You Inspire Me

I wrote this a while ago for my tumblr… before I had a WordPress. I am feeling too heavy to post anything new, mostly due to being exhausted by the path I’ve been walking this year.
I’m resilient. Astrologically my resilience can be found in my natal Jupiter which is conjunct Uranus (in the 1st) which is conjunct Pluto. This cycle is natural and normal and rhythmic. I know I am resilient, this is the down bit from which I will rise once I recharge my inner battery which is depleted. I’ll probably shed an old skin in the process, let go of something no longer needed and make room for something new.

Mind scientists have recently decided that resilience is just a brain chemical thing. Well yes, it is, that’s obvious, everything is, but it is also more than that. We are more than just the chemicals in our brain, we create those chemicals and those chemicals create us too. Chicken egg, egg chicken.

As you can see by reading these words – wtf is she on about!! – my brain chemicals need me to create some more because I’ve used them up, I’m running on empty.

I’m an Introvert (mostly) so I retreat to recharge myself by myself.
Anyway I was going through some of my old tumblr posts, saw this and thought it applied to WordPress, to you, too… and to all those who touch my life, in both a positive and a negative way. Social faux pas alert! You inspire me positively (even when you make a public blog I followed suddenly private. I’m not asking for an invite, I’m going to respect your need for privacy).
Everything can inspire us, everyone we meet is a muse, how we use that inspiration is up to us individually. That’s our power. How we choose to use it is our power of choice to use our power how we choose.

I don’t think I could ever express well enough or often enough how much you inspire me.
I love seeing your posts, winking at me as they surf the reader wave. I enjoy visiting your blogs, losing myself in their riches. I experience immense pleasure in reading your replies to my writing. And your messages are a delight.

I find you intriguing, beguiling, sensual, thought-provoking, deep, mysterious, fascinating, fun, funny, beautiful, lovely, gifted, and a myriad of other wonderful words and the feelings they express.

I wonder if you know what incredible beings you are. I think you have an intuitive grasp of your uniqueness. But I also think that you may underestimate how infinitely valuable you are to me and to others. And to yourself too.

There can only be one version of you, even if you have an identical twin. There are no two people alike. You are you. No one else can be who you are, ever. You are an artist, and you are your greatest creation. Everything you do, say, feel, think, and experience is another touch of your brush on your canvas, another line you write for your poem, a new segment you compose of your song, a new step you add to your passionate dance.

Who are you. Life is an endless answer to that question, which ultimately only you will ever be able to know. But who you are to me is a muse. When my mind is blank, you fill it with ideas. When my heart is heavy, you lift it with an invisible touch. When I am tired, you energise me. And you are always here for me when I need you, shimmering magically through the land of WordPress naturally, and supernaturally. Enriching my life. Inspiring my soul.

Sharing who you are, how you feel, what you believe, and the thoughts you think is a gift. I am very grateful to you for being so bold, brave, generous, and expressive. You move me, and touch my heart very deeply.

Be safe, be free, be wild, be beautiful, be weird, be crazy, be amazing, be whoever you want to be. You’re awesome.

Thank you.

Definitely, and again, Thank You!