Soundtrack of my Mind: Nature Boy… or Girl perhaps

One of my favourite songs many years ago when I was into all things, especially music and film, of the 30', 40's and 50's... when I first heard it... it spoke to me of something deeply personal, as most of the songs we love and which stay in our hearts, perhaps becoming a tune in... Continue Reading →

Astrology 101 on An Upturned Soul – Please Read This as it Contains a Warning and Useful Information

Cellarius Ptolemaic System From Andreas Cellarius Harmonia Macrocosmica Which should I do first, the Warning or the Useful Information? Dither… dither… Warning: I am not an astrologer. I do not know how to do readings. I am flattered and slightly confused that anyone would ask me to do one - have you really read my... Continue Reading →

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