Glam Bam, Thank you Ma’am!

I have always loved the photography of George Hurrell... Here's my attempt... a very lazy try... after a photo shoot which I was not pleased with due to a minor detail... of a George Hurrell style image. And here is the... cough cough... unadulterated original. Untouched... and really why am I sharing this... Ah! Photoshop!... Continue Reading →

If You Have a Blog… You’re Naked and Loving It (sometimes reluctantly)

Have you read Dale Carnegie? Maybe. Maybe not. Am I questioning your literary proclivity? No... he wrote a book about Winning Friends and Influencing People which has since been parodied, but he also wrote a book about Public Speaking. 'Tis all. I can't recall anything he said in that Public Speaking tome. Did he suggest... Continue Reading →

Sobbing Toilets and Cheech and Chong Style Dreams

The flux capacitor powering my internet is capacitating flux. Therefore sometimes I can get online easily and sometimes the pizza wheel of death informs me that I can't and have to do something else. I'm a grumbler by hobby, but this is one thing I don't grumble about… that much. There are some things which... Continue Reading →

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