Ooze by MoonVooDoo

I ooze… stuff not unlike in this photograph… but I keep most of it to myself, even though I may seem to share… I only share what I know others can handle, and even then… they often can’t, so I keep a little bit more to myself and share less.

Learning curve adjusted.

I’m arrogant, but not in the conventional sense of arrogance… or maybe it is.

I know what I know, question it often, revise it… I also know that there is much which I don’t know… I try to learn that.

I’m in a mood right now… one which I am fairly certain others can’t… they just can’t… I’ve yet to meet someone who can. I sometimes think I have met them…maybe I have…

So back to my bear cave I retreat.

It’s not about you… it’s about me not wanting to deal with what is about you when I need to focus on what is about me. As much as it may disturb you… I do come first in my world, and as much as I may seem to know how to push myself aside for others…


I am lying to you and to myself… it happens, especially when I am being that me who tells others what I know they want to hear… or else they don’t listen. Why do I do that?

I’m sure you’ve done it too… you tell me.

Perhaps because otherwise I am invisible… which is useful sometimes, and at other times… well, we all need others to confirm we are real and not just a figment of…

Yeah! That!


Oozing my ooze elsewhere… in private… a little bit here…

It’s not what you think… go think your think… over there, far away from here… toxic spillage here… may cause sudden reality cheque to appear in the mail.

Yes… I’m messing with you… I am… disposed to dark humour.



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