When the Veil Between Worlds Drops – The Short Version

Daily Prompt: Trick or Treat
If bloggers had their own Halloween and could go from blog to blog collecting “treats,” what would your blog hand out?


Like this…

If a door appeared before you, a portal into another world, and what or who would pass through it? What guise would they be wearing and what would they ask of you? If they asked you to follow them back through the door, would you and where would that lead?

People often contemplate what they would tell themselves as child if they could travel back in time. Pass through a door into the past. They think of themselves as older and wiser, another adult to lecture their child self on what life is all about. But what if through that door stepped your child self and you, as you are now, were unable to speak or think but had to listen to them. What wisdom would they impart to you about life, your life?


*I’m experimenting with something… ergo this short version of the long, nigh on interminable, post I did earlier.

My posts are conversations I have with myself… then share with you. I freely admit they’re effing long conversations that when read may seem like monologues verging on lectures. I get a lot out of doing things this way, but how much do you get out of it, if anything?

Hence… time for me to shake things up in the how I do things arena… and thus experiment with alternate ways.


By the way, if you like being asked questions, feel free to ask me to ask you some. It’s one of my skills… I should really put quotations around the word skills because it causes as many problems as it solves.

Want a new – upside down, back to front, flipped – way of looking at something, someone, yourself… and you don’t mind a bit of probing, with questions not alien (secret government project) style probes, then I’m your man… oops… woman…?????

I should warn you my disguise for Halloween is a dyslexic monkey with slippery Mercury in Aquarius, disabled or maybe better enabled by transiting Mercury traveling retrograde in my mind of scorpions. I have Capricorn horns and Devil’s spawn hair. With clowns for shoes.  I couldn’t find clown shoes so I used clowns instead. The rest of me is as naked as the Emperor wearing his altogether. Maybe.

Happy Boo!


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