Internet Treasures: The Insight Game

Do you enjoy exploring yourself? Who you are, what makes you tick, why you do what you do, think what you think, feel what you feel, and learning new ways of looking at yourself.

Do you like taking personality tests (and arguing with every question if you’re similar to me)?

Do you like to ‘type’ yourself and then see how accurate that type is?

Do you know your MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator)? Do you want to know? Do you want to explore it in a novel and funny way?

If you said yes to any of those questions, and if you have not already been to – The Insight Game – then may I highly recommend it to you.

It is a fun and interactive way of getting to know your Myers-Briggs type and perhaps even yourself (a bit more than you already do) from a new perspective or a new slant on an old perspective.

Start here – Find out my Type – Play the Insight Game! – you don’t have to fill in your info – name and email – you can press the – Skip – button and get on with the game.

I particularly love the Cartoon Illustrations, so many chuckles due to trueness and comic cleverness! My favourite thing to do is laugh, especially at myself. I take everything and nothing seriously! The cartoon illustrations are what drew me to this website and kept me there investigating the rest of it.

I am an INTP or an NT as it is referred to in The Insight Game. And I do things such as this:


NT by The Insight Game


See that copyright smallprint at the bottom of the image… see what the image is illustrating… the reason I am trampling on their prohibition is very logical, I think the site is brilliant and the cartoons are superb and should be shared (with credit and link to source) so that others can find their way to The Insight Game and enjoy the wealth which lies therein.

Yes, I could have contacted them for permission, however – The mundane details of life may be the INTP’s undoing (from their INTP profile)

Also since this post is an unofficial advertisement for the website – The Insight Game – I’m hoping their legal team will cut me some slack, but if they want the images removed, they’ll let me know… depending on what type they are, I suppose. I checked the About The Authors page and did not see their MBTI in their bios. Strange that they should omit such a thing, perhaps it is elsewhere and I have missed it.

I hope their knickers don’t get in a twist over this and instead if they ever find out about it they will be overjoyed by my enthusiasm for their website. If they do get upset then this is how I will perceive it:


NT relating style by The Insight Game


This cartoon illustration is the one which made me laugh the loudest and caused me to fall in love with The Insight Game! Love it! Check it out!