Astrology 101 on An Upturned Soul – Please Read This as it Contains a Warning and Useful Information


Cellarius Ptolemaic System From Andreas Cellarius Harmonia Macrocosmica

Which should I do first, the Warning or the Useful Information? Dither… dither…


I am not an astrologer. I do not know how to do readings. I am flattered and slightly confused that anyone would ask me to do one – have you really read my astrology posts!?!

I use astrology as a psychology tool, to start a dialogue with myself, to answer questions which I have, and to try to figure out my personal issues and puzzles. I make a lot of mistakes. These can sometimes help me, as I learn more from my mistakes than when I get things right. My mistakes spur me to do more research and dig deeper.

My astrological knowledge is intuitive, so it is not as precise as it perhaps should be, but it is personalised by me for me. If what I find out about myself, my psychology and astrology, and which I share in my posts helps you, then that is the best I can do. I will answer any questions in comments as best as I can. I do like to be of service to others… this usually works better when I am not actually trying to help others.

I would love to help you with your chart and personal astrology… however it is best if I do not attempt such a feat. You do NOT want me to read your chart for you. It’s like asking an evil obsessive mad scientist to operate on your brain, the rest of you may also end up being take apart just to see how it is all held together. The reason why the smile is so charming is because the insanity levels are high! I use a kill or cure approach, which only hasn’t killed me yet because I have amazing regenerative powers… for now.

On a final note of warning – People never heed my warnings. Why? Because I seem nice and caring. I am, I do have a soft understanding side, which is why I warn people about the other sides of my character, and you are safe as long as you heed my warnings about myself.

The people whose charts I have looked at, as they were friends and asked me to do so even though I warned them repeatedly that they did NOT want me to, no longer talk to me.

I am brutal, blunt, tactless, and will dig relentlessly into the darkest deepest reaches of your being until I find out exactly what makes you tick. Nothing is considered taboo. I am a nightmarish mix of Virgo and Scorpio with Mercury in charge when my mind is engaged in a task. If you’re living in a delusion bubble, I will pop it. If you want to stay in that bubble, don’t invite me to pop it.

Useful Information:

If you would like to draw up your own natal chart for free, and get a free reading, a free forecast for transits affecting you, daily or long term, explore your natal placements for free, and get to know your personal astrology… all for free.

Go to – Astrodienst /

Click on My Astro on the far right of the bar under the header. Create a free profile – you can do it as a Guest User which is very quick and simple.

Input your birth data.

If you don’t know your time of birth, just put a time in otherwise the software can’t generate a chart. This will affect accuracy of readings, as the time is an essential part of your natal chart. It gives you your Ascendant and where the planets are placed in the houses.

If you want to find your time – If it is not on your birth certificate, not all countries include it on birth certificates, and if you can’t get the time from your mother or another family member, you have a few options:

1. You can pay an astrologer to rectify your chart. Not all astrologers offer this service as chart rectification is very complex and involves a lot of work.

2. You can read through the descriptions of rising signs / ascendants and see if you find one with which you connect. This can be hit and miss as the ascendant is the face you use to interact with others and the world, and you are behind it, not in front of it, so you may need some help from people who know you to figure out how you come across.

Elbert Wade gives a very good description of rising sign/ascendants, if you want a bit more detail he also gives the Decans of each one – click on the links to each sign at the bottom of the page where it says Learn more about all 12 Rising Signs and Decans – which will help to narrow down time and degree of the Ascendant.

You could also try Astrofaces to see if you find a face connected to a rising sign which has similarities to yours, but this is more of a fun experiment than one offering any accuracy.

3. You may also be able to use planetary placements in the houses, but this requires knowledge of how the house system works. Which can be found on the internet. If for instance you have a stellium, that is a grouping of planets, in one sign, you will express this sign very strongly, and may do so in one area of your life more than others. That area may tell you which house those planets are in, which will narrow down the time. It is very experimental.

Okay, now that I’ve confused you about time. Let’s move on to next area for me to muddle up.

Once you have your natal chart. Go to the Free Horoscopes page on Astrodienst. There are many to choose from. Some are tasters of what you can get if you pay for a full reading. Some are a bit more than a taster and can be used easily and give lots of Free information. Astrodienst has so much free information it may take years to go through all of it.

For a forecast of the transits affecting your chart – Short Report Forcast

For the transits affecting you every day, sometimes a bit longer – Personal Daily Horoscope

For a detailed and interactive look at your natal chart – Astro Click Portrait

Those are the ones which I use. The rest I tend to ignore, as I’ve tried them, but they didn’t interest me. For now. So the rest is up to you and what you are looking for.

All the interpretations are written by top astrologers and are very good and informative.

If you want to play around a bit more with your chart. Find asteroids, add aspect lines to Chiron, see your progressed chart, create a Solar return chart, do a composite or synastry chart between you and someone else, change your chart design using a different system of chart delineation than the one used by default by Astrodienst, see what your Vedic chart looks like, and other things which I have no idea what they are but look interesting… someday I’ll explore them. Maybe.

Go to – The Extended Chart Selection and play with all the buttons and links and clickable bars until you become familiarised with it and can teach it to me.

Information on Readings:

If you want an astrology reading, and are willing to pay for it… I can only give you some pointers as I haven’t paid for a reading in years, and I went to some reputable astrologers then, unfortunately I had my time wrong, they didn’t pick up on it although one did question it but didn’t pursue the question to an answer, and the readings were okay, but not okay. I’m difficult… and prefer to do things myself if I can, and even if I can’t.

Choosing an astrologer for a reading is similar to choosing a therapist or a doctor. Be sure you like them, feel comfortable with them, be sure they know their stuff and aren’t just doing a job because it pays well, be sure they care about your well being and want you to benefit from the interaction. Check their references, see what other people who have used them have to say about them.

1. Chat with the astrologer before you ask them for a reading, this will give you an idea of whether they are on your wavelength and if you like them.

2. If you’re doing it over the internet and the astrologer has a website, check out their posts, see what sort of comments they get, how they handle the comments, if they reply to or ignore people’s comments on their posts. If they have a Facebook, check it out. Astrologers are sometimes more chatty on their Facebook page and reveal more about themselves.

3. Check the adverts on their website. If you use Adblock, unblock the ads on that page. Ads are very revealing. If they are advertising internet psychics, I’d give them a miss, as their astrological readings will probably be generated by a computer program. I’ve had one of those readings, they are generalised, lack depth and they will tell you the same thing you can find for free on the internet and on Astrodienst. To have a good reading you need a personal touch. If the adverts are for services which relate to the site, then fair enough, they may just be paying for the cost of the website or they may be for friends and their products, which will tell you something about the astrologer – they are a good friend, thrifty, or are good at networking. If they don’t have adverts, they may be very determined to keep their site clean, be very personal about their work and offer a service of value.

Just some thoughts to consider.

Here is a short list of internet astrologers whom I like – I do not know what their readings are like:

1. The Oxford Astrologer – Christina is very caring, astute and personable. Her blog is fascinating and informative, especially her profiles on famous people where she shows their astrology at work in their life. She does readings.

2. Ruby Slipper Astrology – Nadia is very insightful in her posts. She does readings.

3. Len Wallick at Planet Waves – Len is an intuitive astrologer, his posts are my favourites on the site. I think that he does readings and chart rectification. I don’t know how you contact him directly, probably through Planet Waves.

4. Mystic Medusa – She doesn’t like Capricorns, other than that she is sensationally cool. I don’t know if she does personal readings, but people love and are addicted to her subscriber features.

5. Satori H at Elsa Elsa – Her posts are no nonsense and interesting. She does readings.

6. Julie Demboski – Her blog is excellent, is very in depth and perceptive. She does readings, and she has a newsletter for subscribers.

Please note: If you are an astrologer and want add your name to this list, just pop a link to your website/blog in the comments with a bit about yourself and your services so people can check you out.

That’s it, for now, hope this helps you in your quest to know yourself… a worthy quest indeed!


  1. Thank you for the mention, upturned–I didn’t see this before. I do readings, but I seldom have an opening–interested parties can always check the services page on my blog.


  2. Hello!
    I’ve seen you posted your solar revolution. I’m learning astrology and I stumbled upon your blog just yesterday. Very deep stuff I can resonate with! would it be possible, if it’s OK for you, to give me your birthdate ? I’m very cancerian , and at this time of Grand cross on my south node, your posts, particularly on Narcissism are to me very precious!!! Thank you so much for sharing this treasure!!!


    • Thank you 🙂

      My natal chart is here –

      I haven’t written much about astrology recently. But I have been following the effects of the Grand Cross on my own chart. Transiting Pluto is conjunct my Sun, and t-Jupiter is opposing it. I’m feeling the Grand Cross… just not discussing it so much on my blog. Perhaps because some things take a while to figure out and absorb. We are always a work in progress.


      • Thank you very much Ursula! I’ve just discovered it today while delving in your blog! For me, your posts are the help sent to me to figure out what’s happening now with this transit! Huge!!!


        • Thank you 🙂 Glad it helps!

          I agree, things that are happening now are ‘huge’ for all of us, personally and interpersonally. Astrologically it is partly because Jupiter is involved in the Grand Cross. Jupiter’s energy is expansive, and it can blow everything out of proportion. It does this so we can see things better, like using a magnifying glass. Since it is in Cancer, it is making the emotional nature more sensitive, more powerful. Your planets in Cancer will be feeling it very strongly.

          It is also because Pluto and Uranus are Outer Planets, their energy is impersonal, and their effect on a personal level can feel too big to handle, it can feel as though the entire universe is trying to pour itself into you, move through you and break you apart, and the challenges they bring with them can be overwhelming, too much too soon and all at once.

          Also with Pluto and Mars retrograde, half of the cross’ energy is internalised increasing the pressure. The key to figuring things out lies partly with Saturn in Scorpio, which is also retrograde at the moment, encouraging us to be determined in our search within to find our own answers, as only through understanding what is going on underneath and inside can we unravel the puzzles going on outside. It’s very much a case of – no matter what is happening, just keep going, life is challenging you, but it also has given you the strength to meet the challenges.

          Two of my favourite astrology blogs which are helpful in explaining the effects of the Grand Cross, and everything else going on right now:

          Jupiter is connecting with Chiron at the moment, so there’s potential for great inner healing, understanding of wounds.

          Best wishes to you!


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