Happy Birthday to… YOU!

It’s my very best friend in the entire universe’s birthday today!

And I’m the one who received a gift!!!

I do love his style! And him!

He likes to celebrate his birthday by surprising others with a special something, he figures that birthdays are best met with a generous spirit rather than a selfish one… even though the results are actually quite selfish because he gets to feel good about himself by making others feel good about themselves.

Don’t worry… I did get him a load of very silly gifts! He prefers that kind of gift.

He always says, if you want to get me something… think of something which I would never get for myself, make sure it’s as ridiculous as possible, and be sure to enjoy getting it because half the fun of giving should be in getting the thing you’re going to give and imagining how shocked, hopefully in a good way, the receiver is going to be. Make it crazy memorable, and make it something which induces shared laughter!

One of the gifts which I gave him, was an intangible one… they are my specialty!

I agreed to do something which I have been disagreeing to do. It’s a silly something known as playing Minecraft… this may be the last time you hear from me as I gather that it is very addictive, which is why I was refusing to join in the fun!

But hey! It’s his birthday…

Pixies – Where is My Mind


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