th houses of your natal chart. For finance you need to look at the 2nd and 8th houses in your natal chart.

      The dominants don’t really predict anything, they give an overall influence of your chart. Venus dominant points to a love of beauty, harmony, pleasure and comfort, and an attractive aura about you. For more on the influence of your Venus dominant you need to look at your natal Venus, its position by house, the aspects it makes, and where Taurus and Libra are located as Venus is their ruling planet – http://www.evolvingdoor.ca/miscarticles/venus_rules.htm

      Those with a strong Venus tend to attract everything they need and want – but they also may squander what they get given because it comes easily so it goes easily too.

      Saturn dominant can be slightly difficult to deal with – with Saturn you need to understand the rules of your particular Saturn placement, and of Saturn in general. It can be a wonderful complementary companion to Venus, giving focus and ambition to your love of beauty, etc. It could point to someone who makes something pleasurable into a business venture or finds pleasure in their work – much depends on aspects, house placement, and the sign of Capricorn in your natal chart.

      Astrology is sometimes used to predict but predictions can be as wrong as they can be right because all astrological data is neutral and depends upon the individual themselves to tip things one way or another. Your chart doesn’t tell you who you are and what you’ll experience in life, it gives who you are and what you experience a way to understand your own personal story.

      Predictive astrology usually uses transits to your natal chart rather than dominants.


  27. Good evening. Thanks for the info. I am really excited to read more but am a little new to the chart aspects of my Libra sign. Could you possibly comment on where i can start to read and learn more. I don’t understand Sun, Moon, or Rising, etc.

    I appreciate your help 🙂

    Planet: Position Aspects Total Rank Percent
    Sun: 61.0 ( 3) + 4.3 (10) = 65.3 ( 4) / 11.1%
    Moon: 30.0 ( 8) + 7.8 ( 8) = 37.8 ( 9) / 6.4%
    Mercury: 63.5 ( 2) + 7.5 ( 9) = 71.0 ( 2) / 12.0%
    Venus: 40.0 ( 5) + 9.6 ( 7) = 49.6 ( 5) / 8.4%
    Mars: 25.0 (10) + 10.9 ( 6) = 35.9 (10) / 6.1%
    Jupiter: 72.5 ( 1) + 18.1 ( 2) = 90.6 ( 1) / 15.4%
    Saturn: 50.0 ( 4) + 15.5 ( 4) = 65.5 ( 3) / 11.1%
    Uranus: 20.0 (11) + 21.6 ( 1) = 41.6 ( 8) / 7.0%
    Neptune: 33.5 ( 7) + 15.5 ( 3) = 49.0 ( 7) / 8.3%
    Pluto: 38.5 ( 6) + 11.1 ( 5) = 49.6 ( 6) / 8.4%
    Chiron: 27.0 ( 9) + 0.0 (11) = 27.0 (11) / 4.6%
    Node: 7.0 (12) + 0.0 (12) = 7.0 (12) / 1.2%
    Total: 468.0 + 121.9 = 589.9 / 100.0%

    Sign: Power Rank Percent – Element Power Percent
    Aries: 9.8 (12) / 1.7% – Fire: 96.8 / 16.4%
    Taurus: 24.9 (11) / 4.2% – Earth: 122.3 / 20.7%
    Gemini: 43.3 ( 8) / 7.3% – Air: 178.7 / 30.3%
    Cancer: 24.9 (10) / 4.2% – Water: 192.2 / 32.6%
    Leo: 36.1 ( 9) / 6.1%
    Virgo: 51.7 ( 5) / 8.8% – Mode Power Percent
    Libra: 69.1 ( 3) / 11.7% – Cardinal: 149.5 / 25.3%
    Scorpio: 69.9 ( 2) / 11.8% – Fixed: 197.0 / 33.4%
    Sagittarius: 51.0 ( 6) / 8.6% – Mutuable: 243.3 / 41.3%
    Capricorn: 45.6 ( 7) / 7.7%
    Aquarius: 66.2 ( 4) / 11.2%
    Pisces: 97.3 ( 1) / 16.5%
    Total: 589.9 / 100.0%


    • Thank you for sharing 🙂

      Wow, tackling the Dominant before you tackle the basics of astrology is a bold move – but you have Uranus as your Dominant planet so bold moves and doing things a bit topsy turvy is familiar territory for you 😉

      And with Pisces as your Dominant sign – what confuses others makes sense to you, what confuses you may be something others think is straightforward. You swim in different waters.

      One of the best places online to learn about astrology and how to work with your chart is the same place which has the Pullen chart – http://www.astro.com/ – they have loads of info, and lots of free charts to help you get to know your own and know how to read it. I usually recommend the Astro Click Porttrait as a good place to start as it uses the interpretations of a good astrologer and allows you to explore your chart one click at a time, tells you about houses, signs, placements, aspects one by one.

      Focus on one thing and work from there – Sun sign is a good place to start. The Sun sign is basically your Ego – both positive and negative and neutral. Lots of people will have the same Sun sign as you… but they won’t experience it as you do because of the rest of the chart. Certain things will be similar and familiar to all those born under that sign, but the differences are the meat of things.

      Ascendant/rising sign is also a good place to start. Again your rising/ascendant will be something that many people have.

      Research, explore, find your own way… Uranus dominant does things their way anyway. You’re born to be different and will go there no matter what!

      I started with the writings of this astrologer – http://sunsignsbylindagoodman.blogspot.co.uk/2009/09/libra-scales-september-24th-through.html – but that was when astrology only came in books or through visiting an astrologer, before you could go online… lots of great stuff to find online these days, but you do need to focus on one thing first and go from there, expanding as you gain knowledge.

      What do you want your chart to reveal to you? Find your question and follow it to answers and more questions!


      • AnUpturnedSoul:

        Thank you so much for this help. What I want my chart to reveal to me…..well, a lot of things. I am searching, more in the last number of years, for my calling in life. I have an intense feeling i need to be doing something which I am not. I fear I am not listening enough to find out why. So, I come in search of my next chapter and where it leads me.

        Simple enough, right?


        • Totally simple 😉

          I wonder if your ‘intense feeling’ is connected to a transit triggering a natal position. Sounds to me as though your are listening and are seeking to find out why. Fear can be a great motivator – check your natal Saturn and transiting Saturn.

          Since you’re fairly new to astrology you might find it helpful to get a professional reading. While an astrologer won’t necessarily be able to tell you what your calling in life is, although some say they can (it’s possible that some can), they will be able to show you what’s highlighted in your chart as areas of abilities, interest, focus, etc, and how to read your own chart.

          I haven’t had a reading in ages (and, typical of me, I got my time wrong when I did get a reading years ago), however if I were to get one again I’d probably choose one or both of these astrologers as I love the way they work with astrology:



          I also like these astrologers:

          http://www.elsaelsa.com/ – Elsa Elsa has a great community and forum.


          https://www.planetwaves.net/ – This site has several astrologers participating in it. It’s main astrologer is Eric Francis – when looking online for info on a planet it’s worth adding ‘Eric Francis’ to the search terms as he’s written some in depth articles which are very informative.

          There are certain astrologers who use alternative types of astrology.

          Like this one which is a system I’ve never come across before which is intriguing, insightful, but I still have no idea what’s going on and how they came up with such a complex system – http://www.loveyourdesign.com/blog/ – but I love reading their posts.

          For life purpose you might find Esoteric Astrology more informative as it delves into the astrology of the soul. Esoteric astrology is more metaphysical and can be rather weird, it’s an interesting juxtaposition to the more usual astrology. I used to be very into Esoteric Astrology and the metaphysical.

          This is one site I find intriguing – http://www.dkfoundation.co.uk/dkfoundation/Articles1.htm – the backstory of the DK foundation is rather bizarre.

          Alan Oken is one of the more well-known Esoteric Astrologers – http://www.alanoken.com/index.php?page=articles

          I enjoy reading the articles on this site – http://www.astroinquiry.com/

          It is usually advisable to have an understanding of basic astrology before venturing off the beaten track into the alternative types of astrology, but then again sometimes you just need to explore and see where you end up.

          Sorry for the info and link overload, that’s my Mercury dominant doing it’s thing. It’s also an INTP thing – speaking of which you might find the MBTI (Meyers Briggs Type Indicator) worth checking out – http://personalityjunkie.com/

          Since Uranus is your dominant – follow the sparks which come from within even if they seem ‘crazy’, or especially if they seem ‘crazy’. Uranus is a great guide but it’s very quirky so it can seem like it’s leading you astray into weirdness, it always knows where it’s going even when it doesn’t 🙂


  28. Planet: Position Aspects Total Rank Percent
    Sun: 42.5 ( 7) + 6.1 (10) = 48.6 ( 8) / 7.2%
    Moon: 43.5 ( 6) + 11.8 ( 7) = 55.3 ( 7) / 8.2%
    Mercury: 10.0 (12) + 18.6 ( 6) = 28.6 (11) / 4.3%
    Venus: 51.0 ( 3) + 10.4 ( 8) = 61.4 ( 5) / 9.1%
    Mars: 38.5 ( 8) + 27.1 ( 1) = 65.6 ( 4) / 9.8%
    Jupiter: 50.0 ( 4) + 20.6 ( 3) = 70.6 ( 3) / 10.5%
    Saturn: 80.0 ( 1) + 19.3 ( 4) = 99.3 ( 1) / 14.8%
    Uranus: 18.5 (11) + 18.8 ( 5) = 37.3 (10) / 5.6%
    Neptune: 35.0 ( 9) + 21.2 ( 2) = 56.2 ( 6) / 8.4%
    Pluto: 70.0 ( 2) + 9.7 ( 9) = 79.7 ( 2) / 11.9%
    Chiron: 22.0 (10) + 0.0 (11) = 22.0 (12) / 3.3%
    Node: 47.0 ( 5) + 0.0 (12) = 47.0 ( 9) / 7.0%
    Total: 508.0 + 163.5 = 671.5 / 100.0%

    Sign: Power Rank Percent – Element Power Percent
    Aries: 57.7 ( 6) / 8.6% – Fire: 179.9 / 26.8%
    Taurus: 12.2 (10) / 1.8% – Earth: 120.9 / 18.0%
    Gemini: 7.6 (11) / 1.1% – Air: 173.1 / 25.8%
    Cancer: 51.5 ( 8) / 7.7% – Water: 197.6 / 29.4%
    Leo: 53.6 ( 7) / 8.0%
    Virgo: 5.7 (12) / 0.8% – Mode Power Percent
    Libra: 92.5 ( 3) / 13.8% – Cardinal: 304.7 / 45.4%
    Scorpio: 103.9 ( 1) / 15.5% – Fixed: 242.7 / 36.1%
    Sagittarius: 68.7 ( 5) / 10.2% – Mutuable: 124.2 / 18.5%
    Capricorn: 103.0 ( 2) / 15.3%
    Aquarius: 73.0 ( 4) / 10.9%
    Pisces: 42.2 ( 9) / 6.3%
    Total: 671.5 / 100.0%

    hello there,
    here’s my chart. I seem to have the highest percentage in Saturn. my sun sign is Scorpio in 0’02 degrees, does that mean I’m a cusp?


    • Thank you for sharing 🙂

      Your dominant planet is Saturn

      Your dominant sign is Scorpio – in your case your dominant sign is the same as your Sun sign – it’s dominance is not just due to having the Sun in the sign.

      With a 0 degree Sun you are indeed on the cusp. The issue of the cusp is one which is still an open discussion in astrology. Some astrologers feel that you’re either one sign or the other and the cusp makes no difference. Others think it makes a big difference as you are on the threshold between signs and therefore have both signs influencing you.

      Someone created extra zodiac signs for those born on the cusp – http://www.tarot.com/astrology/libra-scorpio-cusp

      If you do a search for 0 degrees and cusp you’ll find lots of articles discussing the matter.

      Also the 0 degree is considered an important degree in astrology – it’s called a ‘critical’ degree:

      “Planets at the 0 degree of a sign, indicate that you are starting a new beginning with the energy and earthly life manifestations of this planet. You have completed a cycle of reincarnations and experiences with it, and now you are given a new impetus, a new lifeline in this direction, a clean slate, so to speak, to explore other totally new and fascinating aspects of this planet.” – via http://www.astrolada.com/articles/character-astrology/the-critical-0-degree-in-astrology-new-karma.html

      It’s worth reading up on your 0 degree placement as it will give your Sun an extra something to consider.


  29. So I apparently have Venus as my dominant planet and Pluto as my secondary. And Virgo as my dominant sign (Sun + Venus are conjunct in Virgo in the 2nd house (16 degrees and 21 degrees respectively)) and Scorpio as my secondary (Mars and Pluto (1 degree and 28 degrees respectively) are in Scorpio and Scorpio is on my 4th house cusp). Could I get some additional information? Thank you!


    • Thank you for sharing 🙂

      Since your dominant planet is also in your dominant sign – if I was you I’d focus attention on researching Venus in Virgo, Venus and Virgo in the 2nd house (a great placement for Venus), and then check out the aspects which Venus makes (Venus conjunct Sun is rather a wonderful combo), and look at Pluto and Scorpio afterwards as they are secondary dominants thus their influence will be an undercurrent to your Venus and Virgo, and their influence will be made clearer once you get more info on your dominants.

      Remember your chart is a reflection of you – the real ‘additional information’ has to come from within, from reading an interpretation and cross-checking it with your own experience of being yourself.

      This is an interesting take on Venus in Virgo – http://www.astrologymarina.com/2014/08/venus-in-virgo.html

      On astrotheme you can check out celebs who have Venus Virgo in 2nd house by using their multicriteria advanced search – http://www.astrotheme.com/celebrities/search_by_astrological_criteria.php – which can be interesting as you can see astrological placements at work through a person.

      Astrotheme also have a bit about dominants and their meaning here – http://www.astrotheme.com/astrology_planets.php – and here – http://www.astrotheme.com/astrology_and_planetary_dominants_method.php

      The latter says this about Venus dominant:

      “Venus is synonymous with desire, she stirs up the need to charm and the thirst for well-being. She is in analogy with the possessive sign of Taurus and the 2nd House, that of money earned oneself and material goods. Thus, a Venusian person is naturally inclined to obtain the riches necessary for his material comfort, most of the time through his charm. Above all, he strives to get the indirect means – from his point of view – to please. He must live in a gorgeous mansion with expensive pieces of furniture and be surrounded by luxury as often as possible: the Venusian person has got luxury in his blood and, should the rest of the chart confirm the tendency, money will be readily available because the Venusian native is deeply attached to it.

      The Venusian, above, is naturally attracted by money and riches. Although without much energy, he is constantly thinking of them!”

      Remember to add the Virgo flavour to Venus to refine it 🙂


  30. Good morning! Thank you so much for the insightful information! The type of person I currently am is one who is such a worrier. I don’t believe in myself/abilities the way I should (could be because of my Saturn in the first house) and it gives me so much anxiety to the point where I am stagnant and rarely act on my deepest desires. On the other hand, when I’m not in one of my worry-spells, life is so grand and beautiful. I flow a lot more seamlessly and am able to enjoy myself and get a lot of opportunities that open me up to fuller experiences I’ve never dreamed of being exposed to. I was wondering if there was something in my chart that indicates where my problems are and other things in my chart that I can master so I can fix them! I’m still pretty young (20) but I always feel on the edge of time and that I’ll be 40 before I know it and nowhere where I want to truly be in life (Sun, Mercury, Jupiter are all in Sagittarius and in the 10th house—so career and impact on the world is extremely important to me). I just want to be great lol. This was a pretty long comment, so than you for taking your time to read this! I really appreciate it!

    Planet: Position Aspects Total Rank Percent
    Sun: 62.5 ( 3) + 9.7 ( 5) = 72.2 ( 3) / 12.5%
    Moon: 45.0 ( 4) + 7.1 ( 7) = 52.1 ( 5) / 9.0%
    Mercury: 35.0 ( 6) + 18.7 ( 3) = 53.7 ( 4) / 9.3%
    Venus: 17.0 ( 9) + 3.9 ( 9) = 20.9 ( 9) / 3.6%
    Mars: 25.0 ( 8) + 17.6 ( 4) = 42.6 ( 7) / 7.4%
    Jupiter: 90.0 ( 1) + 19.5 ( 2) = 109.5 ( 1) / 19.0%
    Saturn: 75.0 ( 2) + 27.0 ( 1) = 102.0 ( 2) / 17.7%
    Uranus: 40.0 ( 5) + 8.8 ( 6) = 48.8 ( 6) / 8.5%
    Neptune: 35.0 ( 7) + 6.1 ( 8) = 41.1 ( 8) / 7.1%
    Pluto: 17.0 (10) + 3.0 (10) = 20.0 (10) / 3.5%
    Chiron: 7.0 (11) + 0.0 (11) = 7.0 (11) / 1.2%
    Node: 7.0 (12) + 0.0 (12) = 7.0 (12) / 1.2%
    Total: 455.5 + 121.4 = 576.9 / 100.0%

    Sign: Power Rank Percent – Element Power Percent
    Aries: 35.0 ( 6) / 6.1% – Fire: 202.0 / 35.0%
    Taurus: 5.7 (12) / 1.0% – Earth: 153.8 / 26.7%
    Gemini: 14.5 ( 9) / 2.5% – Air: 74.4 / 12.9%
    Cancer: 35.2 ( 5) / 6.1% – Water: 146.7 / 25.4%
    Leo: 30.0 ( 7) / 5.2%
    Virgo: 10.9 (11) / 1.9% – Mode Power Percent
    Libra: 11.3 (10) / 2.0% – Cardinal: 218.8 / 37.9%
    Scorpio: 16.9 ( 8) / 2.9% – Fixed: 101.1 / 17.5%
    Sagittarius: 137.0 ( 2) / 23.7% – Mutuable: 257.0 / 44.6%
    Capricorn: 137.3 ( 1) / 23.8%
    Aquarius: 48.6 ( 4) / 8.4%
    Pisces: 94.6 ( 3) / 16.4%
    Total: 576.9 / 100.0%


    • Thank you for sharing 🙂

      Jupiter is your dominant planet, with Saturn coming a close second in percentage.

      Capricorn is your dominant sign, with Sagittarius almost tied with it.

      This combo’s influence goes well with what you expressed about how you experience yourself, as does having Sun, Mercury and Jupiter in Sagittarius (Jupiter is in its ruling sign which amplifies it) and Saturn in the 1st house. It’s interesting to note that your Sagittarian placements are in the 10th house which corresponds to Capricorn, thus ties in with Saturn. It seems that your chart is intensely focused on those two energies and your challenge is to blend them , get them working together – do that and you’ll definitely ‘be great’ 🙂

      You asked – ‘if there was something in my chart that indicates where my problems are and other things in my chart that I can master so I can fix them!’

      When working with your natal chart and with yourself ‘problem areas’ need to be explored and understood rather than fixed and controlled. True mastery comes from knowing yourself, understanding all the facets of you – being aware that you’re not just one thing and that there are rhythms to the way that you experience yourself.

      Some of those rhythms can be seen in your chart both through natal positions and aspects, and through transits to your natal chart – for instance transiting Saturn is at this time in Sagittarius (there’s a lot of info on this transit online as many astrologers are writing about it).

      This is a look at the darker side of Saturn in Sag – http://rubyslipper.ca/ruby-slipper-astrology/2015/02/saturn-in-sagittarius-and-depression

      This is a more positive look at it – http://www.insightastrology.net/current-transits/saturn-in-sagittarius/

      In your natal chart transiting Saturn will conjunct all your Sagittarius placements (and aspect all the placements which they aspect). Since the 10th house squares the 1st, Saturn’s transit of your 10th house will also at some point square your 1st house natal Saturn.

      What you said here – ‘I’m still pretty young (20) but I always feel on the edge of time and that I’ll be 40 before I know it and nowhere where I want to truly be in life’ – is a very Saturn type of thought and it’s the sort of thought which intensifies during a Saturn transit to natal Saturn.

      This is an overview of a Saturn square Saturn transit and its impact (it was written during Saturn’s transit of Libra) – http://www.elsaelsa.com/astrology/saturn-transit-in-square-or-opposite-natal-saturn/

      What she said here – “If you are having a Saturn transit to natal Saturn, keep this in mind. Every *right* thing you do will improve your circumstance in the moment but the real payday is seven years out, and fourteen years out, and twenty one years out and twenty eight years out. Based on this, I’d put the money in the bank today.” – is an important consideration for those having a major Saturn transit.

      It is also important for those with a strong Saturn placement (such as Saturn in the 1st) to pace themselves, and not to worry too much if things are taking a long time to come to fruition. Those with a strong Saturn signature tend to have to work hard to get the success they’re after, and they may feel that everyone else has it easy compared to them – although with your Jupiter dominant opportunities may fall into your lap, but you will have to work at turning those opportunities into a lasting structure. Success may take time but once you get it it will be build on a solid foundation, and will go from strength to strength.

      You are young (although with Saturn in the 1st you most probably will act older than your age, and may be older and wiser than those who are much older than you, and you probably feel 100 yrs old on a regular basis – the flip side is that when you’re 100 years old you’ll probably feel like you’re 20), but you’re also at that threshold of life when you enter the adult world as an adult and get to experience the culture shock which goes with it. And at this time in the history of the world, the world is one chaotic mess which would make even the owner of the most chilled natal chart worry about the future. But the world is always chaotic, it just hides the chaos better sometimes, atm it’s all out in the open thanks in part to Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn, and Neptune in Pisces (which is being squared by Saturn and creating issues of dreams versus reality).

      It’s worth keeping in mind that ‘worries’ are often the source of inspiration, and like necessity can be the mother of invention. Everyone in the world worries, now more so because of the open chaos and the instability it is causing which is making everyone anxious and afraid about their present and future – maybe one of the ways you could ‘impact the world’ is by understanding your worries and turning what you understand about them into a ‘career’. Your ‘problem areas’ may hold the solution within them to the problem they present.

      When looking at your chart, check out the transits of your dominant planet, and any transits in your dominant sign. I find this helpful to do with my dominant Mercury and Scorpio, as it often gives me an idea of the theme of a time period. Jupiter has recently moved from Virgo into Libra – while it was in Virgo it increased worries and pickiness, amongst other things, now it is amplifying the need for balance (or causing extremes, especially in relationships). Pluto has been in Capricorn for awhile creating major structural changes (exposing rotten structures, pointing to a need for a rebuild), and Mars has just joined it – https://juliedemboski.com/2016/10/18/19-october-2016-small-comfort/

      Overall I would say it sounds like you have one awesome natal chart which will be challenging but those challenges are designed to help you harness your personal power – which is considerable as Capricorn/Sagittarius, Jupiter/Saturn are forces to be reckoned with. You are voted most likely to succeed at whatever you decide to succeed at doing. If at 40 you find that you’re not where you want to be – you’re voted most likely to be able to turn that into an opportunity which will get you where you do want to be.

      In other words you’re going to be more than okay and the worried side of you is an important component for your success in life, it is on equal footing as your optimistic side – they’re partners in your life 🙂


  31. Planet: Position Aspects Total Rank Percent
    Sun: 60.0 ( 2) + 10.9 ( 6) = 70.9 ( 3) / 11.1%
    Moon: 45.0 ( 4) + 4.8 (10) = 49.8 ( 7) / 7.8%
    Mercury: 58.5 ( 3) + 28.1 ( 2) = 86.6 ( 2) / 13.6%
    Venus: 20.0 (11) + 4.9 ( 9) = 24.9 (10) / 3.9%
    Mars: 42.5 ( 6) + 21.1 ( 5) = 63.6 ( 5) / 10.0%
    Jupiter: 82.5 ( 1) + 23.5 ( 3) = 106.0 ( 1) / 16.6%
    Saturn: 23.5 ( 8) + 29.3 ( 1) = 52.8 ( 6) / 8.3%
    Uranus: 18.5 (12) + 10.4 ( 7) = 28.9 ( 9) / 4.5%
    Neptune: 35.0 ( 7) + 7.6 ( 8) = 42.6 ( 8) / 6.7%
    Pluto: 43.5 ( 5) + 23.5 ( 4) = 67.0 ( 4) / 10.5%
    Chiron: 22.0 ( 9) + 0.0 (11) = 22.0 (11) / 3.5%
    Node: 22.0 (10) + 0.0 (12) = 22.0 (12) / 3.5%
    Total: 473.0 + 164.2 = 637.2 / 100.0%

    Sign: Power Rank Percent – Element Power Percent
    Aries: 58.9 ( 4) / 9.2% – Fire: 233.0 / 36.6%
    Taurus: 28.3 ( 9) / 4.4% – Earth: 102.1 / 16.0%
    Gemini: 33.9 ( 7) / 5.3% – Air: 74.4 / 11.7%
    Cancer: 13.4 (11) / 2.1% – Water: 227.7 / 35.7%
    Leo: 49.1 ( 5) / 7.7%
    Virgo: 26.3 (10) / 4.1% – Mode Power Percent
    Libra: 6.7 (12) / 1.1% – Cardinal: 126.4 / 19.8%
    Scorpio: 119.5 ( 2) / 18.8% – Fixed: 230.7 / 36.2%
    Sagittarius: 124.9 ( 1) / 19.6% – Mutuable: 280.1 / 44.0%
    Capricorn: 47.4 ( 6) / 7.4%
    Aquarius: 33.8 ( 8) / 5.3%
    Pisces: 94.9 ( 3) / 14.9%
    Total: 637.2 / 100.0%
    What does mine say?!


    • Thank you for sharing 🙂

      Your dominant planet is Jupiter by a big lead over the other planets

      Your dominant sign is Sagittarius (whose ruling planet is Jupiter)

      These are great dominants to have in combo – you’re most probably quite a force of nature, optimistic, confident, daring, able to bounce back from almost any fall, fun, gregarious and perhaps rather bossy but in a friendly manner.

      “Strengths for people with a dominant Jupiter in their horoscope

      – people that like to learn, always expand their knowledge and seek new experiences;

      – wisdom, in time people become real sages, teachers that like to learn, talk with others and share their knowledge;

      – people that play an important role in society, politicians, business people;

      – friendly, sociable people, popularity;

      – people with moral principles, people which put ethics before materialism;

      – optimism, courage, enthusiasm, hope, people that will always fight for their ideals, no matter what” – via http://astrologycritics.com/jupiter.html


      “Sagittarius-Dominant: Sagittarius, an adventurous and conquering fire sign, is dominant in your chart: you are enthusiastic, enterprising, optimistic, very sociable, and mobile – you have itchy feet, both physically and mentally. Nobody gets bored with you because you are always planning things and suggesting excursions, at least… when you are around and not already gone on a trip! Obviously, so many movements for one man may scare people off, and some of them may even criticize your brutality or your tendency to loose your temper, but you are so warm and genuine, so expansive, isn’t this a good thing? And all the more so, since your sense of humour is overwhelming…” – via http://astroasteria.com/post/130569706473/interpreting-sign-dominants


  32. Hey, a little late to the blog but I find all this information so magical and interesting! I was wondering if anyone would be willing to help explain my chart a bit better or direct towards avenues where I could learn more! Thanks for helping make my world my fun and interesting!

    Planet: Position Aspects Total Rank Percent
    Sun: 35.0 ( 7) + 21.4 ( 5) = 56.4 ( 7) / 8.5%
    Moon: 63.5 ( 2) + 8.7 ( 8) = 72.2 ( 4) / 10.9%
    Mercury: 50.0 ( 5) + 3.9 ( 9) = 53.9 ( 8) / 8.1%
    Venus: 67.5 ( 1) + 10.0 ( 7) = 77.5 ( 3) / 11.7%
    Mars: 10.0 (11) + 19.0 ( 6) = 29.0 (11) / 4.4%
    Jupiter: 28.5 (10) + 3.9 (10) = 32.4 ( 9) / 4.9%
    Saturn: 55.0 ( 3) + 34.4 ( 2) = 89.4 ( 1) / 13.5%
    Uranus: 42.5 ( 6) + 22.8 ( 4) = 65.3 ( 6) / 9.8%
    Neptune: 52.0 ( 4) + 31.6 ( 3) = 83.6 ( 2) / 12.6%
    Pluto: 30.0 ( 9) + 35.3 ( 1) = 65.3 ( 5) / 9.8%
    Chiron: 32.0 ( 8) + 0.0 (11) = 32.0 (10) / 4.8%
    Node: 7.0 (12) + 0.0 (12) = 7.0 (12) / 1.1%
    Total: 473.0 + 190.8 = 663.8 / 100.0%

    Sign: Power Rank Percent – Element Power Percent
    Aries: 8.1 (12) / 1.2% – Fire: 47.9 / 7.2%
    Taurus: 102.2 ( 2) / 15.4% – Earth: 254.4 / 38.3%
    Gemini: 52.5 ( 6) / 7.9% – Air: 191.9 / 28.9%
    Cancer: 45.6 ( 8) / 6.9% – Water: 169.6 / 25.6%
    Leo: 29.3 ( 9) / 4.4%
    Virgo: 27.8 (10) / 4.2% – Mode Power Percent
    Libra: 57.7 ( 5) / 8.7% – Cardinal: 235.7 / 35.5%
    Scorpio: 51.5 ( 7) / 7.8% – Fixed: 264.8 / 39.9%
    Sagittarius: 10.5 (11) / 1.6% – Mutuable: 163.3 / 24.6%
    Capricorn: 124.4 ( 1) / 18.7%
    Aquarius: 81.8 ( 3) / 12.3%
    Pisces: 72.6 ( 4) / 10.9%
    Total: 663.8 / 100.0%

    I’m also a cancer rising so I’m wondering how that affects my chart ruler. My “stats” are taurus sun, taurus moon, cancer rising, and venus in taurus btw.


    • Thank you for sharing 🙂

      The chart ‘ruler’ and the chart ‘dominant’ are different concepts, although they can end up being the same planet as they are with my chart, but in your chart they are different.

      The chart ‘ruler’ is the planet which rules the rising/ascendant sign, so with Cancer rising the chart ruler is the Moon.

      You can see a pretty illustration of it here – https://cafeastrology.com/articles/sign-rulerships.html – this is also a great site for finding out info on astrology because they collect info from all over the web.

      The chart ‘dominant’ is calculated by using the whole chart, including angles, placements, aspects, houses, rulerships, etc. In your chart your dominant planet is Saturn, fairly closely followed by Neptune. Your dominant sign is Capricorn by a large margin over the other signs. Saturn is the ruling planet of Capricorn, so your dominant sign and planet are connected and their influence may be very similar.

      The dominant planet and sign has an overall influence over you. In the case of Capricorn/Saturn dominants you’ll have an aura of authority about you, there’ll be a seriousness to you – which doesn’t mean that you can’t have and be fun – but when you need to be taken seriously, you will be, you’ll be quite focused on your goals in life – if your goal is to have fun then you’ll achieve some serious fun!, and will be loyal to those you care about – that’s also the case with Taurus and Cancer, so your dominants will blend well with your rising sign and your Sun, Moon and Venus sign.

      If you are of the generation which has Neptune in Capricorn you have a natural ability to make your dreams a reality.

      It sounds like a harmonious chart.

      For more info on your dominants, this is a fun post – http://astroasteria.com/post/130406610695/interpreting-planetary-dominants – for planets and this one – http://astroasteria.com/post/130569706473/interpreting-sign-dominants – for the signs from the same site.

      Most people when writing about Capricorn miss the quirky eccentric side of the sign and they tend to just talk about the serious side. I’m a Capricorn, I’m completely nuts 😉

      It’s also worth keeping in mind that in your chart Capricorn and Saturn are dominant for a reason – they’re connecting with other planets and signs, those connections are relevant and will shape how you experience your dominants. Chances are you may have a stellium in Capricorn, the planets involved will alter the way you express the sign. If you have Neptune or Uranus in Capricorn… Neptune will make Capricorn softer, dreamier, and Uranus will make it quirkier, wilder, and Capricorn will bring much needed focus to Uranus and Neptune.

      So always remember when exploring you chart that there’s more to it that meets the eye just as there’s more to you than people who don’t know you and even ones who do know you can see when they look at you 😀

      Have fun exploring yourself!

      ps. Neptune is obviously strong in you – you used the word ‘magical’ that’s always a hint that Neptune is expressing itself 😀


      • Thank you so much for your positive comments! I’ve been pouring over all the information and this makes so much sense. (I’m probably gonna prattle on and I hope that’s ok?) As a kid I was soooo focused on being such a good student, but eventually I kinda broke down in college. I drifted for a bit and now I’m trying to connect with the more fantastical part of life – I’m off trying be a poet of all things! (I’m guessing that’s the Neptune in my chart, huh?) But anywho, thank you for helping me have a bit of fun figuring things out. This “dreamy” bull is wishing you the best!


  33. I Mars, Mercury, Venus dominant, and Scorpio, Gemini, Pisces dominant, which is nit surprising for me except for the Mars, I thought Pluto would be in its place, but that probably because Scorpio dominates as a sign, so it pretty much all adds up. I can be very aggressive in my personal pursuits, and verbally with people when they B.S. too much. I love beauty, and the arts, and my emotional nature is very sensitive, so sensitive that its aggressive. So yea once again astrology seems to hit some points with me, in helping me to understand my complexities better.

    I love your site, thank you for making it, I have found much comfort here. Its nice to know there are people out there who understand. xoxo <3.


    • Thank you for sharing 🙂

      I love this line – “my emotional nature is very sensitive, so sensitive that its aggressive.” – what a beautiful description!

      Mars used to be the ruling planet of Scorpio before Pluto was discovered and replaced Mars as ruling planet of Scorpio. Mars and Pluto have many similarities in expression and feel, the main difference is that Pluto tends to be focused inwards, into the inner underworld, while Mars is action-oriented, focused outwards. Pluto’s aggression tends to be more like a dangerous rumbling under the surface, while Mars is in your face with it. Much depends on what sign they’re in, aspects and houses, and whether they’re Rx or not. If you have either or both Pluto and Mars in Scorpio it’ll ramp up the intensity of all things Scorpionic, and will make flavour Mars and Pluto with Scorpio’s influence.

      It’s a fascinating subject to explore, and an intriguing way to look at ourselves using the stars and the mythology of them 🙂


  34. Again, I love your posts they are hilarious yet informative and I feel so connected to your expressive way of writing! My guess is because I’m a triple Gemini (sun moon mercury) also with vertex and south node Gemini so I get your quirky playfulness completely. I’m going to check out my astro pullen chart now though as I may have saturn as dominant planet (cap rising) and despite my champagne bubbliness I am quite serious and driven. Finally out of my Mars 12th house transit and into 1st house btw, felt the shift into lightness and straight forward directness absolutely immediately but so glad I went through that time of extreme raw emotional honesty xx


    • Thank you very much 🙂

      My Midheaven is in Gemini, hence my loquacious status 😉

      Cap rising means your ‘ruling’ planet is Saturn, but the dominant isn’t always the same as the ruling planet.

      A combo of serious and driven + champagne bubbliness sounds like a mix made in bar heaven. Just be you and let being yourself be your guide through life (it can be a very challenging ride, and raw emotional honesty moments are valuable in helping to deal with the challenges of it!).


      • Haha a mix made in bar heaven, I’m going to remember that one! Ahhh ok, in that case I think mercury is for sure my dominant planet.. Gemini MC so at least mercury is helping you at work!

        Thank you for your advice


  35. Thankyou for this post – I’m so glad I came across it. I’m Sagittarius sun, conjunct mars and mercury, venus in Scorpio, and all in the 8th house. In terms of dominance, I find my dominant planet is Saturn on 14.6%, with Pluto close behind (14.3%); and mars, jupiter and mercury the next closest, all 10%. My dominant sign, not surprisingly, is Scorpio (18.2), then Capricorn (15.4) and Sagittarius (15). No wonder the last couple of years have been seriously, incredibly tough…. I’ve described it as like being slowly dismembered, and now figuring out how the pieces might go back together. Along the way I seem to have forgotten how to laugh…. And those relationships most close have all, without exception, turned inside out as well. I’m trying to work out how I move forward, what I do with this, how I make the most of it…. Any suggestions or interpretations would be most unbelievably welcome!


    • Thank you for sharing 🙂

      Your dominant planet and sign won’t necessarily explain why certain years are tougher than others – although they might point in the direction of why because the program which calculates dominants uses your natal chart to figure them out and some of the reason why a dominant planet or sign is dominant is fairly straightforward = you have a lot going on in one sign or a planet is very aspected (and/or makes aspects to major angles – MC,Asc, IC Desc).

      There’s a dominant system which is slightly different from the Pullen system that explains how ‘Alpha’ planets are calculated – https://skywriter.wordpress.com/2011/08/03/how-to-identify-your-alpha-dog-planet/

      Since you have a lot of placements in Sagittarius – you might want to turn your attention to the ‘transits’ side of astrology as Saturn has recently entered Sagittarius which means it will be conjuncting all the planets you have in the sign (and will be aspecting anything they aspect in the rest of your chart).

      Having a dominant Saturn means it’s a good idea to keep an eye on transiting Saturn as this will figure into how you experience your dominant planet.

      For instance, for me with dominant Mercury I find my thinking style is influenced by where transiting Mercury is located, each sign it transits changes the way I think, and if it aspects a natal position this is relevant to how my thinking works (or doesn’t work).

      Keeping an eye on transiting Saturn at the moment is very relevant for your natal chart with so many placements in Sagittarius. Dominant Saturn aside – if transiting Saturn is conjunct your Sun, Mars and/or Mercury – things are going to get Saturn kind of tough for the period of the transit and for a little bit before and after the transit (as transits tend to be felt before and after as well as during their exact transit of a natal position – orbs can be loose sometimes).

      Your ego (Sun), your action-oriented energy (Mars), and your mind (Mercury) will be required to run the Saturn transit task-master gauntlet during this time. If your Sun, Mars, Mercury aspect other placements in your natal chart then transiting Saturn will aspect them too.

      Many astrologers write quite grim and heavy pieces about Saturn and Saturn transits – this isn’t entirely an inaccurate perspective of Saturn, however a Saturn transit can also liberate, be positive, bring blessings, but first you have to face what it requires that you face. It’s a bit like using sandpaper on an old piece of furniture – you can make that old piece of furniture something valuable for the now, maybe even almost new, but a lot of hands on work needs to happen.

      Relationships turning inside out could be part of a Saturn transit but may also be connected to another transit. Maybe Pluto in Capricorn, or Uranus in Aries… there’s a lot of heavy mojo going on transit wise atm. Jupiter is in Libra, the sign of relationships and while Jupiter is usually seen as a happy and fortunate planet but it isn’t always the bringer of happiness (Jupiter transits will be relevant to a Sag Sun as this is the ruling planet of your Sun sign as well as Mars and Merc sign – maybe it’s JUpiter in Libra which is causing relationship disruption), it tends to emphasise things – if things need fixing it may emphasise what needs fixing or sorting out.

      8th house is connected to relationships – what is taboo, hidden, secret, death, taxes, the resources of others. Saturn transiting this house might mean a reassessment of what you consider to be taboo, hidden, secret, etc, is in order.

      Have you been to this astrology blog, the blogger who runs it has a busy 8th house and often writes about it – http://www.elsaelsa.com/ – this site also has a great astro forum for questions and discussion.

      Also worth checking out is where your natal Saturn is and what’s up with it both natal and transit.

      Sometimes the best way to move forward is to accept things as they are now – which can be a mighty challenge 🙂


      • Thankyou for your reply…. I’ll have a read and a digest! Yes, Saturn sat on my sun for quite a while there, and moved off only a couple of months ago. Things definitely lightened a little then. Now it is moving over my mars. This has certainly been a couple of years of big lessons…. Some revisited, others in new guises. I’ve been reading a bit about Saturn as a result, just to understand it and the influences of its transit. This has been an extraordinarily intense time – and I’m only too aware that ‘intense’ is a sometime comment made of me. That has just been amplified a thousand-fold! And have I had to grow up. I’m not sure if the dominance of Saturn in my chart means I manage it’s energies well. I’m certainly not afraid of these sorts of periods in my life, and I’ve always recognised them as periods of growth. I guess that’s why I’m not surprised that Saturn and Scorpio are dominant as these explain an aspect of me that Sagittarius sun, for instance, doesn’t! While I’ve embraced this time too, even as I’m struggling with some of the issues that have emerged, well, I’d like a rest! Maybe I need to find my Sagittarian again!


        • I had Saturn conjunct my Mars when it was transiting Scorpio and it came at time when I very much needed my Mars to be disciplined because a lot of stuff prone to making me intensely angry was happening (revisiting old problems which reared their head again), and I needed to tame and channel that anger in a practical manner. While I enjoyed the benefits of it during that time, I was also relieved when it moved on because I began to feel over-tamed. It did leave me with some useful lessons and a long term change in how I deal with my natal Mars’ influence.

          A Saturn transit to a natal position, especially by conjunction, can definitely feel like a heavy weight (with benefits) and things do tend to feel lighter when it moves on.

          Your dominant planet/sign will make those energies familiar territory. So having Saturn dominant means Saturn’s energy and effect is familiar to you, you have an innate instinct about how to work with it, but it doesn’t necessarily make it easier to deal with what it brings when it’s emphasised by a transit to a natal position. You’ll perhaps find Saturn’s transits less daunting than those who don’t have Saturn dominant, and will recuperate quicker from one of its transits to a natal position.

          Saturn transits are rather exhausting as they tend to put up stop signs on our energy flow. A lot of waiting goes on. And it often involves a big tidy up of our system, changing routines, habits. It’s a bit like a strict parent who walks into our room and makes us tidy it up and throw stuff out which we no longer need or use.

          One thing I’ve noticed is that often when there’s a heavy transit in my chart there’s also a light one somewhere too, sort of like a softer supportive influence to help deal with something difficult. Check your other transits – Jupiter in particular as it’s the ruling planet of Sagittarius. Is Jupiter in Libra aspecting anything in your chart? Venus is usually a nice transiting influence too, and it’s been in Sag recently. And soon Merc and Sun will make their way into Sag, so you’ll get a supportive boost from them.

          Keep exploring, Sagittarius loves an adventure 🙂


          • I’ll have a look at Jupiter in Libra (my moon is in Libra!), and also at other aspects it’s making. Thanks for your comnents – it really has felt awfully lonely over the past six months, and it’s good to find a place to make sense of some of it! 😊


  36. But please help me on this one..

    I have a best friend, who when first met me, told me he liked and loved me a lot. I was not interested at first for much time, but we hit it off greatly as friends. We are best friends and he knows most of me.
    Currently Though I know he likes me, but I am not sure it’s like it was. Like friends he does but.. The love thing..
    Saying cancers and Aries don’t do well, its not so here. As far as I know all his gfs were cancerians. I don’t know how.
    And Now that I like him too, and I want to know will it work?. Things work if u want but these horoscopes would help. Because i really want it to work. And,
    He is,
    Sun: Aries
    Moon: Gemini
    Rising sun: Cancer
    Mercury: Aries
    Ruling planet: Mars
    Mars: Aries
    And I am,
    Sun: Cancer
    Rising sun: Leo
    Moon: Scorpio
    Mercury: Leo
    Ruling planet: Uranus
    Mars: Gemini
    Please help me. I am confused..!


    • Thank you for sharing 🙂

      You might want to consider asking your question on an astrology forum like this one – http://www.elsaelsa.com/forum/relationships/ – because there might be someone on there with similar placements as your friend who can give you insight into how someone with those placements sees themselves and others in a relationship scenario.

      The only Aries Sun who I know at this time is very fickle in love even though he desperately wants to settle down with one partner. Each woman he falls in love with is ‘the one’ for him, and he’s very intensely passionately in love with her… he loves the chase and early stages of relationship because it’s so alive with excitement and adventure… and then some time goes by, he gets confronted with the day to day of relationship and he feels trapped, restless, bored…

      Using astrology to help you clarify the dynamics of a relationship can be helpful but it can also confuse matters as it only offers interpretations of a set of parameters and it can’t include individual expression and experience of those parameters – in other words every Aries Sun is different even if they have similarities with other Aries Suns. Even two people with very similar charts and placements (Aries sun, Mercury in Aries, Moon in Gemini, etc) may express those differently due to life, context, and experience (and natal chart variations – such as house placements and aspects, etc).

      Sometimes it’s best to listen to what the person you’re interested in is actually saying to you about your relationship. Have you asked this friend of yours to clarify his feelings for you and his view of your ‘friendship’.

      His Cancer rising will make him love to love but his quest for love may be all about finding a ‘mother’ to mother him, to be there for him while he goes off on great adventures which those with a lot of Aries are prone to doing.

      As a Cancer Sun – you’re kind of his perfect ‘mother love’… but your Leo rising won’t be happy with being the ‘mother’ he comes back to after he’s been off on an Aries adventure. This is too conventional a role for a female these days – and someone with Leo rising tends to want to be the one and only.

      Going by what you’ve shared… your dominant planet being Uranus makes me pause to wonder if you’re perhaps prone to being more interested in others, especially in matters of love, when they’re not interested in you. Uranus can be eccentric. When this Aries was professing great love for you that was all too much too soon and you weren’t really into it, but now that he’s cooled off and maybe even backed off and not interested anymore… now you’ve decided you like him too.

      Sounds like there’s as much confusion coming from you as there is coming from him.

      Will this work out? Sure if both of you want to work on it together to make it work out. Talk to him about it – best to get things straight from him. If he says he’s still interested in a love relationship… pay attention to how you react to that because I’m not so sure you want him as much as you may think you do.

      Find out what both of you want and then go from there.

      Astrology can be useful but it won’t tell you what you’re thinking and feeling or what someone else is thinking and feeling – only you and they can do that by asking and listening to the answers.

      Best wishes!

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      • Thank you for taking out time to reply. After much confusion I did express myself to him. And well he said he Loved me. Just that he had to study for a main exam which totally doesn’t’t give him time to think about all this stuff. He doesn’t think about it and expresses it, which naturally made me feel neglected. I hope this horoscopes and all don’t get too much into my head :D.


  37. Thank you for this post! It’s always interesting to see this type of info quantified.

    I knew my Capricorn is very strong but when you have data to compare with other signs… it made me chuckle!

    Planet: Position Aspects Total Rank Percent
    Sun: 55.0 ( 3) + 44.8 ( 3) = 99.8 ( 4) / 12.6%
    Moon: 53.5 ( 4) + 47.2 ( 2) = 100.7 ( 3) / 12.7%
    Mercury: 48.5 ( 6) + 57.9 ( 1) = 106.4 ( 2) / 13.4%
    Venus: 53.5 ( 5) + 4.3 (10) = 57.8 ( 8) / 7.3%
    Mars: 57.5 ( 2) + 7.5 ( 8) = 65.0 ( 7) / 8.2%
    Jupiter: 20.0 (11) + 6.3 ( 9) = 26.3 (10) / 3.3%
    Saturn: 67.5 ( 1) + 44.1 ( 4) = 111.6 ( 1) / 14.0%
    Uranus: 40.0 ( 8) + 31.2 ( 5) = 71.2 ( 6) / 9.0%
    Neptune: 25.0 ( 9) + 12.5 ( 7) = 37.5 ( 9) / 4.7%
    Pluto: 48.5 ( 7) + 31.1 ( 6) = 79.7 ( 5) / 10.0%
    Chiron: 22.0 (10) + 0.0 (11) = 22.0 (11) / 2.8%
    Node: 17.0 (12) + 0.0 (12) = 17.0 (12) / 2.1%
    Total: 508.0 + 286.9 = 794.9 / 100.0%

    Sign: Power Rank Percent
    Aries: 81.0 ( 4) / 10.2%
    Taurus: 36.3 ( 9) / 4.6%
    Gemini: 29.2 (11) / 3.7%
    Cancer: 32.2 (10) / 4.0%
    Leo: 27.4 (12) / 3.4%
    Virgo: 112.4 ( 2) / 14.1%
    Libra: 48.6 ( 7) / 6.1%
    Scorpio: 109.8 ( 3) / 13.8%
    Sagittarius: 39.0 ( 8) / 4.9%
    Capricorn: 171.6 ( 1) / 21.6%
    Aquarius: 54.9 ( 5) / 6.9%
    Pisces: 52.5 ( 6) / 6.6%
    Total: 794.9 / 100.0%


    • Thank you for sharing 🙂

      I had a similar reaction when I found out Mercury was my dominant planet and Scorpio was my dominant sign – it explains a lot 😉

      With Saturn as your dominant planet and Capricorn as your dominant sign – you’re a force of nature to be reckoned with, once you make a decision any obstacle would do best to politely move out of your way.

      It’s worth exploring the house/houses where your dominants are placed to see the area where your dominants are most active and comfortable. That’ll be your home and headquarters.

      Also keep an eye on the transits of Saturn, as you may feel its transits strongly. The sign it is in by transit may show where your focus goes. And keep an eye on planets transiting Capricorn, as you may feel their effects more potently. Pluto is there by transit at the moment and for a long while to come – you may be experiencing some intense restructuring in your life (mind you, since Pluto is a generational ‘outer’ planet, everyone is experiencing this atm).

      Best wishes on your path through life!


      • Hey thanks for the reply!

        My AC is also Capricorn (in fact, AC, Sun, Moon, Mercury all conjunct in the first house).
        I am definitely a bit nervous but excited about the Pluto transit. Feels like it will be a major change inside out.



        • Transiting Pluto is conjunct my Sun atm – it has been kind of mild, I expected a bit more mess, but I do have Pluto trine Sun natally so I’m probably just not noticing it because it’s more of the same as usual or because the Uranus transit made so much more noise and mess (typical Uranus and in Aries!). I also have natal Pluto in the 1st so major changes are regular, a visit to the Underworld is like going to see grandma who lives in the woods while wearing a red cape because high visibility lets wolves know you’re coming and they’d better watch out 😉

          There’s an astrologer who is going through a Pluto transit of her 12th house and has been writing off and on about it – http://www.elsaelsa.com/astrology/tag/pluto-transit-12th/ – in the 12th it’ll root out what you’re hiding from yourself and need to know, when it reaches the ASC it’ll start making itself felt more strongly in matters of the self and how the self interacts with the world. In the 1st you may decide to change everything about your life and self several times over, each change will bring you closer to the core of your self and your life. Relationships may be affected due to the 1st house/7th house axis.

          Being nervous about a Pluto transit is wise, but a Pluto transit can be milder than expected – very much depends on whether you’re on the right path or not for yourself. Also, at the moment, transiting Pluto has transiting Jupiter and transiting Uranus affecting it, so things could be a major change for the better!

          Best wishes!


          • Oh I understand what you meant about your relationship with Pluto! There’s a sense of closeness almost with certain planet huh? My natal AC/Sun/Moon/Mercury also trine my natal Saturn (at 8th house). So somewhat I feel Saturn has been quite helpful in my life. Or I am just used to it anyway!

            At this moment, with Pluto is in my 12th house, I just feel there’s a lot of purging to do. Like you said, it’s about getting closer to my core and what I really want to be in my life… so those peeling-aways are necessary? It has been a bit of a rough year, 2016, but I know it’s all part of the process. As someone who practices in the art field, nothing is more important than to trust the process and let go. I feel I only start to learn to do these in the past few years and at some point this process will arrive to somewhere I can completely let go and be true to myself. Or at least I hope I will 😉 I read something just today and I thought it’s quite fitting for the changes to come. “Transformation occurs when we lose our way and find a way to return.”

            And thanks again for the reply. 🙂


            • If you work in the art field then Pluto transiting the 12th will be a source of intense inspiration, and when it moves over the threshold of the Asc into the 1st your self-expression will transform both you and others.

              Saturn can definitely be a great helper, it’s one of those planets that gets a bad rap but if your goal is to be true to yourself then it’s a good ally and guide. 🙂


  38. Hello ! Am I compatible with my bf ! I am not sure how to figure out but these are our planets

    me :

    Zodiac sign Aries – 7th House (22° 30′)
    Ascendant – 1st House cusp Libra (3° 40′)
    Moon Taurus 8th House (10° 13′)
    Mercury Aries – 7th House (5° 1′)
    Venus Taurus – 8th House (13° 21′)
    Mars Pisces – 6th House (28° 22′)
    Jupiter Scorpio – 2nd House (11° 58′)
    Saturn Pisces – 5th House (8° 32′)
    Uranus Capricorn – 4th House (26° 12′)
    Neptune Capricorn – 4th House (23° 18′)
    Pluto Scorpio – 2nd House (27° 36′)
    2nd House Cusp Libra (29° 17′)
    3rd House Cusp Scorpio (29° 53′)
    4th House cusp – Imum Coeli Capricorn (4° 25′)
    5th House Cusp Aquarius (8° 41′)
    6th House cusp Pisces (8° 44′)
    7th House cusp – Descendant Aries (3° 40′)
    8th House cusp Aries (29° 17′)
    9th House cusp Taurus (29° 53′)
    2nd House Cusp Libra (29° 17′)
    10th House cusp – Midheaven Cancer (4° 25′)
    11th House cusp Leo (8° 41′)
    12th House cusp Virgo (8° 44′)

    Him :

    Zodiac sign Libra – 5th House (15° 51′)
    Ascendant – 1st House cusp Cancer (5° 46′)
    Moon Virgo 3rd House (3° 29′)
    Mercury Virgo – 4th House (29° 36′)
    Venus Virgo – 3rd House (5° 29′)
    Mars Leo – 3rd House (17° 42′)
    Jupiter Capricorn – 7th House (9° 44′)
    Saturn Aries – 10th House (3° 2′)
    Uranus Aquarius – 8th House (0° 39′)
    Neptune Capricorn – 8th House (24° 59′)
    Pluto Sagittarius – 6th House (1° 17′)
    2nd House Cusp Cancer (23° 17′)
    3rd House Cusp Leo (12° 18′)
    4th House cusp – Imum Coeli Virgo (6° 28′)
    5th House Cusp Libra (10° 37′)
    6th House cusp Scorpio (25° 22′)
    7th House cusp – Descendant Capricorn (5° 46′)
    8th House cusp Capricorn (23° 17′)
    9th House cusp Aquarius (12° 18′)
    2nd House Cusp Cancer (23° 17′)
    10th House cusp – Midheaven Pisces (6° 28′)
    11th House cusp Aries (10° 37′)
    12th House cusp Taurus (25° 22′)


    • Thank you for sharing 🙂

      Do you like your bf?
      Do you get along?
      Do you have similar likes?

      If yes, then you’re compatible. You don’t need astrology to figure out if you’re compatible with someone or not, you just need yourself and the other person and a short history of interaction between the two of you.

      The dominant planet info won’t reveal compatibility, but it can reveal how you may connect and where you may disconnect sometimes – those things don’t reveal compatibility or incompatibility.

      If you want an astrological breakdown of your relationship you need to go to an astrologer and get a ‘synastry’ or ‘relationship’ reading. I’m not an astrologer and don’t do readings of any sort.

      But if you like your bf… enough for your bf to be a bf, then… you must be compatible, no?


  39. Sign: Power Rank Percent –
    Aries: 42.8 ( 7) / 6.7%
    Taurus: 51.2 ( 6) / 8.0%
    Gemini: 24.9 (10) / 3.9%
    Cancer: 72.3 ( 5) / 11.3% (jupiter)
    Leo: 25.6 ( 9) / 4.0%
    Virgo: 14.6 (11) / 2.3%
    Libra: 13.5 (12) / 2.1%
    Scorpio: 92.9 ( 2) / 14.5% (mars, pluto)
    Sagittarius: 77.4 ( 4) / 12.0% (sun, mercury)
    Capricorn: 98.8 ( 1) / 15.4% (saturn, uranus, neptune, venus)
    Aquarius: 38.9 ( 8) / 6.1%
    Pisces: 89.4 ( 3) / 13.9% (moon)
    Total: 642.4 / 100.0%

    Element Power Percent
    Fire: 145.9 / 22.7%
    Earth: 164.6 / 25.6%
    Air: 77.3 / 12.0%
    Water: 254.6 / 39.6%

    Mode Power Percent :
    Cardinal: 227.4 / 35.4%
    Fixed: 208.7 / 32.5%
    Mutuable: 206.3 / 32.1%

    so i am capricorn than my saggitarius sign ?


    • Thank you for sharing 🙂

      No, you’re not a Capricorn just because Capricorn is your dominant sign. You’re a Sagittarius Sun and always will be. The dominant sign reflects the natal chart and placements which you already have. You have a strong emphasis and stellium in Capricorn, so the sign will be felt in your overall personality, but this does not replace your existing Sun sign.

      You’re a Sag with quite a strong side of Cappy 🙂


  40. May I have help with this? As a witch some of this makes sense but I don’t know…

    My Zodiac Information
    Planet: Position Aspects Total Rank Percent
    Sun: 56.0 ( 3) + 12.7 ( 8) = 68.7 ( 3) / 12.4%
    Moon: 60.0 ( 2) + 13.2 ( 7) = 73.2 ( 1) / 13.2%
    Mercury: 67.0 ( 1) + 2.2 (10) = 69.2 ( 2) / 12.4%
    Venus: 35.0 ( 6) + 22.4 ( 3) = 57.4 ( 6) / 10.3%
    Mars: 10.0 (10) + 27.0 ( 1) = 37.0 ( 8) / 6.7%
    Jupiter: 15.0 ( 8) + 16.6 ( 6) = 31.6 (10) / 5.7%
    Saturn: 25.0 ( 7) + 20.9 ( 4) = 45.9 ( 7) / 8.3%
    Uranus: 15.0 ( 9) + 20.8 ( 5) = 35.8 ( 9) / 6.4%
    Neptune: 40.0 ( 5) + 22.8 ( 2) = 62.8 ( 4) / 11.3%
    Pluto: 56.0 ( 4) + 4.1 ( 9) = 60.1 ( 5) / 10.8%
    Chiron: 7.0 (11) + 0.0 (11) = 7.0 (11) / 1.3%
    Node: 7.0 (12) + 0.0 (12) = 7.0 (12) / 1.3%
    Total: 393.0 + 162.7 = 555.7 / 100.0%

    Sign: Power Rank Percent – Element Power Percent
    Aries: 10.3 (12) / 1.8% – Fire: 83.4 / 15.0%
    Taurus: 14.9 (11) / 2.7% – Earth: 114.5 / 20.6%
    Gemini: 34.9 ( 8) / 6.3% – Air: 123.1 / 22.1%
    Cancer: 62.1 ( 3) / 11.2% – Water: 234.7 / 42.2%
    Leo: 54.9 ( 4) / 9.9%
    Virgo: 45.9 ( 7) / 8.3% – Mode Power Percent
    Libra: 65.2 ( 2) / 11.7% – Cardinal: 191.4 / 34.4%
    Scorpio: 119.9 ( 1) / 21.6% – Fixed: 212.5 / 38.2%
    Sagittarius: 18.3 (10) / 3.3% – Mutuable: 151.9 / 27.3%
    Capricorn: 53.8 ( 5) / 9.7%
    Aquarius: 22.9 ( 9) / 4.1%
    Pisces: 52.7 ( 6) / 9.5%
    Total: 555.7 / 100.0%


    • Thank you for sharing 🙂

      Did you say you are a witch or was that a typo?

      If you are a witch your dominants go well with that vocation and could explain why that calling called to you.

      Scorpio is your dominant sign and the Moon is your dominant planet, both of which are perfect for magick.

      Those are powerful dominants when it comes to accessing natural personal powers, but you will need to master your inner world and know yourself, particularly the psyche, really well. With great power comes great responsibility, and humans usually find this out the painful, hard and difficult way… which may be the best way to figure personal power out.

      If you are a witch you should check the phase the moon was in when you were born and explore its meaning. Check the sign and house it is in, the aspects it makes. For your dominant sign, check the 8th house and Mars/Pluto out too.

      This is quite an interesting take on the Moon as dominant:

      “Dominant Moon: (Moon and High Priestess tarot)
      Evolved types-high intuition, able to read people, nurturing, adaptable, mysterious, magnetic, use of higher mind, creative, imaginative

      Unevolved types-delusional, emotionally unstable, needy, rejection of logic, changeable, escapism”

      from – http://www.astrologyweekly.com/forum/showthread.php?t=51048

      This is an interesting take on Scorpio:

      “Scorpio: Nocturnal Witch: Witches born under the sign of Scorpio feel inspired and “enlightened” during the midnight hours, when silence prevails and darkness asserts its dominance. Do not confuse darkness with evil. Scorpios are just great perceiving what’s hidden. If you are a Scorpio try this. In the Midnight, go outside in a safe and lonely place. Look up the skies and talk to the night about your desire!”

      from – http://www.magicalrecipesonline.com/2013/05/Zodiac-Signs-Types-of-Witches.html

      Explore, investigate, dive deep, absorb, intuit – cast out and reel in 🙂


      • Thank you so much! I had no idea you replied. Yes, I am a witch, I practice Wicca. I am not surprised by Scorpio and the Moon having a big role in my life since I do a lot of magick work when the moon is high. I was born under a waxing crescent moon. I am a very intuitive and empathetic person. I will be sure to do more looking into this. Thank you so much. Blessed be!


  41. Just came here to say thank you. I would have not got it without you. so complicated and they say nothing on the natal chart. I almost gave up, then I kept reading your instructions. guess what?
    I’m a mercury planet dominant and cancer sign dominant. I’m a Sagittarius, petulant and impatient but also sensitive.
    Much love!


  42. I understand that Venus, Neptune, and Mercury are my dominant planets, but I’m confused about how to find my dominant house in my chart. Can anyone help me? Thank you. Here are my percentages:

    Planet: Position Aspects Total Rank Percent
    Sun: 35.0 ( 6) + 10.8 ( 7) = 45.8 ( 8) / 7.4%
    Moon: 28.5 ( 8) + 19.9 ( 4) = 48.4 ( 6) / 7.8%
    Mercury: 51.0 ( 3) + 26.5 ( 1) = 77.5 ( 3) / 12.5%
    Venus: 78.5 ( 1) + 13.0 ( 6) = 91.5 ( 1) / 14.8%
    Mars: 25.0 ( 9) + 5.5 (10) = 30.5 (10) / 4.9%
    Jupiter: 43.5 ( 4) + 5.9 ( 9) = 49.4 ( 5) / 8.0%
    Saturn: 20.0 (11) + 26.1 ( 2) = 46.1 ( 7) / 7.4%
    Uranus: 40.0 ( 5) + 17.4 ( 5) = 57.4 ( 4) / 9.3%
    Neptune: 67.5 ( 2) + 23.8 ( 3) = 91.3 ( 2) / 14.7
    Pluto: 35.0 ( 7) + 7.7 ( 8) = 42.7 ( 9) / 6.9%
    Chiron: 22.0 (10) + 0.0 (11) = 22.0 (11) / 3.6%
    Node: 17.0 (12) + 0.0 (12) = 17.0 (12) / 2.7%
    Total: 463.0 + 156.5 = 619.5 / 100.0%

    Sign: Power Rank Percent – Element Power Percent
    Aries: 27.0 (11) / 4.4% – Fire: 114.0 / 18.4%
    Taurus: 43.3 ( 8) / 7.0% – Earth: 143.6 / 23.2%
    Gemini: 50.3 ( 7) / 8.1% – Air: 156.7 / 25.3%
    Cancer: 17.7 (12) / 2.9% – Water: 205.2 / 33.1%
    Leo: 32.7 (10) / 5.3%
    Virgo: 41.6 ( 9) / 6.7% – Mode Power Percent
    Libra: 52.5 ( 5) / 8.5% – Cardinal: 155.9 / 25.2%
    Scorpio: 50.8 ( 6) / 8.2% – Fixed: 180.7 / 29.2%
    Sagittarius: 54.3 ( 3) / 8.8% – Mutuable: 283.0 / 45.7%
    Capricorn: 58.7 ( 2) / 9.5%
    Aquarius: 53.9 ( 4) / 8.7%
    Pisces: 136.8 ( 1) / 22.1%
    Total: 619.5 / 100.0%


  43. My rising sign is Gemini and I have Mercury as my dominant sign as well and Saturn in second, Pluto in third, and so on c:

    And my dominant sign is Sagittarius, along with Scorpio, Aquarius, and Virgo.

    Ooh this is so much fun to share this ^_^

    Planet: Position Aspects Total Rank Percent
    Sun: 35.0 ( 5) + 22.8 ( 3) = 57.8 ( 5) / 9.7%
    Moon: 25.0 ( 7) + 21.2 ( 5) = 46.2 ( 6) / 7.7%
    Mercury: 90.5 ( 1) + 10.1 ( 7) = 100.6 ( 1) / 16.8%
    Venus: 15.0 ( 9) + 22.4 ( 4) = 37.5 ( 9) / 6.3%
    Mars: 15.0 (10) + 26.5 ( 2) = 41.5 ( 8) / 6.9%
    Jupiter: 66.0 ( 2) + 0.0 (10) = 66.0 ( 4) / 11.0%
    Saturn: 40.0 ( 4) + 44.6 ( 1) = 84.6 ( 2) / 14.1%
    Uranus: 32.5 ( 6) + 9.4 ( 8) = 41.9 ( 7) / 7.0%
    Neptune: 25.0 ( 8) + 9.2 ( 9) = 34.2 (10) / 5.7%
    Pluto: 50.0 ( 3) + 19.2 ( 6) = 69.2 ( 3) / 11.6%
    Chiron: 7.0 (12) + 0.0 (11) = 7.0 (12) / 1.2%
    Node: 12.0 (11) + 0.0 (12) = 12.0 (11) / 2.0%
    Total: 413.0 + 185.5 = 598.5 / 100.0%

    Sign: Power Rank Percent – Element Power Percent
    Aries: 11.2 (11) / 1.9% – Fire: 185.3 / 31.0%
    Taurus: 7.6 (12) / 1.3% – Earth: 140.3 / 23.4%
    Gemini: 33.4 ( 6) / 5.6% – Air: 136.4 / 22.8%
    Cancer: 12.5 (10) / 2.1% – Water: 136.5 / 22.8%
    Leo: 28.9 ( 7) / 4.8%
    Virgo: 79.2 ( 4) / 13.2% – Mode Power Percent
    Libra: 18.5 ( 9) / 3.1% – Cardinal: 95.7 / 16.0%
    Scorpio: 97.1 ( 2) / 16.2% – Fixed: 218.2 / 36.5%
    Sagittarius: 145.1 ( 1) / 24.2% – Mutuable: 284.6 / 47.5%
    Capricorn: 53.6 ( 5) / 9.0%
    Aquarius: 84.6 ( 3) / 14.1%
    Pisces: 26.9 ( 8) / 4.5%
    Total: 598.5 / 100.0%


  44. I’ve done this on an astrology forum I signed up for about a month or so ago and I was surprised at some, but then again I wasn’t. Here’s mine

    Planet: Position Aspects Total Rank Percent
    Sun: 48.5 ( 4) + 63.3 ( 5) = 111.8 ( 3) / 12.1%
    Moon: 50.0 ( 3) + 68.3 ( 4) = 118.3 ( 2) / 12.8%
    Mercury: 27.0 ( 7) + 47.2 ( 7) = 74.2 ( 8) / 8.0%
    Venus: 82.5 ( 2) + 76.5 ( 3) = 159.0 ( 1) / 17.2%
    Mars: 35.0 ( 6) + 52.4 ( 6) = 87.4 ( 7) / 9.5%
    Jupiter: 13.5 (10) + 0.0 (10) = 13.5 (10) / 1.5%
    Saturn: 87.5 ( 1) + 7.4 ( 9) = 94.9 ( 6) / 10.3%
    Uranus: 20.0 ( 8) + 79.8 ( 2) = 99.8 ( 4) / 10.8%
    Neptune: 15.0 ( 9) + 80.3 ( 1) = 95.3 ( 5) / 10.3%
    Pluto: 40.0 ( 5) + 14.4 ( 8) = 54.4 ( 9) / 5.9%
    Chiron: 7.0 (11) + 0.0 (11) = 7.0 (11) / 0.8%
    Node: 7.0 (12) + 0.0 (12) = 7.0 (12) / 0.8%
    Total: 433.0 + 489.8 = 922.8 / 100.0%

    Sign: Power Rank Percent – Element Power Percent
    Aries: 24.2 (11) / 2.6% – Fire: 77.3 / 8.4%
    Taurus: 33.0 ( 7) / 3.6% – Earth: 405.1 / 43.9%
    Gemini: 24.9 (10) / 2.7% – Air: 295.5 / 32.0%
    Cancer: 32.7 ( 8) / 3.5% – Water: 144.8 / 15.7%
    Leo: 46.5 ( 5) / 5.0%
    Virgo: 36.4 ( 6) / 3.9% – Mode Power Percent
    Libra: 180.6 ( 2) / 19.6% – Cardinal: 573.2 / 62.1%
    Scorpio: 81.0 ( 4) / 8.8% – Fixed: 250.6 / 27.2%
    Sagittarius: 6.6 (12) / 0.7% – Mutuable: 99.0 / 10.7%
    Capricorn: 335.7 ( 1) / 36.4%
    Aquarius: 90.1 ( 3) / 9.8%
    Pisces: 31.1 ( 9) / 3.4%
    Total: 922.8 / 100.0%


  45. Looking at my chart I got confused. I was born on Sept 26, 1969. Till now I had been considering myself a ‘Libra’, but here the dominant sign is Virgo, does that mean I am a Virgo?
    I came to your site looking to find if Saturn in my horoscope is strong or not.

    What else does it tell you, please share your knowledge…

    Planet: Position Aspects Total Rank Percent
    Sun: 35.0 ( 5) + 24.7 ( 4) = 59.7 ( 4) / 9.1%
    Moon: 35.0 ( 6) + 16.9 ( 6) = 51.9 ( 7) / 7.9%
    Mercury: 65.0 ( 1) + 39.9 ( 3) = 104.9 ( 2) / 16.1%
    Venus: 50.0 ( 3) + 11.2 ( 8) = 61.2 ( 3) / 9.4%
    Mars: 61.0 ( 2) + 46.5 ( 1) = 107.5 ( 1) / 16.5%
    Jupiter: 15.0 (10) + 24.3 ( 5) = 39.3 (10) / 6.0%
    Saturn: 50.0 ( 4) + 7.1 ( 9) = 57.1 ( 5) / 8.7%
    Uranus: 10.0 (11) + 44.7 ( 2) = 54.7 ( 6) / 8.4%
    Neptune: 33.0 ( 8) + 6.6 (10) = 39.6 ( 9) / 6.1%
    Pluto: 35.0 ( 7) + 13.1 ( 7) = 48.1 ( 8) / 7.4%
    Chiron: 22.0 ( 9) + 0.0 (11) = 22.0 (11) / 3.4%
    Node: 7.0 (12) + 0.0 (12) = 7.0 (12) / 1.1%
    Total: 418.0 + 235.1 = 653.1 / 100.0%

    Sign: Power Rank Percent – Element Power Percent
    Aries: 70.6 ( 3) / 10.8% – Fire: 131.6 / 20.1%
    Taurus: 35.6 ( 7) / 5.4% – Earth: 226.7 / 34.7%
    Gemini: 28.4 (10) / 4.3% – Air: 178.1 / 27.3%
    Cancer: 14.0 (12) / 2.1% – Water: 116.8 / 17.9%
    Leo: 28.6 ( 9) / 4.4%
    Virgo: 132.1 ( 1) / 20.2% – Mode Power Percent
    Libra: 121.4 ( 2) / 18.6% – Cardinal: 265.1 / 40.6%
    Scorpio: 58.9 ( 5) / 9.0% – Fixed: 151.3 / 23.2%
    Sagittarius: 32.4 ( 8) / 5.0% – Mutuable: 236.7 / 36.2%
    Capricorn: 59.0 ( 4) / 9.0%
    Aquarius: 28.3 (11) / 4.3%
    Pisces: 43.9 ( 6) / 6.7%
    Total: 653.1 / 100.0%


    • Thank you for sharing 🙂

      You are still a Libra, that hasn’t changed, the dominant sign does not change or replace your Sun sign.

      The dominant sign is calculated using all of your natal chart, aspects, angles, house positions, sign rulership, etc. and reflects an overall influence.

      I did a quick search of Astrotheme’s database and found someone else with the same birthdate as you (http://www.astrotheme.com/astrology/Anthony_Kavanagh). If you scroll down to the section which shows his dominants, he has Mars as a dominant planet (same as you) and Libra as the dominant sign – considering how many planets were in Libra at the time this makes sense. However there is no birth time on his chart and that would affect the calculation of dominants as time determines the Ascendant which determines house placements which affects the dominant calculation.

      Virgo is only dominant by a small percentage over Libra in your chart so perhaps you have Virgo rising (with maybe Pluto or Venus, both of which were in Virgo at the time, conjunct your Ascendant, maybe aspecting your IC, DSC, and MC) and this would increase the strength of Virgo in a dominant calculation. Other than that I don’t know why Virgo is the dominant as Libra had a powerful stellium at the time.

      As for whether Saturn is strong in your chart… if you have similar aspects to the ones in Anthony Kavanagh’s chart, then even though Saturn is low in the dominant planet rankings, it is making quite a few aspects which will spread its influence and make it felt, particularly since it is aspecting Mars in Capricorn (Saturn rules Capricorn), and Mars is your dominant planet (Saturn/Mars can restrict drive but also give it determined focus), and it is aspecting Venus (Saturn/Venus is a challenging combo to have).

      Something to consider is that if you’re looking up Saturn at the moment wondering about its place in your chart, perhaps it’s due to a transit.


  46. Planet: Position Aspects Total Rank Percent
    Sun: 71.0 ( 1) + 36.9 ( 5) = 107.9 ( 1) / 14.7%
    Moon: 30.0 ( 7) + 42.5 ( 3) = 72.5 ( 5) / 9.9%
    Mercury: 50.0 ( 4) + 17.1 ( 6) = 67.1 ( 7) / 9.2%
    Venus: 55.0 ( 3) + 12.9 ( 8) = 67.9 ( 6) / 9.3%
    Mars: 48.5 ( 5) + 45.6 ( 2) = 94.1 ( 2) / 12.8%
    Jupiter: 22.0 ( 9) + 9.8 ( 9) = 31.8 (10) / 4.3%
    Saturn: 10.0 (11) + 42.3 ( 4) = 52.3 ( 8) / 7.1%
    Uranus: 40.0 ( 6) + 9.1 (10) = 49.1 ( 9) / 6.7%
    Neptune: 20.0 (10) + 53.9 ( 1) = 73.9 ( 4) / 10.1%
    Pluto: 67.5 ( 2) + 14.6 ( 7) = 82.1 ( 3) / 11.2%
    Chiron: 27.0 ( 8) + 0.0 (11) = 27.0 (11) / 3.7%
    Node: 7.0 (12) + 0.0 (12) = 7.0 (12) / 1.0%
    Total: 448.0 + 284.8 = 732.8 / 100.0%

    Sign: Power Rank Percent – Element Power Percent
    Aries: 90.3 ( 4) / 12.3% – Fire: 249.5 / 34.0%
    Taurus: 81.1 ( 5) / 11.1% – Earth: 109.7 / 15.0%
    Gemini: 74.2 ( 6) / 10.1% – Air: 207.8 / 28.4%
    Cancer: 34.2 ( 9) / 4.7% – Water: 165.8 / 22.6%
    Leo: 103.3 ( 1) / 14.1%
    Virgo: 14.0 (12) / 1.9% – Mode Power Percent
    Libra: 33.1 (10) / 4.5% – Cardinal: 172.1 / 23.5%
    Scorpio: 96.9 ( 3) / 13.2% – Fixed: 381.8 / 52.1%
    Sagittarius: 55.9 ( 7) / 7.6% – Mutuable: 178.8 / 24.4%
    Capricorn: 14.6 (11) / 2.0%
    Aquarius: 100.5 ( 2) / 13.7%
    Pisces: 34.7 ( 8) / 4.7%
    Total: 732.8 / 100.0%

    I saw your replies can you tell somethin’ about that too ?


    • Thank you for sharing 🙂

      Your dominant planet is the Sun. A great dominant to have! Chances are you’ve got a radiant personality, a strong will, are very creative, energetic, and love to make a good impression, you want to bring something positive and powerful to the world in which you live, perhaps by making people smile simply because they’re with you.

      “Sun-Dominant (Solarian): One of the dominant planets in your natal chart is the Sun. He symbolizes will, magnetism, sense of honor and dignity. You are a Solar being, and you often display charismatic and leadership qualities. Your warmth and your persuasive power lead you far away from pettiness. You enjoy thinking big and, consequently, you move forward according to what you decide. Your Solarian weakness may be related to the sin of pride or to excessive authority. The frontier between pride and vanity is tenuous: be careful not to overstep it and to keep the nobleness of heart that is part of your charm.” via – http://astroasteria.com/post/130406610695/interpreting-planetary-dominants

      Your dominant sign is Leo. Which is a great sign to have dominant coupled with a dominant Sun. You’re a real force of nature and love being that way!

      “Leo-Dominant: With Leo as a dominant sign, you naturally shine brightly. Your dignity, your sense of honour, and your generosity can almost turn you into a solar mythological hero, a knight or a lord from the ancient times. People may blame you for your selfishness, your pride or your somewhat loud authority, but if you are self-confident, kind-hearted and strong-willed, it surely makes up for your little flaws, as long as they remain moderate…” via http://astroasteria.com/post/130569706473/interpreting-sign-dominants

      To explore more about your dominant Sun/Leo check out where the Sun and the sign of Leo are placed in your natal chart, what houses they are in, what aspects they make and what other planets may be part of the equation.


      • Thank you so much, but i hate my chart ’cause fixed grand crosses are killing it. Sun is in fifth house in Taurus damaged by conjunction with Saturn, opposition with Mars(Scorpio 11th) Lilith and Selena(both Scorpio 12th) , square with Neptune (2th house) and Moon (Leo 8th)
        I’m weak in astrology but in my opinion Scorpio ascendant and opposite sign Sun is big trouble too. I got confused because there’s no good aspects with sun


        • Hey, instead of hating your chart try seeing the strong points and opportunities instead – while it’s good to know your potential weaknesses, of course, you can’t change your chart anyway so why the strong emotion 😛
          I’m pretty sure everyone has some points in their chart they would happily change – in my case for example an unaspected Libra Moon, Libra Mercury, 3rd house Saturn and a ton of Scorpio I have a love-hate feeling about – but as the progressions come into play, they can ease the tension and show you some possibilities you did not consider earlier.
          Also on a lighter note, while Saturn is definitely considered malefic, I know a few Sun-Saturn conjunction people and “damaged” is not the word I’d pick – it’s more like he’s giving you a challenge, maybe very difficult, but one that will definitely pay off in the end.


        • I have my Sun in the 5th with natal Saturn squaring it (Sun square Saturn summed up = never feeling good enough), I also have a T-square which involves my Moon, and while T-squares aren’t as difficult to figure out as Grand crosses they’re still problematic, so I can relate to how you feel about your chart. I used to see my natal chart as permanently giving me and my life the middle finger – and that view reflected my natal chart rather well.

          The way we perceive our natal chart and personal astrology often reflects our chart and the challenges it poses for us. With a Sun/Saturn aspect there’s a heaviness within the psyche, a seriousness which is hard to shake, a sense of impending doom and gloom hangs over the creative spirit… so seeing Saturn as damaging your Sun, and feeling that your chart is being killed by the fixed Grand crosses is in tune with the placement. Saturn tends to make us focus on the problems so that we’ll deal with them and eventually gain the benefits of having dealt with them. Saturn’s influence tends to get easier to work with as you get older (due to its connection with time and age). It is the great maturer of souls.

          It’s worth keeping in mind that Saturn is the god of agriculture – before you can have a harvest, you have to prepare the land, plant the seeds, tend to the crops, work hard, etc.

          This is an inspiring post about Saturn – http://cayelincastell.com/when-life-isnt-fair-a-saturn-story/

          “Over the years I have made great strides in viewing Saturn as an ally. Certainly, there are times when Saturn limitations can feel unfair, depressing and downright difficult. However, Saturn is also about growth and maturation and creating or building the structures that really support who we truly are.” (- excerpt from that post.)

          This is also a good post about Saturn – http://www.bigskyastrology.com/saturn-by-sign-authority/

          Natal charts with difficult aspects usually also have supportive aspects and placements to help you deal with the difficulties – there’s always balance in the chart, it just can be hard to find it sometimes. Also difficult placements usually have a flip side, rewards for meeting their challenges.

          Elsa, the astrologer who writes Elsa Elsa, has written quite a few posts about dealing with difficult charts, this is one of those – https://www.elsaelsa.com/astrology/horrible-natal-charts-terrible-lives/

          “I’ve seen many exceedingly difficult charts. It’s never occured to me that I’d be able to discern how hard it would be for someone to find assistance in life. But let’s just say that did occur to me…

          It would be very easy to make a mistake in judging this. You may look at numerous hard aspects and have no doubt the person has had a struggle. But you may miss the Jupiter trines or the way Mars is aspected in their chart.

          If you noticed these other things, you might realize that the person with the difficult chart might feel good. They might thrive via challenge. My husband is like this. Knock him down, he comes back twice as strong and three times as smart.

          It could be that you’re viewing this with a victim mentality. A person faces so much impediment, their life is impossible. That’s more of a “belief” than a fact. When I see a tremendously difficult chart, I just think the person has been busy. Busy living or busy dying.” (- excerpt from that post.)

          While there may be ‘no good aspects with Sun’, your Sun is in Leo in the 5th house which is the best possible placement by sign and house for the Sun (it’s in its own sign and house – it’s at home in its perfect and most powerful place!) and it’s also your chart Dominant, and that is very good and positive.

          In some ways you could say that the difficulties in your chart are there to help tame, channel and guide the powerful energy in your chart – by dealing with the challenges you learn to gain mastery over your wild and natural forces.

          Keep exploring yourself, keep investigating and asking questions (Scorpio is an excellent rising sign to have to do that), and in time you’ll find the treasures hidden within the troubles, and you’ll have a greater appreciation for yourself because you had to work hard at finding the beauty within 🙂


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