Calamity Capricorn Rides Again

Marlene Dietrich, (Destry Rides Again)

Marlene Dietrich | Destry Rides Again via Doctormacro

“The weak are more likely to make the strong weak than the strong are likely to make the weak strong.”  –  Marlene Dietrich

I’m a Capricorn, and the way some people perceive the sign you’d think all of the members of the Sun in Capricorn Club were born with horns growing out of their heads. I’m still looking for mine.

I do have a pronounced bump on one of my temples, but I acquired that by crashing into a wall propelled by my classmates. It was a case of being the leader (a Cardinal sign thing) of some complicated children’s game and regretting it because the person at the back fell forward, knocking everyone over like dominos, momentum building and ending when my skull met brick. I wonder what Sun Sign that kid at the back was?

I was perfectly fine, I have a very hard head. Which is a Capricorn trait, I think. And it’s just as well because my head is always hitting things due to my forgetting that I have one. Or is it that I forget I have a physical form at all (Mercury in an Air sign), and bashing my head is a reminder.

I am not particularly good at being a Capricorn. In fact I am a calamity. I’m not a social climber. I tend to go in the opposite direction. I’m not ambitious. Oh, I am, but not in the way a Capricorn is traditionally expected to be. Money, though very useful in our world as it is, is not a source of motivation for me. I was born into a wealthy family and did my best to become poor, and succeeded. My scale of success is topsy-turvy. I am not materialistic. Things are things, and clutter.

Power does interest me, but not the kind of power which Capricorns are supposed to desire. I am not dictatorship inclined. I do not want to control others, in fact if I think someone is trying to make me responsible for them, take control of them or their life in any way, I react quite violently (on the inside – Pluto retrograde in the 1st) and distance myself from them until they realise that they are responsible for their stuff, which most people don’t want to do, or that I am not going to shoulder their shit no matter how much they want me to. Usually they just think I’m being an ass and a baddie, which is fine by me as long as it means that they take those burdens they want to offload elsewhere.

I have studied power extensively, the dynamics of it, and how it works and doesn’t work, all for the purpose of using whatever power I do have with caution and respect, in an effort not to abuse it. It’s still in the experimental stages.

I am a grumpy old goat. But it is a humorous kind of grump. Although people do not always realise that I am being humorous. Which is also supposed to be a Capricorn trait. My wit can be very deadpan, and it can be hard to decide whether I am being serious or not, even I can’t always tell. I do tend to laugh at myself when I’m being serious… why so serious!?!… and joke when I’m not joking. I don’t take myself seriously, even when I do because that’s when I need humour the most. That’s when the power of laughter heals.

If I’m pissed off at you and you can make me laugh, if you can laugh at yourself while laughing at me, if the laughter becomes a shared experience… you’ve found my soft underbelly beneath my tough as old boots exterior.

I was born old, and have become increasingly immature with advancing age. Also a Capricorn stereotype. So I guess in some ways I’m very much a Capricorn, and in others I am being contrary. Is contrariness associated with Capricorns? Capriciousness, maybe!

I do find it wryly amusing and irksome when I read some of the things written by astrologers and astrology enthusiasts about my Sun sign. We’re cold, cruel, calculating, con artists, and other bad things beginning with the letter ‘C’.

Of course, as people with other Sun signs have pointed out to me whenever I get on my Capricorn soapbox, all signs get a bad rap. Do they? Do they really? Or have you just read your sign, not liked what it said, preferred what was written for another sign, wished it was yours… bet you didn’t read Capricorn. Oh, you did and like it, wished you were a Capricorn when you read it? Really? Yes, I’m cynical… comes with my sign apparently and begins with a ‘C’.

I tend to be more forgiving towards the enthusiasts because they’ve probably had a run-in with a Capricorn which left them with a bad impression. I suppose astrologers, being humans too, have also had run-ins of that sort, but I’m less inclined to be forgiving of their bias as they are claiming to be impartial in their expert view and portraying themselves as authorities on the subject. They have influence over those interested in learning astrology. Their power is respected, thus if abused…

There is one astrologer, whose work I do enjoy, but who suffers from a blind spot which really gets my goat. They are very vocal about how much they hate signism, especially against their Sun sign, yet they just can’t resist taking cheap shots at their least favourite sign – Capricorn. Tsk, tsk!

One their many digs used popular culture to sow seeds of Capricorn hate – apparently even J.K. Rowling hates Capricorns because all her baddies are that sign. Are they? I thought she liked her baddies, without them the stories are just about a boy going to school. The remark the astrologer made was supposed to be funny, a witty wink of a comment, and I did laugh… at such hypocritical conceit. I get the point, a Capricorn did them wrong and they’re never going to let it go.

If they saw what I have just written, they would see my words as proof that Capricorns are evil, which is why the sign is associated with the Devil. The thing about this thought which really tickles my funny bone, is that it’s the heavy influence of Scorpio in my chart which prompts me to spot things like this, the seeker seeking and delving deep into the things which motivate, and this particular astrologer is obsessed with Scorpios.

Come on Scorpio side, let’s move on… My Capricorn side is skeptical about astrology, and my Virgo side feels that it is flawed, yet has its uses when applied with analysis and the correct perspective. It’s my Pisces and Aquarius sides which adore astrology for the ticket it offers for trips into worlds beyond, within and without, connecting stars like dots and creating visions of something or other.

I have had a few experiences, run-ins, with certain signs which make me a tad biased. I try not to be signist… I’m not always successful with my attempts.

Leos and Cancers tend to leave me fuming at some point, but at that point I am no longer wearing my astrology cap as I have met just as many Leos and Cancers who are lovely, it’s just the ones who aren’t who bother me, and that’s a human psychology thing not an astrology one. If you want to make it an astrology thing, then you have to delve deeper than just the Sun sign and look at the whole natal chart, and then compare your natal chart with theirs using synastry and composite relationship charts. That will explain a lot more than making a statement like all Capricorns are sociopaths.

I saw in my stats that someone had found my blog using that – sociopath Capricorn – as a search criteria. It made me chuckle nervously. I do sometimes wish I was a sociopath, then other people would not bother me so much. But would that solve anything? No, for many reasons.

My astrological reason would be that I have Chiron conjunct North Node in my 7th house of relationships… so relationships are my wound and my karmic lesson to learn. It’s Me Me Me versus You You You. I have Pluto and Uranus (with added oomph from Jupiter) conjunct in my 1st house of self opposing Chiron and NN, which, roughly interpreted, means that I attract strong characters to my strong character, who wound me but think I’m wounding them, and so we engage in a battle of wills and wounds, and everyone loses. My task is to figure out a way to make it so that everyone can win. Or something like that… I’m still working on it. If you read enough of my posts, astrological and otherwise, you’ll see the work in progress, hopefully I’m evolving and not devolving. Hard to tell sometimes.

I saw a question the other day on a site which just seems to be made up of random astrological questions with few answers – Why do Capricorns hate Libras? It attracted my attention because it made me laugh. This Capricorn does not hate Libras, however I do think quite a few are crazy, at least the ones I have met do seem to share this trait. One in particular… But generalising does not lead to understanding.

If you want to understand a sign, look at your natal chart. We have all the signs in our chart. The ruling planet of that sign is also somewhere in our chart. Study the placements, aspects and whatnot, and you may get a greater understanding of that sign, of why it has attracted your attention, and why you either love it, hate it, or are indifferent.

I have Libra on the cusp of my 2nd house, Jupiter and Uranus are in the sign. There are several aspects affecting those planets. So I have a dose of Libra in me, which helps me to gain some perspective on the sign, and on myself, and therefore others too. I am crazy and swing from extremes trying to reach that sweet spot of balance between tipped scales.

I have Leo and Cancer in my chart too. No planets in the signs. The house of which Cancer is on the cusp, the 11th, is untenanted… or is it? Unless you count one of the Liliths in Cancer, but it’s not a planet, it’s an asteroid… no, wait, that one is the hypothetical point. Whatever… Play with asteroids, and your chart changes entirely. Most of my untenanted houses are packed with asteroids. Ignore asteroids, and still, that house could be the focus of an aspect which is invisible.

I won’t go into my invisible aspect theory, because it’s just scraps of thought based on trying to resolve an opposition, which is just another way of saying that I have a psychological issue and I’m using astrology to start a dialogue which may help me solve it. And it could be a complete calamity of a thought!

If you’re a Capricorn, weary from all the abuse our sign gets at the hands of astrologers and astrology enthusiasts… it comes with our sign, to bear burdens, be a scapegoat, and endure it all with grim Saturnian determination and saturnine gloom and doom. Our wit lightens the weight. And if we want a fair interpretation, then we have to write it ourselves… although some Capricorn Sun astrologers…. hmmm… are taking the shouldering responsibility thing a bit too seriously. And I’m not sure if anything I’ve written about my sign is any better…?

There are some interesting ideas though, if you explore other mythologies about the sign and its symbol:

For an interesting view on other possible symbology connected to Capricorn – The Many Forms of Capricorn

For an insight into how goats are thanked by gods for their good deeds – Amalthea: Goat nurse of Zeus

For a view of a couple of goats in Norse mythology (this really appealed to me because I suffer from bruxism) – Tanngrisnir and Tanngnjostr

And for more on what I’ve written about being a Capricorn:

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  1. My hubby, although a Sagittarius Sun, is Capricorn ascendant and very much Capricorn expression yet not as touted constantly and thoroughly by Capricorn cookbook astrology and haters. He is so opposite of the suit and wealth climbing so-so Capricorn. I thoroughly enjoy my Capricorn Rising Sun mate and his dry witty humor. I get so weary reading the constant negative pushed crap about Capricorn. Steven Forrest, The Inner Sky, is the only one I have read with an insightful Capricorn description. Will there ever be a decent book and descriptions about the delightful Capricorn? I suppose there are two sides to a Capricorn as there is to the Leo—the materialistic me-me versus spiritual insightful me-we. Something like that…. Thank you for a delightful and upfront writing, Ursula. 🙂


    • Steven Forrest is a Capricorn Sun, I think, fairly certain I read that in one of his books.

      I’m Virgo rising, and much of what is written about that as a rising sign is quite accurate, not as precise as a Virgo rising would have written it 😉 Twas ever thus!

      I wonder if your appreciation of Capricorns stems from something else? I owe you an email, hopefully my fluctuating internet connection will level out a bit this week.

      Thanks, Anna 😀


  2. Aww… Sorry to hear that you find Cancer and Leos irksome.. ;-). ( am a Leo sun and cancer asc and cancer snode in12th.. Uh oh ;P)

    Btw..i don’t know if u have already read this article
    The author talks about her own experiences with the 12th house moon somewhere around para 7-9.. I thought since you have Leo on the cusp of 12th and Moon there it might explain your difficulties with those signs. I have often found that since we were denied expression of our 12th house energies we become masters in using the6th h energies..or at least we try to gain mastery(Virgo). Aquarius on 6th might take up the role of being the detached observer to cope..not involving or not being able to see oneself being involved in the situation etc.

    I have Gemini on the 12th cusp.. I feel my version of the story always goes unheard. ( and now i go about invalidating other people’s stories)The underlying message in the environment was ‘the way you think is wrong’ ..recently i realised i rarely engage in listening to people too…i cope by philosophising things , being skeptical


    • Oh NO!!! My astrological prejudice is collapsing in on itself!!! :O

      A generous Leo bearing nurturing Cancerian gifts! Yes, please 😀

      My blurry Neptune in the 3rd mind soup memory is not sure if I’ve read that particular Dana Gerhardt post, but it is fairly certain that my Mercury in Aquarius on its endless quest for knowledge might have done so as I read another post of hers on Astrodienst where she used her own chart to walk people through the 12 houses and I noticed that we had similarities in our natal charts. Although I got a bit put off by her taking a pop at her sister for being ‘lucky’ financially because her sister has Jupiter in the 2nd and Dana has Saturn there which she views as being ‘unlucky’ – she kind of intimated that she had to work hard for her money, whereas her sister didn’t. Sibling rivalry, oh…oh… She made my Capricorn Sun get grumpy as I have not experienced my Jupiter in the 2nd the way she described it, but then again my Jupiter is conjunct Uranus so financial business as unusual.

      I’m going read it again, so thank you very much for the link 😀

      I really enjoyed reading this astrologer’s take on the 12th –

      So, you have your Sun in the 1st? Wow! You embody solar energy!!! I think what you said regarding your 12th house Gemini cusp ties in with Leo Sun in the 1st and Cancer rising – a mix of self-affirming boldness combined with self-sensitivity and sensitivity towards others and how others perceive you is a challenging combo. Do you have planets in your 9th re: philosophising. And where is your Mercury? Is it in the 12th too? Or 1st? Or maybe 2nd house of personal values?

      And yes you’re spot on about detached observer Aquarius, not sure if it is a cusp of 6th thing or just having Mercury in the sign (in the 5th) trined by Uranus – a whole load of detached zipping around going on, so much so that sometimes I forget there’s a body attached.

      So, what is your story and why aren’t people listening?


  3. Umm no nothing in 9th.. Sagittarius Moon in 6th.
    Jupiter Mercury in Leo 2nd (i have a very noisy mind) is squared by a 4th house Pluto ( safety issues)
    And Saturn in Aqua7th opp 1st h Leo Sun is a major chart theme. Always get into trouble with adults. (My diplomacy abandons me when I am talking to an adult)

    With all that Chiron in 7th how did you manage to find a partner?? My bf has Chiron in 7th and its their family custom to marry within their community only… (dunno how he’s planning to deal with that)

    And oh… Have u read this blog..? If you havent its the best thing I have read on Chiron : ( btw the author’s a double Virgo)


    • Aha! Sagittarius Moon – the emotional philosopher – plus Gemini cusping the 12th – waxing philosophically about what you are feeling sometimes causes your true feelings to be hidden and misunderstood because you’re too understanding and others rely on that talent and underestimate your need to be understood too because they may believe that you have it all sussed and everything is copacetic with you. But sometimes you just want to stop being understanding and be wild, free… and understood. Or something along those lines (I’m winging it Moon in 12th style trying to grasp the ungraspable).

      Saturn in the 7th sounds a lot like Pluto/Uranus conjunct in the 1st – those adults are so problematic! And so hypocritical… and they do hate it when you point that out (Mars in Scorpio in the 3rd) or should I say poke and prod their own flaws which they’re so busy ignoring while pointing out yours. You point out mine, I see that as an invitation to point out yours! Don’t dish it if you don’t like the taste of your own dish – I’m guessing that vibes a bit with your Sag Moon and Leo Merc (maybe).

      Say, is your Jupiter conjunct your Mercury or Sun?

      I try to be tactful due to my Virgo rising, Venus in Pisces, and NN conjuct Chiron and stuff which aspects that little gem of a Gordian knot in the 7th. But my version of being tactful isn’t always what others think of as tactful. There is just so much a chaotic person can do to seem less of a mess to orderly people 😉

      I found a partner by not looking for one. I’d decided I was going to be celibate when I met him. The universe likes to play jokes on me!

      Chiron (conjunct NN) plays a huge part in the relationship, but it’s surprisingly balanced as in he’s helped me enormously to heal my mess by encouraging my crazy (he seems to think it’s awesome), and I’m less messy because I accept my crazy because he loves it, and he benefits from that and from the fact that my crazy inspires him to express his crazy (which is quite a feat as he has a stellium in Virgo). And we live together in a crazy crooked house and have a messy crazy crooked life. Crooked as in wonky and off-kilter not as in criminal (although those judgy adults probably think our relaxed attitude towards the chaos of life is criminal).

      So what is this family community which your bf belongs to? And from what you intimated, you’re outside of it… which is probably something he admires and may help him to deal with whatever he has to deal with. When you’re with someone who has Chiron in the 7th, you’re a cure for something that’s going on with them… but they are also a cure for something that is going on with you. It flows both ways and is a doozy where relationships are concerned!

      Thank you for the link 😀

      Here’s one for you. One of my fav astro blogs, especially for keeping track of the influences going on right now – – you know those days when you think you’re insane… and then you read the transits of the day and suddenly you’re sane but with a side of insanity due to influences beyond your control… that! 😉


      • Jupiter is in a loose conjunction to Mercury in 2nd.

        I find myself being so curious about the author. So you never contemplated having kids?? What % of you do you still find stuck at your south node? Do u reread your articles? I feel odd reading my own articles.

        Btw my Mars Venus conjunction is right on your Moon, and my NN right on your Sun 🙂

        Do you read your friend’s charts 😐


        • Oh..btw have you ever felt you attract particular signs in life??

          I attract a lot of Virgos in my life. My favourite Math teacher was a Virgo. In my last year at school I caused some problems and was shifted to another class where I just made one friend who was a Virgo. I managed to get just one internship in my life and in that my intern partner was a Virgo. The closest girl friend I have now is a Virgo. Once I flunked a college course and had to stay back a semester and the only student who was also staying back was a Virgo.. Plus many other situations…


          • That’s very intriguing! You said your Mars/Venus is on my Moon, so they’re in Virgo, right? Which means your style of attracting others (Venus) and what/who you’re attracted to (Mars) are both in Virgo. Those who have a lot of Virgo do seem to like others with lots of Virgo because those who lack Virgo energy don’t understand Virgo energy, but other Virgos do. The non-Virgo type as soon as they know someone has a lot of Virgo immediately assumes the Virgo type is critical, analytical in a bad way, a clean freak, and nit-picker, and the non-Virgo type takes a defensive stance and becomes critical of the Virgo type. It would be quite funny if it wasn’t so irritating. All the Virgos types I know are the most sensitive, kind and genuinely caring people I have ever met. And they are always much harder on themselves than they are on anyone else, in fact because they are hard on themselves they tend to be very gentle with others. Of course there are critical Virgos types who are perfectionists and a pain about it, but you often find the reason for that lies with an afflicted Neptune or something else in the chart.

            And no, I don’t attract particular signs. I do the classic Uranus/Pluto in the 1st attracting thing – I attract people who either act as an agent of change for me or for whom I will act as an agent of change (usually a bit of both) – and it’s not exclusive to any sign. With NN/Chiron in the 7th most of my interactions tend to be wounding/healing/karmic ones. People come and go a lot in my life.

            I’m attracted to people with a crazy spark who aren’t afraid to express it and who embrace being a messy chaotic human. I tend to shy away from idealists who want to be superhuman and transcend the ordinariness of being human. I like to play in the mud and get dirty 😉


        • I can feel your mind and its jubilant curiosity zinging in your words 😀 What a beautiful mind!

          Of course I’ve contemplated having kids, children are wonderful, most people think about it, but thinking about it and doing it are very different. It’s a huge responsibility. I decided for various reasons that I was not cut out to be a parent, and luckily my partner and I are on the same wavelength, and the universe was kind enough not to test me for once. Usually when I say I’m not going to do something, the universe goes – Oh, really!?! – and then blam! I end up having to do that something.

          Yes, I reread my old posts. I sometimes re-post old posts and it’s usually a good idea to reread them before doing that. It’s very intriguing to do it, and I’m always surprised when I still agree with something I said in the past. I have Mars square Mercury, so arguing with myself is normal and can lead to interesting discoveries.

          I feel odd all the time (courtesy of Pluto/Uranus in the 1st), so pretty much everything I say and do seems odd to me, but re-reading old posts doesn’t seem odd, it seems logical as it gives a reference point of where you were and you can see if you’ve made progress, have figured an old problem out, or are stuck in the same puzzle. And sometimes your words have messages for you in them which you might have missed when you were writing them. I tend to listen to what I’m writing, in case I know more than I know I know. 😉

          I hate being stuck and I usually do a lot of swinging to extremes, hoping to achieve some sort of balance somewhere between swings. My chart isn’t really a getting stuck chart, it’s more of a not staying anywhere long enough to get stuck – which could be a version of being stuck I suppose.

          My SN has never really been a problem mostly because of the nature of Pluto and Uranus in the 1st, the issues they bring override the issues of the SN, however my NN conjunct Chiron opposing Uranus, Pluto and Jupiter is a great big pain, but I’m sort of getting the hang of it.

          And yes, I check out my friends’ charts to better understand them and the dynamics of our interactions.

          So you have a blog? Care to share the link?


          • You are so expressive. I knew one Capricorn girl when I was in my school..she was a typical textbook Capricorn, quietly and slowly but surely climbing to the top..

            I used to maintain a blog anonymously.. But later I found it so whiney and like ‘who-the-fuck-writes that’ that I deleted it… I hope to be able to maintain a blog like this someday.. To be able to express as well as this.. Here’s one I hope to maintain:


            • Thank you 😀

              I’m a bit of an upside down and inside out Capricorn. Saturn squares my Sun causing all sorts of issues 😉

              Thank you for sharing your blog and your chart.

              It’s strange how many blogging astrologers don’t share their charts. I find it slightly suspicious when they don’t. One of my fav astrologers – – shared her chart a while ago and she also wondered why astrologers are cautious about sharing their chart. I mean it kind of makes a difference to how they approach astrology and the interpretations of placements.

              Yes, I know the delete your blog thing. I had one… actually I had two – a tumblr and a wordpress… before this and deleted them because I didn’t feel able to be authentic. I was expressing myself, but not all of me because all of me just didn’t fit on them. My own fault. When I created this one, which is a spin off of my – new but older than my wordpress – tumblr, I wanted to keep it flexible so that it would change with me. My focus is to keep it real (as real as I am whatever that means), and for it to flow with me.

              You’re of the Neptune in Capricorn generation – you have the gift to make your dreams a reality. Awesome gift! With Uranus conjuct… wow! And with Sun in 1st conjunct Chiron!!! Is there such a thing as chart envy!?! Kidding, I’ve only just begun to love my chart so… no worries, but you do have some powerful energy in yours!

              Blogging is much harder than it seems!


              • I dont feel 100% comfortable sharing my chart either.. the idea that somebody knows something that you cant see in you feels eery. But yes! Its a lesson in acceptance and exposure, and ..duh.. I LL just get used to it!


                • I don’t mind the side of it where someone might see something in my chart which I haven’t seen, actually that appeals to me. I miss the obvious sometimes, sometimes all the time, because I think in a complicated way. I love collecting different perspectives and those can only be found through the eyes of others.

                  My reluctance to share my chart comes down to privacy. My chart screams Shhhhhh! 😉

                  Exposure of the parts of ourselves which we may feel are unacceptable, often leads to self-acceptance. Another paradox of life!


                  • Have you watched Charlie & the chocolate factory where Johnny Depp is the actor..
                    He comes to my mind when I read your comments XD


                    • I have seen Johnny Depp in that role and loved it, but I identify more with Gene Wilder’s version of the role. Thank you, I consider the comparison a wonderfully zany compliment 😉


          • (This is rain_d )
            hee hee..i wish I had a friend around me who could talk so humorously 😐 I think doing astrology makes me feel closer to someone(which might not be a good coping mechanism) most of my friends are not interested in astrology beyond their Sun sign stuff :-/
            I spend so much time on net coz when I find blogs like this…its such a relief..

            You are right.. I have been told before too..that one can find companionship only if one gives up the need to find one..I guess it all boils down to being a partner to oneself first.. :-/


            • All coping mechanisms work for good and sometimes not so good, it falls into the whatever category. Sometimes it works and sometimes the way it works doesn’t work, we can always adjust it to work differently. And maybe it works better in its new improved form and maybe it makes even more of a mess – yes, I’m talking about my own coping mechanisms 😉

              I love the internet – my Mercury in Aquarius gets to be free from the rest of me here! That’s the part of me which sees the internet as its playground – I’m also a Monkey in Chinese astrology 😉

              Have you joined any astrology forums?

              And yes, learn to be your friend first, and your own lover and partner… it does all flow from there, but sometimes a friend and partner can teach us to see and love ourselves in a way we hadn’t considered. So… another conundrum of human life and relationships!

              I’m very happy you’re interacting with me 😀


              • The first time I joined astro forums was 4 years back.. There were a lot of knowledgeable adult members who used to answer questions posted by young people new to astrology. Coincidentally when I joined there was a chart interpr game going on.. You put down your name, interpret someones and someone else interprrts yours.. I find the forum kinda dead now 😦

                I am happy I found this blog too ^_^
                And does this Chinese thing even work.. :-\ Am a Sheep ! Hmm.


                • I haven’t delved that deeply into Chinese astrology, but I am very much a Monkey – it goes with my Mercury in the 5th – I have a playful mind which gets me into trouble.

                  I have found lots of good astro information from searching astrology forums and some of the threads are very insightful, but I’ve never joined one and probably never will. I don’t tend to join groups.

                  I love interacting through the comments on my blog 😀


  4. Capricorn here about to res some comments. I enjoyed this read. I also thoroughly understand your sentiments about money and power. The thing is this: Being a Capricorn is like being a club that no one on the “outside” can understand. The reason for this is not because this sign(or any other sign) is “better” but rather because it is filled with very subtle, yet strong, gifts that can only be experienced directly. So when someone of another sign/someone who does not identify with Capricorn attempts to write about them, they often miss or misinterpret these important parts.
    Not to play the victim but it is honestly a highly misunderstood zodiac for the most part. My small Cap “herd” and I can all seem to agree on that.

    Also horns are kinda awesome…sooo…yeah. Woot.


    • Thank you very much for sharing 🙂

      From one Cappy to another – Horns are awesome! So is the fishy tail!

      It took me a long while (typical of Saturn) to appreciate the sign and feel comfortable with others not necessarily appreciating it. Being a Capricorn takes time to grow into, it’s like wine… it needs us to mature (or become a bit more immature) like Father William:

      “You are old, Father William,” the young man said,
      “And your hair has become very white;
      And yet you incessantly stand on your head –
      Do you think, at your age, it is right?”

      “In my youth,” Father William replied to his son,
      “I feared it might injure the brain;
      But, now that I’m perfectly sure I have none,
      Why, I do it again and again.”

      – Lewis Carroll

      Other signs don’t get us mainly because they’re trying to understand us from the perspective of their own sign, and trying to fit us into a short paragraph.

      I remember the first time I came across the work of Steven Forrest and his view of Capricorns… he’s a Capricorn… it was like meeting someone who gets you because they’ve taken the time to look beneath the surface, they know you because their depths are your depths, they know you because they know themselves.

      I think being misunderstood is an important part of the Capricorn experience, it inspires us to know ourselves well, and to know others. Because they don’t get us, it pushes us to get them and that helps us figure both us and them out – which can be unnerving to others, and when people are uncomfortable they cope with it by making up stories. And so Capricorn becomes a mythical problem.

      I enjoy being an old fishy goat 😉


  5. These posts without ….dots dots dots… and stringing thoughts vertically, seems friendlier. Is it ok to comment here and talk about the stuff from 2016? A rhetorical one. Are there rules to “reply” and “comment”? Need to find out. I seem to attract Virgoes, esp 3rd decan, maybe to learn some scepticism and to learn to move out of my SN 9th house in Cancer, where Venus also is, conjuncting moon in early Leo. How funny that I’m getting obsessed with your blog and you, but maybe not at all. My husband has so many similar astro features with you, makes me freeze, if not a bother, I could send both birthdays. (I’m always polite, second nature and nurture, too, I hope it is not bothering you – a rhyme!). He’s the tough teacher to me, the hurt feelings could fill the craters on the Mars, there are some, I guess?. Anyway hurt feelings are better than hurt mind, and mind cannot be hurt with a Virgo, at least in principle, and then mind deals with hurt feelings and finds interesting things, Scorpio asc helps 😉 My NN is in the 3rd (Capricorn/ Aquarius) and recently Pluto transit has entered it, so I’m having an upgrade (of growing more horns). Also learning from experience.

    The food for thought your reply gave me – about the doppelgänger, and uniqness and Ns – to put things into a different perspective- the illusion might be of not being unique, so doppelgänger is such one, and we might have a close enough dose of similarities, bet never to a dot. Sorry for my English, if you still haven’t found me out 🙂 I’ m from East Europe, but live abroad, in Asia. The other thing – why people buy and read those books? The question of pain surely is broad and deep and it is psychological, too. And of course the structure of blog itself – it’s your space, your home, no matter how digital, people who comment are guests and there is a dynamic to it, wouldn’t you say? Also another one of a personal/impersonal kind. And an unthinkable lack of body language.

    My Saturn is in 8th in Gemini, expression of intimacy such an issue. I find harping and hear mocking even in things addressed not to me. Your last post about seeing through the eyes of the other – I can manage to see it as a mockery, as a critique of me and as a sarcasm (callousness) of self- defences of you, though I know that it can be my lovely Saturn teaching me to overcome my fear of being disliked. You know which attachment disorder is manifesting now? 😉 So, if you could tell me if it’s me or you, if it’s not against your principle to …… I don’t know, help? Or just hurt/ teach/ heal? I am serious, also I would regret if you would decline, but then again, if the lessons need to come, they will, one way or another 🙂
    P.S. Your post on Inseption made much sense, lucid dreaming is impressive.



    • Scorpio rising is a seeker who is constantly seeking what they feel is beyond their grasp but which they think should be within their grasp – it’s not really beyond your (a Scorpio rising’s) grasp but it can feel that way in a manner which pokes and prods uncomfortably, making what is within reach feel out of reach.

      I recently met a Scorpio rising who, even though I had only just met them, revealed their guts to me – that’s something Scorpio rising does, perhaps to test the person they’re with to see if they are worthy.

      Even with a Virgo sun to bring caution to the process and warn of the dangers of revealing so much, if the Scorpio side is strong (and with Pluto in Libra sharing in relationships, casual or otherwise, would come as a given but would also be viewed as a challenge – a why am I revealing so much of myself to another and how can I hide what I’ve just exposed?

      This person I met told me so many intimate details about themselves that I really wanted to stop them from doing that because when a person does that you become part of their story and it can be very intricate, to the point where they can’t see you as being separate from them. You become an expression of some part of them and they can’t see you as being a person outside of themselves.

      This process isn’t just an element of a Scorpio rising, or strongly influenced by Scorpio person (which includes having a dominant Mars, a prominent Pluto, a heavily loaded 8th house, or going through an intense transit of one of those), it is also natural and normal to the human experience. Humans are an intense race.

      And the – Is it you or is it me – question is a regular features of human relationships. The answer is usually – it is a mix of you and me.

      When two people meet there is a reaction, which I suppose a scientist might explain as a chemical reaction of sorts. What attracts us to someone? It’s not always obvious, as in physical/sexual attraction. We’re sometimes drawn to those who express things we don’t like, as much as we are to those who express what we do like. Attraction is linked with repulsion in many ways – if someone reject us we may become obsessed with them, trying to make them accept us. But why?

      ‘Why’ is a door to perception (many questions are) and asking it of ourselves in particular can lead to seeing something new about ourselves, or a new perspective on something old.


      Why do you find my blog interesting enough to read it?

      What are you seeking?

      Why do you think that perhaps my latest post is critiquing, mocking, sarcastic?

      The help I can offer is the kind I give to myself, which is to look at what I perceive and try to understand why I perceive that way, as that’s what is personal to us – our eyes/ears, etc, are the windows to ourselves.

      Why do you find people writing books about their story, their pain, their relationship with a narcissist, etc, and perhaps profiting from that, an issue?

      Is it because you want to do that yourself but you’ve got a rule about it which stops you from sharing that way? Is that rules really your rule or someone else’s, did your mother perhaps instill in you a sense of – don’t reveal what is private, don’t tell tales which only belong behind closed doors? – that’s a very Scorpio issue, and also a Virgo issue, to deal with.

      For me personally my parents had a rule which stated that I was never allowed to discuss them with others without their approval (which meant I was never allowed to say anything about them unless it was flattering to them) – however they were allowed to discuss me any way they chose to do so and without my approval because it suited them to do so. I stuck to that rule for a long time out of a crazy kind of loyalty to those who repeatedly betrayed me – I didn’t want to do to them what they did to me. I didn’t want to do it because they did it to me. I knew they did it to me because they were lashing out in pain and I didn’t want to do it because I was lashing out in pain – this sounded noble to me, but really it was a lot of BS which kept me trapped in an impossible predicament which made me crazier than I am.

      I would hazard what is probably an erroneous guess, that you would like to share your story more publicly, perhaps in a book, or maybe in a blog, but you’re stopping yourself from doing that due to how you view doing that kind of thing, and so people like me who do that kind of thing are a bit fascinating, attractive yet also repulsive.

      I have Saturn in the 8th too (mine is in Aries rather than Gemini – Gemini is ‘communication’ amongst other things, with Saturn there it would stimulate communication issues), also squaring my Sun – it’s an intensely restrictive placement which always makes what others are doing relevant to what we are doing or not doing. What others are doing may make us feel as though we can’t do it too, and we may take a certain strange pride in not doing it while at the same time wish we could.

      From what you’ve shared about yourself (albeit cautiously), you have an amazing life story as well as a great natal chart (including transits) – if you chose to share yourself through a book or a blog I think many people would find you not only fascinating but also a source of answers for their own questions about themselves – because that’s part of the reason why people find blogs like mine worth visiting.

      There are always going to be people who dislike us, just as we can always find people to dislike (even when we wish we could like them instead). Being liked is overrated. Being disliked is a fear that is over-emphasised. Being ourselves is always going to get mixed reviews, including from ourselves – we often hate ourselves, sometimes for the things which others like about us.

      There’s an interesting astrology blog which I enjoy perusing – the blogger behind it often irritates the hell out of me, but I love what she does too – – she’s written quite a bit about having a strong Scorpio/Pluto signature to the chart. It helped me with my own natal Pluto in the 1st. and Scorpio as a dominant sign of my chart (which is not that far off being a Capricorn Sun).

      Keep exploring and asking questions, but remember that the only one with the answers to your questions is you 🙂


  6. Oh, and I thought I would be the only capricorn, who has this feeling, that our reputation is getting worser and worser. Even the reputation of Scorpios ist not that bad (but I can empathize with them, it’s rude too, when they get get called “sadistic, obsessive, fanatic” and other stuff).

    Of course – most astrologers write something about the so called dark side of every zodiac sign. But … Capricorn seems always portrayed as particularly dark and the few “nice things”, that are written about my sun sign are not very spectacular (loyalty – well I could be loyal towards the ‘wrong’ people, too). If an astrologer writes, that libras are superficial, pisceans whiny, cancerians too emotional and so on then this is their “dark side” (being emotional ist … really evil. Oh yes, totally). D’accord. But the “dark side” of Capricorn is mostly portrayed in such a way, that one could think we are all creepy oppressive massmurderers. And this ist not … very balanced (hooray, my libra rising chimes in). To be honest, when I read articles about my sun sign, they give me the feeling that I should be the next Adolf Hitler or at least a potential voter of this idiotic Donald Trump. Which is … kind of freakish.

    But oh well … I’ll think I’ll stop now to write to you in poor english … these were just my thoughts. Maybe they are too dark and I take everything too serious – but this time, no, I think not.


    • Thank you for sharing 🙂

      On a list of ‘Sun signs most likely to be interested in astrology’ Capricorn appeared at the bottom as ‘least likely to be interested in astrology’ and I thought – why would Capricorn be interested in astrology if astrology isn’t interested in Capricorn. It’s a logical and practical sign and it’s not going waste time its time getting to know a subject which hasn’t taken any time to get to know its sign.

      Those who think Capricorn is ‘boring’ (or whatever label they need Capricorn to have) will find Capricorn to be ‘boring’ and Capricorn isn’t going to bother disabusing them of their perspective because they obviously want to see things that way otherwise they would have made an effort to see things differently.

      I think some of the reason Capricorns annoy other signs so much is because our sign doesn’t place as much value on their opinion of us as they do. We don’t need others to like us for us to like ourselves – and that rubs others the wrong way.

      Famous Capricorn, Anthony Hopkins, said as much – “My philosophy is: It’s none of my business what people say of me and think of me. I am what I am and I do what I do. I expect nothing and accept everything. And it makes life so much easier.”

      Our sign’s tendency to not talk when we have nothing to say or are taking time out to think things through also bothers people because they fill our silence with their insecurities and anxieties and then blame us for what they put themselves through while we weren’t saying anything. I get a lot of questions about Capricorn giving people ‘the silent treatment’.

      I have come across some very good write-ups about Capricorn by astrologers, but they are rarer than the bad ones. One of those mentioned that part of the path of Capricorn was to be a ‘scapegoat’ for the ‘dark side’ of others. People often disown their own ‘darkness’ and project/transfer it onto someone else – in astrology Capricorn seems to be a favourite target perhaps because we’re a stoic sign which accepts burdens in a ‘the buck stops here’ manner and deals with them thanks to Saturn’s influence.

      This is Linda Goodman’s take on Capricorn from her popular Sun Sign Book (the formatting is a bit of a mess) –

      This is a recent write-up about the Capricorn full moon –

      And since you mentioned Hitler, this is an astrology blog by a Capricorn who wrote a piece about Hitler –

      Hitler was a Taurus, it seems to be a popular Sun sign for dictators –

      People of other signs do sometimes seem to infer that all the dictators, murderers, criminals, psychopaths, evil-doers, etc, throughout human history are Capricorns, and often overlook the fact that some of the beloved figures in history are also Capricorns. They’d rather point out that Al Capone or Stalin (who is sometimes a Capricorn and sometimes a Sagittarius) was a Capricorn rather than mention that Albert Schweitzer and Martin Luther King were also Capricorns.

      Not sure if our reputation is getting worse, but if it is that may have something to do with Pluto transiting Capricorn and putting everyone through intense Capricorn lessons – Pluto likes to stir things up, especially the dark underworld, and the sign its in when its doing that tends to get the blame for it while getting none of the credit when Pluto’s effect yields positive outcomes.

      It’s kind of interesting to note that X-mas and New Year’s are celebrated during Capricorn season – I guess if Santa doesn’t give people what they wanted they turn him into Satan 😉


      • Thanks for your answer :).

        If I think about it – yes most people are quite baffled when they learn that I’m a Capricorn Sun and still interested in anstrology. But perhaps astrology could regain some interest in our zodiac sign – I can remember, that I did read descriptions about Capricorn (eleven years ago) in which Capricorn was more described as some kind of a cute, responsible, stubborn nerd. Still a stereotype but better as the dictator-goat ;).

        “Those who think Capricorn is ‘boring’ (or whatever label they need Capricorn to have) will find Capricorn to be ‘boring’ and Capricorn isn’t going to bother disabusing them of their perspective because they obviously want to see things that way otherwise they would have made an effort to see things differently.”
        Well, that’s right – Capricorn has more important things to do and if I see that people are set in their ways – I won’t try to change this. It’s not worth it.

        Anthony Hopkins is a cool dude :D. Ah, yes, the “silent treatment”. I don’t know about other Capricorns (none of my friends or family members is a Capricorn sun) but I don’t do this to punish people, this would be silly. I do this, when I need to sort my thoughts and especially my feelings.

        Linda Goodmans approach is something I can identify with. Or better identify with. Hmmm … being stoic. I don’t know about you, but in my teens I was not stoic. If someone wanted a scapegoat and did choose me, I would be quite angry and start a fight. But later on I learned, that this doesn’t lead to anything and so I became more stoic. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s disastrous.

        Phew, okay. Interesting part about the taurean dictators. At the moment I could even mention one, which was not on the list, but I think he would be probably labeled as a terrorist, not so much a dictator.

        Yeah, I don’t know why people rather think of evil people, as soon as somebody says “Capricorn”. Martin Luther King was quite pacifistic.

        Santa – Satan … haha :D. Why not. Just some letters need to change their place^^. Like … Tom Marvolo Riddle = Lord Voldemort. Oh no, wait … there is it … another evil Capricorn. A little devil :).


        • Lord Voldemort was a Capricorn played in the films by a Capricorn actor – so double the Cappy trouble. Ralph Fiennes did an interesting interview awhile back wherein he spoke about his private life which he rarely does, it was a a very Capricorn kind of story and the way he told it was typically Cappy – revealing private information while maintaining his privacy. Elucidating mystery while ending up being even more mysterious. Many of his roles have a Saturn influence to them.

          Usually in astrology anything to do with ‘anger’ and how it is experienced and expressed is related to Mars – sign, house, aspects of the natal placement.

          My natal Mars is in Scorpio in the 3rd house of ‘communication’ – people often find me ‘aggressive’ and blunt when I speak, and I enjoy debating – which people often experience as me arguing with them. I don’t see it as ‘arguing’ but I can see how they would see it that way. I’m fairly slow to anger, but once angry that’s it, I’m a dog with a delicious bone and won’t let go until I’ve delved deeply into the matter, dug a big messy hole in the ground and unearthed things that have been hidden in the process.

          Check your natal Mars it will most likely show you the story of your own anger – not allowing others to scapegoat you is an excellent position to take because people are always on the lookout for someone to carry their burdens for them so it is better to say ‘no’ to that or else you’ll end up with lots of things others have given you which you really don’t want or need.

          Being a Capricorn is an interesting experience when you explore it through astrology, otherwise it’s just us being our individual self 😉


          • “Elucidating mystery while ending up being even more mysterious.”
            Yeah, this is something that many other Capricorn suns seem to do in a pretty good way and I am probably no exception ;).
            What I find to be interesting too, is, that Harry Potter, who happens to be a leo in the books, was played by a leo, too.

            My natal Mars is in Sagittarius in the 3rd house. People mostly don’t experience me as blunt or aggressive, but it takes some of them (others get me immediateley) a long time understanding (and me a long time explaining) until they get, what I say and what I mean (and sometimes they don’t get it and are offended because of nothing). I don’t enjoy debating, but I enjoy exchanging ideas and philosophizing. And I like to explain things in detail. I’ve known a girl with whom I had really godawful debates. I said one thing and she was immediateley angry, caused much drama and was already indulging in insults and foul words (not necessarily towards me but in general) that I didn’t want to debate the topic further. I would have had valid points, but insults and foul words are a no no for me. Anger … I don’t know, it’s easy to anger me but I cool down quite quickly and find it in retrospect rather funny, that I was even angry :D.


            • I think everyone regardless of astrology finds being understood a challenge and being misunderstood seems to be a common an experience. Sometimes it’s quite fun to have to explain yourself because it makes you really consider what it is you’re saying, and in giving your explanation you may understand yourself better – even if other people still don’t get you. People can’t always get us because we may not fit into their framework – others tend to think we think like they do so when we don’t it baffles them, and they may not be open to thinking differently.

              Sagittarius is a great placement for Mars – it powers the joy of ‘ideas and philosophizing’, gives a passion for discovery and exploration of other cultures, countries (including those within people). Mars in a fire sign tends to get angry quickly and just as quickly move on to another feeling because its the element of fire and that burn through things releasing the phoenix 🙂


              • Yes, this is true. Oh, I like explaining (considering the profession I’m learning it would be a shame, if I didn’t) and it sometimes really gives me a better understanding of myself or the subject I’m philosophizing about. Generally speaken, it does both.

                Hm, I must say, that I like the element of fire and mostly do get along with fire dominant people quite well. Sagittarius is dominant in my chart, too (Moon, Venus, Mercury and Mars, always in the 3rd house, except Venus). What I find to be interesting, too, is having Aquarius in Saturn and having Capricorn in Uranus. Exploring foreign cultures (especially ancient ones) is quite fun – but I tend to think of the complex worlds, which I can find in other peoples hearts and minds as even more interesting.

                Are you rather Scorpio-dominant? (Okay, my english ist really awful, sort of).


                • Totally Scorpio dominant 😉

                  Using the Pullen method of determining dominants in a chart, Scorpio is my Dominant sign and Mercury is my Dominant planet. I laid my astrological self bare here –

                  So I’m sometimes rather intense and sometimes totally scattered, and sometimes I’m both at the same time 😉

                  Fairly certain that in an English test you’d score better than I would. I’m bilingual due to family and moved around a lot in my education (natal Neptune on the IC). I was taught English by both American and British teachers who were horrified at my use of the language… problem is I found their horror funny, as a Scorpio Dominant would!

                  Aquarius Saturn plus Uranus in Capricorn – kick ass radical structure that can only be built and defined by you. And with that much Sagittarius – don’t let anyone else tell you who you are or what your journey is all about – you were born to discover it for yourself and perhaps break barriers while doing it. Cap sun gives you solidity while everything else can be in flux until you’re ready to settle – that kind of settling does not mean settling for less than what’s good for you, however there may be challenges connected to that (especially now that Saturn is transiting in Sag while Pluto is transiting Cap).

                  Make sure your profession nurtures you – Sag Moon needs to believe and to see belief in motion 🙂

                  Sounds like an awesome natal chart!


                  • I like Scorpio as a sign, I have to say. My dominant sign is Sagittarius and my dominant planet is mercury, too.

                    “So I’m sometimes rather intense and sometimes totally scattered, and sometimes I’m both at the same time.”
                    Sounds cute, or at least to me :D. I’m mostly scatterbrained and a strange mix of overly cheerful and overly melancholic.

                    Oh, I’m not sure if i would really score better than you. I didn’t speak english for nearly eight years, my french ist much more better (which I find to be quite ironic, since english is a germanic language and as a german lady, it should be easier for me).

                    “don’t let anyone else tell you who you are” –> I need to practice this more, sometimes I tend to listen too much to other peoples opinions.

                    Oh yeah, Sag moon is a total idealist and a dreamer :). My profession will nurture me, I think. But I would be happier if less people wouldn’t look down on people who work with kids and teenagers.

                    Oh, I like my natal chart, too, hehe :D. My sun has a conjunction with Neptune and Uranus too, so … it’s everything here for a small, peaceful revolution ;).


                    • I love the image of the mix of overly cheerful and overly melancholic – a very poetic combination – I would say that it goes well with someone who works with kids and teenagers as that time of a person’s life is full of extremes, especially emotionally, and it is helpful to have someone who understands the experience and can show how extremes like that can coexist, and are normal 🙂

                      I also love small peaceful revolutions – very powerful!


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