Super Rant Alert! The Daily Prompt presses my DO NOT PRESS button!

Warning: Super Rant in progress… or devolution! Do NOT read! Move on… nothing to see or hear here!This! THIS!!!!!Daily Prompt: Blogger With a Cause

If your day to day responsibilities were taken care of and you could throw yourself completely behind a cause, what would it be?



Your day to day is your fucking cause!

YES!!! I’M SWEARING AND SHOUTING!!!! And using too many exclamation marks!!!!!!!!!

What part of DO NOT PRESS THIS BUTTON did you not understand!?!?!


Not working…. Hmmmmm.

There is nothing which pisses me off more and sets all my internal alarm bells ringing than someone who doesn’t understand that who they are in their day to day is more powerful than they you are when they have a day off from their day to day and get to stand on a soap box telling others how they should live their lives when their life ain’t made of peaches and cream!

It’s too fucking easy to tell others what they should do and how they should live their life… you don’t need to stick around and be them, live their life. Live, up close and personal! With all the shit that brings with it! You’re you, and so… what? Perfect? Sorted?

Your day to day is your cause, because it is your day to day and it is the centre of your universe, the place where the real stuff of which you are made ripples out and affects the rest of your world and the world of others.

For example – How you treat the people in your day to day… it affects them and it affects all those who know them which affects all those who they know, and who they don’t know, but who those they know know and don’t know but interact with in their day to day, and sometimes it comes right back around and affects those you know and they affect you.

So, you did a good deed and hoped it was passed on. How many bad deeds have you done which were also passed on? Okay, you were in a bad mood, the person whom you don’t know personally but whom you took your bad mood out on… passed that on too.

World peace!!! You want world peace? You think you’re going to get it by bitching about your government and society, and other governments and other societies? That’s worked in the past, right? History never repeats itself and humans… are human and do human shit… much of it is questionable and can be blamed on stuff… all kinds of stuff!

We have blame and excuses all covered!

World peace begins with each of us individually. Oh… no… it doesn’t apply to you, you think? You’re all loving until someone pisses you off… but they deserve it, right?

Your child? Your spouse? Your ex? Your waiter at a restaurant, your coffee server, your checkout lady… oh wait, you didn’t notice them… you were too busy on your mobile chewing the helpline person out for not doing what you demanded they do… but that’s okay, they’re not a member of society or anything like that, they don’t have a home, family, life or anything else like you do, they don’t affect world peace or anything like that… or do they?


World peace begins with you. If you’re not at peace with yourself, not at peace with your family, your neighbours, your colleagues at work, the people whom you interact with daily but perhaps ignore… for whatever reason… how is the world supposed to be at peace? If you’re screaming at someone at the take out restaurant for not filling your order exactly as you wanted… does that screaming not ripple and create waves? No? That falls into the abyss of exceptions?

But you give to charity and support a cause… good for you! You felt sorry for those less fortunate and saved a dolphin! Then you went home, bitched at your spouse for having a different opinion to yours, dropping some stain on your pristine stain-proof carpet, and grounded your child for having a mind of its own and saying ‘no’ when it should have said ‘yes’.

Sorry… but I’m not!

Look at yourself, really look at what you do in your day to day, really look at who you are in your day to day… no… deeper than that… now… go ahead, judge others, judge your family, your loved ones, your unloved ones, your peers, your lessers, your betters, your society, of which you deem yourself not a member, judge your government, judge other governments and people and places… you’re perfect, it’s a pity everyone and everything else is so flawed!

Perhaps in your next life, the others will have sorted themselves out… oh… you don’t believe in reincarnation… your beliefs… wonder how those affect world peace!?!

I’m not ready for world peace because I haven’t sorted out peace in my day to day world, have you? Have you really? REALLY!?!?!

Pause to reflect… I should have done that before I wrote this post. Pass this shit on… or don’t. Probably better if you don’t! But then who am I to tell you what to do!?!

Heard someone shouting on their mobile, a private conversation in a public place, telling the other person on the end of the line to stop shouting. They were disturbing the public peace, but had anyone pointed this out to them, they’d have shouted at them to mind their own fucking business! Way to go… pass it on…

“An eye for an eye will only make the whole world blind.” – Mahatma Gandhi

It may be too late… or not. The blind leading the blind may sort everything out.



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