Internet Treasures: YOGCAST Lewis & Simon

This is hilarious! Even if you are not familiar with Minecraft… this is hilarious! And it sums up humans and how we do stuff in a brilliantly funny and slightly scary way! The best funny bone ticklers have an element of fear to them!

Tekkit Part 29 – Nerd Poles

This also explains why I would never make a good conspiracy theorist. I see humans (including myself, perhaps especially myself… projecting much!) as being bungling oafs who think up genius plans which are very difficult to turn into a reality because the ideal is just too complex and the reality is just too mundane and relies too much on repetitive detail and precision and thinking things all the way through… and that usually makes doing anything really boring.

The conversation in this video… I can hear the engineers of a real factory… or power plant… having a very similar one. Funny and scary!

I can also imagine those in positions of power, such as the government, discussing things along the same lines.

It would be nice to think that evil geniuses with minions who were very efficient actually existed, but, even if the evil genius exists, those very efficient minions… hmmm. Evil geniuses and their minions are human, even if the evil genius would like to believe they were not. And humans are humans, cut corners, don’t get enough sleep, start things and then run out of materials to finish them so… you know… hopefully it’ll all work out in the end, maybe with a dash of happily ever after, and hopefully not too much damage will be done in the process, not too many lives lost… um… er… oops… let’s just pretend that’s the way it is supposed to be and find someone else to blame, mother nature perhaps.

The guys at YOGCAST are brilliantly funny evil-ish, not really, geniuses! Check it out for a laugh, stay for a cup of tea (hopefully it wasn’t made on a machine they constructed using their water supply), you may have to wait a while before they can offer you a Jaffa cake to go with your tea.


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    1. I love Minecraft! I fought playing it for a long time… why!?! Because it is very addictive, but it’s great for spacial awareness and for brain training. Have you played it? It has many options of play, really love creative gamemode, and it’s not just for children! The Yogcast guys are so funny and clever!


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