Calamity Capricorn Rides Again

Marlene Dietrich, (Destry Rides Again)

Marlene Dietrich | Destry Rides Again via Doctormacro

“The weak are more likely to make the strong weak than the strong are likely to make the weak strong.”  –  Marlene Dietrich

I’m a Capricorn, and the way some people perceive the sign you’d think all of the members of the Sun in Capricorn Club were born with horns growing out of their heads. I’m still looking for mine.

I do have a pronounced bump on one of my temples, but I acquired that by crashing into a wall propelled by my classmates. It was a case of being the leader (a Cardinal sign thing) of some complicated children’s game and regretting it because the person at the back fell forward, knocking everyone over like dominos, momentum building and ending when my skull met brick. I wonder what Sun Sign that kid at the back was?

I was perfectly fine, I have a very hard head. Which is a Capricorn trait, I think. And it’s just as well because my head is always hitting things due to my forgetting that I have one. Or is it that I forget I have a physical form at all (Mercury in an Air sign), and bashing my head is a reminder.

I am not particularly good at being a Capricorn. In fact I am a calamity. I’m not a social climber. I tend to go in the opposite direction. I’m not ambitious. Oh, I am, but not in the way a Capricorn is traditionally expected to be. Money, though very useful in our world as it is, is not a source of motivation for me. I was born into a wealthy family and did my best to become poor, and succeeded. My scale of success is topsy-turvy. I am not materialistic. Things are things, and clutter.

Power does interest me, but not the kind of power which Capricorns are supposed to desire. I am not dictatorship inclined. I do not want to control others, in fact if I think someone is trying to make me responsible for them, take control of them or their life in any way, I react quite violently (on the inside – Pluto retrograde in the 1st) and distance myself from them until they realise that they are responsible for their stuff, which most people don’t want to do, or that I am not going to shoulder their shit no matter how much they want me to. Usually they just think I’m being an ass and a baddie, which is fine by me as long as it means that they take those burdens they want to offload elsewhere.

I have studied power extensively, the dynamics of it, and how it works and doesn’t work, all for the purpose of using whatever power I do have with caution and respect, in an effort not to abuse it. It’s still in the experimental stages.

I am a grumpy old goat. But it is a humorous kind of grump. Although people do not always realise that I am being humorous. Which is also supposed to be a Capricorn trait. My wit can be very deadpan, and it can be hard to decide whether I am being serious or not, even I can’t always tell. I do tend to laugh at myself when I’m being serious… why so serious!?!… and joke when I’m not joking. I don’t take myself seriously, even when I do because that’s when I need humour the most. That’s when the power of laughter heals.

If I’m pissed off at you and you can make me laugh, if you can laugh at yourself while laughing at me, if the laughter becomes a shared experience… you’ve found my soft underbelly beneath my tough as old boots exterior.

I was born old, and have become increasingly immature with advancing age. Also a Capricorn stereotype. So I guess in some ways I’m very much a Capricorn, and in others I am being contrary. Is contrariness associated with Capricorns? Capriciousness, maybe!

I do find it wryly amusing and irksome when I read some of the things written by astrologers and astrology enthusiasts about my Sun sign. We’re cold, cruel, calculating, con artists, and other bad things beginning with the letter ‘C’.

Of course, as people with other Sun signs have pointed out to me whenever I get on my Capricorn soapbox, all signs get a bad rap. Do they? Do they really? Or have you just read your sign, not liked what it said, preferred what was written for another sign, wished it was yours… bet you didn’t read Capricorn. Oh, you did and like it, wished you were a Capricorn when you read it? Really? Yes, I’m cynical… comes with my sign apparently and begins with a ‘C’.

I tend to be more forgiving towards the enthusiasts because they’ve probably had a run-in with a Capricorn which left them with a bad impression. I suppose astrologers, being humans too, have also had run-ins of that sort, but I’m less inclined to be forgiving of their bias as they are claiming to be impartial in their expert view and portraying themselves as authorities on the subject. They have influence over those interested in learning astrology. Their power is respected, thus if abused…

There is one astrologer, whose work I do enjoy, but who suffers from a blind spot which really gets my goat. They are very vocal about how much they hate signism, especially against their Sun sign, yet they just can’t resist taking cheap shots at their least favourite sign – Capricorn. Tsk, tsk!

One their many digs used popular culture to sow seeds of Capricorn hate – apparently even J.K. Rowling hates Capricorns because all her baddies are that sign. Are they? I thought she liked her baddies, without them the stories are just about a boy going to school. The remark the astrologer made was supposed to be funny, a witty wink of a comment, and I did laugh… at such hypocritical conceit. I get the point, a Capricorn did them wrong and they’re never going to let it go.

If they saw what I have just written, they would see my words as proof that Capricorns are evil, which is why the sign is associated with the Devil. The thing about this thought which really tickles my funny bone, is that it’s the heavy influence of Scorpio in my chart which prompts me to spot things like this, the seeker seeking and delving deep into the things which motivate, and this particular astrologer is obsessed with Scorpios.

Come on Scorpio side, let’s move on… My Capricorn side is skeptical about astrology, and my Virgo side feels that it is flawed, yet has its uses when applied with analysis and the correct perspective. It’s my Pisces and Aquarius sides which adore astrology for the ticket it offers for trips into worlds beyond, within and without, connecting stars like dots and creating visions of something or other.

I have had a few experiences, run-ins, with certain signs which make me a tad biased. I try not to be signist… I’m not always successful with my attempts.

Leos and Cancers tend to leave me fuming at some point, but at that point I am no longer wearing my astrology cap as I have met just as many Leos and Cancers who are lovely, it’s just the ones who aren’t who bother me, and that’s a human psychology thing not an astrology one. If you want to make it an astrology thing, then you have to delve deeper than just the Sun sign and look at the whole natal chart, and then compare your natal chart with theirs using synastry and composite relationship charts. That will explain a lot more than making a statement like all Capricorns are sociopaths.

I saw in my stats that someone had found my blog using that – sociopath Capricorn – as a search criteria. It made me chuckle nervously. I do sometimes wish I was a sociopath, then other people would not bother me so much. But would that solve anything? No, for many reasons.

My astrological reason would be that I have Chiron conjunct North Node in my 7th house of relationships… so relationships are my wound and my karmic lesson to learn. It’s Me Me Me versus You You You. I have Pluto and Uranus (with added oomph from Jupiter) conjunct in my 1st house of self opposing Chiron and NN, which, roughly interpreted, means that I attract strong characters to my strong character, who wound me but think I’m wounding them, and so we engage in a battle of wills and wounds, and everyone loses. My task is to figure out a way to make it so that everyone can win. Or something like that… I’m still working on it. If you read enough of my posts, astrological and otherwise, you’ll see the work in progress, hopefully I’m evolving and not devolving. Hard to tell sometimes.

I saw a question the other day on a site which just seems to be made up of random astrological questions with few answers – Why do Capricorns hate Libras? It attracted my attention because it made me laugh. This Capricorn does not hate Libras, however I do think quite a few are crazy, at least the ones I have met do seem to share this trait. One in particular… But generalising does not lead to understanding.

If you want to understand a sign, look at your natal chart. We have all the signs in our chart. The ruling planet of that sign is also somewhere in our chart. Study the placements, aspects and whatnot, and you may get a greater understanding of that sign, of why it has attracted your attention, and why you either love it, hate it, or are indifferent.

I have Libra on the cusp of my 2nd house, Jupiter and Uranus are in the sign. There are several aspects affecting those planets. So I have a dose of Libra in me, which helps me to gain some perspective on the sign, and on myself, and therefore others too. I am crazy and swing from extremes trying to reach that sweet spot of balance between tipped scales.

I have Leo and Cancer in my chart too. No planets in the signs. The house of which Cancer is on the cusp, the 11th, is untenanted… or is it? Unless you count one of the Liliths in Cancer, but it’s not a planet, it’s an asteroid… no, wait, that one is the hypothetical point. Whatever… Play with asteroids, and your chart changes entirely. Most of my untenanted houses are packed with asteroids. Ignore asteroids, and still, that house could be the focus of an aspect which is invisible.

I won’t go into my invisible aspect theory, because it’s just scraps of thought based on trying to resolve an opposition, which is just another way of saying that I have a psychological issue and I’m using astrology to start a dialogue which may help me solve it. And it could be a complete calamity of a thought!

If you’re a Capricorn, weary from all the abuse our sign gets at the hands of astrologers and astrology enthusiasts… it comes with our sign, to bear burdens, be a scapegoat, and endure it all with grim Saturnian determination and saturnine gloom and doom. Our wit lightens the weight. And if we want a fair interpretation, then we have to write it ourselves… although some Capricorn Sun astrologers…. hmmm… are taking the shouldering responsibility thing a bit too seriously. And I’m not sure if anything I’ve written about my sign is any better…?

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