Not in the Mood to post… What’s your Mood?

I’m on hiatus (Hi! @ Us), just like the Daily Post. *nudge nudge, wink wink, know what I mean! (Monty Python reference *wink wink)

Seriously though, everything I write at the moment is heavy and although I do post heavy posts… even I think this is too heavy to post… And this might crush a reader and I don’t want to do that.

That’s a problem I encounter in my relationships, and I value my readers because… WOW! And why?

My blog, blogs, etc is a selfish thing, which is good and bad rolled into one strange thing.

I can deal with my own heaviness… trial and error and experience and I’m me… so I’m made to withstand my own shit, even when I think I can’t take it anymore and I want to give up!

I’m just not so sure about others, because others… have their own heavy shit and I don’t want to add to it. And because my shit always seems to set off, trigger, other people’s shit.

I try to be responsible… when what I really want to be is irresponsible! Still… we all have power and with power comes responsibility whether we like it or not!

My mood at the moment is… heavy… so I’m not sharing it… really, you do not want to know!

What’s your mood? I’m asking because I do want to know.

If you’re Jonesing because the Daily Post’s Daily Prompts are old ones… try checking on the daily prompts inside your mind, write about those!


4 thoughts on “Not in the Mood to post… What’s your Mood?

    1. Thank you, and you too take care and feel better. I’m really feeling all the transits in Scorpio and Mars in 12th, and probably everything else too. Just noticed Neptune is opp my Asc, saw that after reading your last post. Read the interpretation for that and had an old reaction – why is my chart against me! Made me chuckle, Mars in 12th is stirring up subconscious gunk and that was some subconscious gunk stirred up! For every ‘positive’ transit there seems to be a ‘negative’ transit to match it. That’s a theme in my life, finding the negative in the positive and the positive in the negative and never being able to separate the two, which I see as a good thing with a bit of bad in it 😉


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