Please Disturb Me – Mars Transits the 12th House

Aelita - Queen of Mars quote

A week or so ago my internet connection started fluctuating causing interruptions in my online activities. It didn’t bother me that much. It was a nuisance, but one which could be worked with by adjusting how I do things. So I thought little of it. I’m erratic in my communications anyway.

Then my mind started to go too, in a similar way to my internet. In flux. I found it harder to focus. Being distracted became the new norm. It didn’t bother me that much. I have always swung from being intensely focused to being completely distracted. Astrologically this is clearly shown by my having Mars and Neptune in Scorpio in the 3rd house in my natal chart. Since my Mercury is in Aquarius, being an airhead is easy. It also confers mental alacrity, so I adapt quickly and rejig how I do things, including how I think, to suit the now.

I began to find it harder to write posts. I still have plenty of internal prompts giving me things to write about, but the flow of words started to hiccup. Transferring what was in my mind down into cyber ink on cyber page became less fluid. My mind was thinking predominantly in images rather than words and translating those images into words takes time and focus, but since I am distracted… It didn’t bother me that much. I have lots of posts which I made earlier to share, perhaps after a tweak or two.

The only thing which bothered me was that this new situation might trigger an old cycle of behaviour.

The main thrust of the cycle is one of being a part of the world and retreating from it into my own world. The hard part is being a part of the world and interacting with all the people who live in it, the easy part is retreating. I love being solitary. However, I feel that this love of being alone, as beneficial as it is to me, has to be balanced.

Blogging and Social Media have been helping me to change the cycle. Social networking has transformed my life in ways which I could not have imagined but for which I am very grateful. The internet gives me a way to be a part of the world, in fine company, and be solitary at the same time, which is an ideal solution.

What bothers me is that having an enforced break might trigger the desire never to return. Can I face this challenge?

Absence for me does not make my heart grow fonder, it tends to make my heart forget. Which is a blessing and a curse rolled into one.

I have been challenging this old cycle, and I do feel that I’ve made progress in changing my behaviour pattern, but like with all changes they need to be tested to see if they are genuine or forced. Genuine changes last, whereas forced ones only last for as long as we are consciously focused upon them, a significant distraction will pop that delusional bubble sharply.

At the moment I just don’t feel like sharing myself as much as I did a few weeks ago when I felt driven to share by the sheer joy of doing so. It doesn’t bother me that much. Life moves in rhythms, ebb and flow, recognise and respect the rhythm and things move more smoothly, fight it and a perpetual struggle ensues.

It occurred to me to check to see if this shift in focus tied in with a transit. The overlap between my life and the astrology of my chart, especially the transits and aspects they make, still surprises me. And this time it did too.

The flux of my internet connection coincided with transiting Mars crossing the cusp between my 11th and 12th houses. The 11th house represents community, social groups, circle of friends – while Mars was transiting this house my energy was directed at being a part of the online social community. The 12th house represents the unconscious, the hidden, and it is also associated with hidden enemies, real or in the subconscious – as Mars moved into this house, my energy turned away from expressing itself outwardly and turned inwards.

I wondered, as I always do, whether this transit of Mars was actually affecting me or whether I was transferring my feelings of the moment onto the transit. Making it what I needed it to be to help me to understand the shift in my life. Does it matter which one it is as long as understanding is achieved? I idly wished that I could recall what had happened the last time Mars transited my 12th. The wish was idle because I do not keep a diary or journal, unless you consider my blogs a journal, but they were created a while after I went through the last transit of Mars through my 12th. In fact, if I recall correctly, and my memory is not linear, I deleted all my previous social media creations during that transit.

As I was attempting to focus on writing my daily post, writing a post a day and posting regularly is one of my goals and challenges to myself, my mind wandered so much that I decided to give up and find an old post in my archives to use instead. As I perused them I saw the folder which contained posts from my old and defunct blog. I clicked and explored out of curiosity. And there my eye was caught by a post which I had titled – The Mars Effect. I opened it and lo and behold it was written about the last transit of Mars in my 12th. It did make me cringe a little, for various reasons. The writing style was more stilted and stiff, I was in my early stages of communicating this way. It was also…

Maybe I’ll post it after this and you can decide for yourself. Maybe I won’t. See… not in a sharing mood! (but maybe I am as a challenge to myself – Time Traveling with Mars Transiting the 12th House)

It was a post I had written not for my blog but for the Facebook page I had for that blog. In some ways the experience I wrote about led to my deciding that Facebook was not a platform which suited me.

Anyway, before I get hopelessly lost in tangents… a habit of mine which I enjoy but which tends to confuse others (it’s a Neptune in the 3rd and a Mercury in Aquarius thing)…

What I saw in that old post confirmed to me a couple of things:

1. That I have learned from my past and have changed, subtly, but that is sometimes the best kind of change.

2. That what I think is an effect of the Mars transit on my 12th is indeed what it is. Now the post was written at a slightly later degree of the transit, when Mars conjuncted my natal Moon in the 12th. So my emotions were heightened, and since my Moon is ‘afflicted’ by hard aspects… let’s just say things got heated and emotional.

Am I being too mysterious? That is a symptom of having my Moon in the 12th, and in Virgo. I apologise, but I am not sorry.

In Robert Hand’s book – Planets in Transit: Life Cycles for Living – Mars in the 12th is described thus:

“This can be a difficult transit if it is not handled properly… you will often feel vaguely irritable and uneasy…This is simply the psychological expression of repressed energies within you that are often so subtle that you are not even aware of them… Past behaviour patterns that have become completely unconscious now become active and come into play without your knowing it… The only way you can counter this effect is to become completely conscious of yourself…” – Robert Hand

This transit has also coincided with another event, one which reminds me of yet another event… which I handled rather badly, but which ultimately was very insightful and which I hope has helped to transform how I behave, and thus transform how I experience myself, life and others, and how others experience me (although I have very little control over their views). The learning curve may be steep, but it can be climbed and the climb is worth the effort… at least it seems to be from the angle from which I perceive it.

I endeavour to improve myself… but am I really improving myself? I try to relate to others in a more healthy way, bringing less of my baggage to the interaction, but the only way I can do this is by having experiences which show me the part I play and the part others play. I am grateful to all those who help to enlighten me, unfortunately I tend to be more enlightened by negative experiences than positive ones… I am slowly shifting in that too.

With so many planets transiting Scorpio, my dominant sign, now more than ever seems to be the time to delve deep into the subconscious and unconscious to dredge up the gunk lying on the bottom, and find the nuggets of gold which lie therein… but it is a messy, dirty and rather wet task. Worth it? Yes, worth it!

I have so much more to say on this… I’m sure that more (as I’ve already said more than enough for one post) will reveal itself in the other posts which I write during this transit.

Now, over to you, if Mars is transiting your 12th house or you recall the experiences you had when it did, care to share your experience of it with me?


  1. I will attempt to write more, but for the time being allow me to say that I enjoy your insights. I have some of Benjamin Dykes work and find it utterly fascinating. Great blog you have.


    • Thank you. You’re an Alchemist! How wonderful! And one who believes in finding your own answers… is that not the best and only way really. Everything, including ourselves, is an experiment and we are the experimenters. Thank you for commenting and introducing me to your blog.


      • I couldn’t call myself an alchemist with a straight face. I’m definitely a student of alchemy. That old cliche about the more I know the more I know how little I know is certainly appropriate here.


        • And that oft quoted quote about the wise being full of doubts applies too perhaps. An alchemist is always a student of alchemy. To seek and transform seeking into learning and learning into seeking… to not know prompts the urge to know, to know prompts the urge to know more, knowing more reveals how little is known and thus prompts the urge to seek.


  2. I don’t seem to do too good when the ruler of my Sun is the 12th. I remember when Mars had that long transit in Leo. Oh boy…Maybe because I’m reminded in some shape form or fashion directly or indirectly of how I’m supposed to feel/act towards the folks that are represented by the ruler of my 12th and the planet that resides within and Mars. I think that my Leo Moon (mother) is also represented by my Sun and Mars in addition to the assignments of Sun (father) and Mars (men). Rage and anger that I have to keep under wraps as it’s not proper… Mars is right on top of my Moon right now.

    Do you think of your Moon like that since your Sun is in the 5th?


    • One of the differences in our charts is that although we both have the Moon in the 12th, mine is in Virgo and yours is in Leo. Virgo is – I analyse. Leo is – I will. So our approach to our hidden emotions (12th house effect on the Moon) is different. I analyse my emotions. What do you do? Are your emotions involved in a battle of wills?

      The Moon to me represents many things. Mostly it shows me my emotional nature and how to understand it so that I work with it rather than it working against me under the surface (hidden enemy).

      The Moon does represent the Mother, but not the actual person that our mother is, it shows how we experience her, our internalised version of her. I experienced my mother as the stereotypical negative side of Virgo. She picked on me, finding fault, etc. This has inspired me to not do that.

      I use Saturn to represent the Father. It fits for me. The Sun is mine, it represents me, my ego, my self. My parents don’t get to have that 😉 In the 5th my Sun is creative. I create myself. I use all the challenges life throws at me as friction to hone my identity. My Mercury is also in the 5th so my mind plays an important role in helping my Sun to create who I am.

      Your Sun is in the 8th, which in some ways goes beautifully with Pluto/Uranus in the 1st. Conjunct Mars it gives your identity a battling fire. No one will ever be able to crush you, however they will try because you need the challenge to learn how to use your massive amounts of personal power. The power you have is raw, it needs to be refined. The 8th gives you the clue to how to do that.

      Your chart has many placements which show that relationships in your life are the key to your transformation. They will always challenge you, you will always overcome those challenges and become more you, your authentic self.

      Mars’ transit through your 12th stirs the deepest part of those challenges, how they affect your subconscious, which is why they are disturbing, because we often hide things from ourselves in our subconscious. Don’t forget that anything which aspects your Moon triggers your T-square.

      Also Mercury is transiting in Scorpio now, it will go retro there and it will square Mars. I think it’s in your 2nd, personal values. So whatever Mars stirs up will also hit your personal values versus the values of others.

      What do you think?


      • lol. Yes it usually is a battle of wills with me frequently on the loosing end because I don’t like to upset others. Then I analyze my emotions and everything. else

        I was along the lines of both our mothers being Leo Suns. Mine has Venus in Virgo so I know exactly what you mean about the negative side of Virgo. And the negative side of Leo. I strive to give the encouragement I wished I had got.

        Yes Mercury will go retro in my 2nd. I don’t doubt it at all. As a matter of fact Mars will just amp that up and will push me further to stand up for myself. Which is why I wonder about all this “power” that I have. I don’t want power over others, just power over myself.


        • My Leo sun mother has Mercury in Virgo. Also Moon and Neptune in Virgo. With Jupiter in Leo. So the Leo and Virgo energy are amplified. I think that her Mercury in Virgo was the part I found hardest to deal with. My Mercury and hers never agreed on how a mind should work. My mind is open, hers is shut. The only voice she hears is her own and it never shuts up. Silence terrifies her. She is also terrified of being alone, yet her shut mind keeps her imprisoned in solitary confinement.

          I did the synastry between my chart and my mother’s chart and her Virgo side opposes my Venus, and her Pluto opposes my Sun. I think those aspects show the dynamic at play which caused the most problems, yet there is also a Neptune vibe which obfuscated everything. Have you done the synastry with yours?

          I get the giving what you wished to get. I do that too. It’s the Virgo/Pisces axis.

          We all have power, what we do with that power is in our power to choose. You won’t have power over others unless you choose to do that, and unless others give you power over them. People giving you power over them is a tricky thing to deal with. Sometimes others want you to have power over them because they don’t want to be responsible for themselves, so they give you power over them and there is not much you can do about that without ripping them a new one. They trust stuff onto you and then blame you.

          As for power over yourself, you have always had that, but how exactly do you use that power, that is a question that those with Pluto/Uranus in the 1st have to consider almost every day. It is at the heart of the power which you have.

          I could go on and on about power and how it works and doesn’t work. I have studied the subject at length because I grew up in a family obsessed with power. Power games were constant. And still are. I am definitely dealing with this right now more than ever, especially with the Mars in 12th transit.


  3. I think the other interesting aspect here is that Venus and Mars were squared at this time. So your 12th house is Leo?

    Leo is in my 8th and 9th house.

    At this exact moment in time of Sept 29, 2013. I was taking all my possessions and moving. This move was very heavily driven by internal forces and has led to an expansive period of unfolding over the past five months. Time travel very much seems an aspect of it, as I have run through my entire experiences up to this point and sorted out my collection of tools in a pristine and fresh environment. I was also able to discard a lot of clutter and precisely see what was indeed “me” in all of this process. In addition, it has landed me in an environment and mental landscape that is incredibly similar to struggles I faced and conquered in my earliest waking consciousness, and a similar shift that happened during the early nineties–which happened to be one of the biggest shifts in one hundred years, perhaps even two thousand years. Taking an inventory of what has occurred since 1990 as a planet and collective consciousness is rather revealing. Perhaps we have Uranus and Pluto to thank for that. Neptune transitioning into Pisces, however, is I think more powerful than most of us realize. We are finally getting the chance to right what has been wronged, correct the course. Baby boomers are transitioning out of power and the subsequent generations with their indelible markings of social consciousness are finally getting the chance to finalize the changes they initiated in the early 90s. That transition, if you remember was beautiful and incredibly painful. The whole world felt it. We woke up kicking and screaming. Ever since Neptune transitioned into Pisces, I felt that same energy return, but in a way that is almost more intense, more earnest–which is saying a lot. Much is going to occur in the next thirteen years as Neptune swims at home in Pisces and in the world of unconsciousness and dreams. Global consciousness and earnest change are the only things that can save us. I believe this with all of my heart,

    I must say, though, that I feel this is maybe the way the collective is experiencing 2014. We went through a lot to get us to this place, and there is a hell of a lot more to do.

    I could go on and on.

    The most difficult aspect I am facing in this transition is that things that have been in a twenty year gestation now beg to be born. We are being pressed to actualize. Our hearts and dreams are needed in a very dire battle for the fate of the next fifty years. I don’t care if you are the President or a gas station attendant, all will be subtly and overtly affected by this invisible war.

    Time to be what we’ve imagined. It’s time to bring those dreams into the third dimension. This only happens with work. Shaky foal legs. Awkward new wings that we still have to adjust to. We are strange creatures. We sprang from strange soils, But I truly believe we knew what we signed up for. I also believe that we’ll get the hang of it.

    Some days I’m tripping over my wings. Some days I’m tearing things to pieces. All of 2014 is about inventory and preparation. All of it. Shit really starts to go down after 2014. This will be witnessed in politics nationally and internationally. The sea change will sweep in. Like a tsunami. Those holding on to their old homes will be swept away,


    • So, where is your natal Pluto and Uranus, what signs and houses, and are they aspected by the transiting Pluto/Uranus square? In what houses are your Pluto and Uranus transits? Are they aspecting any of your natal planets?

      Where is your natal Neptune, sign and house? And where is transiting Neptune, what’s it aspecting for you?

      And why is Leo so important to you?

      At a guess I would say that transiting Pluto is in the 1st, Uranus in the 4th and Neptune is in the 3rd, but it depends on the natal chart. Which means their effects are personal. The focus is on you not on others, on your life not on the lives of others.

      Uranus and Pluto when they work together in the personal houses demand inner change and radical transformation of the self through trauma. They are saying to you – Look at yourself before you start looking at others, change yourself before you try to change others, meet the shadows within you before you point at the shadows of others, face your own darkness, fears and underworld, don’t try and escape yourself or you will meet yourself in every person in the world. If you project your inner world onto the outer world and try to sort it out that way, your wings will act like those of Icarus. Change your experience of the world within and your experience of the world outside of you will change as a consequence.

      Neptune in the 3rd blurs the mind, boundaries dissolve – it can allow an individual access to the collective consciousness easily, but it can also mean that the line between what is real and what is illusory is not clear. What is unreal seems at times more real that what is real. Dreams are more vivid than waking life.

      Your words do reflect a very personal experience of the outer planets, which can be very disorienting and overwhelming because they are vast impersonal energies being felt very personally. It’s like trying to put an ocean into a glass.

      With the impersonal planets working in the personal side of the natal chart you will feel everything that is happening in the world very personally, and you might be tempted to fix the world and all the other inhabitants of the world because you may view it as being the cause and source of your personal problems, you might become an activist out to save the world from itself, however this will end up with the world rejecting you and causing even more problems for you as the outer planets in your personal sector need for you to use that energy for internal change, the internal revolution will ripple out and change the world more naturally once your focus turns within.

      Which sounds like what you’re doing, so you’re on the right track and tripping over wings is very Uranus seeking freedom of flight through step by step personal and individual experimentation and experience, the tearing things to pieces is very Pluto being aided by Saturn in Scorpio as they are energies which are working in unison as they are in mutual reception.

      Saturn in Scorpio is working as a bridge of sorts at the moment between the inner and outer planetary energies. Saturn in Scorpio is urging us to look within and explore what’s on the inside of us, to see our true motives and intention. This will aid in building the new foundations which Pluto in Capricorn is working on having dismantled the old foundations first. Then Uranus in Aries can be activated to set off on a bold new path – but it has to be one centered within the self, a self which is known well.

      Or at least that’s my take on it 🙂

      Thank you for sharing!


      • Pluto is in Libra in my 10th house.

        Uranus in Scorpio in my 11th house.

        Neptune in Sagittarius in my 1st house.

        Aries Sun

        Aries Moon.

        Lots of fire.

        Mercury in 5th in Taurus.

        Venus in 4th in Aries.

        (That covers most of the major aspects.)

        Leo isn’t too important to me. Saturn is in my Leo and in my 8th house. (But I’m honestly not too worried about that. Not too dearly clinging to this incarnation.)

        I just think that Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto have tremendous influence generationally because they move so slowly. But having Neptune in my first house definitely creates many strong bonds. I am an agent of change. I choose to do this via actualization and writing. There is much to do to make the world ready for the next cycle, and, honestly, much is still in peril. It is the eye of the needle.The closer we get to it, the more clearly I see that much will have to be winnowed from the current collective consciousness in order for us to fit through such a small window and then make such a tight turn. I used to fight this. I have since made my peace with it. It seems the only way. We have to learn our lessons. Though many of us already instinctually understand and don’t need the lesson, it is obvious that the collective does need this lesson. So be it.

        I have faced that darkness. Fought it all off. It rather galvanized me. I won’t go into dramatic details. The biggest issues currently for me are mere practicalities: working for a living in a world I literally want to set myself fire in; structuring my free time; weeding out even the most benign niceties that I have been conditioned to identify with; balancing an almost monastic new incarnation. In a nutshell, I am becoming the wizard I have always felt within me while trying to walk through the most banal country the world has ever or will ever see. I feel like I was paratrooped in and the plans within me are my instinct. Sure it is taxing and touched with a wee bit of vainglory, but it resonates quite deeply–ever since I was a small boy.

        Beyond the realm of astrology (and oddly enough within the realm of astrology at the same time) humanity is evolving. This evolution will soon become a war. It won’t be easy. It won’t be painless. Shit is going to get silly.

        Mother is angry. Mother is very, very angry.


        • So you chart’s placements are getting fiercely zapped by the transits of the moment, especially the Pluto/Uranus square. How much do you follow the effects of transits? If you’re using astrology as a guide, they help to explain how the energy works and has worked – especially of the outer planets which offer very tough lessons to integrate – by plotting their course from the moment of your birth.

          Pluto, Uranus and Neptune show you your pain, trauma and the challenges, things which you need to delve into and understand before you can make sense of their energy imprint upon you and use rather than abuse their power. It’s very interesting to plot the slow movement and compare it to life experiences and events.

          Chiron and the North Node are also good to work with as they point to lifelong challenges. You can’t escape these ones, you have to learn to live with them and see the flip side. Not easy but worth doing.

          Neptune as a natal placement in the 1st is a tough one. Identity is blurred by Neptune’s presence in the 1st. You may experience a disconnect with yourself and with others, or how you see yourself versus how others see you, or how you perceive others seeing you, which can be seen expressed in your comment – “I am becoming the wizard I have always felt within me while trying to walk through the most banal country the world has ever or will ever see.” – is the country really banal or do you just see it that way because those in your country do not see you as you see yourself, they do not recognise your wizard self therefore they are blind thus banal? For a wizard and for someone with Neptune in the 1st you must train yourself to be aware of what you project onto the world outside of yourself because you have the ability to create your own reality out of your projections.

          You also have to become aware of the boomerang effect of magic.

          You may feel that others do not recognise your true identity… But do you recognise the identity of others, do they feel that they are seen by you or do they feel that when you look at them all you see is your version of who they are, who they need to be for you. Does their identity become what you want it to be to support your identity?

          With the outer planets transiting the personal side of the natal chart, the questions connected to self versus other (which includes society and the world) will keep presenting themselves to you, it may at times feel harsh as though the world is too stupid for you to live in it (increased by having so much fire in your natal chart) the focus being on – figure yourself out before you think you’ve figured others out.

          Become fully human and all that entails first. Saturn in the 8th isn’t about detachment from the human experience. You were born human to be human, feel the pain, the despair, the darkness, plunge deep into it and embrace it. You must learn to love being human first. Not transcend it first. Tough challenge. How can you love something which causes you so much intense pain?

          You sound like you’re dealing with these challenges well, so keep going and keep at it.

          Are you by any chance a Hitchhiker’s Guide fan?


          • I have to say that I’m a rather self-aware human and incredibly aware of where humanity is in regards to its current cycle. This awareness has been hardwired into me. I have always felt it. My relation and deep connection with the outer planets are imperative for my place in this world. My awareness of cycles and change have been spot on. Every time. This is not a matter of ego nor projection, though I find it telling that this is how you immediately assume my identity within an inherently sick society is formed.

            You assume that I want this world to embrace me and see me how I feel myself inside. You are wrong. I connect with a handful of Others. We recognize each other instantly. This world tears all of our Kind apart, Yet we press through it, do what we were sent to do.

            Please do not interpret my stance as aggressive or defensive. It is rather matter of fact. I’m mostly saddened to hear so much of the world in your perspective. You are obviously quite sensitive. You must be terribly sad to be trapped beneath so many layers of lies.

            As far as figuring myself out, again you speak of matters that you have zero understanding. Zero. I haven’t met anyone as fearless in their quest for self-understanding as myself. None. I can already see how you will interpret this. What a shame.

            You have many mirrors within you. You are also very afraid to face deep and certain truths. You speak with the hubris and delusion of the collective’s fear and love of comfort. How sad. Such truths are hard to face, but necessary if we are to escape the mess that social conditioning and a very black magic have made of this world.

            You can dismiss my perspective. You can deem me delusional. That’s okay. I’m looking for equals. I’m looking people who take in as much as I do and, like me, are not afraid to take in more. If you think my journey in this life or any of our journeys are to make peace with such a banal, self-destructive, estranging existence, then we will simply not see eye to eye.

            I am a servant to forces beyond this world. Always have been. Always will be. The current state of the world has forces in many dimensions very grieved, very alarmed.

            Like I said, the war is on; the war is going to continue to grow, whether you see it or not. All of the collective will undergo this over the next 25 years. No matter what country. No matter what sex. No matter what age.

            Perhaps you are a baby boomer. That would explain a lot.


          • I can already see how your protection of “self” protects itself with repression and denial and how that denial will react to anyone with the perception to see how deep and troubled those wounds are.

            Fire away. Burn it to pieces. The human psyche is a remarkable thing. A dislocated heart in denial surrounds itself with MANY landmines. This isn’t much of a problem for one who knows how to fly.

            Go buy something to make yourself feel better. The world isn’t really falling apart. It’s all alright. Just make a blog and spread your consciousness around to various “safe” places. Rinse. Repeat. If you can’t fix a consciousness in extreme peril, pretend, play dress up. It’s what everyone else does. Ignore the stars and planets. At your own peril.

            You were warned.


        • Don’t worry, you expressing yourself and sharing your views didn’t disturb me. If you were trying to disturb me, the way to do that is through genuine kindness as I have natal Pluto/Uranus in my 1st house and Chiron/NN in the 7th and I’m used to attracting very strong characters who proceed to character assassinate me because they don’t like who I am and how I express myself, or because they decided who I was and then are disappointed because I am not who they decided I was.

          With Chiron/NN in the 7th people tend to project their shadows onto me, and by attacking me they battle their shadows. I’m not saying that’s what you did, I’m saying that is a recurring theme in my life.

          This post was written last year about a transit of Mars, that transit has moved on.

          Speaking of Mars transits, yesterday the Moon in Aries opposed Mars in Libra and here is what one astrologer – Kelli Fox – had to say about that:

          “The Aries Moon faces off with combative Mars today. Remaining diplomatic is no longer an option. It’s time to have a direct confrontation with people who are creating discord. We’ve all been walking on eggshells lately, hoping a mounting problem will go away. It will be impossible to ignore the increasing tension now these planets are opposing each other.

          Fortunately, the Moon slips into laid-back Taurus causing the tension to ease. A harmonious sextile to compassionate Neptune makes it possible for everyone to kiss and make up. Even sworn enemies will be able to cut each other a little slack.”

          Since you’re an Aries Sun/Moon/Venus with Pluto in Libra, that transit of the Moon opposing Mars fanned the flames of your passionate nature and you expressed it.

          You’re free to keep expressing yourself on my blog as long as it is directed at me, the blogger, and not at other commenters. I deleted a couple of your comments and those of the other commenter with whom you had a disagreement because my blog is not a forum for gladiators. Those sort of venues can be found all over the internet, and if you’re looking for a place to air your view free from any form of censorship then you should consider creating your own blog and sharing your views on there. This tiny speck of space is mine, if you don’t like me, my views or my blog, it is very easy to ignore and move on.

          I wish you well on your journey through life and hope you find the stillness which you are seeking (based on your email address).


          • I came with guard down to share, not seek backhanded, unsolicited advice.

            I truly have nothing to say to people who are oblivious to the peril that we face. It is screaming at us in millions of Places. For my type of awareness it is truly Us and them. Even the good natured people need to be shaken awake from the lie they’ve been tricked into pursuing their whole lives.

            I am a very quiet and simple person at heart, but there is much to do and nobody willing to do it.

            That stillness cannot happen in this world. Not yet. I’m working on it.


  4. Hi 🙂 wow this blog is so cool an pretty intense especially that conversation between you in scott, seemed like you both had more in common than not lol I first came here because I was researching mars in 2th house transit…anyhow im here to ask about my natal since you seem to have a lot of insight into astrology..please share your wisdom….i just turned 22 in may an I kinda feel like im having a trying to leave my young self completely an step into adult hood love life has also took a big seems like every relationship I got into I magically turned into shit lol I wonder if I ever will have a happy relationship in this lifetime.. anyway I would love to here your perspective an advice that I can take with me on my journey..thank natal aspects are : North Node- Capricorn in my 12th house Ascendant-Aquarius in 1st house Sun-Taurus in my 4th house Moon-Cancer in my 6th house Mercury-Aries in my 3rd house Mars-Aries in my 3rd house Venus-Taurus in my 4th house Jupiter-Virgo in my 8th house Saturn-Aquarius in my 1st house Uranus-Capricorn in my 12th house Neptune-Capricorn in my 12th house Pluto-Scorpio in my 0th house Lilith-Aquarius conjunct my Ascendant …my other houses I didn’t mention are..5th house-Gemini 7th house-leo 9th house- libra 11th house-sag.


    • Thank you 🙂

      There is an online astrologer whom I think may be able to help you with your chart and your questions – – she is very good and she interacts. She does chart interpretations, and has a wonderful blog – – which offers regular insights into the transits going on at the moment and how they may affect you personally – which may be what is connected to your crisis, as when transits hit your natal positions they tend to stir things up in your chart, thus in your life.

      I love her blog and use it as a guide to know what’s going on. She always seems to be able to explain things in a straightforward and insightful manner.

      There is a major transit – Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn – which has been going on for a while and which is seen as causing the breaking down of old structures to build new ones, transformation through destruction, change through upheaval, breakthrough after a breakdown. Since you have North Node, Neptune and Uranus in Capricorn, a Cancer Moon, Mars and Mercury in Aries, which are Cardinal signs, those natal positions may be being opposed and/or squared by this major transit and thus you may find your life, inside and/or outside, being turned upside down.

      Saturn transiting Scorpio is also causing some intense friction, Saturn transits are heavy and painful, but always end up being beneficial eventually if you survive the grinding down, and it may be aspecting your planets in Taurus/Scorpio/Aquarius.

      I’m not an astrologer, I’m not even an amateur astrologer, I simply use astrology as a way of figuring things out and I do it intuitively and often messily (as you noticed in my interaction with Scott). So it’s better if I don’t wade in and offer my opinion 😉

      It sounds like you have a very powerful and intriguing chart. There is a lot going on. Cancer Moon is very potent, strong emotions, deeply intuitive. With an Aries Mercury… very independent (and impatient) mind. Your Sun in Taurus will offer a lot of stability, however if it is aspected by your Pluto in Scorpio, you’ll experience life and yourself, your ego, very intensely.

      Bets wishes, thank you for sharing!


  5. Are we the same person? Honestly felt like I was reading my own thoughts.. Thank you for sharing I don’t feel as though I hadn’t connected to anything online as much as right now!

    I’ve only just started to get used to this transit and it will finish next week for me. I have felt completely out of place in social, work and college situations where I usually thrive. I haven’t wanted to look anyone in the eye lest they trigger some emotional bubbling over in me.. So I have taken mental health days off just to lie in bed and my dreams have been intense. In a 1 hr nap I dreamt I was napping, my sister walked in and pointed out the army of ants on the wall behind me, then suddenly they were in the blanket with me. It was horrifying but I knew it was about me allowing myself to be overwhelmed by my subconscious. So I’ve been gentle to myself, staying in my nest and getting to know myself, my subconscious and conscious self in the context of undergoing stress from friends deciding they don’t want me in their life and vice versa.

    I dread going back to college and work, I want to stay in this cocoon until I’m ready.. Glad to see its the transit and not me going crazy xx


    • Thank you for sharing 🙂

      It still surprises me when I find out that something I’m experiencing can be explained by a transit – it’s strangely reassuring. You can go from thinking you’re a basket case to feeling normal with just a temporary passing storm happening.

      If a planet while in transit aspects natal positions or happens to be a dominant planet then you’ll feel it more strongly and it’ll be more disruptive – or more beneficial if the transit is a pleasant one rather than a difficult one.

      Check to see if this Mars transit triggered natal placements – also check other transits. This particular Mars conjuncted transiting Pluto – if transiting Pluto is in your 12th you might find it worthwhile to look that up too. Elsa ELsa – – the astrologer and astrology blog is doing a series on Pluto transiting the 12th as it’s a transit which she is currently experiencing. She’s got a great site and forum. Very thought-provoking, interesting, a bit wild and blunt, and some good grounding info for when you feel like you’re drifting off into the stratosphere.

      College and work are always hard to get back to once you take a break from them as there’s a certain madness to those kinds of environments, a break from them especially with time alone in a self-cocoon is in some ways a return to sanity… and then you have to go back to the insanity of those places and it’s not really all that appealing.

      You’re not crazy but the rest of the world may be… 😉


      • Haha thanks! So much madness in my environments and I am a sponge. I have been crying a river last week and feeling so much better for it. Transit wise: Mars is conjuncting Uranus and Neptune, but I’m also undergoing Pluto there squaring my Venus (aries) and set to join my ascendant (Capricorn) in 2024. Solar return ascendant is cancer with Pluto exact on descendant, safe to say I have had certain characters transform me entirely through relationships.


  6. Hmm, Mars is transiting my 12th in Taurus. Which sucks- because Taurus is a sore spot for me. Many of the people who have wronged me in the pasted were Earth signs- main Taurus. Even as recently as a year or two ago. My mother is Taurus. Reminds me of the enormous pile of painful crap she put me through growing up, plus her childish and selfish antics I had to put up with as an adult. We definitely don’t get along, like oil and water. This is also happening during Venus Retrograde/transit conjunct my natal Venus in Pisces, with Mercury about to also go Retro soon. Plus I’m in the middle of my first Saturn Return in Sag- in my 7th house.

    What I thought was my life is crumbling, and I feel like everything is pretty much on fire. I’m just hoping at the end of all this I will come out of the ashes and still have my sanity.


    • Thank you for sharing 🙂

      Saturn Returns always bring major shifts in life/perspective. Saturn is a tough task-master and with a Return there can indeed be a ‘crumbling’. Saturn tends to prod and poke our structures, and sometimes it knocks them down if it thinks we no longer need it or we need to rebuild a more solid one in its place. In Sagittarius setting things on fire may be one of the ways Saturn does the re-structuring that it does.

      This is a great article about the first Saturn Return –

      “During your Saturn return, it might feel like everything is thrown into turmoil, from your relationships to your career, even down to your family situation & where you live.

      I sometimes think of Saturn as a kind of loving bully — the cruel-to-be-kind type. He picks us up, turns us upside down & shakes everything out of our pockets. The stuff that stays is the stuff that is working. Everything else gets shaken loose.” – excerpt from that article.

      Everything seems to be going retro atm – its a good time to review, reassess, rethink, and maybe relax between stresses and pressures to catch a breath.

      And with the T-Square between transiting Uranus, Jupiter and Pluto going on atm, there’s a lot of chaos and changes going on for all of us globally, but also personally.

      One of the things I’ve found when going through difficult transits and life experiences is there’s always a balancing/supportive aspect (which sometimes gets overlooked because we’re focused on the difficult and hard). For instance Venus conjunct natal Venus is an excellent transit – enhancing the beauty within and sensitising you to the beautiful in yourself, your life and around you. Which is a great transit to have while going through a Saturn Return – your Venus will help you in dealing with the grimness which Saturn may bring.

      I have Venus in Pisces too, it’s a lovely placement for the planet, it gives the ability to find sources of love in the simplest and strangest of places. Spending some time with nature is a great restorative for Venus in Pisces, even just sitting in a ray of sunshine can feel recharging. Venus in Pisces can find the beauty in the ugly, and may see the universe in a grain of sand, it can see the crumbling of life’s structures giving birth to new life.

      As for the people/signs in our life who bring turmoil and trouble, do us wrong, push our buttons, trigger us, they represent our shadow for us, the parts we have yet to integrate, understand, figure out, they are those who teach us through the pain they cause – those are sometimes the best lessons because they force us to notice, to go within, to dig deep. Sometimes what they show us is what we don’t want to be, or do – which is sometimes easier to pinpoint than who we are or who we would like to be and do. Knowing what you don’t want can help with the search for what you do want.

      You will definitely come out of this time stronger, wiser and with wings – trust the indomitable spirit within you! Best wishes!


  7. Stumbled upon this as Mars transits my 12th house, and I can definitely say that I can relate. Within the past few weeks I’ve just felt drained 😭 Your post actually made me excited as I also have mercury in Aquarius, along with mars and neptune conjunct in my third. Talk about a mind f*ck lol my brain moves so fast, yet I’m a total space cadet with the memory of a gold fish? Life really isn’t fair sometimes 😂

    But, this definitely helped! I’m sure once it ingresses into Scorpio and into my first I’ll feel brand new ❤


    • Thank you for sharing 🙂

      Haha! I love this – “Talk about a mind f*ck lol my brain moves so fast, yet I’m a total space cadet with the memory of a gold fish?” – totally relate! 😀

      There’s a lot that’s been going on in Scorpio lately, especially with Jupiter transiting the sign – Jupiter can give a huge boost of energy but it can also cause a huge loss of energy if you use up all your energy during the boost part of it. So, it’s worth checking out what else has been transiting your 12th lately, and look at Jupiter to see what it’s been boosting which might have contributed to the draining.

      Sometimes being drained is a way the whole system says – take a break, a time out, you need to recharge, and perhaps process what just happened and where it may be leading.

      During the most recent transit of Mars in my 12th I was finishing off some major DIY, and I could feel myself ready to stop because I’d used up all my energy focusing and getting what needed to be done done.

      Astrology in some ways gives us the ability to see the rhythms of our natural energies.

      Mars in transit through the 12th can be a time when your go go go energy stops to recharge – like an athlete stretching, warming up, prepping to take their position in a race.

      You might find the articles on this blog:

      and this blog:

      worth checking out.

      I enjoy reading those blogs, they’re helpful when it comes to understanding the whole natal chart and how the transits interact with it and with each other. I linked you to articles about the Scorpio New Moon because it was recent and the Moon would have been transiting your 12th during the time of feeling drained.

      Best wishes on the regeneration when Mars crosses into your 1st – go go go! 😉


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