Soundtrack of my Mind: Chinese Astrological Monkey Style

I am the seasoned traveler

of the Labyrinth.

The genius of alacrity,

wizard of the impossible.

My brilliance is yet unmatched

in its originality.

My heart’s filled with potent magic

that could cast a hundred spells.

I am put together

for mine own pleasure.

– © Theodora Lau – The Monkey from The Handbook of Chinese Horoscopes

Okay… not sure how true all the words before – I am put together for mine own pleasure – are, but that bit is true. I pleasure myself often. Tee hee!

I’m a fool most of the time who thinks they are brilliant then realises they are not. Ouch!

One of my favourite sayings is:

猿も木から落ちる。 (Saru mo ki kara ochiru)  Literally: Even monkeys fall from trees.
Meaning: Everyone makes mistakes. / Nobody’s perfect.

(via Linguanaut – Japanese Sayings and Wisdom Words)

I do a lot of swinging in the trees… and fall quite often. Then I get up, brush myself off, climb back into the canopy… and off I go again!

I never quite get over the shock of falling…

Peter Gabriel – Shock The Monkey

Wise words in that song… Don’t monkey with the monkey! Seriously don’t! Because I don’t take myself seriously, and that means I don’t take anyone else as seriously as they take themselves. I will mess with you… until you want to kill me, because I never know when enough is enough. Not for others anyway…

“His coups de grace have a lethal whiplash all their own. But then, after you regain consciousness, you must admit that you have never been kayoed with more charm and ingenuity.

Don’t worry, you will live.” – © Theodora Lau – The Monkey from The Handbook of Chinese Horoscopes

The Monkey Song – Harry Belafonte (with cartoons from Animaniacs)

I realise how irritating I can be. I often apologise… then I’m at it again! I’m irrepressibly annoying to others… and sometimes to myself too. I try to contain this monkey business madness, but sometimes that makes everything worse rather than better… oops!

I’m just having fun, enjoying life, because… life can be heavy and sad and bad and… ugh! So play with it and perhaps it will play with you too in a less traumatic way! Or just laugh because crying makes your face puffy, blocks your nose and makes you sound weird! Which is funny… but… oh, dear!

I was born under the blessings of Monkey Magic… not everyone thinks it’s magic, but they don’t dispute the monkey bit.

Monkey Magic

I’m not all annoying and bad! So say I!

If you have a problem, I can find an ingenious solution. Okay, that solution may cause other problems, but at least it will fix the original one.

If you are sad, I can cheer you up, but only if you want to be cheered up. I will make a fool of myself, be a crazy clown, not the sinister kind of clown…

Monkeys can be sinister, especially if you run out of peanuts…

Gorillaz – Clint Eastwood

I’m useless… but not for long!

(Speaking of being useless, why are the videos not showing as videos and instead showing as links to the videos on Youtube?)


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