Soundtrack of My Mind: Duran Duran… as if revisiting the fashion of the 80’s wasn’t bad enough! Leggings… uh… oh!

So… hungry ghosts… beware of those whose totem animal is the wolf! So attractive at first, until they feed and feast on you… then, not so much.

First video is a Dear Hungry Ghost wolf… please feed elsewhere, sorry elsewhere:

Duran Duran – Hungry Like The Wolf


And then came this… not sure where the song came in Album and Single release… the 80’s is a bit of a blur I’d like to forget. My teens… yuck!

But this… I am an only child… and often think others go too far… and do ask myself why I don’t use it… whatever ‘it’ is… Am I the reflex?


Duran Duran – The Reflex


I could be… I am quite adept at finding treasures in the dark, especially the dark side of humans, but are they really treasures???????? Leaving you answered with a question mark.

Seriously though… my reflex watching this video…. shudder!


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