She Watches and Waits…

This photograph was one of the first which I took with my camera.  I was still trying to figure out how to use it, in my typical back to front approach to learning things, I decided to take some photos and then see what I needed to learn. One snowed-in Winter's day I was sitting... Continue Reading →

Time Traveling with Mars transiting the 12th House

Image via Collectors Showcase Please see previous post - Please Disturb Me – Mars Transits the 12th House - for more info on this post, as in why I posted it and other blah blah. What can I say about this old post, written in April 2012. Should I say anything? It was a different... Continue Reading →

Please Disturb Me – Mars Transits the 12th House

A week or so ago my internet connection started fluctuating causing interruptions in my online activities. It didn't bother me that much. It was a nuisance, but one which could be worked with by adjusting how I do things. So I thought little of it. I'm erratic in my communications anyway. Then my mind started... Continue Reading →

How to Talk to a Sad Melancholy Introvert

I have a question, which I will eventually get around to answering for myself later by doing some research - Can you nominate blogs for a blog award without first receiving an award nomination? I have had a couple of those, but that was before and this is now... Now I would like to nominate... Continue Reading →

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