Soundtrack of my MInd: Weaponised Pop Music

So I was browsing my reader and came across this – Hot Topic of the Week – Pirates and Pop by Writings of a Mrs – which I thought was a great post because it stirred my rather addled mind.

I’ve spent the day doing a mind-numbing task, so a bit of creative thinking is the perfect antidote. And the concept of using pop music as a weapon is creative thinking at its best and worst, which is excellent mind food!

Using pop music as a weapon is not a new idea. Remember Noriega? Okay, that may be ‘before your time’. I can’t even express how annoying it is when people use that as an excuse for not knowing something! It’s fine to not know something, there is no shame or problem with that. There is too much to know to know everything unless your brain has polymath ability enabled. But why not just say – I have no effing clue – rather than not know and then justify your not knowing with a reason as brainless as – it was before my time. Bet there are many things before your time which you know about, how did that happen? So…

Stop. Pause. Breathe. Let the pet peeve go… You’re still griping and gripping it, I can see your fingers. There now… pinky… yup.


Let’s say you were captured. I have no idea why, just play pretend with me and invent your own reasons for your capture. We all have secrets, pretend you know something someone else wants to know.

You captors are unconventional, so no Marathon Man dentist, they don’t do physical torture because people who are in physical pain will say anything to make it stop. That anything may be true or a lie, and so it will cause more confusion rather than get the information the torturers seek. Besides these captors are new age and holistic in their approach. Put the body in a comfy chair, feed it its favourite food, offer a foot massage too. There we are, relaxed test subject. Do you want to listen to some music?

Suddenly headphones appear out of nowhere and clamp themselves to your ears. It’s a bit unnerving, but hey… you like music as long as it is not…

And that is what I was debating with myself. If someone wanted to torture my mind, use music as a weapon against me, what would that music be, or more precisely which one piece of music, song, would they have to play to bring me to my secret spilling knees?

I don’t listen to music. I sometimes forget it exists. That’s my mind for you. I used to listen to it a lot. For company, solace and because it was fun. But I found myself increasingly prone to arguing with the lyrics in songs rather than agreeing with them. That can be fun too, and sometimes enlightening, but… after a while I began to bore myself with my quirk. Solution – stop listening to music.

That is not as easy as it sounds. Life seems to have a soundtrack. Elevators, shops, people, all emanate music. The mind does too. Adverts use music to lull us and lure us. But as with everything , the first time is novel, the second time… hmmm… okay, the third time, sigh, the fourth, okay I’m beginning to tire of this, the fifth, oh please stop, I’ve heard it enough, the sixth, effing hate this, the seventh, mute button pressed…. and so on.

Over-exposure to anything eventually begins to wear us out and down. What we love can turn into what we hate. Or what we hated becomes what we love as a way to survive the repetitive onslaught. We give in to hive mind to stop hive mind from nagging us to death.

If you’re the sort of person who has a sharp eye for everything other people reveal about themselves in everything they say and do, then you now have enough knowledge about me to extract my secrets from me. Except there are certain things I don’t reveal because of people like you. Am I bluffing?

If I know you’re using me against myself, prepare to be messed with. That’s all I’m saying… that’s already TMI. I am my own worst enemy, but it has its perks.

So, what piece of music would you have to play over and over again to destroy my resistance to your attempts to access my secrets?

Am I really crazy and self-destructive enough to tell you?

You decide.

Pretty much all pop music, at least these days, and quite a few from those days, will annoy me. Arguing with lyrics is one reason. Being reminded of other songs because of similar tunes is another. The tune I’m listening to may be fine, but the one it reminds me of may not be fine. I’m a grumpy grouch at times, sometimes all the time. I quite enjoy being that way, that’s why I do it. There are a few genres of music I love, and a couple I can’t listen to at all. If forced to listen I will tune it out. And that’s just it. I can tune things out, we all can. It’s the things we can’t tune out which get to us.

This is my nemesis:

The Buggles – Video Killed the Radio Star

I used to love it… that love, like the worm, turned… after prolongued exposure. What was once harmless became toxic to my system due to overloading it.

Now you know how to torture me, what you don’t know is what I’m like when I’m being tortured… because those who have tried, well, they can’t tell you their tale.

Kidding… or am I?


  1. Happy to help stir the addled mind…!
    Great post and thoughts!
    I was going to touch on Noriega but I figured the post was saturated enough for people who know nothing or very little of the over all issue….
    Take care,


    • Thank you. Loved your post! Very inspiring for this addled mind! Haha! Hope the new word is useful and not just a piece of vocabulary clutter. Have you noticed how many words the mind collects which we never use 😉 I have lots of words cluttering the shelves of my mind which I’ve absorbed from reading, many of which I have no idea what they mean even after looking them up, I just liked how they sounded. There’s a game where you’re supposed to learn an obscure word then use it randomly in sentences, preferably in a completely erroneous context, and see if anyone picks you up on it.

      The Somali pirates are fascinating because it has become a national industry of sorts, which is partly why it is a difficult situation to solve, because other things need to be solved first to solve it. And it is also in a very politically volatile and diplomatically delicate area.

      Love your new blog feature, look forward to seeing what you do with it.


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