The Law of Repulsion

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Positive thinking and motivational gurus make a big deal about the Law of Attraction, usually pointing out that you can get whatever you want just by willing it into existence and drawing it to you. But you have to really want it with all your heart and every fibre of your being!

There is some truth to this, but it has many nuances which often are ignored by those trying to sell you a magic formula. The thing is, they don’t care if it works for you or not, all they are after is making whatever they are willing into existence come true and be drawn to them.

The fastest way to become rich is to sell a dream which everyone desires. Doesn’t matter if that dream comes true for others or not, as long as your dream does.

And it usually does for those in the business of selling dreams, especially if they offer it prepackaged and bottled up in an easy-to-use way – 5 Easy Steps to… Wealth, Power, Success, and all you want! – because we’re all suckers for the magic of making dreams a reality, especially when our nightmares keep coming true… we need hope.

Hope is the best dream to sell, and the one which will make the salespeople of hope very rich, powerful and successful.

Cynical? Yes, I am. Because I’m a sucker who has been punched one time too many by the spiel of sellers of magic. But that’s my fault. I didn’t follow the formula, I was too negative, I didn’t read the smallprint, or some other excuse those charming hope peddlers have prepared in advance… perhaps even before they began selling their magical merchandise. They know it may not work for you, in fact they know that it’s a fluke when it does work, and they know you’re going to get mad at them, may even want your money back, they’re not giving you your money back… and the best way for them to keep what they have attracted by willing it into being, is to use your self doubt and fear, and basically the opposite of what they are selling against you – The Power of Repulsion.

If they make you feel bad about yourself, you’ll go away, blame yourself instead of them, maybe even apologise to them for what they did to you, personal accountability and all that, and they can carry on as if you were never attracted to them, never existed.

Your money is their money now, so they don’t need you anymore… unless you want to give them some more money, but if all you want to give them is grief, your negative energy is contagious and they don’t want that. Your negative self is repulsive… unless they can use it to positively affect their bank balance, success rate and power levels. But you’re damaged goods, they’d rather just work on someone new who doesn’t suspect the things you now suspect about them, you might infect others with your bad Qi, in fact they might have to warn others to stay away from you, for the good of others… and their own dream selling ass.

This works in relationships too.

Ever noticed how the people who tell you how much they care for you and will be there for you when you need them, are usually the ones who can’t be found when they are needed.

Sure there are those who are there when needed, they’re usually the ones who don’t tell you they care and will be there for you, they just do it. They don’t want to advertise their skills or everyone will want a piece of them. They are the silent philanthropists of the day to day.

The ones who advertise how wonderful they are as friends and lovers, they need to talk the talk because they have nothing else to offer. However they know that by talking and telling you what they think you want to hear and will make them sound wonderful, they are going to get from you what they are telling you they will give to you. They need you to care for them and be there when they need you. That’s the real deal. They are playing the odds. Chances are you’ll never ask them to walk their talk, and if you do, they have a plethora of viable excuses about why they were not there when you needed them, it’s probably your fault somehow. That’ll shut you up, and get you to apologise to them for being unreasonable, uncaring and too demanding.

The Law of Repulsion actually has a higher success rate than the Law of Attraction. Ever notice how often the things which you don’t want to happen, happen, and the things which you do want to happen, don’t happen?

Do you know why this happens and doesn’t happen?

I call it natural magic, but it can be called by whatever you want to call it, it doesn’t care about name calling.

When you don’t want something to happen, to be attracted to you, such as fulfilling a fear induced prophecy, you put a lot of power into the thought, then release it, put it out of your mind, send it away from you, reject it. And off it goes into the airwaves to fetch the thing you have repulsed.

Whereas when you do want something to happen, you hold on very tightly to that thought, obsessing over it, nurturing it, being overprotective, hiding it deep inside, keeping it safe. So it stays with you, and can’t fly off onto the airwaves to retrieve that which you desire. You won’t let it go, you may pretend to let it go sometimes, but you keep it on a leash, still thinking about it, still hanging on to it.

Ever notice how something which you wanted for a very long and hard time, once you stop wanting it, because you’ve changed, moved on to something else, suddenly is drawn to you. There it is, what you once wanted, for you to have, but you don’t want it anymore.

You reject it, perhaps with a slightly bitter sneer.

NOW it turns up! Now that it is no longer needed or desired! Now that you want something else, which for the life of you, you can’t seem to get! Yet what you don’t want always turns up! Of all the rotten, twisted luck!


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