About These Ads… They’re Not Mine!

Just saw this at the bottom of one of my posts…

About these ads

So I clicked on Tell Me More.

I was curious… Is this new? Was it always here? Did I just overlook it?

Please… tell me more.

And so this is where I ended up…

More About These Ads

So if there are ads on my blog, it’s my fault for not paying for a No Ads Upgrade. Apparently you have to pay to not have ads, rather than get paid to have ads.

And The Daily Post prompt for today is:

Daily Prompt: Thank You

The internet is full of rants. Help tip the balance: today, simply be thankful for something (or someone).

What a strange coincidence. Or is it!?!

I guess I should be thankful that I can blog on WordPress for free, and if the WordPress gods want to put ads, of any kind they choose to display to target my readers, on my blog to pay for the fact that I’m blogging for free and have not for some reason chosen to pay for a No Ads Upgrade.


No rant… freeloaders like me, well, beggars can’t be choosers, right?

Funnily enough I was considering upgrading my WordPress and paying for it. I just have to juggle my finances a bit, but, hey, it’s worth it, right?


Thank you WordPress…


I need to think about this, might be time to… think about this.



  1. Yeah even I saw that Ad today for the first time, I was under the impression that people with rating though the roof had it. Whadyaknow . Amen to wordpress huh?


    • Most people use Adblock on their browsers so it’s not really an issue I suppose. When I use a browser without Adblock, the internet looks very different!

      I don’t so much have a problem with WordPress making money from putting a few discrete ads on my blog as I use the platform for free, I don’t mind not getting a cut of their take even though they’re using my blog as a billboard, it’s the No Ads Upgrade which bothers me. They are getting paid to put adverts on blogs and if I don’t want ads on my blog I have to pay them to take the ads off. That bothers me. I realise this is not a matter of global importance, but the little things add up and often create bigger things.


        • At first I wondered if I’d just noticed something which had been there all the time… you know how it is, we tend to only see what we’re focused upon. My guess is it’s an update which they did recently, improving the platform or something like that, probably thought most of us wouldn’t notice it. And if we did, we would doubt ourselves or ignore it 😉


  2. Actually if you are logged in to your WP account …. you aren’t supposed to see the ads … at all …… but it keeps happening.


    • I saw that and wondered about it. I guess they need some time to iron out the bugs, or perhaps it was just an idle promise to stop the community from ranting, as they think we all rant a lot, and perhaps rebelling. Even so, people who are not members of WordPress still see the ads, unless they have Adblock enabled. It’s getting curiouser and curiouser…


      • it *is* strange … and it seems to happen randomly … on/off …. I guess time will tell whether it gets “fixed”


        • Just did a search of the WordPress Forum and apparently ads have been used on WP since 2006, and are in the Terms of Service, which I did actually read but just can’t recall a thing about them.

          So any bugs to do with seeing ads if you’re logged in should have been sorted by now, unless they’ve recently done an update which has caused a glitch. They updated the dashboard not that long ago, so maybe they’ve updated the ads, which is why I noticed that ad alert on my post. Perhaps the alert is a new item, so maybe they’re still working on things.

          I’m drowning in guesses now 😉


          • I have no clue …. I’ve known about the ads from way back when … but it’s only lately that they keep popping up … at my end …. so I guess it’s wait and see …. thanks for more info. 🙂


  3. Thanks for explaining about the ads. I saw them on my blog recently too. What a strange system where you have to pay not to advertise. Weird.


    • It is weird, but rather clever if you look at it from the perspective of WordPress. They have engineered a win/win situation for themselves. We can’t complain because we were warned and agreed to allow ads when we signed up. And that is that. If we don’t want to pay for a No Ads Upgrade, which they kindly provide at a yearly subscription cost, and if we object to the ads, we can always leave. They figure that we need them more than they need us. Clever use of psychology with a dash of blackmail 😉

      I just checked my blog using a different browser which doesn’t have Adblock enabled and without logging in to WP. The ads are advertising a variety of stuff, in theory each ad targets the viewer, based on info received using location and tracking cookies… of which I’m fairly sure a reader of a post doesn’t need or want. Do these ads pay for the price of having them there, I wonder? Does anyone pay attention to ads other than because they tend to flicker and flash and annoy the eye when it is trying to focus? And since most people use Adblock, why advertise at all?

      Lots of questions to which I am sure there is an answer with stats and research.


      • Yes I saw the ads when a friend went to my blog on her computer. I don’t see them when I log in myself. The way they flash is annoying. I can’t imagine they generate much business for the advertiser but then, as you say, no doubt it has been carefully researched. Personally I don’t want them on my blog and will have to find the money to block them some time soon.


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