You’re The Devil in Disguise

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You make a new friend. Make them a mix tape (or playlist, for the younger folks) that tells them who you are through song.

And the first song which popped into my mind from the soundtrack of my mind was one which didn’t describe me to me, or tells others about me, but described how I perceive others perceiving me when I stop being who they perceive me to be, who they want me to be, who they are projecting onto me, their ideal of me, and start being their un-ideal of me.

That’s when they decide to kill their alternate version of me off… and they quite enjoy it!

I don’t change at all… although changing is an intrinsic part of who I am because I allow relationships to transform me… but with others, the changes are just in how they perceive me. Nothing to do with me, everything to do with them.

I could describe this phenomenon astrologically… I have natal Neptune square natal Venus, and square natal Moon (Venus opposing my Moon). I am whatever you want me to be, the ideal and the opposite of that. Angel and Devil. Saint and Sinner. Who cares who I really am…

But what I know is… you will never see me as I am, which is how I see myself. That is for me, and me alone. Why? Why anything really?

I do see you… and I see that you will never see me… perhaps that is my real purpose… rather than the purpose I wish I had, I think I have… to be who you want me to be, then disappoint you so… so what?

I can’t meet your demands… so you cut off my fingers. They grow back so someone else can cut them off. (Did I mention my mood was too heavy to post at this time).

I always feel like a bit of a hostage in my relationships…

The song which popped into my mind… NSFW…

Alkaline Trio – This Could Be Love

The song which describes most of my relationships… How I see people perceiving me and then perceiving me differently on how they first perceived me…

Elvis Presley – Devil in Disguise

Well done on not seeing me, but having your illusions popped. One illusion of me replaced by another…

How I really feel, who I really am… yeah… I’m not sharing that song.

No one wants to know you when you’re down and out 😉

Eric Clapton – Nobody Knows You




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