A Howl of Thank You to Deep Souldiver

Thank you very much Deep Souldiver of Deep Souldiving for the Bundles of Joy which you so generously offered to me and which I accepted with gratitude and mirth.

You have a beautiful blog created by a beautiful soul, and you share it freely and openly. I am honoured that you have chosen to share your blogging award nominations with me.

I love blog award nominations. And passing them on is fun. That’s my favourite part of them, I love getting them, but I love giving them even more. It’s a way of letting a blogger know you like their blog. It’s a way of encouraging them to keep doing what they are doing. As much as blogging is social it is also a solitary task. What keeps us doing it?

Sometimes we do it just for ourselves… but we are all connected and so what we do for ourselves affects others and it can help us to know how we affect them, especially if what we do, who we are, has positively impacted another.

And it’s a great way of passing on some blog loving!

I am going to pass on the award nominations, just not yet. I have to think about it, and my thinking is a bit… dot dot dot at the moment. There are a few blogs I have in mind, whom I thought of immediately because their posts have inspired my posts and me.

I do quite a lot of blog reading, not as much as I’d like to due to circumstances, such as intermittent internet connection, interfering. I don’t always let on that I’ve read a post, my old way of lurking kicking in, and your stats won’t tell you that the hit was me. I have only been blogging for a short while and I’m still at the low bit of the learning curve scrambling upwards. My social skills are awkward in real life… that is reflected in my blogging life. But I do like to improve and evolve.

What I’m saying rather awkwardly is that I often don’t press the ‘Like’ button. I could shower you with excuses… my mind is quite a good excuse generator… but rather than do that I’ll just say that I’m working on improving my system, upgrading and updating how I do things.

So when I get around to passing on the blog award nominations… I hope it’s a fun and pleasant surprise and doesn’t scare you! I have a tendency to scare people or do people have a tendency to be scared of me?

Thank you Deep Souldiving Souldiver, keep doing what you’re doing, keep being who you are, and may your life be the adventure you seek and may it bless you with bounty and lots of mirth and bundles of joy!


  1. Hello Upturned Soul,
    I suppose you might be wondering why I never responded to this most charming message, and the terrible truth is that I only now found this. I myself am not so familiar with all the ins and outs of blogging since I only began in May, but this pingback thing has really thrown me for a loop at times. However, I’m glad that I’ve found this and how to reply to it. Gee Wilikers! I am so glad to be connected with you, and whenever you decide to do the next upturning I hope I’ll be there to be apart of that beautiful adventure. 😀 Sending you warmth and light for your journey.


    • Hi 😀 Thank you ♥

      I am very happy to be connected with you too!

      Don’t worry about replying to my comments and such, I love being able to express myself freely and share my thoughts and feelings with others, a reply is a bonus and unexpected gift!

      The blogging world is complex. It seems simple and in some ways it is, but the technical side is not, especially when they keep updating and changing the software. Quite a few comments end up in spam, some comments go in one place and others go in another, and I had a troublesome time with the pingback too. I have hiccups in my internet connection so sometimes I can’t load certain pages. There are so many bells and whistles and there is much I still haven’t worked out how to use or if I want to use it, and it used to stress me out which made blogging less fun. I think it helps to just focus on what you want to do with your blog, express yourself, and let the rest flow as it flows. Kind of like with life. If we get caught up in the details, worrying about them, we lose our inspiration a bit.

      Best wishes and blessings to you, keep doing what you do, sharing the treasures of your deep soul diving, and let the rest flow where it will!


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