Shrooms of Wisdom – Ebb and Flow

What’s with all the future thinking prompts Daily Post? Did your mortality suddenly hit you in the blogging face? Are you worried about another blogging platform challenging you? Are you looking for a way to survive in such a competitive environment? Or just trying to get us to reveal to you something which will lead to you getting ahead of the crowd before the crowd gets ahead of you?

You call this prompt – Ebb and Flow – but did you consider how ebb and flow and future go together?

Ebb and flow is ebb and flow. Natural. Rhythmic. Natural rhythm. Natural rhythm lives here and now not in the future. Nothing exists but in this moment. Oops… it’s gone. This moment. Oops. Gone. This. Gone. This…

A few years from now I’ll have migrated my blog to the new blogging platform which is better than WordPress… am I taking the piss or serious? You decide.

My blog and my posts flow with me. Whatever is happening in my life in the moment, that’s what I write about and photograph. As I post, so that moment is gone. On to the next. Gone again.

As I change so my world changes with me. If I try to stand still… I get washed away and back, and away and back… life flows… go with the flow… or fight it… same thing in the end… or is it the beginning… or middle… or something else?

Don’t worry about the future, stay focused on the details of the now, those are the ones which create your future.

Focus on the future and neglect the now and your future will be more uncertain than it was when you were here now, aware of a future yet present in the present.

The past is a memory, memories change as you do. The future is in flux too. It moves as you do here and now, with the ebb and flow of the now.

See these photos…



They are the same mushrooms.

When I first noticed them…

And the day after that…

The day after the day after that… they were dead and gone which is why there is no third photo. Three proved not to be the charm… or did I just miss an opportunity?

What was their future? Did they think about it? Or did they live in the now with the ebb and flow of natural life? We’ll see… won’t we? If I still exist then… what about you?


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